Serroth Dantor [ Tier 3 Raid Merchant ]  

Adventure Merchant

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Updated April 18th, 2013

For all things Rain of Fear, see this overview of the expansion.

  • This mob spawns at 200, 115, 3.
  • Located behind Harbinger Glask's tent.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 99
Expansion: Rain of Fear
NPC Added: 2013-04-18 03:12:14
NPC Last Updated: 2020-06-06 01:47:39
Items Available (221):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Anonymous Shroud 48Shadowstones
Azure Ring of the Spiritualist 48Shadowstones
Balefire Brand 48Shadowstones
Belt of Living Rage 48Shadowstones
Blackened Branches 48Shadowstones
Blade Deflector Guardbrace 48Shadowstones
Bloodspirit Veil 48Shadowstones
Bloody Wraps 48Shadowstones
Calcified Rage 48Shadowstones
Cerulean Cloak 48Shadowstones
Chanter's Appeal 48Shadowstones
Choker of Moonlit Tranquility 48Shadowstones
Cincture of the Hidden Moon 48Shadowstones
Cord of the Unseen 48Shadowstones
Crescent Band of Wrath 48Shadowstones
Crescent Staff of the Shissar 72Shadowstones
Crys Dator, Wand of Indentured 90Shadowstones
Curio of Scintillation 48Shadowstones
Droplet of Light 48Shadowstones
Earring of Shattered Light 48Shadowstones
Earring of Watchful Shadows 48Shadowstones
Earring of Wrathful Shade 48Shadowstones
Eom Draues, Longbow of Torment 90Shadowstones
Firebreather's Goggles 48Shadowstones
Flowing Blacklight Sash 48Shadowstones
Gaze of the Gladiator 48Shadowstones
Gladiator's Bastion 48Shadowstones
Gloomscale Mask 48Shadowstones
Glowing Terrormote 30Shadowstones
Greater Terrormote 30Shadowstones
Icon of the Silent Assassin 48Shadowstones
Inlaid Band of Dominance 48Shadowstones
Jade Ring of War 48Shadowstones
Lesser Terrormote 30Shadowstones
Light-Touched Necklace 48Shadowstones
Locket of Dancing Shadow 48Shadowstones
Locket of the Darkwalker 48Shadowstones
Lone Walker's Cloak 48Shadowstones
Loop of Infinite Shadow 48Shadowstones
Luclinite Stud 48Shadowstones
Median Terrormote 30Shadowstones
Minor Terrormote 30Shadowstones
Moon-Phase Piercing 48Shadowstones
Moonbeam Clasp 48Shadowstones
Moonfire Sash 48Shadowstones
Moonstone Choker 48Shadowstones
Netherborn Sash 48Shadowstones
Nightguard Girdle 48Shadowstones
Nightsong Ornament 48Shadowstones
Pale Blue Ribbon 48Shadowstones
Pale Luclinite Torq 48Shadowstones
Pearl of the Diabo 48Shadowstones
Pendant of Darkened Frenzy 48Shadowstones
Pli Teka, Lance of Pure Pain 120Shadowstones
Polished Band of the Vindicator 48Shadowstones
Polished Verdant Blade 90Shadowstones
Punctured Faceguard 48Shadowstones
Quintessence of Shadow 60Shadowstones
Rigid Binders 48Shadowstones
Ring of Gohedgu 48Shadowstones
Ring of the Dead Fish 48Shadowstones
Rival Gladiator's Heart 48Shadowstones
Rod of Dark Rites 240Shadowstones
Rough Jute Cloak 48Shadowstones
Rune-Etched Ring 48Shadowstones
Scaled Guise 48Shadowstones
Scorched Chitin Faceguard 48Shadowstones
Shade-Wreathed Earring 48Shadowstones
Shadow-Splinted Cloak 48Shadowstones
Shadowborne Cloak 48Shadowstones
Shadowrent Cloak 48Shadowstones
Shadowtone Cloak 48Shadowstones
Sharp Palladium Band 48Shadowstones
Shimmering Hoop of Light 48Shadowstones
Silent Veil 48Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Armwraps 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Cowl 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Tunic 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Wristband 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Dragonbrood Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Bracer 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Breastplate 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Greaves 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Helm 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Exarch Vambraces 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Cap 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Pants 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Robe 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Sandals 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Flameweaver Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Cap 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Pants 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Robe 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Sandals 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Frostfire Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Bracer 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Breastplate 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Greaves 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Helm 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Illuminator Vambraces 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Bracer 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Breastplate 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Greaves 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Helm 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Legionnaire Vambraces 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Armwraps 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Cowl 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Tunic 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Lifewalker Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Bracer 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Breastplate 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Greaves 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Helm 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Loremaster Vambraces 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Cap 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Pants 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Robe 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Sandals 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Mindlock Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Coat 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Coif 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Natureward Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Coat 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Coif 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Shadowscale Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Armwraps 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Chestwraps 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Cowl 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulforge Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Bracer 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Breastplate 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Greaves 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Helm 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Vambraces 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulrender Wristband 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Cap 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Gloves 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Pants 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Robe 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Sandals 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Wristband 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Soulslaver Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Coat 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Coif 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Wrist Band 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Spiritwalker Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Boots 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Coat 120Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Coif 96Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Gauntlets 90Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Leggings 108Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Sleeves 102Shadowstones
Silvershade Warmonger Wristguard 72Shadowstones
Slithersong 48Shadowstones
Smiling Porcelain Mask 48Shadowstones
Sorrowsong Sash 48Shadowstones
Sticky Spaulder 48Shadowstones
Talisman of the Bloodsworn 48Shadowstones
The Crippler 240Shadowstones
The People's Burden 48Shadowstones
Thox Tatrua, Ulak of the Quick Death 90Shadowstones
Token of the Conjoined Spirit 48Shadowstones
Totem of Inner Tranquility 48Shadowstones
Umbral-Hooded Shawl 48Shadowstones
Umbralforge Shield 60Shadowstones
Verdant Claws of the Soul 90Shadowstones
Verdant Coiled Blade 120Shadowstones
Verdant Curved Blade 90Shadowstones
Verdant Heartpiercer 90Shadowstones
Verdant Mace of the Vicar 90Shadowstones
Verdant Neckcracker 90Shadowstones
Verdant Serpentine Bow 90Shadowstones
Verdant Shield of the Shissar 60Shadowstones
Verdant Spear of the Shissar 108Shadowstones
Victor's Bloody Pauldrons 48Shadowstones
Vius Xiall, Hammer of Dawn 90Shadowstones
Vol Tekar, Edge of Light 90Shadowstones
War-Torn Badge of Scale 48Shadowstones
Woven Shawl of Rage 48Shadowstones
Xau Kaas, Blade of Souls 90Shadowstones
Xau Tekar, Blade of Night 90Shadowstones
Xenu Xakra, Staff of Unlife 90Shadowstones
Xin Xakreum, Baton of the War Spirit 72Shadowstones

Known Habitats:
  Shard's Landing

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Plane of Shadow: Dispelling the Shadows
# Apr 22 2013 at 11:16 PM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Beating Plane of Shadow: Dispelling the Shadows raid unlocks the following 50 items to buy with Shadowstones:

Item(139471): Belt of Living Rage - 48
Item(139441): Cerulean Cloak - 48
Item(139425): Choker of Moonlit Tranquility - 48
Item(139466): Cincture of the Hidden Moon - 48
Item(139473): Cord of the Unseen - 48
Item(139462): Crescent Band of Wrath - 48
Item(139492): Crys Dator, Wand of Indentured - 90
Item(139402): Droplet of Light - 48
Item(139406): Earring of Shattered Light - 48
Item(139403): Earring of Watchful Shadows - 48
Item(139400): Earring of Wrathful Shade - 48
Item(139498): Eom Draues, Longbow of Torment - 90
Item(139470): Flowing Blacklight Sash - 48
Item(139423): Light-Touched Necklace - 48
Item(139428): Locket of Dancing Shadow - 48
Item(139424): Locket of the Darkwalker - 48
Item(139443): Lone Walker's Cloak - 48
Item(139408): Loop of Infinite Shadow - 48
Item(139405): Luclinite Stud - 48
Item(139409): Moon-Phase Piercing - 48
Item(139422): Moonbeam Clasp - 48
Item(139467): Moonfire Sash - 48
Item(139421): Moonstone Choker - 48
Item(139469): Netherborn Sash - 48
Item(139465): Nightguard Girdle - 48
Item(139427): Nightsong Ornament - 48
Item(139468): Pale Blue Ribbon - 48
Item(139420): Pale Luclinite Torq - 48
Item(139404): Pearl of the Diabo - 48
Item(139426): Pendant of Darkened Frenzy - 48
Item(139494): Pli Teka, Lance of Pure Pain - 120
Item(139474): Quintessence of Shadow - 60
Item(139442): Rough Jute Cloak - 48
Item(139401): Shade-Wreathed Earring - 48
Item(139438): Shadow-Splinted Cloak - 48
Item(139439): Shadowborne Cloak - 48
Item(139446): Shadowrent Cloak - 48
Item(139445): Shadowtone Cloak - 48
Item(139407): Shimmering Hoop of Light - 48
Item(139472): Sorrowsong Sash - 48
Item(139489): Thox Tatrua, Ulak of the Quick Death - 90
Item(139440): Umbral-Hooded Shawl - 48
Item(139477): Umbralforge Shield - 60
Item(139485): Vius Xiall, Hammer of Dawn - 90
Item(139482): Vol Tekar, Edge of Light - 90
Item(139444): Woven Shawl of Rage - 48
Item(139487): Xau Kaas, Blade of Souls - 90
Item(139480): Xau Tekar, Blade of Night - 90
Item(139497): Xenu Xakra, Staff of Unlife - 90
Item(139490): Xin Xakreum, Baton of the War Spirit - 72

Verification images (pink lined items were previously accounted for):

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Chelsith Reborn: Champions of the People
# Apr 22 2013 at 10:07 PM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Beating Chelsith Reborn: Champions of the People raid unlocks the following 49 items to buy with Shadowstones:

Item(139419): Anonymous Shroud - 48
Item(139461): Azure Ring of the Spiritualist - 48
Item(139449): Balefire Brand - 48
Item(139433): Blackened Branches - 48
Item(139434): Blade Deflector Guardbrace - 48
Item(139412): Bloodspirit Veil - 48
Item(139431): Bloody Wraps - 48
Item(139453): Calcified Rage - 48
Item(139432): Chanter's Appeal - 48
Item(139496): Crecent Staff of the Shissar - 72
Item(139462): Crescent Band of Wrath - 48
Item(139450): Curio of Scintillation - 48
Item(139413): Fire-breather's Goggles - 48
Item(139417): Gaze of the Gladiator - 48
Item(139430): Gladiator's Bastion - 48
Item(139411): Gloomscale Mask - 48
Item(139455): Icon of the Silent Assassin - 48
Item(139460): Inlaid Band of Dominance - 48
Item(139458): Jade Ring of War - 48
Item(139456): Polished Band of the Vindicator - 48
Item(139483): Polished Verdant Blade - 90
Item(139416): Punctured Faceguard - 48
Item(139436): Rigid Binders - 48
Item(139457): Ring of Gohedgu - 48
Item(139459): Ring of the Dead Fish - 48
Item(139475): Rival Gladiator's Heart - 48
Item(139463): Rune-Etched Ring - 48
Item(139415): Scaled Guise - 48
Item(139410): Scorched Chitin Faceguard - 48
Item(139464): Sharp Palladium Band - 48
Item(139414): Silent Veil - 48
Item(139454): Slithersong - 48
Item(139418): Smiling Porcelain Mask - 48
Item(139437): Sticky Spaulder - 48
Item(139448): Talisman of the Bloodsworn - 48
Item(139429): The People's Burden - 48
Item(139451): Token of the Conjoined Spirit - 48
Item(139452): Totem of Inner Tranquility - 48
Item(139488): Verdant Claws of the Soul - 90
Item(139493): Verdant Coiled Blade - 120
Item(139481): Verdant Curved Blade - 90
Item(139486): Verdant Heartpiercer - 90
Item(139491): Verdant Mace of the Vicar - 90
Item(139484): Verdant Neckcracker - 90
Item(139499): Verdant Serpentine Bow - 90
Item(139476): Verdant Shield of the Shissar - 60
Item(139495): Verdant Spear of the Shissar - 108
Item(139435): Victor's Bloody Pauldrons - 48
Item(139447): War-Torn Badge of Scale - 48

Verification images (pink lined items were previously accounted for):

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
List of Items on Merchant
# Apr 18 2013 at 10:35 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
This is seen by all people but requires Shadowstones to buy:

Item(76559): Glowing Terrormote - 30
Item(76558): Greater Terrormote - 30
Item(76556): Lesser Terrormote - 30
Item(76557): Median Terrormote - 30
Item(76555): Minor Terrormote - 30
Item(139623): Silvershade Dragonbrood Armwraps - 102
Item(139621): Silvershade Dragonbrood Boots - 90
Item(139622): Silvershade Dragonbrood Cowl - 96
Item(139620): Silvershade Dragonbrood Gloves - 90
Item(139624): Silvershade Dragonbrood Leggings - 108
Item(139625): Silvershade Dragonbrood Tunic - 120
Item(139636): Silvershade Dragonbrood Wristband - 72
Item(139619): Silvershade Dragonbrood Wristguard - 72
Item(139537): Silvershade Exarch Boots - 90
Item(139535): Silvershade Exarch Bracer - 72
Item(139541): Silvershade Exarch Breastplate - 120
Item(139536): Silvershade Exarch Gauntlets - 90
Item(139540): Silvershade Exarch Greaves - 108
Item(139538): Silvershade Exarch Helm - 96
Item(139539): Silvershade Exarch Vambraces - 102
Item(139608): Silvershade Flameweaver Cap - 96
Item(139606): Silvershade Flameweaver Gloves - 90
Item(139610): Silvershade Flameweaver Pants - 108
Item(139611): Silvershade Flameweaver Robe - 120
Item(139607): Silvershade Flameweaver Sandals - 90
Item(139609): Silvershade Flameweaver Sleeves - 102
Item(139605): Silvershade Flameweaver Wristguard - 72
Item(139601): Silvershade Frostfire Cap - 96
Item(139599): Silvershade Frostfire Gloves - 90
Item(139603): Silvershade Frostfire Pants - 108
Item(139604): Silvershade Frostfire Robe - 120
Item(139600): Silvershade Frostfire Sandals - 90
Item(139602): Silvershade Frostfire Sleeves - 102
Item(139598): Silvershade Frostfire Wristguard - 72
Item(139530): Silvershade Illuminator Boots - 90
Item(139528): Silvershade Illuminator Bracer - 72
Item(139534): Silvershade Illuminator Breastplate - 120
Item(139529): Silvershade Illuminator Gauntlets - 90
Item(139533): Silvershade Illuminator Greaves - 108
Item(139531): Silvershade Illuminator Helm - 96
Item(139532): Silvershade Illuminator Vambraces - 102
Item(139523): Silvershade Legionnaire Boots - 90
Item(139521): Silvershade Legionnaire Bracer - 72
Item(139527): Silvershade Legionnaire Breastplate - 120
Item(139522): Silvershade Legionnaire Gauntlets - 90
Item(139526): Silvershade Legionnaire Greaves - 108
Item(139524): Silvershade Legionnaire Helm - 96
Item(139525): Silvershade Legionnaire Vambraces - 102
Item(139560): Silvershade Lifewalker Armwraps - 102
Item(139558): Silvershade Lifewalker Boots - 90

Verification image:

List of Items on Merchant
# Apr 18 2013 at 10:40 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Part 2 of 3:

Item(139559): Silvershade Lifewalker Cowl - 96
Item(139557): Silvershade Lifewalker Gloves - 90
Item(139561): Silvershade Lifewalker Leggings - 108
Item(139562): Silvershade Lifewalker Tunic - 120
Item(139556): Silvershade Lifewalker Wristguard - 72
Item(139572): Silvershade Loremaster Boots - 90
Item(139570): Silvershade Loremaster Bracer - 72
Item(139576): Silvershade Loremaster Breastplate - 120
Item(139571): Silvershade Loremaster Gauntlets - 90
Item(139575): Silvershade Loremaster Greaves - 108
Item(139573): Silvershade Loremaster Helm - 96
Item(139574): Silvershade Loremaster Vambraces - 102
Item(139615): Silvershade Mindlock Cap - 96
Item(139613): Silvershade Mindlock Gloves - 90
Item(139617): Silvershade Mindlock Pants - 108
Item(139618): Silvershade Mindlock Robe - 120
Item(139614): Silvershade Mindlock Sandals - 90
Item(139616): Silvershade Mindlock Sleeves - 102
Item(139612): Silvershade Mindlock Wristguard - 72
Item(139544): Silvershade Natureward Boots - 90
Item(139548): Silvershade Natureward Coat - 120
Item(139545): Silvershade Natureward Coif - 96
Item(139543): Silvershade Natureward Gauntlets - 90
Item(139547): Silvershade Natureward Leggings - 108
Item(139546): Silvershade Natureward Sleeves - 102
Item(139542): Silvershade Natureward Wristguard - 72
Item(139579): Silvershade Shadowscale Boots - 90
Item(139583): Silvershade Shadowscale Coat - 120
Item(139580): Silvershade Shadowscale Coif - 96
Item(139578): Silvershade Shadowscale Gauntlets - 90
Item(139582): Silvershade Shadowscale Leggings - 108
Item(139581): Silvershade Shadowscale Sleeves - 102
Item(139577): Silvershade Shadowscale Wristguard - 72
Item(139567): Silvershade Soulforge Armwraps - 102
Item(139565): Silvershade Soulforge Boots - 90
Item(139569): Silvershade Soulforge Chestwraps - 120
Item(139566): Silvershade Soulforge Cowl - 96
Item(139564): Silvershade Soulforge Gloves - 90
Item(139568): Silvershade Soulforge Leggings - 108
Item(139563): Silvershade Soulforge Wristguard - 72
Item(139551): Silvershade Soulrender Boots - 90
Item(139549): Silvershade Soulrender Bracer - 72
Item(139555): Silvershade Soulrender Breastplate - 120
Item(139550): Silvershade Soulrender Gauntlets - 90
Item(139554): Silvershade Soulrender Greaves - 108
Item(139552): Silvershade Soulrender Helm - 96
Item(139553): Silvershade Soulrender Vambraces - 102
Item(139633): Silvershade Soulrender Wristband - 72
Item(139594): Silvershade Soulslaver Cap - 96

Verification image:

List of Items on Merchant
# Apr 18 2013 at 10:48 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Part 3 of 3:

Item(139592): Silvershade Soulslaver Gloves - 90
Item(139596): Silvershade Soulslaver Pants - 108
Item(139597): Silvershade Soulslaver Robe - 120
Item(139593): Silvershade Soulslaver Sandals - 90
Item(139595): Silvershade Soulslaver Sleeves - 102
Item(139635): Silvershade Soulslaver Wristband - 72
Item(139591): Silvershade Soulslaver Wristguard - 72
Item(139586): Silvershade Spiritwalker Boots - 90
Item(139590): Silvershade Spiritwalker Coat - 120
Item(139587): Silvershade Spiritwalker Coif - 96
Item(139585): Silvershade Spiritwalker Gauntlets - 90
Item(139589): Silvershade Spiritwalker Leggings - 108
Item(139588): Silvershade Spiritwalker Sleeves - 102
Item(139634): Silvershade Spiritwalker Wrist Band - 72
Item(139584): Silvershade Spiritwalker Wristguard - 72
Item(139628): Silvershade Warmonger Boots - 90
Item(139632): Silvershade Warmonger Coat - 120
Item(139629): Silvershade Warmonger Coif - 96
Item(139627): Silvershade Warmonger Gauntlets - 90
Item(139631): Silvershade Warmonger Leggings - 108
Item(139630): Silvershade Warmonger Sleeves - 102
Item(139626): Silvershade Warmonger Wristguard - 72

Verification image:

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