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# Jun 30 2010 at 10:54 PM Rating: Decent
I just learned thaat gants remains isnt no trade so I dont have to camp to get my ranger if ever it drops
Does Gants Remains exist?
# Jun 29 2010 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
Was able to pop the Age Old Rockhopper with my lvl 64 sk in the hopes of it dropping gants remains so I could camp,pull up my lvl 30 ranger, and loot it.(All before the corpse decayed)To my luck,after casting gather shadows several times,going into the room where he pops,killing his ph(a rockhopper) and casting it again,I am able to say that all that was on the corpse was a bracer and a pelt.I can try again but it doesnt seem to hopeful.BTW: It was green to a lvl 64 so I am glad that I didnt try it with my lvl 30 ranger. Hope this helped!! Good Luck! :)
Golorian Bone Fragment
# Feb 21 2008 at 12:55 PM Rating: Good
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Correct,but that is what the mob drops, not Golorian.
Kill Somehting Else Please:
# Apr 30 2007 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
Please do not kill An Age Old Rockhopper. It causes all of the rockhoppers to despawn and the Sambatas to spawn. It can take hours and hours of killing placeholders until the rockhoppers come back.

Rockhoppers provide hides for tradeskilling, including all acrylia-based armors.

Kill Somehting Else Please:
# Jul 06 2011 at 7:18 PM Rating: Decent
There is a rune that the Sambata tribal advisor drops for the Wizard 1.5 Prequest so I am going to kill him if he ever spawns.
Rockhopper Spit
# Jan 23 2007 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Rockhopper Spit is the only spell he casted on me, I resisted it but I assume that it is the blindness spell.

Reflection should be well timed rather than time-consuming.
Here the guy to kill to flip the Tribal's back into Hoppers
# Jan 13 2007 at 1:05 PM Rating: Decent
Samabata Tribal Leader Garn

Edited, Jan 13th 2007 4:02pm by Darkshir
if ya do Killem
# Jun 23 2006 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
If ya do kill this guy , basically ya have to kiull all the cavenem placveholds until the caveman named comes back rofl and thats always fun but took about 4 hours the other day
level 47
# Mar 07 2006 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
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fought this mob today as a 47 Ranger and he conned even to me. used calm animal and snare no problem but I wasnt expecting the blind spell so it was hard to actually tell what was landing and what wasn't until the fight was over and i was dead lol.. I think I got him down to about 25% before I died and I was using steadfast servant for heals.
# Mar 10 2005 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
killed him today he was lvl 46
RE: lvl
# May 17 2005 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
Hello all!

PLEASE, dont kill this mob. Kill all the hoppers around him, in the caves what ever, but not this one. If he aggros, FD, gate, memblur but dont kill him. When he dies ALL the hoppers poof and then the cavemen are in (alla owlbears and sonic wolves in Hollowshade). Getting rid of the cavemen is a true bummer, so let us skin hunters in there and dont kill this guys PLEASE!!!

poopy loot
# Dec 10 2004 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
Killed him today, and all he dropped was a damaged rockhopper hide. Talk about insult to injury!
Mean mob
# Nov 25 2004 at 2:15 AM Rating: Default
I was with a group and well I believe Age old Rochkhopper decided to blinde me. I ended up running in circles with him on my tail while being screamed at to run out of the cave sadly I didnt know what way to run to. yeah fun fun! hes not a nice mob and casts real nice spells LOL I Always was told that this mob was necro but.... as far as I know necros cant blinde ya.

# Aug 10 2004 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
Been camping the caves for 4 hours till this guy popped. Killed him with my pet and all the rockhoppers stopped showing, 2 mins later, the sambatas showed up. Killed one and looted The Shard piece for VT key. Then I killed the leader because people wanted the rockhoppers hides.:)
Dont have to kill him for the Shard
# Jul 19 2007 at 3:36 AM Rating: Decent
The Shard drops off of normal rockhoppers too, so you don't have to kill this guy and then kill Sambatas till you get a lucid shard. All it does is really mess up things for the tradeskillers. Killing one tribal leader to " make it all better" shows a misunderstanding of how this works. You have to kill GARN, who is a very rare spawn indeed. Tribal leaders are placeholders for Garn, but most of the time you kill one and 15 - 20 minutes later, you get another of the same.
It can take days to get the rockhoppers back.

# Jun 21 2004 at 5:23 PM Rating: Default
Stop killing the Ancient, and let me camp the hides, he has no good drops and related quests are crap anyway. Thanx =O)
Wrong level
# Jun 17 2004 at 2:26 AM Rating: Default
This is light blue at 65, it's more like level 44 or 45.
Additional Drop
# Dec 08 2003 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I looted the following off the "An Age Old Rockhopper" today, Dec, 8th, 2003

Navi's Stone Bracer
AC: 5
STR: +2 DEX: +2
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, type 7: empty

Lytril Ro'Lavain
# Sep 04 2003 at 6:39 AM Rating: Default
Can a druid use harmony down in the cave? thxs for the Imput heres a game if ya like kills time when your just screwin around on the net or waiten for a patch free and no download check it out. http://go.cannotlinkto.com/play2.x?p=92340
RE: harmonizeable?
# Oct 01 2003 at 4:35 AM Rating: Decent
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You would be better of just invis'ing down to his room and then dropping it, although when I last went down to pay him a visit he had a friend in there with him,but I was 59 at the time and some of the mobs were a bit more of a hindrance back then.

What I did not realise is that this is a bit like Hollowshade Moor warevent,in as much as when you kill boss rockhopper the Tribals will then take over. Not sure which of the Tribal peeps is the boss to send it back to rockies but I killed the level 60 nec erudite named that spawned and that didn't seem to do the job???? But that is one of the reasons that people don't really like others coming along and killing since most will be farming rockhopper hides for their tailoring.

Hope you find this post helpfull in some way =)
The Real Iksar

# Jun 28 2003 at 12:25 AM Rating: Default
could a 51 druid solo that mamajamma?
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 28 2003 at 12:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) stupid double post
# Apr 01 2003 at 12:22 PM Rating: Default
How many Hp does this guy have. Want to take a wizzy with me to take him down at a bubble to avoid him running. If anyone has an idea...please post.
Drops Gants Remains?
# Mar 17 2003 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
It says that this monster drops Gant's remains for a quest.Im not sure if it does.Just to say need it for quest.I wanna give it to Pally.

Ranto Ranter
61 Warrior
just killed him
# Oct 19 2002 at 11:09 PM Rating: Default
I am a 60 druid so can tell you the info on him being unsnareable/rootable is wrong .. I was able to both snare and root him
RE: just killed him
# Nov 21 2002 at 11:04 PM Rating: Decent
No, I just killed him like 5 mins ago and came to check what the weapon proc does. He can't be snared or rooted and runs at 1-2 innate run speed.

RE: just killed him
# Jan 21 2003 at 8:13 AM Rating: Default
44 posts
Snared and rooted it without problem
RE: just killed him
# Mar 04 2003 at 12:03 AM Rating: Default
Instead of arguing about it, consider that maybe the root/snarability is a random issue with the spawn. I've pulled the big yet unnamed hopper a number of times. Sometimes snarable, sometimes not.
RE: just killed him
# May 05 2003 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
different classes have different kind of root snare and it also depends on if the mob is higher lvl than you, your spells wont stick very often if at all :)
RE: just killed him
# May 20 2003 at 5:42 PM Rating: Default
Killed him earlier today. Snare, root AND panic animal all stuck without issue. Sad fight really, didnt drop anything but a pelt and eyeball :/ My beastlord friend was disapointed.
Crushed Skull
# Sep 26 2002 at 2:05 PM Rating: Default
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Big blue dino dropped last night with the following loot:

Gant's Remains
A Centerstone
A Crushed Skull
Galorian Remains

Ranger plooted Gant's remains. I know that the centerstone is for another gimp weapon in DP (Wolfslayer quest). I still don't know what the Galorian remains are for, but some people think they are quest related (while others like me simply sell them to vendors for 4pp).

What I'd like to know is what the crushed skull is for? Does anyone know?
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# Aug 07 2002 at 1:54 PM Rating: Default
Looking to buy the wooden hilted ulak on Erollisi server,please send makist a tell 8)
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 20 2002 at 1:03 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) the people who took this pic were they 3rd or 4th to kill him. the main guild on the serever LOS (legacy of steel) were the first to kill him. the 5th was a group of which was a mix of sun tzu council and sun tzu guardians, i was there and got my butt whooped (but i was only 47 at the time). he's immune to ALOT of spells such as snare, stun, and mez. not really worth the effort to kill it.
# Jun 25 2002 at 11:28 AM Rating: Default
Mez does not mork on this big boy.

The Seventh Hammer
54 Enchanter
# Jun 25 2002 at 11:29 AM Rating: Default
How about Mez does not work on this old boy.
Oh Stuns as well.
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