Ancient Destroyer [ Guardian of Strength ]  


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Category: EverQuest

Level: 109
Expansion: Empires of Kunark
Effects Used:Yeti Chill
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Known Habitats:
  Frontier Mountains [EoK]

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Ancient Destroyer event
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There are six burynai Legion pacifists in Frontier Mountains to the east at 800, -3000. They will not attack, even if KoS. Save 10 pacifists from 3 invading brutes each to spawn Ancient Destroyer.

You say, 'Hail, a Legion pacifist'
A Legion pacifist looks with disgust at your bloody armor and says, 'You're just another [invader] disturbing these lands.'
You say, 'invader'
A Legion pacifist looks fearfully at the horizon and says, 'Other invaders join your assault.'

The pacifist is attacked by an invading brute (Lvl: 103-104). Kill each invading brute.

A Legion pacifist says, 'The world aches for peace. Yet, still, the sounds of war approach.'
A Legion pacifist says, 'Leave me alone! I've done nothing wrong!'

After killing the third invading brute:

A Legion pacifist sprinkles flower petals over you and says, 'Thank you, friend! I'll tell the others of your great kindness today.'
Your faction standing with Burynai Legion has been adjusted by 100.

The pacifist you just saved cannot be saved again for 5 minutes.

You say, 'Hail, a Legion pacifist'
A Legion pacifist looks at your bloody armor and pleads with you, 'Please, (your race), just leave. You'll bring more violence upon us. We just finished a fight.'

You can move on to a different pacifist. After saving ten pacifists, Ancient Destroyer (Lvl: 109) spawns with a zone-wide message:

The Ancient Destroyer has awoken!

Ancient Destroyer says, 'My people must eat! You will not deny us!'
Ancient Destroyer goes on a WILD RAMPAGE!

Ancient Destroyer's corpse says, 'Do not stop fighting. Take what is ours.'
You have slain Ancient Destroyer!

Elder Gemhummer (Lvl: 108) spawns at the entrance of the tunnel at 800, -2750. He is up for only three minutes. Everyone who hails him is awarded the item Circlet of Umbra in their inventory, even if not in the group, clerics excepted.

Elder Gemhummer says, 'I came as quickly as I could, but I see these heroes have already come to my people's defense. Thank you, friends.'
You say, 'Hail, Elder Gemhummer'
Elder Gemhummer says, 'May the earth surround you always, _____. Thank you for helping save my people here today. Take this circlet [relic] with our blessing.'
Your wounds are healed by gems deep within the earth. You have been healed for 1000000 points.
You say, 'relic'
Elder Gemhummer's smile fades for a moment and he says, 'I hesitate to give you this relic because we don't fully understand it yet. I'm certain there is more power inside of it than we've unlocked so far, and I don't know what magic fuels it. But you've proven yourself capable. I trust you will use its power wisely.'

If you already have the circlet:
Elder Gemhummer says, 'I'm afraid I have nothing to offer you but our blessings, _____. May the earth surround you always. May the gems light your way. May the bedrock contain your calamity. May you find many shinies.'

Elder Gemhummer says, 'The gems murmur with discontent. I must leave to aid my people elsewhere. Thank you again, friends. I suspect we'll be meeting again soon.'
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