Verina Tomb  


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Verina Tomb is found inside the Cleric's guild next to High Priestess Alexandrian and Qrixat Du'voy.

Has NO faction hits. Other NPCs do not assist her.

Picture courtesy of Diku Goldenmind.

  • Maximum hit: 160
  • This mob spawns at 411, -812.
  • Respawn Timer: 13 hours after being killed and from 5 to 14 hours after zone or server reset.
  • Slowable: Yes
  • Summons: Yes
  • Rootable/snareable: Yes
  • Flees at low health: Yes


Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 60
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2020-07-13 01:01:09

Known Habitats:
  Neriak Third Gate

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Patch - February 17, 2021
# Feb 17 2021 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
352 posts
Enchanter Epic changes:
- Vessel Drozlin and Wraith of a Shissar will now respawn 9 hours after being killed and from 5 to 14 hours after a zone or server reset.
- Verina Tomb will now respawn 13 hours after being killed and from 5 to 14 hours after a zone or server reset.
- The One Key, Lost Scroll, and Charm and Sacrifice have had their respawn time reduced from 24 to 5 hours.
Cookie, Antonius Bayles rangeress
Duoable during Kunark
# Sep 08 2020 at 8:49 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Duoed today with a 60 chanter and 60 necromancer during Kunark expansion, easy to hit with spells unlike other epic fights.
This blows
# Jun 14 2020 at 5:56 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
48 hour spawn + 10% = 52.8 hours is incorrect on Mangler. Clocked her kill time and going on 53 hours. She spawned in 53 hours 30 minutes.


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Edited, Jun 16th 2020 2:00pm by khato63
found info
# Dec 16 2014 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
59 posts
Respawn Time: 2-7 days (random)
# Nov 29 2012 at 11:39 PM Rating: Decent
She was up on 11/29/12, killed her at 11:30 pm cst. xegony, easy kill.
Mob Loc / Info
# Aug 14 2012 at 10:24 PM Rating: Good
She's a lvl 60 cleric found in Neriak 3rd Gate at (411, -812). Its that first building surrounded by a mote when you zone in, shes in the back room. Not sure what respawn timer is, I hear its about 2 days or so, but she was up when i got there so i cant confirm that. This is on 8/14/2012 that I killed her.

My strategy for the fight was fairly clean and simple. If you're not a DE (and am assuming you're working on the enchanter epic 1.0) the best thing to do is use the DE illusion since it doesn't break when you attack/cast. There are a few guards roaming as well as a few NPC dark elves about (although they dont agro while fighting) so its best to be safe with illusion. Although using invis works fine in terms of locating her within the city.

I was a 62 gnome enchanter wearing mostly defiant gear. With me I had a healer merc and my pet. The fight was simple... root -> slow -> cripple -> dot -> nuke the hell out of her. She healed herself once during the fight around 25-30%.. wasn't paying full attention to it but it was somewhere around there, and it brought her back up to about 75%. After that I did not see her cast any more heals (could have interrupted but I didnt notice her start to cast either so...)

Anyway fight took about 3-5 minutes. She ran at 20% but it wasn't anything a little root couldnt fix. Also I'll note that her damage output wasn't too bad. Healer merc kept me above 85% the whole fight, and my pet just chimed in with his attack so everything went smooth. I believe that Innoruks Word is a very high drop rate so 1 kill should do it, unless you're super unlucky.
Does she even spawn anymore
# Oct 24 2010 at 7:22 AM Rating: Decent
463 posts
I camped her for more then 36 hours. I took 2 to 3 hour naps every now and then with /log on. No battle/caster spam what so ever except for the 2 ladies in that room casting a few buffs. I have yet to see her spawn. There is a rodent that spawns in that room near Qrixat Du'voy . I have left it alone for many hours and i have also killed it many times. Well over 24 times just in case that is what would spawn her. I have had no luck what so ever and im not sure she even spawns anyomre. No one i have asked has seen her up. Im going to have to petition. This is crazy. This is the last piece i need for my enchanters epic. EDIT: She finally spawned some time on 10-25-10 after 6pm est. I started camping her on 10-22-10 roughly 6pm and did not see her till now. What a huge pain. Im sure i checked on wednesday and thursday and didn't see her then either. She really sucks. Glad i finally got her though. I did petition but before a gm could give me a response besides the sorry we are very busy right now email i didn't talk to anyone from SOE.

EDIT: While attempting to get the Slime Blood for my necromancer's epic over the course of the past month i saw a wraith of shissar up in fear a few times. I have 2 enchanters. One of them doesn't have epic so i figured i would just get the drops. The supposed bottleneck for the enchanter epic is the wraith of the shissar in fear. Well i can tell you right now that is a bunch of bs. The actual bottleneck of the enchanter epic is Verina Tomb. Had i known that i wouldn't have touched the Wraith. I would have made sure i wouldn't have done a single part of the epic until i killed Verina Tomb and got the drop i needed from her. The rest would be cake by comparison.
She is harder to find now then she was 2 years ago. Now the zone has much more people going in and out of it everyday thanks to CotF. She finally spawned and i killed her. Spent more time camping her the second time total then i ever did the first time.

Edited, Nov 30th 2013 1:18am by Rickymaru
Vernia dead time
# Sep 01 2009 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
Was killed at 0520am on 9-1-09. Hope this helps someone with the next spawn time.
Pipr Holowell
Magician of Norrath
Verina Tomb
# May 22 2009 at 7:43 AM Rating: Decent
Killed Verina right where she stood, 74 enchanter with pet! She healed herself 3 times. I only went down to about 65% mana after fight was all done.
Make Cash WHile You Wait
# Dec 14 2007 at 12:23 AM Rating: Decent
Worse case, you can farm while you wait. I am not sure what I did, but the cleric spell vendors in 3rd gate will sale to me and the guards there are cake and drop fine steal. So are the ones in the commons, so can make easy money while you wait.

Kyyuss Juxtapose
78 Enchanter
Looking for Veina
# Sep 21 2007 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Ok I went in to 3rd gate looking for her and did not find her. So I have a few questions.

Does she have a despawn timer?
What is her max hit for?

The 'Carnitor' Technique
# Jul 02 2007 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
Dread Lord Carnitor is a genius! I read his post below and used his ingenious technique. When I got to the zone with Verina I charmed a rodent and parked it in front of her. I then ran back to the zone line where my 70 Beastlord companion awaited. Next ordered the poor rodent to bite Verina on the ankle, which disturbed her greatly. When she came running at us I was standing behind the BL. She was so furios about being bit by a rat that she attacked the first person she saw. Yay, I never got hit and the BL, who was only self buffed had a wonderful time tossing that little dark elf strumpet against the wall until she collapsed to the floor. She only got a couple of heals off but it was a forgone conclusion. This is a really easy hit if you take 1 or 2 powerful friends.

Vamok 56 Enchanter <Unquenched Valor>
The Tribunal
Killed her today
# May 14 2007 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
I just killed her today on Bristlebane server at about 9:30am CMT, had a 66 Zerker and myself a 59 Chanty. Was really easy, kept head butting her to stun so she couldnt CH herself. I had Zerker at ZL and I charmed a rat, had rat on guard next to her, went back to ZL. Had rat attack her and after rat died, I brought up my summoned pet and waited for afew secs. When she showed up, was all over for her then. Safe and Happy Huntings to All
# Oct 31 2006 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Very easy kill. I went in, she was up, since nobody really camps for 1.0 anymore, and just aggroed her then threw mind shatters on her and waited for her to run out of mana as she beat on my rune. Then I just continued mind shatter and nuked her to 0, had easily 65% mana left, don't even know if I had C on.
Epic Fight
# Aug 21 2006 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
Randomly running around getting pieces for my epic and I decided to drop by Neriak to see if Verina was up. I took my 68 chanter, buffed only by a druid, had 5k hps. Also had a level 70 chanter with me, both of us with our pets out. He ran in said "SHE IS UP" and I about fell off my chair because i had been trying to get her for the last month.

We ran in, he tried to mez her and she resisted. She followed us back to the entrance without adds. We sent our pets in to tank, casted mana drains, dots and nukes. She chealed herself at 18% up to 57%, started walking away slowly at 15% but we finished her off easily. Only took about...1.5 minutes is all. Absolutely amazing fight though. Really exhilerating!
Does she spawn anymore??????
# Jul 12 2006 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
I've been camping her on Quellios server for 2 weeks now have my necro camped at her spawn point. Have checked her everyday 2 to 3 times a day and shes never up.
Does she spawn anymore??????
# Aug 02 2006 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, she spawns. I just killed her tonight with my 66 Necro. Pretty easy fight. With just my CoB pet and DoTs she did not even get a chance to heal.

Just snared her out of her spawn point and brought her outside. Pet took care of the rest. Logged on chanter, ran to Neriak and looted the item.
My kill of Verina Tomb
# Jun 12 2006 at 3:11 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Going to record my fight of Verina Tomb in hopes it will be of some use to another enchanter. I just killed her with my lvl 55 enchanter(human & agnostic) and a 63 ranger(half elf) to tank.
Verina does spawn to the High Priestess' left (your right).
[li]I had the ranger stay at zone in to avoid confrontation with the guards. We buffed up, I illusioned to dark elf and used collaboration on a guard to become amiable.
[li]Then I went out and charmed one of the many "a rodent" that run around. I brought the rodent infront of Verina Tomb and told it to guard. I targeted Verina and went back out to the zoneline with the ranger.
[li]Then I told the "a rodent" to attack Verina and it immediately died. As soon as it died I summoned my lvl 55 pet. The spell takes 12.0 seconds to cast and Verina reached us about 2 seconds after I finished summoning.
[li]After that I tash'd her and slowed her. Ranger snared her and did his thing. I runed him during the fight to hold off damage.
[li]Because I had read about her Chealing I had two mana stealing spells up, Largarn's Lamentation and Theft of Thought. I hit her with both as soon as they repopped over and over again. She did not Cheal once. I know the spells worked cause the last Theft of Thought gave me no mana and the others did.
Verina died, and I got my loot.
[li]Verina gives no faction, good or bad.

[li]So in conclusion. Pet pull with rat to zoneline. Tash, Slow and Snare her. Use mana taking spells to prevent possible Chealing. Runeing your tank never hurts.

I hope this helps other enchanters in the future. Also be patient, I camped her approx. 3 days before she spawned. Just keep checking.

Edited, Mon Jun 12 11:43:38 2006
# May 23 2006 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
66 posts
Killed 23rd May, 2006 at 19:46 GMT
EQ: Zhezha - 75 Enchanter

Verina Tomb
# Apr 01 2006 at 3:26 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
She is in Neriak 3rd Gate in the Temple of Innoruuk area shortly after entering the zone, near the Cleric Guild Hall.(enter asrea take a left and first door to the right is where she is)

On my level 65 Chanter, made highest level pet I could. Could not get Conviction so got Virtue on pet and self, Got wunshi on myself(only about 4800 hp total)(also uproared myself and arcane runed myself also), the shaman did not have single target wunshi and could not get the group wunshi to stick on pet. I buffed pet with speed of vallon and uproar(rune) and the Feedback damage shield. Invised up and ran self to Verina's location. dropped invis and was dubious to everyone in area. I attacked her to get her to hit me, then backed off and let pet tank. Kept uproar on pet the whole time, as it dropped from pet i recast immediately. Started Nuking when she started to run(she was at 18% hp at that time) and fight was over. Mana was at 62%, hp full on self and about 92% on pet. No one in the area aggroed and just faught her where she stood. Remember you up coming enchanters, that you can cast uninterrupted while your runes hold on you, with out being interrupted. So you can keep rune on yourself if need while pet attacks...was not needed in thei fight, just kept rune on pet.

Hope this helps some one down the road.

Edited, Sat Apr 1 14:22:38 2006
Push Over
# Feb 07 2006 at 6:14 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Decided to see if she was up tonight and luckily she was. Wanted to give it a shot so I logged on my 56 SK and casted rune and haste on him. Did the pet pull thing that is posted here. She came right out with no adds and my SK and chanty pet killed her off. SK HTed and I think I nuked her once with chanter. Easy fight.

Edited, Tue Feb 7 05:14:00 2006
Solo'd by 61 Enchie
# Jan 27 2006 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
I just solo'd Verina where she stood. I made the mistake of choosing a religion when I started this character, but I was able to get most of the mobs to dubious using illusion and collaboration. After finding out the hard way that you can't use DC here (guard was really upset at me), I just brought up my trusty enchie pet and gave him haste, umbra, MR, a DS and Bedlam. As for me I had Conviction and a few other buffs...just a bit over 5K hps.

First of all, you will lose some of your top buffs - she dispelled me once. Luckily that was my C4 and some other buff that I don't remember :). I tried to keep the pets health up with bedlam, but by the time she was at 80 percent health, the pet was nearly dead. I walked up to her to tank a bit and just started chain nuking. She is immune to stun, but I never saw her heal herself. She nuked me a few times though. I kept her slowed and dotted (she dispelled those once too) and she started running at 7 percent health. I was at 34 percent health at the end of the fight, but I had gate up just in case :).

The mobs nearby were dubious to me and did not add. Hope this helps someone.

Fallar, 61 enchanter on EMarr
Fallar Clearmind, 83rd season Enchanter on Erollisi Marr
Fabled Verina Tomb?
# Sep 01 2005 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent

I was beginning to wonder if she was a fabled mob? I started camping her a few days after a server patch, so not sure if she was killed prior to my show time. But I do know it took her 51.5 hours to pop once I arrived Smiley: yikes

~~~ Here's how I did it...

Brought my High Elf enchanter into zone with illusion DE and camped her right inside zone-in to Neriak Third Gate. Then I logged in my 65 monk and ran in to wait for Verina to spawn, make the pull and provide the DPS. I also had a 63 cleric friend parked at the zone-in to heal and provide a little more DPS.

The guards in this zone were Non-KOS to my human, agnostic monk. However, I still killed the one wandering guard to avoid any "accidental" CH's to Verina during the kill.

Once Verina popped, I pulled her to the zone with zero adds and beat her down. She managed to cast a couple CH's in the process, but was still cake. (for comparison sake, I would say she is a bit easier than the Adjutants in the Kael Arena)

Camped out the monk, logged in the enchanter, and looted "Innoruuk's Word". Smiley: yippee

Additional notes: Smiley: twocents
- as mentioned below, she does NOT give a faction hit
- She does pop right in between the 2 named mobs in the cleric hall - High Priestess Alexandria & Qrixat Du'voy
- both those mobs con'd dubious and did NOT assist
- she only dropped one page for me

Edited, Fri Sep 2 00:51:19 2005
RE: Fabled Verina Tomb?
# Sep 02 2005 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
Logged her spawn time at roughly 87 hours, from last death to pop. Left a de toon sitting at her spawn, with logs on, and checked each day.

Took her out solo with 70 shammy, went down very easy, didn't even need to refresh DoTs (Blood of Yoppa, Curse of Sisslak - about 1k per tick for 5 ticks, plus 2 more ticks at about 600), nuked maybe twice (Spear of Yoppa, 1100ish). Other than that had pet and self with spirit of Panther, didn't need to refresh that, either, so under 1:20 for fight. To pull I just had DE toon (30 mage) cast earth pet, guard it by Verina, target Verina, and run to zone. once shammie was there and set up, she had pet attack Verina, and just waitied for Verina to pop to zone... zoned her through to Commons, and commenced the beatdown with shammie.

Necro Soloable
# Jul 04 2005 at 7:43 AM Rating: Decent
Had been camping this one for several weeks with a baby necro alt but with no sign of her until one morning I popped in just to take a look and there she was. I stood there for a minute dumbstruck to finally see her. I hit the guild roster, noone on. Friends list only one showed up. My good friend, a 65 necro at the time, Ozzlee said on my way. He showed minutes later and took one look at her and sicked pet. She went down fast, nothing aggroed, and less than a minute later Im staring down at my dead epic mob. Still had to get high elf chanter all the way there from pok so logged necro alt and switched to chanter. Ran, invisd, and illusioned all the way to third gate. Got into third gate and did illusion de, collaboration, but was still kos. Necro said just come down invis so I walked into cleric guild and back to the room where she was stood right in front of him and looted then hit gate. She did try to complete heal once but necro was mana tapping her and she only managed to recover about 30% life. Necro would land a dot or nuke then fd while pet tanked. Was an awesome experience. Thanks so much Ozzlee Young of Terris Thule.

61st Enchanter Aumlailea Koyok of Prexus (formerly known as Terris Thule)
Spawn Time
# Jun 17 2005 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
Servers came back up June 15th at 8:30AM CST roughly.

I camped her non-stop on Bertoxxulous (including lack of sleep, woke up every hour to check, had /log files on to make sure no one killed her) until she spawned today June 17th at 2:20PM CST.

Roughly 54 hours on the spawn if my math is correct, from the time the server came up. Don't know if this is a standard spawn time, looks according to previous (really old) posts it could be random to a certain extent.
Spawn Time
# Jun 14 2005 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Does anyone happen to know the spawn time on her?
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