Tykar Renlin  

Quest NPC

Level: 10
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2020-03-07 02:38:59
Known Loot:
icon Natural Spices

Known Habitats:
  East Freeport

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No faction hits, loot
# Mar 02 2020 at 1:46 PM Rating: Excellent
190 posts
Killing him gave no faction hits. He dropped Natural Spices.
# Jan 21 2019 at 8:11 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
I've been trying to get this guy for almost a week now. Hoping he spawns tonight. I saw him the first day I was here but was not fast enough and he despawned.
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No faction hits for kill
# Dec 28 2018 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
1,497 posts
I just killed Tykar Renlin and there were no faction hits:
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:06 2018] Tykar Renlin says, 'Guards! Guards! Help me!'
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:06 2018] Knobinshu hit Tykar Renlin for 6150 points of non-melee damage.
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:06 2018] You have slain Tykar Renlin!
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:10 2018] --You have looted a Simple Combatant's Orb.--
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:11 2018] --You have looted a Simple Defiant Plate Greaves.--
[Thu Dec 27 10:22:12 2018] --You have looted a Torch.--
# Mar 17 2016 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
2,540 posts
-1 Agnostic
+1 Storm Guard

# Feb 14 2014 at 12:48 PM Rating: Excellent
474 posts
Located in Seafarer's Roost.
Shares a spawn with: Plnorrick Spinecracker, Biggle Lombokker, Tlin Bowfright, and Lozani.

Agnostic -
Storm Guard +

Spawns and then wanders out the bar and then back and despawns.

Edited, Feb 14th 2014 12:58pm by Sythik
# Jun 18 2013 at 3:43 AM Rating: Good
If you are not lucky enough for him to just be inside Seafarer's when you need him then just hang out with Lenka Stoutheart (The level 30ish Barb chick) on your screen and you'll see Tykar Renlin eventually. She is on Wolves of the North faction so if you are KOS to barbarians she will attack you.

Also Tykar will also eventually walk out of the bar and despawn.
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New Factions?
# Dec 12 2007 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
I am currently camping Sir Edwin Motte for my Necro 1.0, and I have been killing everyone in the bar.
upon killing Tykar Renlin

Your faction standing with Agnostic got worse.
Your faction standing with Storm Guard got better.

No mention of Truespirit at all when I killed him.
spawn timer
# Feb 26 2006 at 8:45 AM Rating: Good
74 posts
Every 8 mins, either he or his placeholder spawns and is up for 4 mins before despawn. The spawn is in the Seafarer's Roost located on the south end of the docks in the new East Freeport. The spawn stands at the bar for a few secs then takes a walk up the docks and back again. Spawns and despawns are timed almost the same as refills for that sot of a guard outside the bar, Moe Wilborn =). Hope this helps.
spawn timer
# Sep 09 2006 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
umm who exactly is the placeholder, and do you have to kill it to spawn tykar? cause i waited at the seafarers roost all day and nothing spawned every 8 mins.
# Aug 23 2005 at 7:09 PM Rating: Default
I have been trying to get this guy to pop for a week now and still nothing. Is there some kind of a trick to it or sumthin. I have done almost every step to soulfire, but i cant continue cuz this stupid guy wont pop. If anyone has any tips on how to get him to pop, post them please.

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# Jun 13 2003 at 1:55 AM Rating: Decent
Others have posted he spawned at 8AM and 10AM.
I had him spawn for me at 1AM.
I don't know if this means he spawns randomly, or there's a chance that he spawns at any of these 3 times.
RE: Spawntime
# Jul 12 2004 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
Its been 3 days and still not Spawned so I think it is random
RE: Spawntime
# Jan 24 2004 at 1:07 AM Rating: Good
233 posts
11PM for me
RE: Spawntime
# Aug 18 2003 at 10:57 AM Rating: Default
i can depen when you give the note to Graoflah..... i think

Edited, Mon Aug 18 11:50:42 2003
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