a wary guard  


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You say, 'Hail, A Wary Guard'

A Wary Guard says, 'Hello. Shouldn't you be working or something? You intruders have no sense of a [work ethic].'

You say, 'work ethic'

A Wary Guard says, 'You know, where you produce something useful, something that people can eat, or wear or tools to help them make more useful things. Bark... or perhaps you just don't understand how society works? Do you understand why it is important to do things that [help others]?'

You say, 'help others'

A Wary Guard says, 'I guessed that you wouldn't understand. Perhaps that's fine. After all, you don't really belong here. In fact, you might be able to help me understand something. What do you get by being how you are? You know, you do what you do because you want to. Bark! Because you gain from it. No, wait, I don't want to speak about that. Others here wouldn't understand the conversation. There is too much [stigma] to that concept here.'

You say, 'stigma'

A Wary Guard says, 'Surely you have heard of the Faith of Self. It claims that the individual is more important than the whole. This is part of the reason why things have gotten so confused here. Some of the workers are starting to think that working isn't what they want to do, that they'd rather do something that they want to do. Of course they don't know what that is either. If you're smart you won't talk about it to others, they wouldn't understand like I do.'

You say, 'understand'

A Wary Guard despawns and Sirana, the Knife Mistress spawns and attacks.

Sirana, the Knife Mistress says, 'Ha! You've proved me the fool. I am not one of these fools you see around me. I am Sirana, the Knife Mistress!'
Sirana, the Knife Mistress says, 'Is that your BREATH, or did something die in here? Now go away!'
Sirana, the Knife Mistress says, 'Well, if it's a fight you want!'

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 105
Expansion: Empires of Kunark
NPC Added: 2016-10-30 17:52:54
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Known Loot:
icon Research Notes

Known Habitats:
  Kor-Sha Laboratory

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