Weaponsmaster Lidelf [ Tier 4 Raid Merchant ]  

Adventure Merchant
Tier 4 Raid Merchant

Uploaded August 28th, 2013 by Slahr

Formerly known as "Crusader Tolsk."

Located at 440, 45, 2 (map -- southwestern part of the crater).

For all things Rain of Fear, see this overview of the expansion.

On the T4 vendor, spell terrormotes are worth 45 Dreadstones; chest pieces are worth 180; leg pieces are worth 162; arms pieces are worth 153; head pieces are worth 144; boots and gloves are worth 135 each; and bracers are worth 108.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 95
Expansion: Rain of Fear
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Items Available (207):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Ageless Cape 72Dreadstones
Ageless Cloak 72Dreadstones
Ageless Mantle 72Dreadstones
Airy Ribbon of Indifference 72Dreadstones
Apparition-Skin Pauldrons 72Dreadstones
Apt Disguise of Tormenting Reach 72Dreadstones
Bit of Fright 72Dreadstones
Blackened Band of Oscura 72Dreadstones
Blood-Chiller Shawl 72Dreadstones
Byrnstud, the Frayed Bone 72Dreadstones
Carved Rod of Loathing 72Dreadstones
Chillcloak 72Dreadstones
Chip of Misery 72Dreadstones
Choker of Gasping Breaths 72Dreadstones
Cincture of Eternal Banality 72Dreadstones
Circlet of the Ebon Evoker 72Dreadstones
Collar of the Entangled Beast 72Dreadstones
Cunning Opera Mask of the Baritone 72Dreadstones
Darkness' Chill 72Dreadstones
Darkthorn, Bow of Deadly Rain 135Dreadstones
Dazzling Belt of Plundered Amethyst 72Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Armwraps 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Cowl 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Tunic 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Wristband 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Dragonbrood Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Bracer 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Breastplate 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Greaves 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Helm 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Exarch Vambraces 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Cap 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Pants 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Robe 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Sandals 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Flameweaver Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Cap 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Pants 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Robe 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Sandals 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Frostfire Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Bracer 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Breastplate 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Greaves 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Helm 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Illuminator Vambraces 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Bracer 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Breastplate 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Greaves 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Helm 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Legionnaire Vambraces 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Armwraps 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Cowl 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Tunic 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Lifewalker Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Bracer 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Breastplate 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Greaves 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Helm 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Loremaster Vambraces 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Cap 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Pants 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Robe 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Sandals 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Mindlock Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Coat 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Coif 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Natureward Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Coat 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Coif 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Shadowscale Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Armwraps 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Chestwraps 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Cowl 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulforge Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Bracer 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Breastplate 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Greaves 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Helm 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Vambraces 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulrender Wristband 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Cap 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Gloves 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Pants 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Robe 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Sandals 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Wristband 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Soulslaver Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Coat 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Coif 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Wrist Band 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Spiritwalker Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Boots 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Coat 180Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Coif 144Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Gauntlets 135Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Leggings 162Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Sleeves 153Dreadstones
Dreadweave Warmonger Wristguard 108Dreadstones
Drelan, the Spires of Sagacity 72Dreadstones
Eylcall, Tear of Scorned 72Dreadstones
Fear Shard Pauldrons 72Dreadstones
Fear of the Monarch 72Dreadstones
Fearbrand 135Dreadstones
Fibrous Blindfold of Resentful Frenzy 72Dreadstones
Fypsalm, the Last Note 72Dreadstones
Fyrlight, the Stone Bloom 72Dreadstones
Gaudy Girdle of Aimless Brawn 72Dreadstones
Gem of Concentrated Terror 72Dreadstones
Glowing Terrormote 45Dreadstones
Gold-Trimmed Cummerbund of Sorrow 72Dreadstones
Gorget of Suffocation 72Dreadstones
Greater Terrormote 45Dreadstones
Hand of Xaric 135Dreadstones
Horrorsilk Mantle 72Dreadstones
Hyrhymn, Loop of Moral Fortitude 72Dreadstones
Kerchief of the Fear-Monger 72Dreadstones
Key of Memory 90Dreadstones
Lesser Terrormote 45Dreadstones
Lithe Gem of Effortless Plasticity 90Dreadstones
M`ntongo, the Ever-Watching Aegis 90Dreadstones
Mantle of the Heart 72Dreadstones
Mask of Feral Scorn 72Dreadstones
Mask of Ulrich 72Dreadstones
Mask of the Nimble Mind 72Dreadstones
Median Terrormote 45Dreadstones
Milratus, the Heart's Fang 162Dreadstones
Minor Terrormote 45Dreadstones
Nalem the Sting 135Dreadstones
Noose of Dreadful Endings 72Dreadstones
Ogier, Greatblade of Thule 162Dreadstones
Pauldrons of Cazic-Thule's Defender 72Dreadstones
Perpetual Boon Mantle of Retort 72Dreadstones
Poisoned Shawl 72Dreadstones
Prestigious Sash of Drudgery 72Dreadstones
Putryl, Jagged Hoop of Heresy 72Dreadstones
Rage of the Widow 72Dreadstones
Ribbon of the Severed 72Dreadstones
Rosary of the Silent Song 72Dreadstones
Sarous, Loop of the Spirit's Solstice 72Dreadstones
Shadecloak 72Dreadstones
Shard of Anguish 72Dreadstones
Shawl of Apparitions 72Dreadstones
Shemagh of Sagacity 72Dreadstones
Shivercloak 72Dreadstones
Shred of Anxiety 72Dreadstones
Shroud of the True Believer 72Dreadstones
Signet of Fear 72Dreadstones
Simple Sash of Surreptitiousness 72Dreadstones
Skirsong, the Imbalanced Conscience 72Dreadstones
Slice of Dread 72Dreadstones
Sliver of Darkness 72Dreadstones
Sliver of Madness 72Dreadstones
Spider-Silk Cloak 72Dreadstones
Spittu, Vexing Face Mask of Obstinance 72Dreadstones
Stalwart Aversion Mask 72Dreadstones
Sturdy Strap of the Dreary 72Dreadstones
Swirling Orb of Obscurity 72Dreadstones
Terrorguard, Aegis of Pain 90Dreadstones
Thrice-Woven Girdle of Immensity 72Dreadstones
Throat-Strangler 72Dreadstones
Toba`o the Fearless 108Dreadstones
Tolvak, the Dirk of Madness 135Dreadstones
Totem of Burning Dread 72Dreadstones
Vairos, the Savior's Aegis 90Dreadstones
Vilwind, the Silent Step 72Dreadstones
Visage of Hatred 72Dreadstones
Widow's Fang 72Dreadstones
Wrap of the Fear Beast 72Dreadstones

Known Habitats:
  Shard's Landing

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Lidelf = Faldil
# Oct 23 2013 at 10:27 PM Rating: Good
44 posts
It should be noted and known that Lidelf is a dedication to a dedicated raider on the Rathe named Faldil who died after a struggle with cancer. His last wish as a closer friend of his told me, was to beat all of the content that was released at the time of his death (T4 HoF).

It was fitting and is still appropriate that Lidelf be placed here (and they lifted his template straight from Faldil). Saying his name to Lidelf yields a special message for friends and family - it has been in for several months at this point so I think it appropriate to reveal that information now. Hopefully those who knew him will agree that it's good that his memory lives on and that the message should not always remain private - he was a great member of our community.
Crusader Tolsk is no more
# Aug 27 2013 at 7:37 PM Rating: Good
22 posts
His name is now Weaponmaster Lidelf, as can be observed in the screenshot above.

Edited, Aug 27th 2013 9:42pm by Slahr
Items available after the 2nd raid
# Jul 21 2013 at 10:15 PM Rating: Good
27 posts
Items available after beating the second raid in HoF (Memories of the Faceless):

Milratus, the Heart's Fang - 162 Dreadstones
Tolvak, the Dirk of Madness - 135 Dreadstones
Vairos, the Savior's Aegis - 90 Dreadstones
Simple Sash of Surreptitiousness - 72 Dreadstones
Dazzling Belt of Plundered Amethyst - 72 Dreadstones
Gaudy Girdle of Aimless Brawn - 72 Dreadstones
Airy Ribbon of Indifference - 72 Dreadstones
Prestigious Sash of Drudgery - 72 Dreadstones
Sturdy Strap of the Dreary - 72 Dreadstones
Cincture of Eternal Banality - 72 Dreadstones
Gold-Trimmed Cummerbund of Sorrow - 72 Dreadstones
Thrice-Woven Girdle of Immensity - 72 Dreadstones
Putryl, Jagged Hoop of Heresy - 72 Dreadstones
Vilwind, the Silent Step - 72 Dreadstones
Fypsalm, the Last Note - 72 Dreadstones
Byrnstud, the Frayed Bone - 72 Dreadstones
Fyrlight, the Stone Bloom - 72 Dreadstones
Drelan, the Spires of Sagacity - 72 Dreadstones
Hyrhymn, Loop of Moral Fortitude - 72 Dreadstones
Eylcall, Tear of Scorned - 72 Dreadstones
Sarous, Loop of the Spirit's Solstice - 72 Dreadstones
Skirsong, the Imbalanced Conscience - 72 Dreadstones

Items available after 1st raid
# Jul 18 2013 at 2:09 PM Rating: Good
27 posts
Items available after beating the first raid in HoF (Glimpse, the Unseen):

Apt Disguise of Tormenting Reach - 72 Dreadstones
Blackened Band of Oscura - 72 Dreadstones
Choker of Gasping Breaths - 72 Dreadstones
Collar of the Entangled Beast - 72 Dreadstones
Cunning Opera Mask of the Baritone - 72 Dreadstones
Fearbrand - 135 Dreadstones
Fibrous Blindfold of Resentful Frenzy - 72 Dreadstones
Gorget of Suffocation - 72 Dreadstones
Kerchief of the Fear-Monger - 72 Dreadstones
M`ntongo, the Ever-Watching Aegis - 90 Dreadstones
Mask of Feral Scorn - 72 Dreadstones
Mask of the Nimble Mind - 72 Dreadstones
Nalem the Sting - 135 Dreadstones
Noose of Dreadful Endings - 72 Dreadstones
Ribbon of the Severed - 72 Dreadstones
Rosary of the Silent Song - 72 Dreadstones
Shemagh of Sagacity - 72 Dreadstones
Spittu, Vexing Face Mask of Obstinance - 72 Dreadstones
Stalwart Aversion Mask - 72 Dreadstones
Throat-Strangler - 72 Dreadstones
Toba`o the Fearless - 108 Dreadstones
Visage of Hatred - 72 Dreadstones

Edited, Jul 20th 2013 9:53am by Kanamori
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