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Crusader Vraket in the Eastern Wastes is looking for adventurers who are willing to prove their crafting skills and pay tribute to Rallos Zek.

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Level: 118
Expansion: Torment of Velious
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some dialogue
# Jan 17 2020 at 11:10 AM Rating: Good
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I have earring 1 at 16%. When I go back to Crusader Vracket and say "All Hail Rallos Zek, he responds with : All Hail Rallos Zek. Do not hand me your earring. Wear it proudly. It doesn't matter that it is still primitive; we will solve that.

When I asked 'How will we solve that?, there was no response. Will come back when my ear is evolved 100%.
first quest starter
# Jan 15 2020 at 9:27 PM Rating: Good
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You say, "Hail, Crusader Vraket"

Crusader Vraket says, "All Hail Rallos Zek!"

You say, 'all hail rallos zek'

Crusader Vraket says, 'You disappoint me. Why do you choose to give homage to anyone but Rallos Zek? But perhaps with your statement, you wish to, at least partially, atone for your oversight. If you so wish, I may have something to [offer you].'

You say, 'offer you'

Crusader Vraket says, 'Our great god Rallos Zek is disappointed. Brell, that lowly builder from the underground, conned the denizens of Norrath into offering him praise through feats of creation. While that may fit his pantheon, Brell is not the only creator. Rallos creates war and implements of war. I am no fool. I understand that each of you has a different way of waging war. So I won't have you make weapons or armor, as that will not benefit all. Instead, you will create [an earring] to honor the great and powerful Rallos Zek. But first. You need to [prove yourself].'

You say, 'an earring'

Crusader Vraket says, 'You wonder how a piece of jewelry shows anything. When you fight, you watch the center of mass and the movement of your opponents head. And thus, as your enemy watches you in return, you will show Rallos Zek to all who oppose you. And, when you are complete all of your tasks, your reverence for the mighty Rallos Zek will shine forth, even if you wear a helm.'

You say, 'prove yourself'

Crusader Vraket says, 'How else. Rallos Zek is the god of war. Go out and make war! Remove those undead abominations outside of this wall. Especially the desecration of [his children].'

You say, 'his children'

You have been assigned the task 'All Hail the Cleansing'.

Crusader Vraket says, 'Something has turned his giants to shambling undead. It's worse than the curse by those horrible Rathe. Go. Enough talk.'

All Hail the Cleansing - Unlimited - The Eastern Wastes

Kill 25 vile undead
Kill 5 desecrated children of Rallos Zek

Crusader Vraket expects you to show the strength of Rallos Zek by demonstrating your strength. Slay the undead infesting the Eastern Wastes. Be sure at least some of the undead are giant.

425 platinum
You gain experience.
Aanuvane Bristlecone 350 Baking, Brewing, Jewelry Making, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Fletching, Pottery, Research, 250 Fishing
Muertenie Petitmort Master Tinker
Kadcea Master Alchemist
Orelinde Master Poison Maker
Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife

Missing Steps are
# Jan 15 2020 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Kill 25 vile undead 0/25 The Eastern Wastes --> (Ghouls & Banshees work for sure)
Kill 5 desecrated children of Rallos Zek 0/5 The Eastern Wastes --> (kill the giants)
Speak with Crusader Vraket 0/1 The Eastern Wastes -->. (Hail him)
Collect 2 Raw Velium Ore(s) 0/2 ALL --> (loot them or do the trade / cancel trick)
Collect 1 Velium Infused Logs(s) ALL --> (this is the way it is spelled in game, currently) (Loot 1 or do the old trade / cancel trick)
Fish for 10 Velious Angel Fish or Velious Spiked Pleco 0/10 ALL --> (fish them up)
Speak with Crusader Vraket 0/1 The Eastern Wastes --> (Hail him)
Create 1 Potential Earring of Rallos Zek Using tradeskills 0/1 ALL --> (Recipe below)
Deliver 1 Potential Earring of Rallos Zek to Crusader Vraket 0/1 The Eastern Wastes --> (Hand it to him)

Upon hand-in you get a alternate version of the earring (same name) that is Evolving (1/1 0%)

I believe once you get it to 100%, you can then do Quest #2.


6 x Velium Infused Fish Scale Swatch
2 x Enchanted Refined Velium
Round Cut Tool
Velium Infused Logs

Jewelry Trivial 468
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