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# Jul 31 2003 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
brought down this mob on terris thule today. we had (lv1 1 warr (me), a lv2 pally, lv1 ranger,lv2 druid, and lv1 mage--also had a seperate group of clerics). pulled him from ping fuzzlecutter's tent. picked up a dangerous orc pawn add. dr00d snared orc pawn. first snare resisted and second stuck. so we got the large rat with no adds. i was MA and MT, with clerics chain minor healing me. this mob has a TON of hit points. finally dropped after 5 minutes. decent drops. ears, whiskers, meat. respawn timer is like 35 seconds. hope this helps--good hunting.

vernioushoggius warrior level 1 on terris thule
# Jul 26 2003 at 5:29 PM Rating: Excellent
Hahahaha...these are my favorite enemies of all time in EQ. They are just SO easy to kill and their loot is worth a lot for there difficulty level. Not only do they have Plague Rat Tails, which are quite common and worth quite a bit, but they have secondary items, such as Rat Eyes and Field Rat Skulls, which are also worth a sizable sum considering the circumstances. Rat Meat and Rat Ears are in Baking recipes. Rat Whiskers are used in the new newbie quest (wow, a little redundant, wouldn't ya say?) and Rat Feet, Pieces of Rat Fur, and Rat Teeth are used in a quest in South Qeynos. IMO, Rats are one of the easiest ways to get quick cash in the game.

Ultor Commando's hunt the quarry and always succeed. You cannot escape them, vermin.
fun newb money..
# Jul 04 2003 at 8:19 PM Rating: Decent
those tails are 1pp each. :/ really nice for newbs. tho one time I killed a rat for the heck of it and it dropped TWO rat tails.. o_O
mmmm.. rat beer
# Jun 26 2003 at 11:00 PM Rating: Decent
rat beer! Smiley: boozing but then, there's always the hangover Smiley: bah
# Nov 07 2002 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
=D the good ol' days..when you are a newbie..ya fight those rats..ah what fun..then those orcs come in huge mobs...then the stupid beetles decide to join in...
Preserved rat pelt
# Aug 24 2002 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
They also drop sometimes a preserved rat pelt, no drop and stackable.
Is someone knows what to do with that ?
Rat Eye
# Jun 19 2002 at 1:04 PM Rating: Default
Anyone ever seen a rat eye drop? Need to for Warrior bracer quest. Have killed many rats of all kinds in NQ and Q hills and never got one.

Battledame Warrior of 10 seasons
Druzzil Ro
dont mess with this guy!
# Jun 10 2002 at 1:52 PM Rating: Default
Ran into one today.. lemem tell you ... STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT. **** raped me for 32k damage , must be similar to assasinate.
# Jun 07 2002 at 7:30 PM Rating: Default
These guys also drop a putrid rat tail or something like that, I know I can go and sell it for 1pp nearly 2 inside of town. I dunno maybe it will help some newbs.

*BTW* it is a rather uncommon drop so you gotta keep killing em.
plauge rat tails
# May 19 2002 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
I have very happily been selling the plauge tails, but what exactly can they be used for? (How do you get 75 CHA out of them?)

thank you!
RE: plauge rat tails
# May 21 2002 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
Not *GET* CHA out of them, he meant having 75 CHA, he sold for that much. I too found great profit in these fellas, wishing I had killed a few more before they became trivial. If you are newbie level, these guys are EXCELLENT money makers. Unless anyone knows of a better creature even a LV1!!!! paly can slay in nearly 3-4 hits, please come forward. :)

(Oh right, my paly was given my former LV14 Ranger's equipment ehhehehe, talk about a souped up newbie).
Get rich fast!
# May 17 2002 at 11:21 PM Rating: Default
These little guys drop Plague Rat Tails, a magic item worth about 1pp 7gp to one with 75 CHA. Fill your inventory with these items and you're a rich little newb. It's also nice for other people looking to pick up some extra cash. I started a wiz and by lv3, he had a good 20pp or so. Great for spells and all.
RE: Get rich fast!
# Jun 26 2003 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
yes, but it also very time-comsuming Smiley: sly
Newbie Haters
# Mar 28 2002 at 2:34 PM Rating: Default
All of you who insult low levels should be kicked off of EQ. As if you werent a Newbie at one point. Stop this stupid pecking order.

Level 32 Necromancer Dark Elf
Tunare Server
# Jan 06 2002 at 9:32 PM Rating: Default
If your level 1-4, kill 'em. If your level 5+ leave em alone and fight somthing harder.
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 02 2001 at 1:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Click on the large rat and hit your melee attack icon, I hope this helps
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 09 2001 at 7:49 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) pleas answer
#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 09 2001 at 8:56 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) IM HAVING A NEWBIE DAY TODAY ON KARANA, EVERY RAT WILL HAVE 100PP ON THEM, COME ONE, COME ALL!!!!!
About the paw...
# Aug 31 2001 at 7:18 AM Rating: Default
God you dumb n00b ...you take the paw along with "brain of Cazic Thule" and "left ******** of a Cleric Of Innoruuk" ...combine them in "The Widowmistress' tampon case" and take it to a Mob called a GIANT rat...look out cuz these are much more uber than the large rats...and if you arent careful youll be getting backstabbed for 400+ any way the quest yields a new item on the game (one of which only i hold) called the Harriest Fiend.... its 1hs dmg 2 dly 35
rat paws
# Aug 08 2001 at 1:29 PM Rating: Default
Does anyone know what a rats paw does and who uses them. All I know is that its a lore item.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 04 2001 at 4:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) GAWD THESE GUYS ARE HARD, I TRIED TO SOLO ONE WITH MY 97 DRUID, BUT DIED SSSSOOOOOOO FAST!!!!!
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 18 2001 at 9:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) that's just excessive sarcasm.
# Nov 22 2000 at 8:33 AM Rating: Default
If its stuppid lookin...KILL IT!!!and dont forget to get some bread,take the meat,makeone and eatit ti'l your dead!!
Do they drop rat ears?
# Nov 04 2000 at 8:42 AM Rating: Default
Do thesr guys also drop rat ears because i have killed many and never got any. I am a troll chef and always have to go to freeport to get em
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 26 2000 at 12:35 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I killed a rat once that had a bronze mace. I sold it in town for about 5P.
another tasty beast
# Jun 27 2000 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
give the rat ears (which by the way are quiet tasty raw..or so my barbarian says..)to Rephas by the lake near surefall glade and rephas will return them to you as another item..which is also edible which you can also return to him for exp a bit o' faction and perhaps a minor bit o' coin or item (torch etc)hey in this crazy world its all good.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 16 2000 at 9:44 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) .....i fought this guy, easy... gives bit of experience but not a lot cause you know hes just a level one guy you can't blame himm.....its not his fault...why dont you leave him alone... why...why...WHY!!!!!
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 07 2000 at 11:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) O MY God There Eating Kenny
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