Pricing Information for Sunshard Dust

Average Price:0
Minimum Price:0
Maximum Price:0
Number of Points:0
Standard Deviation: (0%)
Reliability of Price:Not enough points
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5pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1592258527311March 22nd, 2008 @ 02:33:39 PMSold at the Bazaar on The Tribunal server
2pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1591950258489December 6th, 2007 @ 08:45:57 AMGobs for sale in bazaar on Stromm
35pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1592310666403October 6th, 2007 @ 08:55:45 PMBristlebane (sometimes 40p)
100pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1591781754598February 23rd, 2007 @ 01:13:49 PMSold at Bazaar on Antonius Bayer

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