a scorpikis  


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Warning, killing these shadowknights will make you very unpopular in the outpost in overthere.

The Overthere (RoS):

  • Mob sees through invisibility: No

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Minimum Level: 32
Maximum Level: 36
Expansion: Ruins of Kunark
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# Dec 24 2014 at 11:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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Venril Sathir -1
# Jul 09 2007 at 8:09 AM Rating: Decent
Just had one of these guys drop

Shattered Stone Ring

Magic, Lore
Class:War, Clr, Pal, Rng, Shd, Dru, Shm, Nec, Wiz, Mag, Enc, Ber
Race: All

Size: Small
Weight: 0.5
Recommended level: 25
Required level: 20

AC: 4
HP: 10
Mana: 15
STR: 3
INT: 2
WIS: 2
Sv Magic: 4

Slot 1, Type 7:
# Oct 08 2006 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
ok u guys beware of killing by the two guards if they con good to u. ojne was grey to me with my 51 sk i wantted to check it out. ok i pulled him then after about 1 min or so he was down to 30% health. there were 5 goons attacking me i fd then after a min got up the death came 1 more finished me off:(

and they 2 guards con as allys to me
# Nov 04 2003 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
Lol these little SK's made great kites for my dark elf necro, you can knock donw about 4 at a time just roaming in the canyon and into the temples...great exp because you kill multiple blues fast and non stop...only problem is now my big golem friend in ot wants to crush me into a fine paste, sigh wish i paid attention to my faction hits more.
What the....?
# Jan 04 2003 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
As far as roleplaying goes, is this an example of one of the "experiments" the wierd sathir guy (or whoever) in the kunark manual story created? I noticed the same thing with drachnids (a dark elf and spider) and these things are ikkys mixed with a scorpion. I've never fought these guys so just wondering if anyone happens to know.
Faction and see-invisible
# May 29 2002 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
None of the scorpikis were able to see my invisible troll SK while I wandered around down there. And they were apprehensive when my invis dropped (same con as the Danak outpost). The only scorps that were KoS are the 2 named at the SW end up on top of the chasm wall (inbetween 4 columns).

There's around 15-25 in the chasm, and probably another 25-50 in the various temple tunnels. (There are 4 temples, EQAtlas only shows 3 of the location.) The higher level named were all inside the temples and I didn't seem them wander outside.

Since I'm on VS faction, I didn't go around killing any (besides, they were all red cons to my level 31 SK).
# Apr 11 2002 at 2:11 AM Rating: Default
I a 41 Iksar warrior with FBSS, SSoY, LSoEE and not that good armor took one of these at half health. I think it was mostly because i never saw him cast a spell, i think they come in different classes. They dont have many Hp's and the max i think he hit me for was like 75. They are fairly easy to kill with grp also. Its sad i was doing the last part for my Trooper Scale helm and the fool came up and hit me. I started to run then figured I have sow so i will try and stick it out. I ended up kicking his **** and he started to run with about 35%hps left so...i think they are easy.

Ikorlon Darkscale
Warrior of Diablerie
Trooper of the 41'st Scale

# Apr 06 2002 at 1:24 AM Rating: Default
these things con blue to a lvl 35, nonetheless, if u fall in their pit, u run! they can harm touch for bout 300, and the named ones do moer and will just make u squeal!
these hard
# Feb 25 2002 at 10:05 PM Rating: Default
do you guys think a 50 monk 52 warrior and a 52 warrior can take these guys on
# Feb 14 2002 at 8:04 AM Rating: Default
can a scorpikis see invis or not i need to know coz i died in the pit
RE: scorpikis
# Feb 25 2002 at 9:02 AM Rating: Decent
my shadowknight goes to Howling Stones for xp and his invis isnt seen.well....he is lvl 58.
# Jan 10 2002 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
Had my 32 wizzie try and pullone to my full group. he HT from the bottom of the pit for 341 almost killed me. needless to say we went back to the ledge hehee
# Oct 24 2001 at 10:27 PM Rating: Default
Thinking these things were inspired by the guardians of the bridge to Utnatapishtim the Faraway from the Epic of Gilgamesh ... described something similar of a melding of a human with a scorpion ...

And I guess the Iksar thought it was a good idea or something :P

Saminga Daemonregina, 52 Heretic of Cazic-Thule, Rodcet Nife.
# Sep 07 2001 at 9:47 PM Rating: Default
does this drop skorpico venom? please let me know if it does.. searching for component for poison
RE: venom?
# Aug 23 2002 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
yes they do )

Roxas Nitehowler
57 outrider of illumanati
hunter Roxas Nitehowler
Plainswalker of illumanati

hunter Roxas
WoW retired
# Sep 02 2001 at 1:26 PM Rating: Decent
i have been to many other sites which say these bad boys are in the 40+ range ?
RE: hm
# Sep 10 2001 at 3:45 AM Rating: Decent
Level range is correct here, as far as cons go. Other sites may refer to the level that one should go after them, since these guys are ShadowKnights they are quite tough for their level, Personally I tried one once with my 35Druid, coned blue, In the end I had to run to avoid any unpleasantness.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 24 2001 at 4:22 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i just realized..this creature looks like the rock at the end of the mummy returns..except the rock wasnt an iksar, but you catch my drift
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 30 2001 at 10:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I watched my level 16 human sk take one of the bad boys down. Luckily i i took the harmtouch tho =)
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 28 2001 at 10:30 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) *tisk tisk tisk* maybe if you newbies were gonna lie plz at least make it comprehensable. A level 35 sk which HT's for 351 vs. 16 sk. He can probably take you > 100 hp with the HT alone and than spank you with melee.
# Jun 25 2001 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
My lvl 19 iksar monk has only taken one bad hit with venril sathir... killed one ogre raider cuz I was bored waiting for the bloated belly... even before that they were red/scowl... the named ones are amiable
RE: Wha....
# Feb 07 2002 at 10:15 PM Rating: Default
well the named ones are on the Iksar faction they start the trooper scale quests

34th lvl iksar warrior
on mith marr
# Jun 17 2001 at 8:14 PM Rating: Default
i want ot more about these guys, were they made by the same guy who made the sarnaks? i wish they droppped lore books, or lore books that spawn on the ground or somting
# Jun 10 2001 at 9:02 AM Rating: Default
These guys are allys with the Troopers of Cabilis (iksar warriors) and the Swiftails (iksar monks) they give out the trooper scale armor which is the iksar equivalent of crafted. The named ones anyway.
RE: allys
# Nov 01 2001 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
These guys ARE NOT allies. It's the two brothers at the top of the chasm, kicking back under a ruin/shelter that are allies. The Scorpiki in the chasm don't like me at all, but the brothers have helped me get a full set of Trooper Scale Armor.
RE: allys
# Aug 21 2001 at 9:53 AM Rating: Default
Does his cousin drop a ******* bow too?
Tough mobsters
# Jun 06 2001 at 12:37 PM Rating: Default
These hit way above their level. One takes my 53 monk down to two bubbs of health (including mend) to kill. That harmtouch is a b**ch. Ware.
RE: Tough mobsters
# Oct 03 2001 at 3:12 AM Rating: Default
Not so tough if your a Bard. Just charm one, get him to fight another one.. and watch them both waste their Harm Touches on each other. Try not to laugh at them too much.

Whistleblower Manasmith
Lvl 31 bard on The Rathe
# Apr 30 2001 at 5:26 PM Rating: Default
Now I've played this game not for that long. I have to that I've seen some freaky stuff. But that thing tops it.
# Aug 23 2000 at 7:49 PM Rating: Default
On my lvl 29 magician Abiien these conned yellow actually lvl 28 :P
RE: lvls
# Dec 09 2000 at 5:48 PM Rating: Default
Actually a yellow con is HIGHER than you. There for he would be at least level 30 to your lvl 29 Magician. I know one of the EQ manuals said that Yellow was lower, but I've been playing this game since the day it game out (Original EQ) and Yellow is highr, Black/white is even with you and blue is below you. Read what the con tells you and you will see that it will "mob the floor with you" when yellow.
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 16 2001 at 2:53 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Duh....
# Aug 12 2000 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
my 35 wizzy is apprehensive to these guys and is not evil. Just lucky i guess.
# Jul 20 2000 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
If you are evil and have not messed with your Venril Sathir (in a bad way) you will be ok to go down there.

I've gotten my DE necro from apprenhensive to amiable. And was pleased that this MOB went up as well
Faction . . .
# Jul 19 2000 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
Does anyone know if their faction is the same as the Overthere NPCs? If so, evils should be able to go down safely . . . anyone know?
RE: Faction . . .
# Jan 05 2001 at 4:43 PM Rating: Default
read the above posts mate...its the same faction, you can go down there safely
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