Nelirid Wittma  

Nelirid Wittma (Raid Outfitter) in the Plane of Tranquility

Uploaded December 8th, 2015 by Byren
Updated December 11th, 2015

  • This mob spawns at -314, -1325, -908.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


This vendor contains items that need to be unlocked by kill mobs in the Plane of Fear: Revisited, and Plane of Hate: Revisited.

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Level: 105
Expansion: Planes of Power
NPC Added: 2015-12-03 23:46:55
NPC Last Updated: 2019-09-08 19:58:17
Items Available (64):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Amulet of the Encore 300Bifurcated Coins
Barbarian Spiritist`s Hammer 510Bifurcated Coins
Berserkers Ring 300Bifurcated Coins
Bile Etched Obsidian Choker 300Bifurcated Coins
Blood Fire 510Bifurcated Coins
Bloodstar Pendant 300Bifurcated Coins
Bone Razor 510Bifurcated Coins
Bone-Clasped Girdle 300Bifurcated Coins
Brain of Cazic-Thule 300Bifurcated Coins
Brewer's Mesh Cloak 300Bifurcated Coins
Chosooth 300Bifurcated Coins
Claw of the Kerrath 300Bifurcated Coins
Cloak of Scales 300Bifurcated Coins
Cloak of the Fearsome 300Bifurcated Coins
Cracked Bone Pauldrons 300Bifurcated Coins
Curtaincaller 510Bifurcated Coins
Dark Feral Ravagers 510Bifurcated Coins
Darkbrood Mask 300Bifurcated Coins
DawnFire, Morning Star of Light 420Bifurcated Coins
Earring of Bashing 300Bifurcated Coins
Emblem of the Crystalwing 300Bifurcated Coins
Engineer's Ring 300Bifurcated Coins
Evensong 510Bifurcated Coins
Eye of Cazic-Thule 300Bifurcated Coins
Fearsome Shield 510Bifurcated Coins
Frigid Pike of Isolation 510Bifurcated Coins
Gilded Prodigal Harrier 510Bifurcated Coins
Grotesque Girdle 300Bifurcated Coins
Grudgestone of Anger 300Bifurcated Coins
Halo of the Enlightened 300Bifurcated Coins
Hotof's Gem 300Bifurcated Coins
Icebelt 300Bifurcated Coins
Interrogator's Pestle 510Bifurcated Coins
Kelin`s Seven Stringed Lute 510Bifurcated Coins
Leatherfoot Mantle 300Bifurcated Coins
Likato Fistwraps 510Bifurcated Coins
Lyssa`s Darkwood Piccolo 510Bifurcated Coins
Marrow's Song 510Bifurcated Coins
Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind 510Bifurcated Coins
Neglection Flayer 510Bifurcated Coins
Pauldrons of Ferocity 300Bifurcated Coins
Pauldrons of Power 300Bifurcated Coins
Polished Bone Ornament 300Bifurcated Coins
Prick of Fear 510Bifurcated Coins
Ragged Felt Cloak 300Bifurcated Coins
Ring of Pureblood 300Bifurcated Coins
Shawl of Protection 300Bifurcated Coins
Shield of Rainbow Hues 510Bifurcated Coins
Six Note Blade 510Bifurcated Coins
Skinner's Belt 300Bifurcated Coins
Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood 510Bifurcated Coins
Spined Dragon Claws 510Bifurcated Coins
Staff of Undead Legions 510Bifurcated Coins
Staff of the Earthcrafter 510Bifurcated Coins
Tallow-Smeared Locket 300Bifurcated Coins
Tarantella 510Bifurcated Coins
Terror Condenser of the Faceless 510Bifurcated Coins
Thulian Stalwart Shield 510Bifurcated Coins
Trepidus Evocator 510Bifurcated Coins
Triumphant Mask 300Bifurcated Coins
Trophy of the Scapegoat 300Bifurcated Coins
Truesight Hammer 420Bifurcated Coins
Twelve Tone Earstone 300Bifurcated Coins
Withered Totem of Widdershins 510Bifurcated Coins

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Tranquility

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Bifurcated Coin
# Jan 11 2016 at 10:00 AM Rating: Decent
How much Bifurcated Coin to you receive for each of the different TBM Raids?
Bifurcated Coin
# May 15 2016 at 12:07 AM Rating: Good
166 posts
10, 20, and 40
Zare - Erollisi Marr
Zuggle - Aradune/Mangler
killed Maestro of Rancor [Plane of Hate: Revisited]
# Jan 04 2016 at 11:50 PM Rating: Good
killed Maestro of Rancor [Plane of Hate: Revisited] NO RAID COIN DROOPED BUT i CAN NOW SEE

Nelirid Wittma

You say, 'Hail, Nelirid Wittma'

Curtaincaller 510 Bifurcated Coin
Likato Fistwraps 510 Bifurcated Coin
Evensong 510 Bifurcated Coin
Six Note Blade 510 Bifurcated Coin
Lyssa`s Darkwood Piccolo 510 Bifurcated Coin
Marrow's Song 510 Bifurcated Coin
Tallow-smeared Locket 300 Bifurcated Coin
Bloodstar Pendant 300 Bifurcated Coin
Amulet of the Encore 300 Bifurcated Coin

Merchant items after defeating Emollious.
# Dec 15 2015 at 10:42 AM Rating: Excellent
102 posts
Merchant items after defeating Emollious.

Prick of Fear
Barbarian Spiritist's Hammer
Interrogator's Pestle
Halo of the Enlightened
Pauldons of Ferocity
Shawl of Protection
Cracked Bone Pauldrons
Pauldons of Power
Leatherfoot Sandals

Edited, Dec 15th 2015 11:45am by Xislaben
Xislaben The Rising Sun <Crimson Tempest>
Merchant items after defeating Emollious.
# Dec 16 2015 at 11:05 PM Rating: Excellent
102 posts
After beating 2 more T2 events, "Stem the Tide" and "Grummus!", there's no new items beyond the 9 linked above.
Xislaben The Rising Sun <Crimson Tempest>
Merchant's Items for Sale
# Dec 08 2015 at 4:00 AM Rating: Excellent
2,455 posts
This merchant has 37 items for sale using Bifurcated Coins raid currency.
We have completed all 4 raids, so this should be all that is available for the Broken Mirror, part 1.

Cost  EQIC #  Item Name 
----  ------  ------------------------------- 
 300  147360  Amulet of the Encore 
 300  147381  Bile Etched Obsidian Choker 
 300  147358  Bloodstar Pendant 
 510  147393  Bone Razor 
 300  147380  Bone-Clasped Girdle 
 300  147351  Claw of the Kerrath 
 510  147402  Curtaincaller 
 510  147396  Dark Feral Ravagers 
 300  147356  Darkbrood Mask 
 420  147398  DawnFire, Morning Star of Light 
 300  147350  Earring of Bashing 
 300  147357  Emblem of the Crystalwing 
 510  147388  Evensong 
 510  147401  Frigid Pike of Isolation 
 510  147410  Gilded Prodigal Harrier 
 300  147379  Grotesque Girdle 
 300  147354  Grudgestone of Anger 
 300  147382  Hotof's Gem 
 300  147378  Icebelt 
 510  147411  Kelin`s Seven Stringed Lute 
 510  147395  Likato Fistwraps 
 510  147413  Lyssa`s Darkwood Piccolo 
 510  147412  Marrow's Song 
 510  147400  Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind 
 510  147389  Neglection Flayer 
 300  147370  Polished Bone Ornament 
 510  147385  Shield of Rainbow Hues 
 510  147387  Six Note Blade 
 300  147377  Skinner's Belt 
 510  147405  Staff of the Earthcrafter 
 510  147403  Staff of Undead Legions 
 300  147359  Tallow-smeared Locket 
 510  147384  Thulian Stalwart Shield 
 300  147355  Triumphant Mask 
 300  147353  Trophy of the Scapegoat 
 300  147352  Twelve Tone Earstone 
 510  147406  Withered Totem of Widdershins 
----  ------  -------------------------------

NOTE: EverQuest sorts items using case sensitive (via image) while I sort case insensitive, so both Staffs swap spots in the listings.

Verification Image:
Nelirid Wittma (Raid Outfitter) in the Plane of Tranquility - Image 1 of 1 on 20151208091025

Merchant's Items for Sale
# May 15 2016 at 12:10 AM Rating: Good
166 posts
T2 and Boromas

Price list

Edited, Jun 19th 2016 2:49am by iZealot
Zare - Erollisi Marr
Zuggle - Aradune/Mangler
Merchant's Items for Sale
# Jan 12 2016 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
I was wondering how much Bifurcated Coin is awarded for the raids - you said you have completed 4 of the raids can you tell me how many Bifurcated Coin you got for each raid? Thanks
Merchant's Items for Sale
# Jan 12 2016 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
tier 1 = 10 coins, tier 2 = 20 coins, tier 3 = 40 coins
Merchant's Items for Sale
# Jan 12 2016 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
Thank you for the information. Going to take forever to before you will have enough currency to be able to buy raid gear. Thought the alt currency would have been more for these raids - bummer.
sells items locked behind The Broken Mirror Raiding
# Dec 03 2015 at 5:47 PM Rating: Good
[Thu Dec 03 17:45:53 2015] Nelirid Wittma tells you, 'I'm sorry, I don't have any items that you can use at this time. Come back and see me again once you become more accomplished.'
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