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On progression servers has Mitigation of the Mighty III buff and Presence of the Mighty III aura around him.

You say, 'Hail, Klandicar'

Klandicar says, 'Oi, what is this? A Wood Elf, if my tired old eyes are not mistaken. Knew it would happen. Sooner rather than later. No stopping the flood now, eh?'

You say, 'What flood?'

Klandicar says, 'The flood of beings to Velious. Starts with a trickle, like all floods. Sweeps the old away in the end, leaving a new landscape. Blessing and shame that I will not be around to see it all unfold.'

You say, 'Why will you not be around?'

Klandicar says, 'I will be leaving this world soon enough, I think. Too tired to continue this existence, too jaded to believe tomorrow would be any different than today. Seeing you here is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in aeons, and even that isn't enough to make me want to continue. Yes, it is the Necropolis for me, and the swift embrace of fire, and then my dust shall fly free as I once did.'

You say, 'You were free?'

Klandicar says, 'Dragons have never been truly free. The Claws, the Ring, the One Who Sleeps, our very nature, all conspire to keep us enslaved. We cannot grow beyond what we are now, so doomed we all are. Masters of this world we are not. Your very presence here screams this to any who have ears to hear. The Age of Scale is long past.'

You say, 'Why is the Age of Scale long past?'

Klandicar says, 'It proves how weak and static our race has become. Here you stand, in the most sacred of places, fearing nothing, daring to converse with me. If I were to consume you now, a dozen would appear to replace you. As mighty as Dragonkind is, we can never hope to match the power you wield. Dragons have limits set upon themselves, while you and your kind refuse to accept any limits. We cannot compete with that. If only we could throw off these shackles we bind ourselves with.'

You say, 'How can you throw off the shackles?'

Klandicar says, 'I do not see this happening. Too proud, too sure of ourselves, as a race we could never concede that we have anything to learn from the likes of you. We need a revelation. Something to open our eye, a poke in the rump. The Iksar almost woke us up, they had us united and striving for something for a brief while, but the Iksar Empire was in many ways as doomed as we are, too inflexible. What does not bend will break. The same could be said of the Kromzek.'

You say, 'Who are the Kromzek?'

Klandicar says, 'The Kromzek are also clinging to the old ways, they have changed no more than we have over the generations. We kill some,they kill some, nothing really changes. Now the Coldain, they are a group to admire, the first trickles of that flood I spoke of.'

You say, 'What about the Coldain?'

Klandicar says, 'I admire the Coldain They are strong because they adapt. They fought the Kromzek to a standstill, then pushed them back. They have not really crossed Dragons yet, but I feel that if they had a feud with us, they would present quite a challenge. And lo! There is a whole WORLD of peoples such as yourself, hardy and flexible as the Coldain, and here you stand at our doorstep, knocking.'

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Level: 122
Expansion: Claws of Veeshan
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extra AE
# Jan 29 2021 at 9:54 PM Rating: Good
19 posts

Klandicar casts 2 AE during the fight.
There seems to be a small area on both sides that miss the AE.
Good Luck

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