Pricing Information for Silver Blade of Thunder

Average Price:0
Minimum Price:0
Maximum Price:0
Number of Points:0
Standard Deviation: (0%)
Reliability of Price:Not enough points
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30000pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1592284871933January 16th, 2006 @ 11:41:07 PM
35000pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1592257088065May 1st, 2003 @ 09:52:24 AMI love this thing
5800pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1591773675447December 17th, 2002 @ 09:26:00 AM
2500pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1591775566052November 7th, 2002 @ 09:52:13 PM
25000pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1591774502315September 28th, 2002 @ 09:51:35 PMBought for 13700, selling for 25k
13700pp 0gp 0sp 0cp__DEL__1592247425434September 24th, 2002 @ 01:42:19 PM

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