The Fiery Avenger  

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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
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    Era:Ruins of Kunark
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
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    Entered: Wed Mar 13 21:35:24 2002
    Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022

    NOTE: A patch on April 22, 2015, added a work-around to obtain bottleneck items from Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep), Gorenaire (Dreadlands), and Talendor (Skyfire Mountains), including the Torn Books required in this quest.

    - In Kedge Keep, a harbinger of the seas can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Phinigel Autropos.
    - In Dreadlands, a harbinger of frost can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Gorenaire.
    - In Skyfire Mountains, a harbinger of flame can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Talendor.

    Find someone to port you to the Plane of Sky. Remember that all buffs are wiped when zoning in. Hand a friend at least 500 pp 1 cp. Have your friend buy a Veeshan's Key from the Keymaster on the first island. Your friend must then head to the northern teleportation dish on that island, hold the key on his cursor, and click the dish to enter the quest room. Have your friend chat with Dason Goldblade:

    You say, 'Hail, Dason Goldblade'

    Dason Goldblade says 'Greetings, ______. Are you pure of heart and soul?'

    You say, 'I am pure of heart and soul.'

    Dason Goldblade says 'Then choose. Do you wish your purity to be tested by Gregori or Dirkog?'

    You say, 'I wish to be tested by Dirkog.'

    Dason Goldblade says 'Dirkog is a gruff one, but his faith is what all paladins should strive to equal. Read this book and return it to me. After you have done so, I shall summon Dirkog to test you.'

    You receive a book called Walk with Evil, which reads:
    The Fall From Grace

    I be tellin' ye that I know the way me mate fell from the grace of his god there. He be fightin' and bashin' out in front of Butcher. The gobbies were movin' in makin' their presence known, and the King 'imself was there fightin. We got 'em back, pushin' and pushin' till they ain't fightin' any more but he went on a fightin'.

    They were screamin' and hollerin', beggin' fer their measly little lives and he warn't listenin'. Ye see, he was caught up in the ol' battle rage and was a fightin' like there was no tomorrow. The gods don't be lookin' kindly on this and he be a warrior now, plain and simple.

    I guess he likes it that way, but he be whinin' all the time how he doesn't hear Brell singin' in his ear no more. Aye, 'twas a sad day, one that I be takin' to me grave.

    When you're done, have your friend hand it back to Dason. Dason despawns and Dirkog Steelhand spawns.

    Dason Goldblade says 'Farewell.'

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'May faith guide you always.'

    Dason Goldblade says 'Farewell.'

    You say, 'Hail, Dirkog Steelhand'

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Leave me be, ye orc kissin' son o' Innoruuk!'

    You say, 'I am not a son of Innoruuk.'

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Eh? Ye say that ye ain't one o' the cursed dark elf dogs? Well then, laddie, are ye ready to get started or are ye here fer somethin' else??'

    You say, 'I am here for the holy swords.'

    What is the in-game text or lore that leads you to say this?

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Eh, lad? What was that? Ye wish to hear o' holy swords? Well, lad, I ain't the one ye be needin' t' talk to!'

    You say, 'Who do I need to talk to?'

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'A follower o' the water god he be, an' one o' the most powerful holy knights e'er to walk Norrath. His name be Inte Akera, an' he kin tell ye what ye be wantin' t' know.'

    You say, 'Where is Inte Akera?'

    Before you continue you will need to have better than apprehensive faction to Deepwater Knights in order for Inte Akera to not just hand items back to you.

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Ah, I see ye wish t' speak with him! Why didn't ye say that earlier, laddie? It would've saved ye some trouble! If ye wish to speak with him, ye must donate some spare change t' me ale.. er, t' me holy crusade fund! Well, lad, what d' ye say?'

    You say, 'How much should I donate?'

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Eh? Oh, 500 platinum will be plenty, laddie!'

    Have your friend hand him 500 pp.

    Dirkog Steelhand says 'Thank ye, laddie! He's awaitin ya up top!'

    Inte Akera immediately spawns in the windmill on the fourth island (/loc?), commonly known as the Horse Island, Griffon Island, or Pegasus Island. He will stay up for about five minutes before despawning if no one has hailed him, so it's best for you to get yourself there while your friend does the hand-ins and dialogues.

    You say, 'Hail, Inte Akera'

    Inte Akera says 'Greetings, ______. I am Inte Akera. I have retired to the Plane of Sky after a long life toiling on Norrath's soil. Have you retreated here as well, or are you merely visiting?'

    You say, 'What toil?'

    Inte Akera says 'Long ago, before I came to this plane, I fought in the name of Prexus against all the evils that plagued Norrath. In that time, I have done everything one can do. I have fought for the causes of good. I gained the esteem of kings and lords. The sword I hold is but one example of the treasures I have sought and won. I have accomplished all that I can, have all that I desire. My toil is done and now I sit among the clouds in peace, occasionally blessing those who seek it and are found worthy.'

    You say, 'I seek your blessing.'

    Inte Akera says 'Many come seeking my blessings. No matter how minor the blessing they ask, all must prove that they embody the qualities of a paladin before I bless them.'

    You say, 'How can I prove myself?'

    Inte Akera says 'I believe the two most important qualities of a paladin are nobility and sacrifice. Hand me an item of yours that proves you understand what nobility and sacrifice are. Be warned however, if I do not think as you do, I will simply accept the item as a gift, and give you no blessing.'

    Need dialogues.

    Inte Akera says 'No.. I was unable to kill my most hated foe, Miragul. The head of this wretched, foul necromancer is forever out of the reach of justice. It would be worth restoring him to his former state for the chance to take his head as a trophy.'

    You say, 'Why were you unable to kill Miragul?'

    Inte Akera says 'You think you can succeed where I cannot? Perhaps you can noble one.. Bring me the head of Miragul, his robe and hand me back the two blessings I gave you, and in return I shall bequeath to you this sword I carry. Good luck my friend.'

    Need dialogues or game lore used to determine what quest items are required. We'll skip ahead here for convenience.


    Old text is below.

    Based upon the log with Inte Akera, these are the items you need for the fiery avenger. Given the difficulty of traveling within the Plane of Sky, it is recommended that you get the head and robe of Miragul, Ghoulbane and Soulfire beforehand.

    Note: To get the blessings, you need to talk to Inte Akera. He is located on the Fourth Island in the Plane of Sky. You first need to talk to Dason Goldblade. Tell him, "I wish to be tested by Dirkog." Dason will hand you a book; read it if you wish. Return the book to him and he will despawn; Dirkog Steelhand will spawn in his place. Give Dirkog 500pp to cause Inte Akera to spawn. Inte Akera can despawn quickly, so you should be at the island and have a friend hand Dirkog the money so that you don't lose the spawn.

    1) The Blessing of Nobility: You need a high faction with Akera, who is a Deepwater Knight. Give him Soulfire to receive Inte's First Blessing, the blessing of nobility. The details on getting Soulfire are here.

    2) The Blessing of Sacrifice: You need a high faction with Akera, who is a Deepwater. Give him Ghoulbane to receive Inte's Second Blessing, the blessing of sacrifice.

    3) and 4) The Head and Robe of Miragul: First, you want a Burnt Book and a Frost Book. You can get the Burnt Book off Lord Nagafen, Severilous, Talendor, or Melalafen. The Frost Book can be looted off Lady Vox, Gorenaire, or Faydedar.

    Take the Frost Book and Burnt Book to Rysva To`Biath, the bartender in the Blind Fish Tavern in Neriak Commons at +10, -850, along with 1000pp. She will combine them into the Book of Scale.

    Alternatively, you can take the 1000pp, Frost Book, and Burnt Book to Rineval Talyas, a Human Enchantress near a small supply camp outside the walls of Northern Qeynos and get the same result.

    You say, 'Hail, Rineval Talyas'

    Rineval Talyas says 'Hello, _____.'

    You say, 'I seek a scribe.'

    Rineval Talyas looks at you strangely. 'Who told you this?'

    You say, 'Karn told me.'

    (Karn who? Dialogues and full name needed.)

    Rineval Talyas says 'I see. If a scribe is what you seek, then bring me the torn books of fire and ice. A donation of 1000 platinum is needed as well. The donation will be offered as a blessing to the gods.''

    Find Oracle of K`Arnon in the Ocean of Tears at -28.99, -6737.39, -197.58 post-revamp.

    You say, 'Hail, Oracle of K`Arnon'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'Greetings, ______, I am the Oracle of K'Arnon. Do you quest for [knowledge] yourself, or do you offer that which I [seek]?

    You say, 'What knowledge?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'I have lived long and have insight into many matters, yet I despise charity. To learn from me, you must first bring me that which I [seek].

    You say, 'What do you seek?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'I seek knowledge, which is superior to all things. And no knowledge is greater than that which is contained within the [Tome of Ages].

    You say, 'What is the Tome of Ages?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'The Tome of Ages has been compiled over the millennia by the Scribes of [Dal]. It was divided into seven distinct books by the scribes to keep the knowledge from one such as me. That said, with aid, I shall unite these books and the Tome of Ages shall be mine.

    You say, 'Who are the Dal?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'They were elves once, but now are Teir'Dal, and as evil as they are wise. Many tomes have they written, but none greater than the Tome of Ages.

    You say, 'What are the books?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'The seven Books that make up the Tome of Ages are those of Enlightenment, Scale, Turmoil, Monuments, Elders, Blood, and the Lost Book. Each of these great books is an important chapter in the history of Norrath. If ever you find one of these books, bring it to me.

    You say, 'What about the Book of Scale?'

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'Ah, the Book of Scale.. It would be wondrous indeed if you could recover the Book of Scale for me. If you do manage to procure the Book of Scale, I will gladly part with an artifact of my own that may be of interest to you.'

    Hand in the Book of Scale.

    Oracle of K`Arnon says 'Unbelievable! The legendary Book of Scale is mine! Please, take this as a small token of my thanks. I warn you however, if you ever manage to join the corporeal body to the evil that resides within, you will rue the day.'

    He will give you back an artifact called Miragul's Philactery (dialogues needed). You must then head to the Everfrost caves, which you get to by going through a hole in the ice at the river (enduring breath is very useful for this trip). Get an enchanter to charm the Lich and then hand him the Phylactery (charming may not be required - lich will be KoS but you can still do the hand-in). This will spawn the true Miragul, a 53+ necromancer who is as hard to kill as a dragon, so make sure you have lots of friends with you. When you kill him, he drops the robe and his head.

    Turn in these four items for the Fiery Avenger.*

    *at this point we'll let Gbaji's summation of this quest roll:

    Ultimately, you need four items to start: The burnt book, the frost book, ghoulbane, and soulfire. Assuming you have them all, the rest is just turn in's (more or less). But each is transformed in the following ways:

    1. Take the burnt and frost books plus 1000 pp to Rineval Talyas and receive the Book of Scale.

    2. Turn the Book of Scale in to the Oracle in Ocean of Tears to get Miragul's Phylactery.

    3. Turn the Phylactery in to Miragul's Lich to spawn the real Miragul. Kill him and get his head and robe.

    So at this point, you've taken two items and turned them into two other items.

    4. Go to the PoSky and spawn Inte Akera (have some one else spawn him while you wait in the windmill on pegasus island).

    5. Hand him SoulFire (and only SoulFire). Receive Inte's First Blessing.

    6. Hand him Ghoulbane (and only Ghoulbane). Receive Inte's Second Blessing.

    So at this point, you've turned those two items into yet two other items.

    7. You should now have 4 items again: 2 blessings from Inte Akera, Miragul's Head and Miragul's Robe. Hand him those four items (all at once) and receive your Fiery Avenger.

    Need all dialogs, faction hits if any, /loc of quest mobs, missing quest items, any other relevant quest information.
    Submitted by: extensive rewrite by KyrosKrane
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    Deepwater Faction
    # Mar 13 2004 at 12:45 PM Rating: Default
    I was wondering what is the acceptable faction for deepwater Knights to do the turnin to Inte Akera. I am amiable now. Is ally required? Max ally? Thanks for the help.
    RE: Deepwater Faction
    # Mar 20 2004 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
    Warmly is al you need

    Good Luck
    Key question
    # Jan 30 2004 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
    My wife is getting close to finishing her epic, all we have left is the keeper, merigul and then the turn in's. My question has to do with PoS, is there a way for her and I to do it without help if we have the proper keys? Is it possible to go straight from the port up isle to the forth isle directly?

    Also, if it isn't possible, do the Azaraks see invis?
    RE: Key question
    # Mar 08 2004 at 3:27 AM Rating: Decent
    Unfortunately, No. You have to have all the first 4 keys to get to the isle.

    A guildie didn't have any keys, so what we did for him was one group of us went up (Necro, Wizard, Warrior, SK, and 2 Pallies, then I /dueled him, killing him. I rez'd him back up, and he looted all but one thing off his corpse. Me and the necro had keys, so we went up to the 4th isle, then he summoned his corpse to the 4th isle, then I rez'd it again, thus bringing him to the 4th isle without keys. I know it's a hella ghetto CotH, but hey, it worked. Wizard did 500p turn in, and he now owns the FD.
    I <3 Server Crashes!!
    # Jan 23 2004 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
    So last night I was in an LDoN, and of course, the server crashed. I was upset. Server came back online, so I decided to log on my druid who is camped in the caves in EF. Guess what? Miragul is up. I grab some guildies and now I have the head and robe. At the same moment, a buddy of mine was in Hate, and my thought corrupter was up, he kiils, and I loot. So at the end of this weekend I should own my epic. Just wanted to tell ya all, that a server crash CAN be a good thing.
    RE: I <3 Server Crashes!!
    # May 02 2004 at 3:19 PM Rating: Default
    I think that's odd that the actual Miragul was up because you need to turn in a book to spawn the REAL Miragul to get the head and robe. I truely feel for the Pally that may have failed that fight considering the book to spawn the guy is gotten thru getting the burnt book of Naggy or other higher lvl dragon and frost book off Vox or higher lvl dragon.
    Deepwater Faction
    # Dec 22 2003 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
    Made the mistake of checking Reklon Gnallen in the Erudin Quill temple to see how my Deepwater Faction was. He is the turn in NPC for the FD cleansing. He is not on Deepwater faction which is why it never changed from indifferent. To check Deepwater faction, go into the paladin guild (second building on your right as you enter Erudin and find Weligon Steelherder. He is on the fist floor thru a couple of doors in a room by himself.
    # Dec 01 2003 at 11:50 PM Rating: Default
    Heh - Sorry.

    Tha last post by Fayrnn was actually by Ruhr Steelbreaker, Paladin 42nd campaigns
    Whats Dark Assassin for?
    # Nov 10 2003 at 6:36 PM Rating: Default
    im too lazy to see through all the posts but, whats Dark Assassin doing in this quest. I cant find him in the quest text anywhere.
    Plane of Sky
    # Oct 18 2003 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
    245 posts
    A few notes that may be of help:

    Made it to Pegasus Island for the Paladin epic turn-in in about four hours with two groups and an average level of 60. There was nothing that dropped along the way that was of any use to anyone on the raid, and we even killed a few extra mobs trying to get the SK his epic drop.

    On the first attempt, the 2nd mob in the quest cave (the one you give the 500p to) despawned quickly while we were still trying to get evil race people away from the turn-in spot.

    One the second attempt, the Overseer of the Air aggroed and death touched for 20k hit points. There were only two people in the zone at the time, myself and the person in the quest cave. I had unmemmed all my aggro spells for safety so I couldn't accidentally attack. In checking the /log there's nothing to indicate why the mob aggroed.

    Got rezzed, which took a while, but the third attempt went smoothly. Am waiting there now on rest of raid to rejoin this evening, where we'll continue to try to get epic drops for others.

    Elsewhere you'll see references made in August 2003 that the entire zone crashed when the Paladin did the turn-in. I can confirm that the zone did not crash when I did the turn-in today and obtained Fiery Avenger.

    Yes, I /petitioned to report the bug on the Overseer, but no response and it's now been over 3 hours. It's largely moot for me since I now have Fiery Avenger, but the Plane of Sky is badly out of date with numerous design flaws and bugs, so hopefully the /petition may help urge Sony to fix the zone for other people. (Oddly, if you read the /bug description, it says to use /petition to report problems that resulted in player death, which is why I used /petition.)

    RE: Plane of Sky
    # Mar 13 2004 at 10:15 PM Rating: Default
    it may be possible that you didn't kill all the azaraks... and that one was warping around the zone (I've had that happen)
    RE: Plane of Sky
    # Jan 03 2004 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
    41 posts
    Just completed my epic turn-in today and the zone did not crash on us either. Had a little trouble at the beginning of the raid, but it went smoothly once we got moving. Overseer of Air did not aggro us so that problem has most likely been fixed as well.

    Duke Killane Wolfcastle
    65 Lord Protector

    Edited, Sat Jan 3 23:46:03 2004
    Book of Scale turn in for the Oracle
    # Oct 07 2003 at 4:32 AM Rating: Decent
    Hello, Doing my epic and just combined my books to create the Book of Scale. Went to the Oracle in OOT and did NOT con indifferent to him. I'm not KoS either but weary of doing turn in and losing my book. Has anyone done turn in sucessfully with not being indiff. to him? Or knows of any quest or mobs to kill to raise faction with this guy to bring me back up to indifferent? Any information would be greatly appreaciated.

    Thank you,
    Canndie Dreamchaser
    58 Knight
    Karana Server

    Update: I just read somewhere that If i have a druid cast wolf form on me it will improve my faction with the oracle...going to test this theory, will post results. Wish me luck! =)

    Edited, Tue Oct 7 22:33:41 2003
    RE: Book of Scale turn in for the Oracle
    # Dec 04 2003 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
    56 posts
    Sorry this is really late. I have turned my books in to the Oracle at indifferent faction and received Miragul's Phylactery. So I would give it a go.

    56th Knight
    # Oct 01 2003 at 3:43 AM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    thanks dude with the pally epic site the ww.red3 site that will help very mucho GL you pallys out there

    Darst lvl 50 pally
    Darkness lurks from every corner watch your self or you might just have a dagger in your back
    Lady Vox and Lord Naggy
    # Aug 18 2003 at 8:34 AM Rating: Default
    56 posts
    I just got my Soulfire, now I need to continue with this part of the quest, what am I supposed to do if the Top Guilds on my server or farming these guys and skill cap is 53, I know I can raid the others in order to get the books that I need, but why do that when you can kill a much easier mob at lvl 53 than 60. Any suggestions as to what I might do.

    51st Paladin
    Torovonnilous Server
    RE: Lady Vox and Lord Naggy
    # Aug 19 2003 at 8:13 AM Rating: Good
    cap is 52. level up and raid kunark dragons. Kunark dragons are easier -- at 60 or 65 + aas, you will resist the kunark dragons aoes nicely. at 52 you will not resist vox/nags aoes all the time unless you have nice base resists + mage summoned + buffs + bard. and the top guilds wont be farming them.. if they kill them, it wont be the whole guild, it will be a 2 or 3 twinks.
    Photos and Details
    # Aug 02 2003 at 2:34 PM Rating: Excellent
    38 posts
    Just wanted to help out my fellow Paladins by telling them I have compiled the most detailed version of this quest at:

    It contains pictures and details that people seem to skip over due to the length of this quest.

    I hope it helps. And may Mithaniel Marr guide you on your quests

    Sir Feonyx Soulfury
    RE: Photos and Details
    # Mar 06 2004 at 2:48 AM Rating: Decent
    258 posts
    The information listed for pally epic quest on your website kicks ***. Lot better than the limited text here. My paladin thanks you and will be using it a lot in the coming months. :)
    RE: Photos and Details
    # Aug 04 2003 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
    Thank you very much for your most excellent work, Feonyx. I'll refer to it often during the coming months.
    Getting to Quest area on Island one
    # Jun 29 2003 at 3:18 PM Rating: Good
    For anyone having the same trouble i'm having i'm posting this to save someone the same frustration i have gone through for the past few months.

    When you get all your items for turn in to Inte you need to get to the quest area on island 1, to speak with dason to spawn him. The way to do that is get the "Veeshan key" from the "Key Master" on island 1(he sells key for 1 copper).He is in the center of the island in plain site easy to find.
    Secondly make sure you get a person to stay on island 1 with the key, tell him not to get any other key or it might port him to other areas and he can't get back to island 1 or the quest area.
    With the "Veeshan key" in your posession as the person spawning "Inte" you click on the portal till one takes you to quest area, hail "Dason" and start the other stuff before mentioned in the other posts.
    I have yet to figure out how to leave quest area other then jumping off and landing in East Freeport. If you know another way so you can stay in zone please let me know, thanks.Hope this helps.
    Dark Assassin
    # Jun 12 2003 at 2:42 AM Rating: Decent
    Anyone know what the Dark Assassin is doing in this quest? you kill him to get faction with deepwater knights?
    # May 17 2003 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
    24 posts
    Here's something I'm not sure of and maybe someone who has done it can help....Getting the Blessing for turning in your Soulfire and Ghoulbane is an item? Or some kind of faction boost?

    Enhmet Silvershield
    58 Knight of Marr
    Exodus Fellowship
    Povar Server
    RE: Blessings
    # May 21 2003 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
    You get a coin looking object for each of the above; you turn them into him one at a time and when you click on "give" he returns a Token to you. Then for your final turn in for sword you give him the two tokens, the head and the robe ALL AT ONCE.

    FYI I did the POA part last weekend. You can do the turn in BEFORE any killing on that island or pulling from it as it is NON-AGGRO. We just had someone down on one to spawn, me on that island and everyone else one island below waiting for me to finish before they pulled the Peagasi.
    Clearify FD ans FA
    # Apr 23 2003 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
    For all those posting that yuo have finish the FD part of your epic...well I don't understand. You have to have the FA before even attempting the FD part with the purification of parts in FD. I think you mean you got soulfire instead of finishing the FD. The FD is the granddaddy pali epic. Has better stats proc and increases to everything then the FA does. I just thought for those looking at this site should not be confused over this.
    Regarding Miragul...
    # Apr 06 2003 at 4:20 PM Rating: Decent
    Miragul was a total and complete wuss. I am a 52 Paladin, and I had in my employ a 48 Bard, 40 Cleric, 60 Ranger, 61 Necromancer, 52 Bard, 65 Wizard, and 50 Wizard. Incredible overkill -- the Ranger and Wizard claimed they could duo Miragul, and I'm willing to bet they'd be right. However, I decided to get as many people together as possible. It may take longer to form the raid, but I'd rather have as much insurance as possible. ;-)

    What we did was, I pulled the Lich (he's a pain to pull -- get a SoW and a few resists, and even then expect some DoTs on the way back). The Necro charmed him as soon as he showed up. He then proceeded to stomp his own pet for us. =P I gave him the Phylactery, and Miragul spawned. He was Dubious to me, conned yellow at 52. He was NOT KOS. The ranger had to initiate the attack to gain aggro.

    With this group of people, Miragul was down in ten seconds, flat. Cleric only had to toss two Superior Heals onto the Ranger, and Miragul didn't lifetap once. Afterwards, I went up to PoSky with 50 Wizard, 48 Bard and another Necro, summoned my key corpse, ran up to the windmill, and had the Bard spawn Inte Akera. Poof, Fiery Avenger. ;-)
    Inte Akira
    # Feb 22 2003 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
    Does anyone know if more than one Pally can do their turn in at the same time? How long does he stay up or does he despawn immediately.
    RE: Inte Akira
    # May 11 2003 at 8:19 AM Rating: Decent
    Yes more than one Paladin can turn in. But be very carefull.He is up for only 5 min or so. 2 turn in is safe. More than that he might poof while you still doing turn in.
    RE: Inte Akira
    # Apr 06 2003 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
    From what I saw, he stayed up a good five minutes after I did my turnin. I didn't check any longer, I just wanted out of that accursed zone. ;-)
    # Feb 14 2003 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent
    245 posts
    Does anyone know how the recent changes in Neriak affect this quest? Are the trolls, etc. a problem? What factions, if any, do you need to turn the two dragon books in for the Book of Scale?

    There are some later posts that suggest that the npc you turn these in to has been moved out of Neriak. Could someone post the current information for this?



    Edited, Fri Feb 14 03:03:04 2003
    RE: Neriak
    # Feb 14 2003 at 8:04 PM Rating: Good
    245 posts
    I have the information now to answer my own question. I've emailed this with screenshots to Allakazham and Illia, but will post it here also for reference.

    Npc not in database: Kanthurn

    Item not in database : Book of Scale

    Kanthurn (a quest npc) appears not to be in your database. He was added to help replace the Neriak portion of the Paladin epic (after changes made the Neriak portion of the quest effectively undoable for Paladins.) I have attached a screenshot of Kanthurn.

    He should be linked as follows:

    Quest: The Fiery Avenger (Paladin epic)

    Item: Torn, burnt book (Paladin epic)

    Item: Torn, Frost covered book (Paladin epic)

    Item: Book of Scale (Paladin epic) This item appears not to be in your database. I've attached a screenshot.

    Kanthurn is located in Lake Rathetear at /loc pos 2739, neg 689. This is on an island with a tower. He is outside the tower, near the island's northern shore.

    Kanthurn plays a minor role in The Fiery Avenger quest (Paladin epic.)

    You say, 'Hail, Kanthurn'

    Kanthurn says 'Hello, Kelner. Have you heard of [Rineval] Talyas?''

    You say, 'Who is Rineval?'

    Kanthurn says 'Rineval is a strange, but special young lady. I've been told that she can read and write in ways that only a few in Norrath can. She usually does not speak of this, however I am a dear friend of hers. Say that you are in need of a scribe. If she asks you who told you this mention my name.''

    Kanthurn conned red to my level 30 druid who I sent to take the screenshot. He also conned indifferent (which is common among quest npcs that you talk to.)

    You will find Rineval Talyas in North Qeynos. She is the person in the Paladin epic who converts the two dragon books into the Book of Scale. She conned indifferent to my Paladin and I had no difficulty in obtaining the Book of Scale.


    Inte Akera spawn location
    # Jan 30 2003 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
    Inte Akera spawns inside the windmill building on the Island with the Pegasi (4th or 5th, depending on how you look at it). If you are standing in the doorway looking in, he'll spawn in front of you, sitting down, looking very relaxed.

    To spawn Inte Akera, you need to have a friend speak with Dason Goldblade in the quest cave. They have to tell him they are pure of heart and soul, or something, and he'll ask who they want to be tested by. When they tell him they want to be tested by Dirkog he hands them a book. When they give the book back to him, Goldblade despawns and Dirkog spawns just to the right of him.

    Don't spawn Dirkog until you are ready to spawn Inte Akera and do the turn-ins on the Pegasi island, however. Dirkog doesn't stay around too long, and since Goldblade despawns when Dirkog shows up, you'll have to wait until Goldblade respawns (a few hours) before you can spawn Dirkog again and then Inte Akera.

    Oh yeah, Inte Akera will be KoS to most evil races (or anyone else who's KoS to Deepwater Knights), and he has a very large agro radius. A Dark Elf warrior in my guild was standing a good distance out from the windmill, moved a little closer to see the sword after I got it, and Inte shouted something and ran out and killed him. Apparently Inte hit for 940 max, but had a 500hp lifetap on every hit as well, or something to that effect. Ouch.

    Edited, Thu Jan 30 03:52:02 2003
    Turn Ins
    # Jan 20 2003 at 6:12 PM Rating: Good
    For those that are seeking helpful information on the turn in for your Fiery Avenger, heed my words, for I will relay to you the wisdom I have learned that was not found here when I beseached these records.

    To get Akera to spawn, takes the coordination of two people and the Raid leader to understand the process of turn ins. First the person who turns in the 500pp to Dirkog and Second the person who turns his pieces in to Akera for their Fiery Avenger. This transaction happens on two islands almost simaltaneously, so one person needs to stay behind on Isle one. Exiting the Isle is easy just by dropping off the Isle you will splash into the ocean outside of EFP.

    Do not spawn Akera until the Paladin who is doing the turn in is on Isle 4 and at the spawn point. You must enter the test hall on the 1st Isle in Sky to spawn Dirkog, who allows you to spawn Akera by giving him 500pp.

    First, Purchase a Veeshan key for 1 cp from the Keymaster (looks like a chunk of jade). Surrounding the edges of the 1st Isle are tubs that appear to be round concrete formations. Find the tub that is behind the Keymaster and behind his left shoulder. The Veeshan Key only works on the proper tub, so there is no worry of loosing it. Once inside the Test Hall, walk to the row of NPC's and centered on the left wall is Goldblade. There was no dialouge with him. I spoke the name Dirkog and Dirkog popped in front of me. Again, there was no dialouge, so when the Paladin was in place on the 4th Isle at the spawn point of Akera, I gave the 500pp to Dirkog. Dirkog said "Very well, he is up on top now". To exit the test hall, follow the hallway that leads out and it will drop you into the ocean outside of NFP unharmed.

    The exact location of Akera's spawn will have to be filled out by another. I ask that someone provide a visual description of the point so that others may have a better idea of what happens at this stage. Holding up an entire raid to figure this out can cause people to throw things at you :)

    Lord Palamus Holyblade
    80th Soldier of Mithaniel Marr
    Ex Commander
    Knights of the Holy Blade
    Help me Please!!
    # Jan 15 2003 at 10:50 PM Rating: Decent
    I am a Half-Elf Paladin that follows Rodcet Nife. My default faction with the erudites is "Looks your way Apprehensively" and all of the faction quests i've read about require you to have better faction than that to do. Does anyone know of a way I can increase my faction? I am ally to all other paladin guilds, but have yet to find a method of increasing my Deepwater Knight Faction.

    Is it possible to maybe create an erudite mule on another account and raise your faction by having him turn in the quest items while grouped with you? That is the only idea I have left at this time :(

    --Baron Kazhuma Fizzlemaster, 55 Knight of the Fennin Ro Server.
    RE: Help me Please!!
    # Jan 18 2003 at 12:57 PM Rating: Excellent
    Kill the Erudite necro that spawns near the docks towards Kerran Isle. Do it over and over until you have your faction change. Once it maxes, you could have the necro kill you (make sure you're AC is bare minimal and you sit), and then have a cleric come give you a close to a full XP ress. The faction resets for the mob (but not for you) and you can continue killing for further boosts. I don't know if this method still works. I did this 3 years ago to get my FA.
    TWO books from Gore
    # Dec 16 2002 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
    Just thought I'd let everyone know that TWO frost books dropped off of Gore the other night. I looted one and so did another pally of our guild. Never have heard of it before so thought it might interest someone. Anyway was indif to Rineval and got my Book of Scale. Was indif to Oracle and got Miragul's Philactery. Now for that blasted Deepwater Knight faction.... bleh

    EDIT: Speaking of which, if anyone has any first hand knowledge of handing the items in to Inte Akera for FA and what he conned to them it would be VERY helpful. Am curious on what the minimum faction you must be with him. Thanks for the help :)

    Edited, Mon Dec 16 02:27:32 2002
    Dirkog Steelhand
    # Dec 01 2002 at 9:40 PM Rating: Decent
    WEre is Dirkog Steelhand located what island?
    RE: Dirkog Steelhand
    # Jan 14 2003 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
    He is spawned in the quest room (use the key of Veeshan, 1cp to buy to get there...) Talk to the Paladin quest giver. Named something Goldblade. He will as you who you want to be tested by...tell him Dirkog and he'll spawn.

    # Nov 29 2002 at 4:58 PM Rating: Default
    Hello, just posting an update to my progress.
    I handed in the 2 books with indifferent faction and got my book of scale.

    Headed to ocean of tears to find the Oracle of K'arnon. If you take the boat from Freeport and get off at the first stop, then swim south you will find the Oracle. He was indifferent to me and I did the hand in and got Miragul's Philatery. Hope to do the next part in a few days, will update on how that goes.

    Sir Mulgar Holywrath
    60 Paladin

    Edited, Fri Nov 29 16:37:01 2002
    Book of Scale
    # Nov 28 2002 at 5:34 AM Rating: Excellent
    I just got the torn book of frost the other night, dropped off Gorenaire in Dreadlands, she dropped 2 of these books. I have the torn burnt book, which if I remember correctly dropped off of a dragon in Emerald jungle. Now that I have the 2 pieces I am moving onto the next part, having them combined.

    In North Qeynos, if you exit the city gate and move to the right, there is a lady in a blue robe, her LOC is pos 250, neg 300, her name is Rineval Talyas. Hail her and say " what scribe ", she says " who told you this ", say " Inte Akera told me this ", she will tell you that she will scribe for and to bring the torn books of fire and ice, and 1000pp donation for the blessing.

    I have not been to the Plane of Air yet, and therefore never spoke with Inte Akera, but I still got the quest text I was looking for from Rineval Talyas.

    I am indifferent to her, and don't have the 1000pp yet, but I assume that indiff is all you would need to get the book of scale, since she did give the text with directions.

    Going to kill some HG to get the money and try this tomorrow, hopefully I will have a book of scale. I will post with my results.

    Sir Mulgar Holywrath
    60 Paladin

    Edited, Thu Nov 28 05:19:46 2002
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