Kimbrose Galivan [ Hybrid Abilities ]  


Uploaded November 21st, 2020 by Gidono

  • This mob spawns at the southeastern corner of the zone.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 114
Expansion: Claws of Veeshan
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Goods sold (26):
icon Scroll: Arbor Stalker's Coalition 4036pp 8gp 4sp 4cp
icon Scroll: Arbor Stalker's Enrichment 4389pp 9gp 4sp 3cp
icon Scroll: Arrowstorm 3974pp 3gp 4sp 8cp
icon Scroll: Auspice of Kildrukaun 3891pp 6gp 3sp 4cp
icon Scroll: Bloodletting Coalition 4161pp 7gp 3sp 5cp
icon Scroll: Coalition of Sticks and Stones 4316pp 9gp 8sp 5cp
icon Scroll: Confluent Blessing 4080pp 9gp 5sp 9cp
icon Scroll: Confluent Disruption 4056pp 7gp 8sp 2cp
icon Scroll: Desirae's Demand 4162pp 8gp 3sp 1cp
icon Scroll: Dirge of the Restless 3933pp 6gp 1sp 3cp
icon Scroll: Force of Sincerity 4184pp 8sp 2cp
icon Scroll: Requiem for the Cursed 3852pp 5gp 8sp
icon Scroll: Stealthy Shot 3862pp 3gp 6sp 2cp
icon Scroll: Stormwall Coalition 4210pp 7gp 5sp 7cp
icon Scroll: Valiant Deterrence 4376pp 6gp 2sp 2cp
icon Scroll: Venomous Coalition 4027pp 5gp 9sp 1cp
icon Scroll: Yelinak's Insult 4389pp 6gp 9sp 3cp
icon Tome: Focused Blizzard of Blades 4235pp 9gp 2sp 7cp
icon Tome: Ikatiar's Vindication 4344pp 5gp 2sp 4cp
icon Tome: Impertinent Influence 4323pp 3gp 5cp
icon Tome: Reflexive Rebuttal 4087pp 6gp 2sp 3cp
icon Tome: Reflexive Redemption 3840pp 9gp 7sp 3cp
icon Tome: Reflexive Resentment 3927pp 8gp 4sp 2cp
icon Tome: Reflexive Rimespurs 3806pp 5gp 6sp 2cp
icon Tome: Reflexive Riving 4188pp 4gp 6sp
icon Tome: Sincere Penitence 3898pp 3gp 6sp 5cp

Known Habitats:
  Western Wastes (CoV)

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