Halstor Bonewalker  

a rare creature

Uploaded November 28th, 2012 by Railus

Known spawn location (1st basement floor):

  • -335, 300, -93

"Spineless" is cast every 30 seconds (random target, but not most hated). When cast, it mezzes the player and spawns a skeleton add ("Animated Bones"). The add must be killed in order to remove "Spineless" from that player.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 103
Expansion: Rain of Fear
Effects Used:Spineless
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# Dec 23 2018 at 4:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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"Known spawn location (second floor):" is misleading since this zone has a "ground level" entrance and then two basement levels. This mob spawns on the first basement level. There is no second floor, as the term is generally understood.

Casts an annoying irresistible 1-minute mez. If you're using a tank merc, it better be able to last a minute without a heal. I don't know what happens if you totally solo this mob since he's supposed to mez a random group member who's NOT at the top of his hate list. I just brought in a box alt and that eliminated the problem since the mez drops if you kill the related add.
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Another location
# Dec 15 2016 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
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He finally spawned for us on the 2nd floor in the southern room that has the ramp leading to the basement, it would be the room west of the only spot marked on the map above.
# Jan 26 2014 at 11:34 AM Rating: Good
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spawns a skeleton add

The add name is "Animated Bones". I had an "Oath of Marr" (30 purity aug) drop off one.
Spawn point
# Nov 13 2013 at 5:26 PM Rating: Good
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For me he was at -474, 577, -88. One of the square room with a few mobs around.
Drops 'Bone Brace'
# Nov 28 2012 at 10:48 PM Rating: Good
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Bone Brace

Rec 100 Req 98

AC 112
HP 2215 Mana 2171 End 2215
Str 30 +10
Sta 23 +7
Int 20 +7
Wis 21 +7
Agi 27 +9
Dex 26 +8
Cha 23 +7

+43 all saves
multiple skill mods

Type 7 aug slot

Effect: Illusionary Spikes VII
Focus Effect: Protan's Descant (26% beneficial spell duration to 100)

Dyllwin Dalewalker
Heirophant of the 100th Season
Drops 'Bone Brace'
# Nov 30 2012 at 1:06 AM Rating: Excellent
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Please upload the item to Lucy.
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