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Getting to them, loot, other information.
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I can get to these guys solo as a ranger in ranger form. Starting in the entrance room, go straight back, turn left at the 'T' in the hall, then left into the room at the end of this hall. Kill the three snakes in the room. Then levitate to the top of the tapered pillars in the room (you may need to shrink for this), float over to the top of the crypt, sink down through the top of the crypt, duck, and unduck. You will then be in the hall that leads to the assassin's room. In front of you is a trap with about a 30K HP/Mana DoT on it. I usually resist this, but if I don't, I cure myself with Potameid Salve Rk.II. Kill three snakes in the hall. Go through the assassins room and kill at least four snakes, if not the whole room just to be safe. Repeat the lev trick on the crypt at the far end of the room. Go through the short hall, kill snakes as needed, and then into the tube in the center of the room. If you are bringing a baby make sure they have EB, as the tube is water filled and airless. Swim up two floors (there is no second floor exit). Exit on the third floor, but don't leave the platform where the tube penetrates the third floor yet. Rebuff. Then there are two an imperial guard to kill one on either side of the door. These gals used to be very tough when Luclin came out, and continue to be much tougher than any of the numerous trash snakes from the basement to the second floor. But thanks to fifteen more levels than were available in the days of Luclin and better gear in the last five years, I can solo two of them with minimal difficulty. Kill the other two guards in this room. Now you have to get through the next two locked doors or pull the snakes to the tube room. There is no key for the locked doors. Options are: 1) Lockpick by a Rogue. I don't know if either a bard or a gobby shroud works, but I suspect not. 2) Various pulling tricks using an Eye of Zomm, pet, etc, coupled with either pulling the snakes to the tube room or getting summoned through both doors. 3) Shadow Step through with the spell if you can cast that spell (not a ranger spell book spell), or as I do with my Boots of Shadow Walking which have a cliky shadow step on them. I guess you could shadow step through the second door and kill the snakes in the big room, but I usually get close to the door, the snakes on either side of he door will aggro, and meet you in the hallway. I kill them in the hallway, then shadow step through the second door. In this room are many easily single pullable snakes, all about level 60 to 62 or so. There are two pairs of snakes which would be difficult to single pull in this big room. One pair is at the door of the big room, and the other pair is at the short ramp up to the teleporter to the emp's room. That leaves about fourteen by my count of single pullable snakes. If you are clearing these snakes eventually the three named snakes which drop the Ssraeszhian Insignia will spawn, and you would have as few as 11 single pullable 'an imperial guard's. Note: You might want to check what is at the end of the hall before ever entering the hall by poking your nose into the wall on either side of the door while in the tube room. The nameds like to spawn at this door. Once I killed each of the three nameds who spawned in succession at this door. These gals are reported to have ? 350K hp, despite being only level 53. They don't hit that hard, but take like ten to fifteen minutes to kill and proc a knockback (which used to affect me by flinging me a good ways up in the air and back, but not recently. Lev is useful before fight these gals, and may help to reduce adds). If either or both of the spots at the end of the hall next to the door have the nameds, you may want to come back another day.

Now why go to all this bother? Well, I hate killing greys endlessly for tradeskill components. These gals drop Shissar Scales (red flavor), Sunshard Ore, and research components. I got two AA's there today, and got about three stacks of Shissar Scales, 5 sunshard ore, and a number or words/runes/pages. I also got a stack of Exceptional Shissar Blood. I also got I did a bit of foraging, and got 10 Autumn Crocus.

Add to the loot list for these gals: Shissar Scales, Rune of Tempest, Mithril Amulet, Spell: Breath of Tunare, Spell: Torrent of Pain, Shissar Venom Sack, Crystalized Sulfur, Fire Opal, and Yaeth's Compendium Page 108.

If I referred to these wonderful adorable snakes as guys, it was in error. It is my understanding that all shissar are females.

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rune of zephyr
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One of these losers dropped a rune of zephyr tonight.
no mez
# Mar 14 2004 at 12:12 AM Rating: Decent
Not mezzable by Bliss although if you use any other spell it will say it can't be mezmerized by that spell when in fact they are not mezzable period
Our Strat
# Mar 10 2004 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Seems to have really low resists of everything, landed all spells no problem, resisted slow a few times though with a 65 shammy, no malo. Unmezzable, near impossible to split, so just offtank easiest thing to do, drop them no problem with 3 groups average 62, just get in the room and work your way around in a circle. named seem to spawn often. And not that its important, also drops a Mithril Amulet.

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These things enrage very very often. But, it did not seem like they were riposting attacks when they enraged like everything else.
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On a raid last night, took out a couple of these and they were spanking me for about 300 - 450 points of damage. 57 Shaman could slow them though and most DOT's seemed to land just fine.

Edited, Sat Jul 19 13:13:30 2003
# Jan 15 2003 at 10:58 PM Rating: Default
Tried to mezz tonight - wasn't pretty. Said they couldn't be mezzed "(with this spell)" I'm a 58 chanter - couldn't stun either...=(
mezzable? slowable?
# Jan 14 2003 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
Can these guys be mezzed or slowed? How much Magic Resist do they have?
# Feb 22 2002 at 2:12 AM Rating: Decent
These things hurt. Hard to split, whipped us around a couple times. Hrmm, need more power.
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