a ghoul supplier  

a rare creature

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Category: EverQuest
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Level: 36
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2021-12-28 18:00:16

Known Habitats:
  Lower Guk
Factions Increased:
  Frogloks of Guk +1
Factions Decreased:
  Undead Frogloks of Guk -15

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Faction for kill
# Dec 28 2021 at 12:00 PM Rating: Excellent
1,487 posts
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:31 2021] Your faction standing with Undead Frogloks of Guk has been adjusted by -15.
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:31 2021] Your faction standing with Frogloks of Guk has been adjusted by 1.
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:31 2021] You receive 4 platinum and 9 silver from the corpse.
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:31 2021] A ghoul supplier has been slain by Janer!
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:31 2021] --You have looted 2 Phosphorous Powder from a ghoul supplier's corpse.--
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:35 2021] --You have looted a Thick Banded Belt from a ghoul supplier's corpse.--
[Tue Dec 28 12:57:36 2021] --You have looted a Complex Velium Silvered Rune from a ghoul supplier's corpse.--
# Sep 14 2005 at 6:04 AM Rating: Default
the assin with the dark elf mask and the suplier with the burlap sack both spawn in the room marked 14 .. 20 spawn time. .. you need to break it ... the spawns are more rare then the drops ... i am a 48 sk not haveing a problem with this what so ever ... and all i have is crusty armor and a wurrmy .. OLD SCHOOL

# Jan 14 2005 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
71 posts
I believe he spawns in same area as the assassin. IIRC he does anyway.
# Mar 29 2004 at 9:35 PM Rating: Default
All these wonderful posts but none that say what the Location is.. Wouldn't it be nice just to have a Location?

Razendead Spiritcrusher
Cleric of 65th Season
Zeb Server

"Master of all Grand Master of none"
RE: Loc
# Aug 10 2004 at 12:33 PM Rating: Good
32 posts
he's in room marked 14 in LG Dead Side:

45 Druid got it with a fair amount of effort, mostly in getting there.
Soloing the assassin roomn
# Dec 25 2003 at 2:10 AM Rating: Default
89 posts
Haa np probl;em to solo at 51 even tring to break the spawn cycle is npfor a mage at 51
A true warrior is always armed with three things: the radiant sword of pacification; the mirror of bravery, wisdom, and friendship; and the precious jewel of enlightenment.
Aikido is the principle of non-resistance. Because it is non-resistant, it is victorious from the beginning. Those with evil intentions or contentious thoughts are instantly vanquished. Aikido is invincible because it contends with nothing.
War Solo
# Oct 25 2003 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
When can a warrior solo this spawn?
higher level?
# Feb 01 2003 at 2:09 AM Rating: Decent
This guy conned light blue to me (55 bard) today. he hit in the 96 range and got me down to 30% health. He dropped the burlack sack for me.

The assassin was a piece of cake. So they must have changed this spawn.

# Nov 13 2002 at 8:38 AM Rating: Good
this room can be easy to hold or hard to hold. the first thing you need to do is get soothe or pacify and have high cha while casting on all 3 mobs. verant recently confirmed that having high cha determines the effectiveness of this spell.

if your a paladin then taking them one at a time will be more problem. if you have ghoulbane you can use it with nife and also have a high dex (try and get a sham or bst dex buff) if you get lucky you will proc ALOT.

when killing a non-caster then just hit them, dont try to stun them because its a waste of mana, dont forget to root them because even undead sometimes run (i still dont know why, i mean their dead already do they care if they die again). the melee only are pretty easy as long as you can take their hits which can hurt a bit.

killing named like sup or *** is easier for some reason. esp the supplier who is lower level then the rest and has less hp.

the assassin also have kinda low hp but a higher attack rate and higher damage then melees. still pretty easy to solo even at level 40.

The REAL problem in this room is the casters. they cast 3 element type spells including magic (hurts) ice (hurts less then magic) and fire (omg hurts like a son of a *****) the magic and fire can hit for 300 each and the ice which is fast cast can hit for 200-150. these have lower hp but their sons of ******* BURNED my hp. as a paladin with more then 1800 hps i still had to use loh. make damn sure you take these out and have 2 stuns up. if 2 are casting on you then run and if 3 then you might as well order your tombstone.

the sup i havent seen yet, if seen the assassin 3 times within a 3 hour net time. the casters look like melee with a differant name, be aware of what class they are before you go rambo.
RE: well..
# Sep 16 2003 at 12:05 PM Rating: Default
Heheheh, you have to remember which version of the Pacify spells you are casting. As a Necromancer, I have found that the LOWER my CHA is, the more effective my Undead control and Fear-type spells are (Fear, Soothe-type, Charm, etc) and the more they stick to full duration. I try to keep my Cha around 55 or lower, so now I need to find a really high minus item that also has great Int or Sta.

Ta-ta for now, boy and girls...
Pow Pow
# May 14 2002 at 10:48 AM Rating: Default
Think a 46 pally could take this room? If so, would I have any trouble doing it or would i die?

Thanks in advanced,
Seibzehn Heidmal
46th Paladin of Mithaniel Marr
<Dread Templar>
# Mar 26 2002 at 10:52 AM Rating: Default
First of all, the level 30 pally who got let in group because people felt bad for him, shame on you for taking the TBB even if you won :o)

Anyway, a fairly easy spawn assuming you don't get the assassin on your back with the other pops... Finally saw a TBB drop the other night after weeks and weeks of 2hr camps of not seeing it..

Clear 3
Clear 3
Clear 3
Clear 3
Clear 3
Clear 2
Supplier pops! woot, TBB

BTW, 54 pally should have no trouble killing all three up at once, EASILY
Dropped three times
# Feb 07 2002 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
We had group in *** Sup room, when the *** and sup started their spawn cycle it only took us about 2 hours to get a tbb. Then the next two spawns dropped one each. We got three within an hour and a half. That was my first time in LGuk, but everyone was saying that three tbbs in one night was unheard of. I just wish i had won one of the rolls.

Riedin Windrunner
45th Ranger of Tunare
# Jan 28 2002 at 12:21 PM Rating: Default
Me and a 45 monk toke this room np on Saturday night me he needed the mask for his rogue ,but sadly the *** never spawned. However we did get the supplier twice, first time he droped the TBB which the monk won, then the light burlap sack which I very nice, now i can pack in a lot more finesteal loot. Exp was very nice as over all a good nite in Guk.

Tazmic (43 season cleric of Tunare Server.)
RE: Tazmic
# Aug 05 2002 at 2:40 PM Rating: Default
He brought his Monk, but he needed the Mask for his Rogue? I hope you also got his Rogue hidden in that room so he could log to him if the mask HAD dropped.

Otherwise, I don't know how he proposed to get a No Drop mask from his Monk to his Rogue.

Just an oddity that jumped out at me as I skimmed.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 28 2002 at 8:26 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ok hmmm let me think this or coterie belt....
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 22 2002 at 8:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) BOO!
#REDACTED, Posted: Dec 30 2001 at 3:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this is my first registered post. previously my posts have been made under anonymous but i will be now known for what i write..
# Dec 30 2001 at 1:05 AM Rating: Default
could a 30 warrior with decent common sense get a group for this mob... im atm at 26 but almost 27 and wondering if id be a liability... dont wanna jeapordize others lives. Also would sensible people let a warrior loot this if he made no effort to get the bag meening i dont roll for it so that it can go to somone else and i seem like a better canidate for the belt or would greed override their thoughts? just wondering

Jorfis wolvenblood 30 druid
Blankz outtalott 26-27 warrior
Tunare server (drools over 15 str belt)
RE: lvl
# Mar 14 2002 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
328 posts
As soon as I hit level 30, I left Unrest to start hunting in LGuk. As a paladin, with ghoulbane (procs a 129dd versus undead) and the Luclin spell Instrument of Nife (adds a 249dd versus undead proc to all attacks), I was *just* able to find a group who felt sorry for me (was lfg for about two hours) and had one spot open.

While there, I averaged 3 procs per battle and easily made myself useful with patch heals, stuns on wizzies, and IU's for those that needed it.

The first supplier spawned after about an hour and he drops the belt. I actually win the roll and pissed off some high level people there. Luckily the group leader wasn't a jerk and let me loot it.

The moral of the story is that a level 30 player *can* hunt there in a group, but you better contribute in some way. I doubt a level 30 non-casting melee player (warrior, monk, rogue) could be of much use as his agro would get him killed quickly (or tap out the cleric's mana trying to keep him alive).

I'm not being biased, but from experience I have to say that it would not be wise to group in *** Sup with a level 30 player unless he/she was either a paladin, bard, enchanter or cleric.
Duke Ardnahoy
Noble Lord Protector of the 70th Crusade
Fennin Ro - EQ I

Ardnahoy II
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RE: lvl
# Jun 18 2002 at 1:17 PM Rating: Default
Actually G-Bane procs 162 and Rodcet does 243, but i guess it doesnt really matter - just wanna post =D
RE: lvl
# Jun 18 2002 at 1:19 PM Rating: Default
And it depends on level, so i guess that was right, but those are the maximums on em - but i guess it doesnt really matter, justy wanted to post again =D :D =C :c
RE: lvl
# Apr 20 2002 at 3:26 PM Rating: Default
We took a full group of 30s in here before Luclin came out. 30 pally whose evoc sucked, was in a full suit of crusty, and was wielding a Mith 2Hander was main tank. 34 druid and cleric only healers, 35 chanter, 30 monk and pally, 31 rogue. No one died except when monk pulled 3 wizards and druid healed too quick. Let lots of masks rot, got 3 sacks and 2 belts in 5 hours. Rogue dagger dropped too, but no one really wanted it. We left and had all gained at least one level except the chanter, since the hell levels were still in effect. Had a good time that day too, just never went back for some reason.
RE: lvl
# Mar 30 2002 at 5:37 AM Rating: Default
I am now a lvl 41 warrior and i grouped here at lvl 32 through 33 and into 34. I didnt tap clerics mana cause she knew what she was doing. Also im a warrior im supposed to take the aggroo. so i say lvl 30s could be very usefull here as long as you know what your doing.
just some help abt the spawn....
# Dec 19 2001 at 12:46 PM Rating: Default
OK, yes a lv 35 pally 31 ranger and 30 cleric could hold this room easy. Thast a very balanced grp. OK this is easy way to camp *** a lv 50+ solo cna do it. First (for the grp of 3) killl the wanderer and teh oen in the corner down stairs of the sup rooom. then IVU the pally have him go up andget in the right corner (from when you clime up ladder). wait for the 1 ghoul who moves back and forth wait for it to go farthestbaway it then snare/stun/nuke shoot anythign toget agro. kill it off and dont move from wehre u r (this may take a few stuns/nukes cuz he can hit u when u cant hithim and he wont move and if u do u wilget big agro) . then med up adnm IVU yourself or get cleric to IVU u then go abck to cleric and get healed. go back up and take out the middle spawn form same corner same tactic. then do same thing for last spawnn. real easy no one dies no need for chanter. chanters arent a MUS in guk like they ca be in zones liek KC adn seb. i pull5-7 frogs to my FG grp withotu a chanter and we do them like its justn 1 single pull fast easy. (note: if uget low on health its ok for the healer to heal u form eblow altho caution this may make other agro him i never use a healeri solo this camp)

ok thast the easy way to get into ***/sup room

i solo it and the EE or pat mino and elder and sav cav sage exe all the time sgae helps to have a cleric cuz the scribe does hurt.

52 Pathfinder
# Nov 18 2001 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
Could a 44 necro solo this room?

<commence flaming>
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 18 2001 at 10:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) sure, if you're not a stupid n00b and the room is already broken
Holding the Room
# Nov 09 2001 at 4:05 AM Rating: Decent
Could a 35 Pally, 31 Ranger, and 30 Cleric hold this spawn?
RE: Holding the Room
# Nov 17 2001 at 1:36 PM Rating: Default
Hmm? High Enogh Lvl's, But not a very balanced group! Me A lvl 24 Monk,and my 2 friend s lvl 29 Mage and a lvl 30 Shaman. Worked the thing! The mage casted a Damage Sheald On me and his pet, the shaman healed and buffed me, and attacked a little but to. And the mage healed his pet.(the mage never tryed nuking the enemy once, and the pet never died). It would be close but a really trebly blacenced group all some what healers
RE: Holding the Room
# Nov 10 2001 at 8:22 PM Rating: Decent
Probably not, since there is a spawn of three frogloks in the room. Add an enchanter and you might be able to.
RE: Holding the Room
# May 12 2002 at 3:07 AM Rating: Default
Have you never heard of ghetto mez?
and no non melee get agro.
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 22 2001 at 4:16 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) If anyone knows how much a TTB would cost on drinal server then e-mail me at benboiling@aol.com thx.
# Aug 06 2001 at 10:28 PM Rating: Default
The ***/Sup room is heavily camped on Eci Server because of the quality of items that drop there. A well balanced group of mid-30s should be able to handle the room without too much trouble. Since the MOBs spawn about a minute or two after each other, an enchanter is not as important as far as crowd control is concerned. Its rare drop is that, rare. Mix in a bunch of camping, with some timing, and a little luck, and you might be able to get the TBB (Thick Banded Belt) without much trouble. But, if your like me, then your going to have to camp it forever. The TBB is great for all classes to use. Many tanks prefer the FBSS (Flowing Black Silk Sash) for its haste, but the AC+8, STR+15 make it a very good second choice or even a first choice if so desired. Melee classes have many uses for these bonuses, cleric and druids can use it for pinch fighting and carrying, while many casters just use it to carry more items around. The LBS (Light Burlap Sack) is easy enough to get, and by the level you can camp this MOB, you might already have one, its very useful in conjunction with the EE (Evil Eye) bag in the same zone. The supplier himself is relatively weak...I consider him easier than the Ghoul Assassin because he doesn't get the healthy backstab. Tank + Nuke + Heal and he drops. The other MOB of importance is the Assassin. He does less damage than the Supplier, but can deliver a rather vicious backstab, especially if there is a low level group camping it. The Mask of Deception has become a great camp for 4th or 5th level bard and rogues who just enjoy a good day of twinking, knowing that there are normally more than enough mask drops for them. I honestly don't believe in twinking, but its there decision. The items sell for a decent amount, TBB brings from 3-5kpp and the LBS usually is sold for 300pp. Not much more to say about this MOB and area except to have fun, and even though it can be a tough camp, the rewards outweigh the time put in to getting them.

Good Luck and Good Gaming,

Eldarn Starwind
45th Season Cleric
Eci Server
# Jul 24 2001 at 5:32 AM Rating: Default
How Common is The Mask? on each time Its Killed?

45 Paladin Xev
14 Rogue Xev
RE: Mask
# Aug 30 2001 at 4:50 PM Rating: Default
Ok, the Mask of Deception drops of the assassin. He drops it 9/10 times, i was in the room this morning, first pop he dropped the dagger though =)
Only time i have ever seen it happen.
RE: Mask
# Aug 24 2001 at 10:58 AM Rating: Default
360 posts
The answer is Very Common. The Assasin seems to spawn maybe 1 in 3 times (the room time is 29 minutes). The mask is his common drop, which means unless he has the dagger he WILL drop the mask.

I personally have seen 6 Assasins killed, and 6 masks drop. So, I cannot estimate the percentage... yet.

Arynduil Greyleaf
Ranger of Tunare
Erollsi Marr
all i kno
# Jul 23 2001 at 12:56 AM Rating: Default
the ***/sup room is a common farm area, for good reason, tbb goes for 4-5k on my server, the room is mostly 35-40 mobs, good for lower lvl guys to get exp. the 3 wiz at the bridge are hardest job for a group imo, but if u got good chanter u will be ok. the supplier hit much harder with a tbb, u will know this b/c i see him him me for 100 while before he was only up to 70s max, i assume this is the extra 15str from belt. i am a 43 half elf war on fennin ro and as a weak race i am interested in this belt a lot, 2 ac i get from cougar claws, 15str 1 item is a good deal. just what i learned in my time in guk
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 22 2001 at 10:21 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) could A 37 PALLY SOLO HIM???
# Apr 16 2002 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
Well if a 36 druid can do it... why couldn't a 37 pally?
# Oct 12 2001 at 7:36 PM Rating: Default
No you could not solo
the room pops every 29min, three spawns i think. They pop one after another ever minute or so. The assassin hits hard, so does the supplier. Unfortunatley, you can't take three or so spawns. I think wizzys may spawn to, which nuke for 260+ and are very hard to interupt. You would die very fast and dont try to solo
# Jul 26 2001 at 8:13 AM Rating: Default
Dude, he would waste you, AFTER you LoH.
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