Level: 35
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-05-04 22:14:20

Known Habitats:
  Lake Rathetear
Factions Increased:
  Shadowed Men +1
Factions Decreased:
  Temple of Solusek Ro -1

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Faction info for kill
# Apr 20 2019 at 8:37 AM Rating: Excellent
1,386 posts
[Sat Apr 20 10:31:58 2019] Your faction standing with Temple of Solusek Ro has been adjusted by -2.
[Sat Apr 20 10:31:58 2019] Your faction standing with Shadowed Men has been adjusted by 2.
[Sat Apr 20 10:31:58 2019] You receive 1 silver and 5 copper from the corpse.
[Sat Apr 20 10:31:58 2019] Derg's corpse says, 'My comrades will avenge my death.'
[Sat Apr 20 10:31:58 2019] You have slain Derg!

Killed during faction bonus weekend, so normal numbers would be -1 to Temple of Sol Ro and +1 to Shadowed Men.

Edited, Apr 20th 2019 9:46am by drool
Warrior Epic
# Mar 14 2004 at 11:23 AM Rating: Default
To clear things up a bit, even though I know these are old posts. I'm sure many of you out there can already guess that this guy and other similar mobs are simply here to give you some idea of where the warrior epic piece is. They served only the purpose of pointing early epic goers in the right direction.
Dragon Head
# Mar 27 2003 at 6:07 AM Rating: Decent
I swimmed there, and found some dragon head... Gave it to him, but nothing happened... Duh. :|
Perhaps wrong place.
# Mar 18 2003 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
I thought that perhaps the spot he dropped from was the Diving Board spawn past Rathe Mtn zone. But I saw nothing there. I might have just missed the spawn rate on the drop though.
confusing quest text
# Feb 04 2003 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
Yes, all I found was the jeweled dragon head, too. Seems odd for his text to refer to that when he doesn't want it.
Not Bad For An Ogre
# May 12 2002 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
303 posts
As a goodly paladin, I had some initial hesitations as I approached the ogres near the zone entrance to Rathe Mountains. However, to my surprise these hippotanical landmasses were not aggressive towards me. Unlike most ogres, these conned indifferent to a human paladin of Erollisi Marr. One of the ogres, Turga, even sells provisions, so I found these ugly droolers to be a welcome site in Lake Rathetear.
Unjeweled hilt?
# Mar 24 2002 at 7:46 AM Rating: Default
I searched as well and found a unjeweled dragon hilt head i believe, but when I gave it to him he just gave the um tanks message....Anyone have any ideas?
RE: Unjeweled hilt?
# Oct 05 2005 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
U do not turn it into him, u get the hilt and combine it with jewles and give it to another mob
RE: Unjeweled hilt?
# May 10 2002 at 6:50 AM Rating: Decent
It's for the Warrior Epic.
RE: Unjeweled hilt?
# Mar 27 2002 at 2:49 AM Rating: Default
yep same here
indifferent faction tho
could be part of some other quest
# Feb 11 2002 at 9:50 AM Rating: Default
he says he saw something shiny in the water of the aviak plate form but he couldnt hold his breath long enough. Well i search the bootom as well as i coudl but didn't find anything
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