Svekk Fangbinder [ Quest ]  

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In Kael Drakkel: Svekk Fangbinder is a Storm Giant vendor.

In Kael Drakkel, the King's Madness: Located in the building northwest of the main bank (map).

In Kael Drakkel (ToV):

  • This mob spawns at -2308, -109, -281.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Svekk Fangbinder'

Svekk Fangbinder says, 'Ah!', Svekk jumps nearly to the roof. 'Oh, oh, it's just one of you tiny people.''

Kellek Felhammer says, 'Kellek says, 'Just ignore him. He's been talking about a [wolf bite] since this whole thing started. He's been touched by Cazic-Thule, or perhaps Vazaelle''

You say, 'wolf bite'

Svekk Fangbinder says, 'My poor pet Frost! He bit me after he was killed by one of those, those things out there.' The giant looks frightened, not an expression you see very often on their large faces. 'His saliva or whatever is in my blood! I'll be one of them in no time. Someone has to go find Frost and [put him down]. I hear that if you kill the one that bit you it will stop you from turning.'

You say, 'put him down'

Svekk Fangbinder says, 'You would? Well then...'

Kellek Felhammer says, 'Nope! Vazaelle must really have your mind. You can't trust the tiny ones. I know we can't afford to fight with them right now, but you can't trust them unless Derakor has tested them.'

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Level: 116
Expansion: Torment of Velious
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Known Habitats:
  Kael Drakkel (ToV)
  Wolf Bites Giant

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