George Steeplechase [ Anniversary Quest ]  


Uploaded April 6th, 2013 by Byren

  • This mob spawns at +204, -132.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

He's the Qeynos NPC for the EQ Fifth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

You say, 'Hail, George Steeplechase'

George Steeplechase says, 'Hail to you! Step right up! Step right up! You look like you could use one of the new fireworks we just got in stock! Oh, wait a minute. Are you an [adventurer]?'

You say, 'adventurer'

George Steeplechase looks you up and down. 'I knew it! I can spot an adventurer from a mile away! How would you like to win this shiny staff I'm holding? It only requires a small undertaking, you know, gathering a few trinkets for me. Nothing could be simpler and you'll soon have your very own Staff of Endless Adventures! Are you [interested]?'

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Level: 50
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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Goods sold (20):
[Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item] [Seasonal Item]
icon Alcohol-Free Hard Lemonade 0 Money
icon Commemorative Copper Coin 0 Money
icon Festive Doll 0 Money
icon Firework: Dancing Lights 2gp 5sp 1cp
icon Firework: Ice Dance 2gp 5sp 1cp
icon Firework: Phantom Fire 2gp 5sp 1cp
icon Firework: Typhoon Dragon 2gp 5sp 1cp
icon Firework: Volcano Burst 2gp 5sp 1cp
icon Free Beer 0 Money
icon Hard Candy 0 Money
icon Hard Nectar 0 Money
icon Keg of Five-Year-Old Ale 0 Money
icon Loaf of Baked Jumjum 0 Money
icon Party Cake 0 Money
icon Roach Crunchies 0 Money
icon Spiced Lager 0 Money
icon Stately Ale 0 Money
icon The Luckiest Cabbage 5pp 4gp 5sp 9cp
icon Whirling Bottle 0 Money
icon White Chocolate Cookies [Now brownie free!] 0 Money

Known Habitats:
  South Qeynos

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