Researcher Chlearpa  

Quest NPC

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In Katta Castrum (The Buried Sea expansion), she has this to say:

You say, 'Hail, Researcher Chlearpa'

Researcher Chlearpa says 'I am a third-generation researcher and I'm not proud of what our ancestors have done. With good intentions we gave homes to those intelligent creatures in danger. You must understand, while we did hope to share knowledge, we sought not to take [advantage] in any way.'

You say, 'Advantage?'

Researcher Chlearpa says 'Yes, while we have lost other creatures we built homes for, those that we could save when the city sunk felt themselves to be our prisoners when that really is not so. For their own protection, we could not allow them to leave, but perhaps we took it too [far].'

You say, 'Too far?'

Researcher Chlearpa says 'Our city was drowned by Prexus and I would say with good cause. Without our knowledge and approval, a researcher named Pharus did experiment on the kedge, killing many and disfiguring and wounding many others. We believed Pharus to be seeking a cure for Tsaph with the kedge's aid. We were [wrong].'

You say, 'Wrong?'

Researcher Chlearpa says 'We did not learn of our misplaced trust until the city sank. We were able to question Pharus and he admitted his undertakings . . . He aimed to evolve the kedge into an air-breathing creature that would walk on two legs. Naturally, the god of the seas who fathered the kedge took [exception], and rightly so.'

You say, 'What exception?'

Researcher Chlearpa says 'Indeed. It is our place to obtain, learn, and use knowledge for the greater good. Our pact was never to harm, but to share knowledge. Even against evil, we avoid confrontation and barter knowledge. But here we failed. Now the creatures we held in kindness hate us and want us destroyed. We will perish without your help. Speak to my fellow citizens. I'm sure many of them could use your assistance.'

In Katta Castrum: Deluge (The Darkened Sea expansion), she is a part of the partisan task arc involving the zone.

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Level: 99
Expansion: The Darkened Sea
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Known Habitats:
  Katta Castrum: Deluge

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