Tribal Lookout  


Minimum Level: 36
Maximum Level: 38
Expansion: Shadows of Luclin
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-09-08 20:20:59

Known Habitats:
  Dawnshroud Peaks
Factions Decreased:
  The Sambata Tribe

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# Sep 03 2014 at 7:01 PM Rating: Good
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Your faction standing with The Sambata Tribe has been adjusted by -1.
Heavy Iron Ulak
# Jun 27 2002 at 2:46 AM Rating: Decent
These also drop this Ulak along with the polished one, its got all the same stats just less of each and a worse dmg/delay ratio. Some con light blue to a 51 Pally and watch the gatherers, if they are within range, they will heal your mob and start to make you very mad, hehe. The lookouts are noticably tougher when they are using the polished steal ulak btw.

Vontar 51 Cavalier - Cazic
Order of The Golden Staff
# Jun 19 2002 at 3:33 PM Rating: Default
They spawn outside the zone to ME.

Ladlin Firestarter
39th Season Rogue
<Ungodly Justice>
#Anonymous, Posted: May 06 2002 at 5:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) where do they spawn at
What is with the Tribal Advisor?
# May 06 2002 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
I was soloing the tribal lookouts without any problem until my faction became dubious. As soon as that took place, the Advisor would aggro no matter how far away I was when I pulled one. I even tried Harming the group, then pulled the one lookout that is all the way out in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't even see the Advisor, and he still came after me! Anyone else have this problem?

BTW - I tried zoning a couple of times hoping to wipe the aggro, but that didn't work either.
RE: What is with the Tribal Advisor?
# May 26 2002 at 2:58 AM Rating: Default
yeah i had this problem too, everytime i pulled he nuked and rooted me. It drove me crazy, i couldnt pull anything until i finally asked some guy to kill him. A solution is to fight away from the ME zone. I went a little past the hill that is straight out from ME, and had no problem with the advisor. THis also helped with not aggroing wolves when pulling. Hope that helped.
# Apr 13 2002 at 9:33 AM Rating: Default
these things like there trogodyte cousins in Netherbian hav ALOT of hp, so i would be carefull unless u r quite high lvl, very nice weapon seem to drop commonly
these guys are wimps
# Apr 12 2002 at 3:21 PM Rating: Default
I'm a 43 Druid, almost 44, and these guys are so easy that I usually quad kite them, and I'm even going to try and kill 5 or 6 next time i get a chance. All I do is harmonize some (in case there are Tribal Gatherers nearby), then snare each one, pull them back to my kiting area, and nuke the crap out of them all with my lvl 34 spell: Lightning Strike, and I get great XP and even an occasional Steel Ulak.

Sonadar Silentwolf <Nirok>
Karana server
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 23 2002 at 10:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) plz help
were are they
# Feb 23 2002 at 10:09 PM Rating: Default
were in the peaks are these guys any certian spot of do they spawn anywere ans rome around plz HELP

druid 31
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 13 2002 at 11:58 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Yeah, a 45 shammy would eat these pussies for breakfast. I solo them with my 45 SK without even breaking a sweat. I dont even use a pet, I just smack the crap out of them and throw in a few lifetaps. I even get decent exp off them, and I have seen the polished steel ulaks sell for 400pp. That wont last long though, once people figure out how easy they are to get. These guys are found right outside the zone to Maidens eye.
RE: No problem
# Mar 28 2003 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
Well yeah!! you are at lvl 45!! Duh!!!
me again
# Jan 12 2002 at 8:49 AM Rating: Decent
BTW these things drop a few different kind of ulaks with ok stats but the best part is they are not lore or no drop so ya can farm them for some quick plat. I am sure you could get 100pp or more for the polished steel ones at least for a while.
soloing cleric
# Jan 12 2002 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
I went here after i dinged 46 and soloed the tar outa these guys took 1 enstill, 2 retributions and a wrath and it was all over.I could easily kill two on one full bar of the same time!The only thing you have to worry bout is adds of the lightcrawler and those damn blood starved wolves that come outta nowhere and ruin your fun.BTW dont zone into greigs end if you can help it.I did fully buffed (1800+hps and around 800 ac)and was lying dead on the floor before i fully zoned in. NASTY!
# Jan 03 2002 at 12:56 AM Rating: Default
Took about 4-6 every pull were still blue to the 45s and 3 of us lvled up in about 2.5 hrs just killing these be ME zone.

# Dec 29 2001 at 10:31 PM Rating: Default
I need a couple questions to be answered. Can anyone tell me if a 45 shaman can solo these? And my other one would be, are these wandering mobs or are they found at a certian place? i have a Beastlord alt and i would really wana get him a Polished Steel Ulak. I heard it drops off these guys. thanx.
RE: Questions
# May 26 2002 at 3:02 AM Rating: Default
you can definetely solo these, im a lvl 36 beastlord and i can solo one at a time. Of course i did have chloro and C3 and 1700hp's at the time, but thats not the point. At lvl 45 you should have no problem killing these. At my lvl i stick to the Tribal Gatherers, but every once in a while, when im feelin lukcy, i kill one.
RE: Questions
# Sep 29 2002 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
Huh, I spent the last hour hunting these and the gatherers -- they hang out on the rocks outside their cave. Level 30 shaman. Pull with Tagar's, poison dot, disease dot, go into wacky hasted combat mode, redrop the poison dot when they're at about 3/5 health. Root and back off if they get too many hard hits in. 'Course this is with KEI on so I don't mind casting the extra heal or so.

I've taken one of these and a yellow con gatherer at once with dots and root. Mmm, mana.
what are you talking about???
# Dec 28 2001 at 7:51 AM Rating: Decent
...i have no idea what you are talking 48 and one 52, should be able to pick hes tooth without getting level 40 pally and i have soloed em the last 3 levels...tho i think theres a new patch coz they are harder now than at level 37 and i even have better gear now...but as long as im full hp and over 50% mana theres no chance in hell i get killed...if i get low healt i just root and heal and med must have checked wrong...must have been an advisor or something you killed...only seen those guys two times and thats when yuo join a just rooted and zoned...but the lookout cant have more than 1500 under that i said...either an advisor (what i can see they are highest level of the tribals - forgot to check levels on the "A" tribal...) or you where lost in zones and was somewhere else...or you missed that a gatherer healed him big time...jsut seen em heal for a greater heal but maybe it was more than one...

sorry for the lenght of the post..=) just had to say that...=)

# Dec 16 2001 at 9:59 AM Rating: Decent
These things have MAD hit points. Me, 48 druid, and a 52 SK pulled one. It took 3 casts of Drones (650pt DoT) 2 Fire DD's (302pt) and the SK beating the snot out of it to bring it down. I thought Vel mobs where under conned *shrug*
# Jan 02 2002 at 5:09 AM Rating: Good
Just being pedantic. 650 dmg druid DoT is Drifting Death. Drones of Doom, (lvl 34 druid DoT, ES sleeves clicable effect) does 340 dmg.
If you casted Drifting Death then it's just a spell name point, however were you to have cast Drones, then you will have to subtract 930 hps from your total. Hope this helps in any way.
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