Wraith of Jaxion  


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  • Placeholder is: gyrating goo
  • This mob spawns at the top of the zone, inside the locked room at the end of the third platform. He will aggro anyone standing outside the door, though..
  • Spawn Time: 16 minutes
  • Charmable: Yes
  • He must be charmed by an enchanter during Enchanter Epic: Staff of the Serpent.

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Minimum Level: 46
Maximum Level: 47
Expansion: Ruins of Kunark
Effects Used:Specter Lifetap
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Where he is.
# Feb 20 2021 at 7:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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When you get to the top portion of the upper platform it is the furthest platform you can get to. There is a gap between the hut and platform you have to lev over.
Spawns on rim of top tower
# Apr 24 2020 at 2:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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Live server (Bristlebane). Spawns on the rim of the top tower (not inside). Placeholder is a gyrating goo. Respawn time is 16-17 minutes. Took 8 PH's before spawned.
spwn point
# Sep 28 2018 at 12:40 PM Rating: Good
The goos that are apparently his PH do not always spawn on the Brewall's marked spot; they can spawn on the other side of teh hut as well. They are quite reliably 16 min. I've now spent 5 hours sitting up there killing ph and am thoroughly regreting ever considering this stupid "quest"
Respawn timer reduced
# Jul 16 2017 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Time to respawn is 16 minutes on Phinigel.
Confirmed as of 2/22/16
# Feb 22 2016 at 8:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Confirmed as of 2/22/16 he spawns at the tower that was mentioned. He does NOT spawn in the tower on the top level but rather outside on the walkway.
Confirmed as of 2/22/16
# Feb 29 2016 at 5:26 AM Rating: Excellent
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ghengisjon wrote:
Confirmed as of 2/22/16 he spawns at the tower that was mentioned. He does NOT spawn in the tower on the top level but rather outside on the walkway.

Thanks for the update.

I'll add (since I didn't see it mentioned in the threads below) that circa 2007 you could pull the Wraith of Jaxion down to the ground level with an arrow shot. An SK in my guild did it, he ran to a specific spot and fired his arrow once. I don't recall if this brought a massive train of NPC down with him, but if it did the SK feigned. Anyways, my chanter did the turn in without going up on the platforms at all.

My first chanter did all sorts of levitating attempts and such as described multiple times in the thread.
spawn location
# Feb 22 2016 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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He spawns at the top of the tower right?
Don't need keys
# Dec 23 2012 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Listen, people are making this harder than they need to. Lev onto a high roof. Lev across to the pseudo invis walkway. When you get to a locked door of any type in this zone, get on a horse.....run at the door while on the horse. Then just click the horse off and BAMMO, you are in the room. To get out, do it again. Any mount works.
Mistakes, I've made a few
# Dec 30 2011 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
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So many options on this one. Here's what I did...
I attempted the whole banner thing. I was able to get to the bar, but couldn't get up on the wall. Rather than throw my keyboard against the wall in frustration, I decided to do it the other way. I killed the Captain of the Guard, took his key, then went to the room with the Black Reaver in the back of the zone. It was cake from there. To get past the locked door in Hut #2, I pushed up against the door in Imp form, then clicked off the illusion. For the Druid, I pushed up against the door in Wolf form then clicked it off.

I've made a few mistakes in this round, and I'd like to share them so it doesn't happen to you.

1. As you approach Hut #3, get rid of your Merc and Pets. Jaxion is outside the hut, and will attack. You don't want your Merc killing him before you can Charm. Once my Merc killed him, I killed the PH nine times before Jaxion spawned again.
2. There are roamers, and random spawns from inside Hut #3. While they can't really kill you, they do generate a lot of push and will push you off the platform. Once you hit the water 20 stories below, they continue to beat on you. Stay awake!
3. If you get bored and decide to enter Hut #3, be careful. The stairs are a false floor. It's a long way down and a hassle to get back.

If you have to camp him, the respawn time is about 21 minutes (19 - 22). His PH is a Gyrating Goo. Jaxion spawns outside Hut #3 on the platform to the left of the door.

Winnee Kooper
77 Enchanter
The Rathe

Locked door
# Jul 16 2011 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
169 posts
Locked door solution:
Get into a smaller illusion ex: Dwarf. Hop on a mount and run towards the locked door. Once you can see through it, dismount and you fall right through door. All your locked door problems solved. Unless of course your inside :P
Locked door
# Aug 03 2011 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
Why bother? All you need us get close to the door and while moving forward(put yourself edge of the door frame so you won't move) then click your illusion clickie. It works better with "bigger" illusion though.
Green Jade Broadsword
# Jul 16 2010 at 7:21 PM Rating: Decent
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This mob also dropped the " Green Jade Broadsword" tonight .
A true warrior is always armed with three things: the radiant sword of pacification; the mirror of bravery, wisdom, and friendship; and the precious jewel of enlightenment.
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No jumpingt to a banner needed!
# Jun 28 2010 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
I did this on my level 53 Enchanter with a level 79 bard. We did not do the stupid Banner jump method. We tried and failed to many times with the bard. My Drakkin Enchanter however did just fine, with levitate on her. We just did it the old fashioned way! We went in the room in the back of the zone with the Golums and the Black Reaver (who casts a 20 second blind aganst a magic resist of 402), wiped the room, and then went through the door on the right, into the hallway. You take a right outside of that door, go down the hallway and there will be a bend to the right with either an undead or a Golem guarding the turn. You will then take 2 ramps up and be standing in front of a door, do not go through the door, just hang a right and go through the wall. You will now be standing ontop of the spectral bridge, as I call it, and just follow the bridge all the way up. You will then be standing in front of a hut. Follow the path way around, killing or pacifying, your choice. Take the pathway onto the bridge, follow the bridge to the next hut. This is hut 2. Go around that hut, once again Kill the mobs for the EXP or use the pacify. In this hut you will go up the stairs just to come back down them in the back to the side of the top level. Walk down and open the door in front of you. You will then be on a bridge that is broken, navigate around the broken part. Go to the bend. Make sure you are levitated at this point as to get across to hut 3 you will need to cross over the broken part. He will spawn OUTSIDE of hut 3. We stayed in front of the door to hut 3 and killed everything that came close to us that we could pull or poped ontop of us, like the goos. There was no need to go into hut 3 at all. You can just stand outside of the door. He spawned after about 45 minuted of us doing this. Charmed him with my level 53 charm and did my turn in. No silly jump to this and try to play acrobat!
No jumpingt to a banner needed!
# Jan 19 2015 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Tip : If you have a bard, just picklock the door ...
The Ruby turn in
# Mar 13 2010 at 4:03 PM Rating: Decent
I managed to do this with some help from a few of my Guildies. It is easily done if you bring a mage with you and you got someone who can cast levitation, on everyone. We did the Banner trick and it worked. Then 2 of my Guildies ran to the locked door by the 3rd level. They jumped on the platform on the right side of the door. And levied over to the bridge. Then the mage did a COH to get me over there. Did take me a few hours lol. But It was due to lack of help at first and then figuring out how to get were the Wraith of Jaxion spawns. My friend kill 6 place holders b4 the wraith spawned. I charmed the mob without a shroud on. And did my turn in. Then killed mob and gated to bind point.

Edited, Mar 13th 2010 2:30pm by Fleven
OGRE illusion worked!
# Nov 22 2009 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Actually, the ogre was the only illusion that worked for me. When you're at that first level, levitate, ogre illusion, get as close to banner as you can (you might be ducking since you're an ogre after all), get on banner (I did an overview so I could be sure I was actually standing on the banner), get to the very left of banner, DROP lev, and jump onto next level (you can't jump while leved). I tried earth elemental, HE, and even troll, but only ogre worked for me. GL!
Map location
# Jul 26 2009 at 4:06 AM Rating: Decent
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P -174.4634, -192.9677, 271.5232, 127, 0, 0, 2, Wraith_of_jaxion
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Stupid wall does not work anymore
# May 27 2009 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
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OK, now it worked, but not with the tips here

- you can levitate to the banner but an ogre cannot stand on that stupid small piece

Erudite, Darkelf, Barbarian:
- can stand on the banner but does not reach wall or roof

- the only one which worked
- the levitation to the banner and slowly (with light left right and front/up) crawled your toon up the ledge, but only after standing up because its difficult to get there standing.
Stupid wall does not work anymore
# May 27 2009 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
315 posts
This is simply so plain stupid!

Wasted my time now over half an hour changing Illusions, jumping, levitating to that damn stupid banner, tried to jump on the roof, tried to jump on the wall, tried to glide up the wall, nothing works. Thats really annyoing.

- Erudite
- Ogre
- Darkelf
- with / without levitation

Jumping to the banner is cake, but to get to roof or wall is simply impossible. It must be something missing here. It worked once, I did the same thing years ago, now it is simply Waterloo. Any comments?
# Aug 12 2008 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
i wouldnt recomend going alone unless you have to lol
Door Opener
# Aug 05 2008 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
At level 65, someone can shroud as a Goblin Level 65. With Mechanized lockpicks you can open all the doors.
Crazy gettng there but it works.
# Dec 14 2007 at 11:18 PM Rating: Decent
Wow.. Lots of comments on this one.. In trying to follow directions of how to avoid ceritan areas by jumping on this and that, I ran into the captian of the guards and looted key and ran all the way back to where I needed to be. I had trouble finding the invisible bridge. The easist way I can tell you is if you find the trap door that you need a key to open, you want to run down the hall that makes you turn right. When you turn right, go till you get to the door but do not open. Turn right to face the wall and bam, you walk right out onto the bridge. YOu will come to a locked door. Invise to vah shir, worked for me, stand on the highest part of the bridge to the left, and jump on the door jam! It sticks out way too far and you then lev and float around the building to the ohter side of bridge. Just clear mobs up the ramp. It is more clear or glass than invisislbe. Hand mob wrong gem on accident, he ate it, gave him right one, he gave back, but keep original one I gave. I killed to see if I could loot, could not.. Sorry if is not up for ya. Easy kill at 78 and no problems in zone, just have atleast on invise on, kill any undead, fenito.

Kyyuss Juxtapose
Enchanter lvl 78
Updated WoJ Summary
# Feb 26 2007 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
All information below is useful...I am going to break it down the way I feel is the most simple, reliable way. I did this as a level 54 Enchanter solo.

This post summary suppliments two posters below that were most useful...Remedian's and Frumious'. It's a combo of the two. Read through those write-up's for additional detail. Other write-up's can cause some confusion.

I use Remedian's method for getting up to platform and I use Frumious' ending, but this method I detail incorporates the least amount of risk and mob killing.

I performed the entire process in Dark Elf form (my default race).
I made sure my far clip plane was turned up to 100% (most important at the end of write up, but helpful throughout).
I used spells: Levitate, Invis. Vs. Undead, Invis, Pacify, Mez, Memblur, Rune (on pet for killing mobs in temple), Gate.

- Temple

Go to temple invis. Go to door on the left facing temple. Mobs just inside the door are always unded. Here I cast IVU (invis versus undead) opened outside door. Then opened the inside door directly behind it and went up ramp to fight two undead mobs on second level of temple.

- Banner

There is no need to risk jumping to the banner if you aren't good at that type of jump. When you have cleared the top temple area there is a guard rail that borders three sides and attaches to the back wall on each side. On the guard rail closest to banner, where it attaches to wall, there is a raised part that looks like you won't fit due to roof being low, but you will.

Here you simply pop levitate up, jump on guard rail, follow it to the back wall and jump on the raised portion just under the roof. From here you run to banner then you'll drop levitate. Make sure, of course, you are above banner and against the wall.

Now, if you are not invis you just agroed the mob below the banner on the outside of the temple....kill it. If you are invis you need to scout what mobs are up on the walkway you are about to jump to.

** Take a minute or so to note pathing of mobs...don't rush up **

If they are undead, you'll need to kill the mob below the banner then invis and jump up (read Remidian's write-up for further detail on jumping up).

If they are no undead just remain invis and jump up, but beware there are undead (and regular mob) roamers almost all the time, so you'll need to watch their pathing and make sure it's clear before you jump up.

When on the banner facing the wall you want to be on left-most part of banner with no levitate then just jump and then push forward and you'll pop up easily. If you fail and fall you'll need to pacify mobs to get back to temple door then re-IVU and head back through temple to top again. Re-pop on upper temple mobs is about 18 minutes I am guessing.

- On the Walkway

Ok, once you jumped up you are immediately by a door and a T intersection in the walk way. Facing away from the door I took the immediate left (east, toward main entrance) and ran down that walkway about 20 feet. There is usually a goo if you go far enough. I positioned myself betwee the goo and the T intersection and waited for the wandering mob to path away (it can be undead or living mob that roams).

Now, looking back toward the T intersection, opposite the door is usually a stationary spawn that can be undead or living. What I did was recast levitate, cast appropriate invis to get past that mob and when the coase is clear run to the roof top directly behind that mob to the east.

- The Ramp

Ok, now for those reading about the "invis" ramp...it's not "invis" as much as it's transparent. So, yes, you'll be able to see it. Go to the top of the roof of this building while levitated/invisible and head north. Run to last section of the ramp near the top...where it meets up with walkway around the building, but don't go all the way up yet.

Now, before you get to the very top make sure the goo that roams to the top has pathed back down because with him out of the way you can simply IVU (because roamers around the building are undead) and then head to the top. Go right, to the back, opposite of the front door, (west) side of building.

- The Reaver Building

Ok, now you are ready to run to the building clear over on the west side of zone with the Reavers and elevator. If you have NO idea where this is it won't matter...just use the Force, er your map. What you want to do is hit your "home" key, or whatever key that resets your view to help you maintain elevation as you levitate. You don't need to look up at the sky like some people insinuate. Just don't look down so you don't levitate downward. You'll head pretty much due west and you want to aim for the west wall in the dead center part.

Once you over here you'll see a building with a peaked roof. You'll want to be on the top of the peak. If for some reason you are down on the platform in front of the peaked roof you can still get on it with levitate. If you for some reason hit the north or south corner of the zone as long as you don't panic and maitain your elevation you can still get on the peaked roof.

From here you'll pull WoJ

- The WoJ

Stand on the peaked roof about 2/3 of the way out from zone wall. Again, make sure your far clip plane is at 100% or you may not be able to see him or the building he paths around. Facing away from zone wall the WoJ is up and to the left (about 10 o'clock position if you are facing directly away from zone wall)....he, or his PH, will wander around that little building.

Also, you can bind here if you want to return and camp later. Or, if you forgot your Summon Companion spell...you could bind here and levitate out safely to the front of the zone, but you didn't forget that did you? :)

The process is simple:

- Target WoJ/PH
- Issue /pet sit
- Summon Companion
- Kill (if it's a PH mob), do turn-in if it's WoJ

And you're done...

e-mail euphorica.sleeper @ gmail.com if you need clarification.

Edited, Feb 26th 2007 11:21am by makrah

Edited, Mar 5th 2007 1:45pm by makrah
pull suggestion
# Jul 07 2006 at 3:16 PM Rating: Default
when i was working on this, i had a wizard friend sit on the ground level throwing a bolt spell up on the PH. the mob dropped down and we had no adds. this was years ago, but the bolt spell didnt require you to see your target.
# May 25 2006 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
66 posts
The technique of gliding onto the spiky roof of the west building worked great, charmed the wraith but when he started to come to me he got aggro of some sort and died.

i think his patching is wierd
EQ: Zhezha - 75 Enchanter

Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Apr 10 2006 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Some good info in these posts on how to get to a good spot to avoid a bunch of fighting, i will summarize here from those posts and wish to thank them for the helpful info, for.

This was done solo

1.) Getting there.
After you zone in prceed to the Iron Gates that enter the city. You can either get your pet up or charm one if you prefer. ( I made a pet in pok, and got conviction on it and fully pet geared and then my chanter buffs on it, haste rune etc.) Once you enter gates, you may go left or right, you will want to turn to the right and prceed to the temple. (EQ-Atlas has a map with labels naming the appropriate areas). While facing the temple, there is a door on the left, then a waterfall, then a door on the right. You are going to take the left door, once you enter there will be one mob that will attack, just let your pet kill (keeping your pet runed) prceed forward thru the next door ignoring the rest of the mobs in the room you are leaving. Go up the ramp to the top of the temple, there will be 2 mobs there, kill them. Once to the top look out directly east, turn to the right (south) you will see a wall there and a ledge to the top of the temple, now look slowly back to the right some more almost facing west and you will see another wall with a flag banner hanging on it. If you notice the flag banner is hung to the wall by a bar projecting out. Now you need to get on the ledge, drop levitate if you have it on and jump to that bar (if you are a gnome, illusion your self to a larger race, any will do, i tried most to see if they would work). Once on the bar holding the flag banner you will run and junp again onto the walkway to the west, I had invis to undead on at this point. Once on the walkway I went down the eastward path just a little bit and turned to see the roof of the temple, I re- levitated and ran to the temple roof. Once there turn to the west and you will see the invise ramp/bridge. Pull the mobs you can see (usually 3) they will come to you and you and pet can kill. Once ramp is cleared, just run over to the invis ramp and up to the top. (Great you just bypassed the reaver and golem room and all the fighting you have to do there). At the top ( i did this with the map on so i could see the building i want to run to and was levitated) face west and run, while looking up, to the castle with the first dark reaver (the one with the locked door and Golems and single reaver inside). Watch your map it is the farthest build to the west and is located centrally in north south respect. You want to land on the pointed roof. Once there look to the east and up some, you will see the third platform, that Neh'Ashiir is in. you may see the Wraith of Jaxion up, or you may see the ph, which is a goo.

2)Gettin Wraith if Jaxion
From here as the ph or Jaxion approaches closest to you on the outside ring of the 3rd platform you can reach them with your spells. You can keep your pet up if you wish if you are pulling Ph's, just hit with a dd spell and it will come to you. Or, you can kill the pet and when the ph is in range charm it, have it sit immediately and summon companion and wait for charm to break and nuke it to death ( make sire you are keeping runes on your self, I used uproar and arcane rune both since they stack). Once Jaxion pops, you will need to charm him, and have him sit immediately, (his pathing has changed, he will no longer always drop down and come up to you, and now while charmed, he is attacked byu the other mobs) if you just try tashing od niking he will run off down the ramp and i waited 20 minutes for him to come to me on top of the castle and he never came. So, to repeat, just charm him and have him sit immediately, then use summon companion and he arives at your side. Do the turn in get your enchanted gem and gate out. You are now done with Wraith of Jaxion. It sounds much more complicted that it is. I was able to do this on my first try, if I could then anyone can. This saves a lot of time and saves having to try to get a group together. Hope it helps, worked well for me.

Thanks to prvious posters for the helpful info.
Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Sep 28 2006 at 11:55 PM Rating: Decent
Once you are at the top of the "invisible" ramp you are outside the first platform. From here you can just run to the second platform (the one with the locked door). At this point, you can use levitate (or just jump if you are brave)to stand on the rail of the walkway next to the locked door, then drop levitate and jump on top of the door frame. Cast levitate again, then run around the outside of the platform to the walkway on the other side (its a short run, and since you started on top of the door frame, you have plenty of leeway). You are now on the walkway between the second and third platform (where Jaxion pops). There are 3 mobs on that walkway, easy to kill. You can just run over and sit on his spawn point to wait.
RE: Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Apr 19 2006 at 2:03 PM Rating: Decent
I just tried this with my lvl 70 chanter. (Better late than never.) It worked great. I ended up sitting on the roof for many hours killing the PH. BTW: the pop timer is about 18 minutes.

I was a little slow telling him to sit and he got agro and was killed. But 18 minutes later, he popped again. So as soon as you charm him, make sure he sits...

BTW: It appears Erudites can jumper higher than a Troll...
Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Mar 05 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Excellent
I found an even EASIER way to do this IF you know the WoJ is up--use a ranger. All you need is levitate and invis.

FIRST, levetate (or air-elemental) and invis. yourself.

NEXT, get up to the invisible walkway however you like. (I used the postings below--VERY helpful--especially the one about the phatom wall to walk through).

NEXT, once at the top of the invisible walkway, looking up, run toward the first reaver's house (BIG house on far west edge of zone). Land on the very top--the part with the pointed peak roof.

NEXT, stand on the peak and look up...there's the Wraith of Jaxion. :-) Charm him. He will fall and climb up to you in about 10-20 seconds. Do the turn in and gate out.

Minimal casting, minimal danger, no fighting. Plus, it leaves the Wraith alive for the next chanter to come along...
RE: Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Aug 09 2005 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
Exellent! this does work, verified 8/9/2005. I invised my way to the top of the invisible walkway with only having to kill like 5 see-inviso mobs along the way. Then took the leap of faith and headed west-ish to the first reaver room (where you either have to pick a lock or have the key from the captain of the guard). Once I was there I had a little problem targeting him, but once his pathing brought him close enough to target (f9 helped in giving me a better camera angle to get him targeted) I had to go the very edge of the roof to cast on him, once I did though, he just walked his way to me and was there in no time, turn in done rather easily for a part that has held up alot of chanters.

Thanks again for the post...

70 Enchanter of Mith Marr (bah! Saryrn)
RE: Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Apr 28 2005 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
Thank you thank you thank you!! This made my life so much easier.

Just to add though. I actually camped Jax and his ph from this ledge. I timed every 18 min after a death and would watch the ledge. The Goo (ph) dribbles over the edge a bit, target and cast Psychosis.. he comes right down for a visit all alone. Kill him and wait for the next ph.

Now... to get Jax to come!
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