Dwarf Heritage Crate  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Quests:
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Tue Oct 27 15:59:17 2020
Modified: Thu Apr 1 19:00:38 2021
Achievements are under General -> Vanity

Achievement: Dwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Art Collector

Rewards: 10 Ach. Points; Suffix ", Dwarf Art Collector"; & Dain's Throne Replica (placeable teleport to Icewell Keep)


--Collect a Statue of Brell (placeable teleport to Butcherblock Mountains) (converted from a Wrapped Statue of Brell)

--Collect an Underfoot Monument (placeable teleport to North Kaladim) (converted from a Wrapped Underfoot Monument)

--Collect a Dwarven Ice Statue (placeable teleport to the old Crystal Caverns) (converted from Wrapped Dwarven Statue)

--Collect a Temple Torchiere (placeable teleport to Brell's Temple) (converted from a Wrapped Temple Torchiere)

--Collect a Painting: Froststone Gate (placeable teleport to the old Crystal Caverns) (converted from a Wrapping Painting: Froststone Gate)

Achievement: Dwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Critters

Rewards: 10 Ach. Points; Suffix ", Dwarf Critter Collector"; & Transforming Telmira Familiar


--Collect a Frozen Terror Familiar (converted from a Adoptable Frozen Terror Familiar)

--Collect a Dire Wolf Familiar (converted from a Adoptable Dire Wolf Familiar)

--Collect a Arctic Wurm Familiar (converted from a Adoptable Arctic Wurm Familiar)

--Collect an Odiferous Skunk Familiar (converted from a Adoptable Odiferous Skunk Familiar)

Achievement: Hero's Forge XXXX YYYY (XXXX = Wintershade's or Mort's; YYYY = Chain, Cloth, Leather, Plate, Ringmail or Scalemail)

There are 12 variant achievements (one for each armor ornament set).

There are 12 related "Suits" from the Dwarf Heritage Crate that can be converted / claimed for the seven (7) ornaments needed for each achievement. They are:

-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Chain
See individual pieces in this suit.
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Arms Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Chest Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Feet Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Hands Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Helm Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Legs Ornament
    |-Mort's Dwarven Chain Wrist Ornament

-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Cloth
-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Leather
-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Plate
-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Ringmail
-Suit of Mort's Dwarven Scalemail
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Chain
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Cloth
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Leather
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Plate
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Ringmail
-Suit of Wintershade's Dwarven Scalemail

Other items are:

Wrapped Music Box: Kaladim (converts to Wrapped Music Box: Kaladim) (it plays music from Kaladim)

Wrapped Dwarven Sentinel Visage (converts to Dwarven Sentinel Visage) (Dwarf Sentinel illusion)

Adoptable Dwarven War Worg (converts to Dwarven War Worg) (a Worg mount)
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Currently the first achievement up top says Critter Collector and should say Art Collector.
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