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Still in game 2008
# Nov 22 2008 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I was in SOL B zoned into SOL A and then back into what I thought was SOL B and I am now in SOL C.
Nov 22 2008

Dadijob (Prexus) TA Rocks
Sol C still in game?
# Dec 20 2006 at 4:38 AM Rating: Decent
Last I heard Sol C was no longer in the game. Any confirmation on this? I hope my info is wrong cause I liked this zone as well.
Sol C still in game?
# Mar 31 2007 at 2:55 AM Rating: Decent
Last i remember its still there just a pain in the a$$ to get to... you have to swim under the lava for a bit to find the entrance.. was there in late 06 to early 07
Sol C still in game?
# Jan 18 2007 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I am standing in Sol C right now.
Zone still in the game
Sol C still in game?
# Jun 28 2009 at 9:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Its still there and the pathing is as buggy as ever, mobs will warp and bring the entired zone. It was fun being the only enchanter trying to ae mez mobs with our bs 6 second mez.
New mob
# Mar 24 2006 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
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A burning Mire to add to the list.. is a goo type mob
I before E cept after c, right? or was that P?
# Feb 27 2005 at 4:22 AM Rating: Decent
Anyways, this zone is tough to get into and out of. 70 cleric 69 druid, 68 warrior soloed the giants closest to solA area, we succored from solB across tro solA zone in The Caverns. My Druidbot and I could solo the giants, but it would take forever. Pacify was resited bye the giants and agroed apon resist.the 3 of us killed for a while till i went ld loged back into my bind spot.
Fun place imo, hard as all curse words to find and get in.
Maps help but it is still hard to find.

Edited, Wed May 11 07:42:08 2005
#REDACTED, Posted: May 18 2005 at 9:58 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Having a Bot is not something you should be mentioning or proud of. It means you are using 3rd party software and should be reported and banned or suspended.
RE: I before E cept after c, right? or was that P?
# May 18 2005 at 10:36 AM Rating: Excellent
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I think whether it's called "bot" or "hydra" depends on your server really. Personally I've never heard someone call a second played PC a "hydra" on ABayle. Common terms on my server/in my guild for playing additional chars on a 2nd PC/in a EQWindows are "boxing" or "boting".
So you may be reading too much into this as he probably just wanted to point out that this is duoable even if you play both chars yourself which usually is less effective than two players grouping..

Edited, Wed Jun 15 18:57:27 2005
Saraban Luvanir
Plainswalker for Darkwind - Antonius Bayle
# Feb 22 2005 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
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People.. save yourself time and energy...

Get the maps for ALL eq zones... ALL expansions.

Maps for this zone?
# Feb 04 2005 at 1:21 PM Rating: Decent
Are there any maps for this zone to be had? I checked EQ Atlas. They don't seem to have any.
Lava Bettle
# Jun 16 2004 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Having recently come back to EQ I just heard of this zone. I'm specifically interested in the location of the Lava Beetle. Any help on it's proximity to the various zone entrances would be appreciated.

new mob
# Jun 16 2004 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
Add a cavernous crawler to list, cons dark blue to 65, found in pendulum room.

Add a burning mire, cons dark blue to 65, found off of tunnel from pendulum room.

Edited, Wed Jun 16 20:34:41 2004
Map Avail soon
# Jan 14 2004 at 12:49 AM Rating: Default
Heya all... I fell in love with this zone the first time i set foot in it, oh wait.. scratch that.. the first time was miserable, died in lava trying to get there and the works... the SECOND time i did fall in love with it tho, and decided to make a map, so over the past 2 months, I've been working on a map of this place, my home, to share with everyone, just gotta do the final draft and be ready to post.. cyall soon
# Nov 22 2003 at 11:25 AM Rating: Default
Anybody finding the Burning Totem Hilt??
RE: Hilt!
# Nov 26 2003 at 3:19 PM Rating: Default
The hilt seems to be a random drop off the goblins. We have gotten several of them just clearing the paths to get to the named mobs
RE: Hilt!
# Dec 01 2003 at 2:09 PM Rating: Default
Hrm.. since they moved the quest pieces to the Named? they used to drop off the normal goblins.
Fire Giant Embers
# Nov 08 2003 at 6:40 AM Rating: Default
Got this item today from Fire Giant Soothsayer, its tagged like the sword items.. but don't know of another quest, and not needed for the cloak.

Any ideas?
RE: Fire Giant Embers
# Nov 09 2003 at 2:56 PM Rating: Default
This is one of the new comp needed to make Glue Powder for the Red to Green Scale Quest.
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 18 2003 at 6:02 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) so do you know how i log in you can reach me at plese help
# Sep 10 2003 at 2:16 PM Rating: Default
Another easier way to help get in is to cast a FR buff on people so that when they are in the laval they dont take asmuch damage as they normally would, on my warrior i can take 10dmg because of mr FR buffed and like 30 without, it helps alot also when peopple dont have a high swimming skill
Protection while entering zone
# Sep 07 2003 at 10:46 AM Rating: Default
I cast some sort of heal over time when swimming the lava to enter zone. Helps keep the fragile casters alive long enough to get on dry land on the other side of the zone line.

bind nightmare
# Aug 23 2003 at 9:02 AM Rating: Decent
Warning do not bind at the zone entrance/ If u try to bind it will tell u to find a city but actualy u are bound in that spot/ We had a bad pull the name kobold popped and wiped us all out and continued to corpse camp us until our leader pulled the mob out of the lava lake area/ Thanks to a kind GM we all got 100%percent rezzes/ be warned/
Zoning in
# Aug 22 2003 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
My experiences show if you levi (levi vs DMF didnt seem to make a difference for us) above the lava you zone into solA, if you're in the lava like you should be you'll zone into solC.
Kinda rude of them to zone us in below a covered pool of lava when we zoned out in just a small stream of it.

Alloe Vera
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Named Mob
# Aug 19 2003 at 2:38 AM Rating: Default
Named Goblin near the Sol A entrance zone in. Name was Kilili. When you zone in run down the path on the right, you'll see a swinging axe, go past that, there is a room with two stair cases. Go down the one on the right, he's half way down the stairs at the turn.

BTW I hate this zone, all the zone lines seem to be bugged. You don't always zone into SoL C, and sometimes you can't even zone in, you just go right past the zoneline.

Edited, Tue Aug 19 04:19:37 2003
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 18 2003 at 3:44 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Edited, Mon Aug 18 16:33:57 2003
new mob
# Aug 16 2003 at 12:30 PM Rating: Default
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a magma ooze

Dropped Sweltering slime bauble, no drop.

Don't know what's it for.
110 Wizard of IL
Gwaddry Aethadoc
# Aug 15 2003 at 4:29 AM Rating: Good
Gwaddry Aethadoc is a level 65 quest NPC con'ed indifferently to anyone, he is not far from the zone in of Nagafen's Lair: The Caverns of Exile.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Get out of my way mortal, you have no business with me unless you [wish disposal of the fire demons].

Knell says: I wish disposal of the fire demons.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Well then Knell, you might be of service to me after all. I seek some brave soldiers to strike back at the servants of Nagafen that have been chosen to guard his hordes of treasure. They need to be cut down so that we may claim what is rightfully ours. Do you wish to [strike back at the minions of Nagafen]?'

Knell says: I wish to strike back at the minions of Nagafen.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Very well, I will need you to collect me 4 items for an incantation I have been working on. My limited area that I am forced to reside in has prevented my practice of magic so I have been restricted to concocting alchemy potions. When you are [ready] I will have you [gather the components] I need for my potion.'

Knell says: I am ready to gather the components.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'As I said before I require 4 important components for my recipe. They all must be taken from the beasts that reside in the deepest parts of these caverns. Return to me when you have gathered 1 Fireback Silk, 1 Sweltering Slime Bauble, 1 Fireborn Tooth and 1 Blistering Tentacle.'

Find these 4 items: 1 Fireback Silk, 1 Sweltering Slime Bauble, 1 Fireborn Tooth and 1 Blistering Tentacle. All 4 items are no drop and lore.

Turn these 4 items in, you will get EXP and a no drop trinket without any faction hit.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Well I see that you can certainly be trusted to uphold my will should I request it of you. Please take this symbol and return to me if you should desire to help me with a much [bigger problem].'

Knell says: what bigger problem?

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'I do feel that you have no problem assisting me with any items I may need, but what I am about to ask you to do could put my life in jeopardy. Let me begin by telling you how I lost my sacred [family totem].'

Knell says: what family totem?

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'The totem I speak of has been in my family for 5 generations, that is until I lost it recently in a battle to hold back the forces of the Taklasinai. I wish to regain my totem so that I may use it to do the [unspeakable].'

Knell says: what unspeakable?

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'For years I have sat here in this dwelling unable to practice my magic at the fault of the Vrodak. I no longer wish to be confined to this space and want to be free. The only way I will not die where I stand is to pledge allegiance to the Taklasinai. I feel if I seek council before their leaders they will agree to use my ranking as a way to infiltrate the Vrodak defenses and eventually cause the Vrodak clan to crumble. Before I can free myself I will need my magical family artifact. If you will [collect the pieces of my totem] I will reward you greatly.'

Knell says: I will collect the pieces of my totem.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Very well Knell, I wish you luck in obtaining the pieces to my family totem so I can once again reconstruct it. When it was lost it was broken into 3 pieces; A hilt, a base and a collection of runes that were engraved into it. Should you return these 3 pieces to me along with my trinket, I can once again construct the totem and free myself from this area to seek council with the Taklasinai. Please hurry Knell, if word gets out that I am planning a revolt against my own people I will be killed for sure.'

Find all 3 totems: A burning totem hilt, a totem base and a totem runes And turn them in alone with the trinket you got from first part of the quest.

The reward is a haste cloak with exactly the same stats as cloak of flame.

Flame etched cloak
Magic Item Lore Item
Ac: 10
DEX:9 AGI:9 HP:50
SV FIRE: +15
Effect: Haste(Worn)
WT: 0.1 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL

Knell - level 65 Shadowknight [Rising Ascension], Povar
RE: Gwaddry Aethadoc
# Aug 18 2003 at 3:40 PM Rating: Default
lol wtf...thats so sad that SoE makes new items with old item stats....lets hope this cloak is 36% too /grinz
Protector of Fire
# Aug 12 2003 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
Protector of Fire spawns in this zone yellow con to 65 hits in the 300s
Zoning from B to C...
# Aug 12 2003 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
You need to not only have High FR, but you also need to have HIGH HP's. I went in last night with a group of Guildies and dang near chocked on my Pepsi when I zoned. Swimming in was only 20+ damage a second. Once I zone it jumped to 80+ with 130+ FR. If you are a Caster, you better have Virtue before you take this plunge. You also better have a dang near maxed swim so you spend as little time as possible in the lava.

Eevill Inkarnate
Protector of Flame
# Aug 12 2003 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
Protector of Fire dropped:

Flamerock Bracelet
AC: 10
WIS: +7 INT: +7 AGI: +5 HP: +35 MANA: +35
SV FIRE: +10 SV COLD: +10 SV MAGIC: +5
Recommended Level of 51.
WT: 2.0, Size: SMALL
Race: ALL

Protector of Flame is a fire elemental that conned yellow to us at level 65. Spawned after clearing fire elemental mobs in the first "ring"
near loc: 64.00, -233.28, -0.75
Over and over again but...
# Aug 09 2003 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
Just to make things clear: Which letter, according to EQ Atlas's SolB map should I use? A, B or D ? I used to get rid of my levitate and swim through lava for a max of 10 dmg BUT even with DMF I was zoning to SolA. Only way out of lava was Abscon... :(

Any *final* advice would be more than appreciated. Thanks in advance.
RE: Over and over again but...
# Aug 10 2003 at 6:43 AM Rating: Decent
239 posts
Zoning in from SoL B puts you at one spot. Zoning in from Sol A puts you at the other. Occasionally it messes up. If you are levitating above the Lava you will most often go between A and B. If you are down in the lava or at that level you usually go to Sol C. On the EQ atlas map the spot is at 14. From there head east there is a new tunnel that contains the zone spot.

Note coming from B into C you zone in inside LAVA. Damage for me was 95hps per tick. A few of our casters never made it out of the lava alive. Have to immediately swim forward and up. Least damage I took getting out was about 800hps
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RE: Over and over again but...
# Aug 10 2003 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
Thanks a million guys :) Let's hope my 1200 HP with high FR will be enough to endure that "little" 800 damage !
RE: Over and over again but...
# Aug 10 2003 at 4:40 AM Rating: Decent
cant remember exactly but is either number 14 or 15 on EQ map, right above it where it croses over the lava river, zone line marked D is what your shooting for, you stand on the bridge over the lava, and with lev, go straight east on TOP of the lavafall, or if FR is high, just jump over into the lava. some people say head to Bat3, have not hunted Sol B for xp much tho. i dont know why but some times it zones me into Sol A (when it does this turn around and zone back and it put you in Sol C) and some times it puts me right in Sol C. also note that it seems to randomly place people on 2 zone lines in Sol C, one side with gobbies, and another with kobolds. zoned in with 12 people and it split us, even people in same group were in different areas, had to have the mage CotH us all. might have something to do with zoning under/over the lava, i didnt bother with lev some times as my FR is high
# Aug 08 2003 at 10:02 PM Rating: Decent
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They need to give Naggy some steriods. It's bad when his own lair has mobs in it that, according to level, could stomp him in the ground.
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