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The hunter is -10 Ulthork and +1 to Othmir and snowfang.
wrong tooth
# Nov 25 2014 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
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I hope this isnt broken. Im looking for ulthork tusk and this ulthork hunter dropped a walrus tooth.
edit: and yes, for sure this is the old eastern waste zone not the high level one.

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edit2 tusk did drop, finally

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location of ulthorks
# Mar 15 2010 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
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north north east of map in EW

near the coldain prisoner camp.

i killed about 18 of thes emobs then all disappeared so i assume rhinos and walruses may be Ph for them, im here for wis items , didnt get any of course,
got some rogue pierecr 6/22 and the str helm
Forgot one thing
# May 25 2003 at 12:42 PM Rating: Good
I forgot to add, each 174 dmg aoe does 15% of their health and each complete quad kite takes about 2 bubbles of mana to 3 bubbles with a kei and about 225 wis unbuffed. Quad kiting is the most fun part in the game that ive played so far except when you get forty tells for sows and ports in mid kite... =( I always sow people but I only port people when Im not busy or they r on a corpse run.
RE: Forgot one thing
# Nov 27 2003 at 7:14 PM Rating: Decent
Going /role tends to help... and roleplaying when people ask for buffs is even better! Heh, seriously, though, if you don't want to bother SoWing people (as they can easily get one in PoK for free, or donate a couple plat) who send every druid in the zone the same tell, just go /role. Wanna help? /ooc that you'll SoW people if they need it for a CR or something.
Quad Kiting
# May 25 2003 at 11:57 AM Rating: Excellent
I a 34 druid was quadkiting them last night and it was fairly easy, they resist ensare about one in three times but once it sticks they are gone. Just line four of em up and aoe nuke. Alot of times I just find one at first so while im running around trying to find more of these to add to my kite I found it is useful to dot it, by the time I find more my mana that I used to cast the dot will be fully regened and one will already be at 70% hp. I played for about an hour and got 2 yellows of exp, about 5 velium weapons, 4 pieces of ulthork armor, and 3 walrus toothes (too bad they r lore). These were always dark blue at 34 as were the walruses. Ulthork warriors were yellow with an an even every once in a while, but I haven't fought any of those yet. I haven't even seen the third kind of ulthork pop yet. Ulthorks and Walruses aid each other, but the rinos dont help (in wolf form at least) which is very good. If you don't want adds the warriors and stuff can be pretty easy to dodge. I like to have regen casted on me before I fight just in case I take a few hits. I got hit about twice last night for about 50 each time. I hope this helps anyone btw I haven't seen any tusks on the hunters yet I dont think the drop off of em but i could be wrong.

Glowdon - 34 Druid
Waywren Tinyfist - 37 Warrior
Toejam Furyfeet - 20 rogue
Evilapple Scaryberry - 20 necro

Ayonae Ro
# May 20 2002 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
I've killed about 40 of these, got to east wastes yesterday, looking for tusks not 1 tusk dropped but the one warrior I killed dropped one. I'm looking to buy these on Xegony Server name Xelore, send me a tell if u got any
RE: Tusks
# Sep 14 2002 at 10:31 PM Rating: Excellent
Uh - who are you?

I'm heading there and will let you know if I pick any up.

Lemonizer - 37 Warrior
# Feb 21 2002 at 10:40 PM Rating: Default
Well rhe lvl for this creature is about lvl 31 it conns blue to be at lvl 41 it is very very easy to solo, u can quad kite these with a druid i say the best class to hunt these is druid cuz if they add( which they wil) druids can snare

Tigerchaser lonewolff 41 druid of the seventh hammer
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 21 2002 at 10:40 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Well rhe lvl for this creature is about lvl 31 it conns blue to be at lvl 41 it is very very easy to solo, u can quad kite these with a druid i say the best class to hunt these is druid cuz if they add( which they wil) druids can snare
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I have also seen the walrus tooth and various velium weapons drop. They don't show a graphic of wielding a weapon.
RE: loot
# Nov 25 2003 at 12:22 PM Rating: Default
Velium weapons have a graphic, it's just somewhat translucent.
Nice complete package MOB
# Nov 23 2001 at 6:46 PM Rating: Default
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All i can say is "WOW"! These suckers are the best MOBs for exp and loot i have ever fought against.

After 1 hour of swarm charm kiting these in EW by NW corner of land i had 3 yellow bubs,200pp and 16! tusks. The reason being im a bard and most of the ones that i was killing were even-yellow with a couple high blues.

For all you non-bards/bardlings we get charm at level 27. From then on it is the best way to gain exp as a bard. I am 31 btw. What you do is run into Ulthork wandering area and aggro 1 hunter then run around and aggro 5-8 of them. Run around in circles a few times to get them into a nice pack away from wanderers. Then charm one and have it attack the others. The pack should put the beatdown on your pet, leaving him barely alive. From then on its a case of anywhere from 30 seconds-3 minutes of Selos/Fufils/Bellow kiting on that poor sap, then rinse and repeat until the pack is no more. Dont forget to loot each corpse after you have the pack on your new pet as many jealous people will try to Ninja loot it from you.

DO NOT SELL THE TUSKS UNLESS YOU SELL THEM FOR 150pp OR MORE! With all of the faction changes from Ulthorks and a bards faction song, you can do the quest in CS with very high and mighty results. i got 2 blue diamonds, 1 diamond and a nice 200pp to vendors crown thingy. That is tons more than you will get selling those tusks to merchants trust me. I sold each BD for 3k, the diamond for 1k and i got 200pp off of the weapons and armor selling from Ulthorks+200pp from the crown. That is 7,400pp in LESS THAN ONE LEVEL! Amazing isnt it?

Just thought i would share my success and hope i have inspired some other bards to try this, but not on the Bertoxx Server lol = )
# Sep 04 2001 at 12:14 AM Rating: Decent
I play a level 31 druid, and some of these hunters con yellow to me. So there must be some that are level 32. It's a bit of a technicality, but it might be useful to someone.
# Jul 27 2001 at 11:27 AM Rating: Default
Eh... trading tusks for sow. That's like:

/auc Want to trade Robe of the Ishva for cloth sandals - send tells.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 16 2001 at 3:28 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) As an enchanter i soloed these, 1 at a time of course, with no problem. fear kite with your pet (and try and have a friend druid snare them so they don't run too far). I did this at level 30 and had no problems as long as there wasn't adds. very nice way to get out of hell level number 1. got some tusks and they sell for 50pp on morell thule btw.
RE: Enchanter Soloing
# Oct 27 2001 at 5:29 AM Rating: Default
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If that's soloing, I could solo SGs at level 30, just needed a friendly druid or ranger to snare it.

Get a clue. I noticed you posted anon, wonder why.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 09 2002 at 6:58 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ACK!!!!
RE: Enchanter Soloing
# Sep 03 2001 at 1:45 AM Rating: Default
LOL. You hardly believe yourself when u tell this. While u are so proudly talking of SOLOing, you mention to let the mobs be PULLED BY A FRIEND (oh, hehe i almost forgot the funniest part, where u mention the snare)... ROFLMAO, boy grow up before you post something else.

But was great fun reading it :))

50th Shaman
Ulthork Whiskers
# Jun 08 2001 at 12:16 PM Rating: Default
Had one drop off of an Ulthork last night anyone know what its for?
great for wizzy hell levels
# Apr 27 2001 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Thorks are great for quad kiting to get through wiazrd hell levels. At 40, you can drop 4 at a time with about 30% mana left just in case. They give about 1 blue bub of experience. There are usually plenty of SoW casters around so its not hard to get if you dont have potions. They drop lots of velium weapons that sell for 4-6pp and tusks that you can use for quest or they sell to PCs for about 20pp. In 4 hour streches here, I managed about a yellow bub and a half and about 150pp worth of loot and cash. Could have been more, but I was trading tusks for sow and I just sold the armor to the vendors. A little time in EC and it couls have been 300-400pp easy.

Good luck and be careful!
RE: great for wizzy hell levels
# Aug 23 2001 at 11:50 AM Rating: Good
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The hunters are a quad-kiters heaven if they are not being heavily hunted. Got me outta 40 hell very fast.

Just be kind to others. If they are hunting try not to take all the ulthorks by quading. After all us Druids and wizzy's have ports to easily hunt other spots ;).

I'm at 41 and the hunters and warriors are all blue to me. At 42 some hunters will go green but should provide xp for untill 43. Then the warriors are still good for xp!!

I have made some really good plats here by selling the armor and velium weapons droped. They drop from a few gold up to 6 plats too!! The tusks can be turned in for random jewelry for lots o Plats if ya get lucky!! I have collected 16 tusks so far hunting these guys.
# Apr 24 2001 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
Killing these last night seemed to have about 1200 to 1300 hps from shaman DOT's.
Think all were blue to me at 40. Loot wasnt much meat and some coin.
# Apr 19 2001 at 5:07 PM Rating: Default
These hunters drop various Velium weapons also :)

35th Druid
Wizard Soloing
# Mar 05 2001 at 10:10 PM Rating: Default
This spot is great for soloing, Hit it with Bonds of Force (kiteing spell heheh), but make sure to have that root upgrade loaded too, just in case. if it does not stick the frist time root the sucker. then run for a bit then med, make sure to
be in a safe spot near the cliffs by the water, and waite for the root to were out. as soon as u see the text saying it wore out be ready to cast Bonds of force. it should stick. when it does just kite.. run & blast, Run &^ blast..with your best spell. and 1 more thing never have cold base spells loaded thay never work, Dont forget thay live on the ice so .. hehe use fire & lighting, just a Tip.
Good Luck.
RE: Wizard Soloing
# Jun 28 2001 at 2:43 PM Rating: Default
I am a 35 wizzy, haven't tried soloing these guys much yet, but most of the time I'm partnered with my friends who is a 36 I let her snare and dot, then we trade off aggros. Anyways, the point being, I use my Staff of Temp. Flux to drop their resistance by six then Ice Shock is rarely resisted at all. If I don't use the staff I generally hit for 150 - 200 with Ice Shock, and the same with Flame shock (the 250dmg fire based) I think they have about the same resistances to both.

The moral of the story is that if you have the Temp. Flux you can jack these guys up....Tishan's Works great too. Happy Hunting
RE: Wizard Soloing
# Aug 23 2001 at 11:55 AM Rating: Default
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You two could do better if you let your druid friend snare 3-4 at one time. Then run round them in circles to bunch them up. Then let her blast with her aoe lightning strike till she is at say 3 bubs of mana. Then you take over and finish with your aoe while she runs & meds till you take agro. Then she should be able to immediatly go snare up 4 more while you med. You could probablly do at least 2 maybe 3 groups b4 having to med back up. All this is assuming they ulthorks are not being heavily hunted. If they are you may have to stick with single pulls :(
# Feb 05 2001 at 7:22 AM Rating: Default
I got a Ulthork Tusk from 1. No idea what it is for?
Please post ideas.
RE: loot
# Aug 19 2003 at 5:22 PM Rating: Decent
its also used in the emerald dragonscale tunic quest
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 25 2001 at 5:51 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) It's for a quest.
RE: loot
# Mar 01 2001 at 3:17 PM Rating: Default
wow that was helpful ;-)
Tusk Quest
# Mar 05 2001 at 10:54 PM Rating: Default
You say, 'hail Chief Kalan'

Chief Kalan nods respectfully and says Welcome to Siren Bay strange one. These beaches belong to my people, the Othmir. You are welcome in our villages as long as you do not cause trouble and are willing to either assist the shellfish collectors provide nourishment or aid the warriors defending the beaches.

You say, 'i will aid the warriors defending the beaches'

Chief Kalan says 'There are many creatures that would prey on my people if it were not for the dedication of our warriors. The Bulthar and Ulthork often invade our territory and prey on our shellfish collectors. They are wasteful creatures and take more than they could possibly eat from the sacred seas.

You say, 'who are the ulthork'

Chief Kalan says 'The Ulthork are walrus people. They are just as territorial and brutish as the Bulthar but are slightly more intelligent. They seem to be jealous of my peoples prosperity and occasionally lead raiding parties onto our beaches. Our craftsman use the tusks of the slain Ulthork to carve ivory totems of praise to the ocean lord. I will gladly barter for no less than four pairs of Ulthork tusks.
Random Gem/Item

RE: Loc
# Mar 05 2001 at 10:55 PM Rating: Default
Cobalt Scar Zone.. Not Far from the Beach
# Feb 05 2001 at 7:21 AM Rating: Default
i am warr 38 and they con blue to me but it very hard.
Killed 1 last night for 3 bulbs of health but after healing up the second 1 would have killed me if i did not have SOW(bless this spell).
Watch yourself.
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