Hejsua Skalkon [ Spell Merchant ]  


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/loc 59, 1271, -105 by entering the beastlord building and running onto the portal pad. This ports you down to all the spell vendors.

All prices are at apprehensively faction.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 30
Expansion: Shadows of Luclin
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Goods sold (20):
icon Spell: Aid of Khurenz 87pp 8gp 8sp 9cp
icon Spell: Herikol's Soothing 6pp 2gp 8sp 5cp
icon Spell: Keshuval's Rejuvenation 8gp 4sp 5cp
icon Spell: Omakin's Alacrity 111pp 4gp 8sp 1cp
icon Spell: Sha's Ferocity 146pp 3gp 7sp 5cp
icon Spell: Sha's Restoration 109pp 7gp 8sp 2cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Herikol 9pp 2gp 2sp 8cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Kashek 49pp 1gp 3cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Keshuval 2pp 6gp 2sp
icon Spell: Spirit of Khati Sha 157pp 9gp 7sp 8cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Khurenz 138pp 5gp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Omakin 103pp 5gp 6sp
icon Spell: Spirit of Sharik 1gp 5sp 3cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Yekan 25pp 6gp 7sp 5cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Zehkes 118pp 7gp 4sp 2cp
icon Spell: Spiritual Purity 147pp 9gp 9sp 1cp
icon Spell: Spiritual Strength 158pp 5gp 3sp
icon Spell: Vigor of Zehkes 62pp 8gp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Yekan's Quickening 20pp 5gp 3sp 2cp
icon Spell: Yekan's Recovery 18pp 8gp 6sp 6cp

Known Habitats:
  Shadow Haven

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