tortured librarian  

a rare creature

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

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Level: 35
Expansion: Ruins of Kunark
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Known Habitats:
Factions Decreased:
  Brood of Kotiz -5
  Legion of Cabilis -1

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spawn spot
# Oct 23 2009 at 4:51 AM Rating: Decent
spawns at +77-420
floor level inside the library
Tortured Liberian
# Jun 06 2008 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
Tortured Liberian spawned in the library on north side. He dropped Ornate Defiant Cloth Cap, Cloth cap, and Kunzar Mantle.

confirmed timer
# Aug 21 2006 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
PH is 20 min timer, all i did was sat in the room and casted "sense dead" and put my pet to work :)
# Oct 07 2004 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
20 minute respawn for him or his placeholder
RE: Respawn?
# Dec 27 2004 at 7:57 AM Rating: Decent
Just started camping this guy on Vallon Zek, hour later after killing the initial PH and nothing...

having been there for another hour... seems like theres a Guardian of Xalgoz PH also, certainly spawned on time, and gave a negative Ven Sathir faction hit...definitely follows the 18 min timer, but could of course be just a general spawn itself...

Edited, Mon Dec 27 09:20:48 2004
RE: Respawn?
# Oct 08 2004 at 6:04 PM Rating: Decent
does anyone know if you have to have good faction with cabilis in order to do turn in for necro quest
My experience
# Jun 27 2003 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
Like many places, this can be as difficult as you make it. A good many of the mobs around the librarian seem to wander, so it does well to wait out front for them to come to you. Much easier than taking them all on.

Also PH appears to be Spectral Guardian, though may be Guardian of Xalgoz. I'm fairly certain of this.

As a 52 shaman I can pretty much solo the whole place if I'm careful. Single and double pulls are nothing, but when I get a bunch of them it can quickly get out of hand. So take it easy here and dont try to rambo the place... but then if you did that strat you wouldn't be high enough to be here
# Jun 21 2003 at 9:08 PM Rating: Default
a friend (aioros on the rathe) got me one of these when he was soling there (aioros is lvl 59 monk) anyway this rly helps int based and wis based casters.

shille is deceased.
mynameismax whatsyours
20th cast wiz on the rathe
How about some more usefull information.
# Feb 14 2003 at 1:42 PM Rating: Default
Trying not to be rude, for that is the last thing i'd wish to be though in nearly every single message board there isn't more then 2 bits of information that is usefull repeated over and over and over.. along side.. "I killed it woohoo!" it's normaly only what the creature drpos which is in the Mob's description anyways with links to the items stats.. Faction is listed too..even the quests involved with the creature.. it isn't needed to to be said 20 times over what is drops why not spend more time on more usefull information such as Spawn time.. if there are place holders.. etc etc.. Once again not to be rude but please 1-2 of the near same things is more then enough.

Edited, Fri Feb 14 13:11:59 2003
Failed Crypt Raider
# Jun 12 2002 at 12:38 AM Rating: Default
The failed crypt raider drops a no rent note that looks like a spell has anyone ever given this to the Librarian?
I was there today camping the crypt raider for my Whistling Fist scroll. Didnt know the librarian would talk to anyone. Or I might have tried it.
# May 19 2002 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
This guy gives negitive faction hit for Legion of Cabilis and Brood of Necro Iksars beware.
Why the librarian is tortured.
# Apr 16 2002 at 6:33 PM Rating: Excellent
*Platypus adjusts his shackle as he clears his throat*
Hello there, hatchlings and broodlings! It's your Uncle Platypus, the man, the monk, the Iksar! My scaly skin is covered in more bumps then usual, because I'm about to tell a fun story! Gather round, and let Uncle Platty tel the story of the Tortured Librarian. HEY! Don't pull the nice storyteller's tail... *eats the playful hatchling and burps loudly, with Iksar people looking at me in horror*. Oh, my.... Excuse me! *The commoners look relieved and go on about their business*.

Once, in a magical library called Kaesora, there lived a happy librarian. Oh, one second *reguritates the head of the Sarnak he'd devoured before storytime*. The librarian spent many happy days filing the Dewey Decimal System, day in, out out, the mind-numbing, thought-flaying, torturously boring filing, filing... filing, but he always wore a smile on his face, although this may have been because the madness he was suffering through caused dementia and the forced smile in denial, with teeth grinding and the insanity finally taking it's icy grip on him. But, one day, a playful little soft-skin came up and proceeded to rip him to shreds.Every time he would respawn, he died, but the forced grin with such tension the tendons in his neck showing everywhere, but a smile noneheless.

The sweet release of Death on his shoulders relieving him temporarily from the pure extract of dementia being poured like salt in an open wound into his bent mind kept him happy. But one day, after a record 32 softskins in succession obliterated him, another came in. But after killing him, he did horrors beyond horror: He shuffled the books out of order, knocked over the library cards, and RIPPED PAGE 10 OUT OF THE ADVENTURES OF MR. KITTY! This was too much for the librarian to bear, and all his denial broked. The painful thoughs came flooding back, and he went into a downward spiral of misery, fear, and hatred. Sadly, he didn't have the capacity of a postman, and the torment of an eternity of dementing work came upon his battered soul. But then the old demented smile came back. He could deny it.

Then a straw broke the camels back. He went into the bathroom after a full day of misery, and found: A HAIR IN HIS SOAP! He ran outside screaming, and was subsequently captured by giants, subjected to torture to horrible to mention, and starved to death. And the hair was still in his soap!

So, that's why the mea old Tortured Librarian is so mean. And, of course, the torture of mental breakdown, physical torture, and hairs in your soap will happen to all of you along the line. And then I will eat your heads if you are weak. I know where you live. You cannot hide. You all shall die! *Here, he lets out a roar, and bites the head of a hatchling in the front row, and proceeds to swallow him whole, as all the Iksar children run off screaming*.

Then, the Iksar teacher said, "Good job, Platypus! That is a really good Career Day presentation for Iksar."

Of course, a note to all you young Iksar out there, the torture the Librarian suffered can never happen to you, and such horrors can never be viewed here in Cabilis.............. sure they can't!

(I will devour you!)

RE: Why the librarian is tortured.
# Apr 06 2003 at 3:54 PM Rating: Decent
5,311 posts
I shudder to think what happened to the other librarian to make him "enraged".
"God created man from a handful of dust, and he created woman from that man's rib. And these two together were so stupid that they weren't on the planet five minutes when they managed to get a curse put on all future generations. Nice work." Pat Condell
RE: Why the librarian is tortured.
# Nov 03 2002 at 12:21 AM Rating: Decent
well that was funny in an odd twisted sort of
RE: Why the librarian is tortured.
# Apr 23 2002 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
hell yea! i love posts like that! they add spice to a rather boring, list of mostly useless flames.

spirit tome
# Mar 27 2002 at 4:05 PM Rating: Default
I was in a group last night that killed this guy three times. All three times he dropped the spirit tome. Unfortunately I am an iksar shaman, so i'm kinda worried after reading about the faction hits. I never even won a roll on the tome. Anyway, the point I was making is that it must not be very rare if it dropped three out of three times.

Matdowns Sowmeister 35 shaman of Xev
I Want
# Jan 25 2002 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default

I want this spirit tome for my wizard and i am wiling to trade some items such as Silver-Plated Leggins, Black Tome with Silver Runes, and other stuff if interested. I am on the server of Soluesk Ro and my name is Cozaic. Or e-mail me at Street Homie or at

5th Season Wizard
Iksar Amaible Hail
# Nov 21 2001 at 5:31 AM Rating: Decent
When hailed by an Iksar who is amaible..

"Return what was stolen.."
Is the tortured librarians reply.
I am an Iksar Shaman, and he does give a Cabilis faction hit if slain.

Two options:
There is a tapestry for a necromancer quest that mentions "kashora" is it is read... or there is a rare spawn mob in emerald jungle "Tome Raider" that drops a "book" .. seeing this is a library.. the book might be something to hand in.

lvl 35 monk
# Aug 23 2001 at 5:14 AM Rating: Default
Hey guys i was wondering if i could take this guy on by myself im a lvl 35 monk with a baton and a Cane of tranquil, would like to have this staff.

lvl 35 human monk /19 human mag/14 dwarf warrior
on drinal server please give me a tell if you think so )
RE: lvl 35 monk
# Aug 30 2001 at 1:09 AM Rating: Default
I dont think so. Im monk 55 now, could go down solo and kill the librarians but it was hard. Healer mobs spawn near the librarian and one or two almost always joins the fight. The librarian himself if kinda weak, goes down fast, but if he gets one or two healers helping its get real hard.

#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 23 2001 at 5:13 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hey guys i was wondering if i could take this guy on by myself im a lvl 35 monk with a baton and a Cane of tranquil, would like to have this staff.
RE: lvl 35 monk
# Oct 12 2001 at 11:31 PM Rating: Default
He's right you'll get you *** whooped!

Garudin Frostpaw
lvl 30 Shaman
Rodect Nife Server
Iksar beware
# Jul 09 2001 at 1:36 PM Rating: Good
The tortured librarian has legion of cabalis and the iksar shaman guild faction hits if you kill him. Just the tortured librarian not the spectral one. Found out the hard way last night when he conned amiable. So I logged real quick to check faction and it wasnt listed here. Logged back on killed him took the faction.. so all you iksars out there just be careful.
Need Help
# May 11 2001 at 12:42 PM Rating: Default
I have a friend with a 36 druid can he get the spirit tome or would it be to high for him.
Actual Drops
# Sep 13 2000 at 7:36 AM Rating: Good
The drops are Sages Battle Staff (25damage, 40dly Monk Only), Spirit Tome (6wis, 6int *Drops off spectral librarian as well). It also dropped a chain shoulder piece which was melee only and nodrop (So I didn't loot it)... I don't see it listed anywhere but it's stats were something like ac6 3dex 3agi 3wis.
RE: Actual Drops
# Sep 13 2000 at 7:39 AM Rating: Default
My eyes must be fried... it's the Kunzar Mantle it drops (AC7, 3dex, 3wis, 3agi NODROP)
RE: Actual Drops
# Oct 20 2000 at 6:55 PM Rating: Default
its not melee only... a druid and cleric can wear it as well =)
# Sep 09 2000 at 1:58 PM Rating: Default
Dropped a spectral shroud last night, goes in the back slot. Don't know what the stats were, someone else in group got it.
RE: Drops
# Dec 04 2000 at 3:42 PM Rating: Default
Stats are AC 5, +5 vs Magic and Poison.
# Aug 25 2000 at 9:54 AM Rating: Default
This creature also drops the kunzar mantel AC 7, +3 dex, +3 wis, +3 agil. Wt. 4.5 magic, lore, no drop. Classes: B, C, D, Mk, P, Ra, Ro, Sk, Sm, Wr. Happy Hunting
Monk weapon
# Jul 18 2000 at 7:15 AM Rating: Default
We got one of these monk weapons off the reaver of Xalgoz
Dutch 52 Cavalier (formerly of Grey Hawke on Karana) *defected to Terris Thule*
Monk 2hb Staff
# Jun 30 2000 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
Drops a 2hb monk only staff. Very heavy, 7.5 or so....we sold two of them to vendors for 365 pp each!

Myron Trueheart,
Guildmaster of The Chosen Few
# Jun 27 2000 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
It also drops a monk only weapon 2hb 19 dam 41 del and some stats
Sprit Tome
# Jun 20 2000 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
Spirit Tome dropped for us last night. +6 INT, +6 WIS.
# Jun 18 2000 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
This mob also has a chance of dropping a spirit tome...
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