Ilana Sunmire [ Tier 2 Raid Merchant ]  

Adventure Merchant
Shard's Landing

Uploaded November 30th, 2012 by Byren

Located at 415, 90, 2 (map -- southwestern part of the crater).

  • This mob spawns at 414, 92, 2.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Ilana Sunmire'

Ilana Sunmire looks at you indifferently, 'Another adventurer I see. You are neither the first I have seen today, nor will you be the last, I'm sure' She shrugs, 'I have an inventory of many fine items acquired from those like yourself. Feel free to have a look, but these goods don't come cheaply.'

Categories: EverQuest | Templatized
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Level: 95
Expansion: Rain of Fear
NPC Added: 2012-11-27 21:09:20
NPC Last Updated: 2019-08-03 20:38:29
Items Available (247):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Absor's Gauntlets of Might 500Crystallized Fear
Actinic Light Cloak 168Crystallized Fear
Active Flame Mask 168Crystallized Fear
Adorned Mask of the Hatchling 168Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Armwraps 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Cowl 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Tunic 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Wristband 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Dragonbrood Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Bracer 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Breastplate 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Greaves 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Helm 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Exarch Vambraces 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Cap 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Pants 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Robe 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Sandals 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Flameweaver Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Cap 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Pants 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Robe 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Sandals 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Frostfire Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Bracer 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Breastplate 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Greaves 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Helm 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Illuminator Vambraces 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Bracer 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Breastplate 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Greaves 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Helm 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Legionnaire Vambraces 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Armwraps 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Cowl 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Tunic 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Lifewalker Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Bracer 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Breastplate 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Greaves 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Helm 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Loremaster Vambraces 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Cap 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Pants 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Robe 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Sandals 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Mindlock Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Coat 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Coif 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Natureward Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Coat 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Coif 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Shadowscale Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Armwraps 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Chestwraps 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Cowl 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulforge Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Bracer 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Breastplate 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Greaves 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Helm 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Vambraces 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulrender Wristband 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Cap 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Gloves 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Pants 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Robe 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Sandals 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Wristband 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Soulslaver Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Coat 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Coif 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Wrist Band 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Spiritwalker Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Boots 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Coat 420Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Coif 336Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Gauntlets 315Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Leggings 378Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Sleeves 357Crystallized Fear
Apocryphal Warmonger Wristguard 252Crystallized Fear
Aristo's Earring of Insight 500Crystallized Fear
Aristo's Metal Armguards 500Crystallized Fear
Arwyn's Greatbow of Valor 357Crystallized Fear
Aspect of the Enraged Drake 168Crystallized Fear
Baneful Eye Buckler 210Crystallized Fear
Befallen Noble's Aegis 210Crystallized Fear
Beguiling Red Jasper Ring 168Crystallized Fear
Belt of Reaching Flame 168Crystallized Fear
Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye 840Crystallized Fear
Bladed Hand of Xorbb 336Crystallized Fear
Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Fallen 168Crystallized Fear
Bone Mask of Lucid Acrimony 168Crystallized Fear
Bosque Imbued Scarf 168Crystallized Fear
Brithrax's Rock of Crushing 500Crystallized Fear
Brutal Frostbite of the Valley Master 336Crystallized Fear
Burning Drape of Wildfire 168Crystallized Fear
Captured Flame 168Crystallized Fear
Carillon Box of Lost Songs 840Crystallized Fear
Chandrok's Mask of Warfare 500Crystallized Fear
Chandrok's Robe of Darkness 500Crystallized Fear
Chapterhouse Standard 336Crystallized Fear
Charred Spaulders 168Crystallized Fear
Cinched Cord of Suffering 168Crystallized Fear
Cursed Crystal of the Valley 168Crystallized Fear
Dale Dweller's Cloak 168Crystallized Fear
Dragon Bone Sliver 168Crystallized Fear
Dragon Eggshell-Shard Earring 168Crystallized Fear
Dragon Tail Belt 168Crystallized Fear
Dragonling Claw Pendant 168Crystallized Fear
Draining Ire of the Glen Liege 336Crystallized Fear
Drake-Hide Waistwrap 168Crystallized Fear
Drakkin Songbook 168Crystallized Fear
Durable Miner's Shoulderpads 168Crystallized Fear
Durew's Mace of Inverse Logic 294Crystallized Fear
Dzarn's Axe of Pillaging 500Crystallized Fear
Dzarn's Cord of Velocity 500Crystallized Fear
Earring of the Brush Fire 168Crystallized Fear
Elegist's Bloodstone Eyepatch 500Crystallized Fear
Elegist's Boots of the Hushed 500Crystallized Fear
Elfield's Belt of Many Pouches 168Crystallized Fear
Elidroth's Battle Helmet 500Crystallized Fear
Elidroth's Katana 500Crystallized Fear
Ellyra's Dagger of Revenge 500Crystallized Fear
Ellyra's Necklace of Wonder 500Crystallized Fear
Enkindling Pike 336Crystallized Fear
Euphony of the Chapterhouse Chapel 168Crystallized Fear
Expansive Belt of Awe 168Crystallized Fear
Fear Fruit Seed 210Crystallized Fear
Feartwisted Mace 294Crystallized Fear
Findlewill's Lucky Necklace 168Crystallized Fear
Foreigner's Belt 168Crystallized Fear
Gem-Encrusted Shoulder Guards 168Crystallized Fear
Glaring Visage of the Ruler 168Crystallized Fear
Glowing Terrormote 105Crystallized Fear
Goblin Scout's Loop 168Crystallized Fear
Greater Terrormote 105Crystallized Fear
Grelleth's Royal Mask 168Crystallized Fear
Grelleth's Royal Seal 840Crystallized Fear
Grelleth's Scepter 168Crystallized Fear
Grounds Stomper's Necklace 168Crystallized Fear
Hammer of Dragon's Might 336Crystallized Fear
Heartfire Pendant 168Crystallized Fear
Heartguard 840Crystallized Fear
Heartshard 357Crystallized Fear
Heartstave 357Crystallized Fear
Illusionary Cloak 168Crystallized Fear
Imposing Law of Xorbb 336Crystallized Fear
Imrahil's Claidhmore of Raging Fury 294Crystallized Fear
Jansan's Armband of Artistry 500Crystallized Fear
Jansan's Shield of Crafting 500Crystallized Fear
King's Vengeful Scowl 168Crystallized Fear
Kotul's Cloak of Filth 168Crystallized Fear
Kotul's Spellblood Earring 168Crystallized Fear
Lava Chasm Hopeful Band 168Crystallized Fear
Leaf Bobble 168Crystallized Fear
Lelro's Collar of the Beasts 168Crystallized Fear
Lesser Terrormote 105Crystallized Fear
Librarian's Signet Ring 168Crystallized Fear
Livewood Mask 210Crystallized Fear
Mantle of the Cursed Abode 168Crystallized Fear
Median Terrormote 105Crystallized Fear
Midasa's Dragon Slayer 357Crystallized Fear
Minor Terrormote 105Crystallized Fear
Mordaur's Spiked Pauldrons 168Crystallized Fear
Ngreth's Crystal Ring 500Crystallized Fear
Ngreth's Pauldrons of Pain 500Crystallized Fear
Niteshaid's Earring of Undying Love 210Crystallized Fear
Ornate Gorget of Equivocal Protection 168Crystallized Fear
Oxide Fire Ruby Ring 168Crystallized Fear
Phathom's Bracer of Vigor 500Crystallized Fear
Phathom's Longsword of the Veil 500Crystallized Fear
Piercing Wrath of the Grounds 336Crystallized Fear
Poker of Calming 336Crystallized Fear
Qulas' Fiery Katar of Insanity 336Crystallized Fear
Radvar's Rod of Disruption 500Crystallized Fear
Resin-Coated Belt 168Crystallized Fear
Resin-Coated Gorget 168Crystallized Fear
Rotting Goblin Idol 168Crystallized Fear
Serviceman's Honor 357Crystallized Fear
Shadewing Mantle 168Crystallized Fear
Shardheart 315Crystallized Fear
Shardspike Adorned Cloak 168Crystallized Fear
Silodel's Shroud of the Corpsemaker 168Crystallized Fear
Simple Knotted Cord 168Crystallized Fear
Star of Xorbb 168Crystallized Fear
Starrla's Cloudy Pink Scepter of Veeshan 357Crystallized Fear
Terakathis, Arbiter of the Dead 168Crystallized Fear
Thicket Tinder Pauldrons 168Crystallized Fear
Turo's Assassin Ring 168Crystallized Fear
Turo's Shadow Cloak 168Crystallized Fear
Twin's Beast Totem 168Crystallized Fear
Twisted Drake Totem 168Crystallized Fear
Vale Lord's Crystal 168Crystallized Fear
Vale Lord's Sieging Eye 168Crystallized Fear
Velishan's Favor 168Crystallized Fear
Vinewood Gorget 168Crystallized Fear
Vinewood Ring 168Crystallized Fear
Vinewood Shoulderpads 168Crystallized Fear
Weight of Duty 336Crystallized Fear
Wuran's Staff of Decay 357Crystallized Fear
Xorbb's Insight 168Crystallized Fear
Xorbb's Resolution of Vengeance 168Crystallized Fear
Xorbb's Rod of Retribution 168Crystallized Fear
Yymp's Research Cleaver 336Crystallized Fear
Zalifur's Focused Stone 168Crystallized Fear
Zurel's Battle Mask 168Crystallized Fear
Zurel's Weighted Chain 168Crystallized Fear

Known Habitats:
  Shard's Landing

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Clarillon Box of Lost Songs
# Oct 14 2013 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
Carillon Box of Lost songs sold from her for 840 crystallized fear shards
Toug Toosexy
# Oct 06 2013 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
I don't if at all get to raid and to get anything good is a pain wish they would make it so you are able to quest or group missions to get Currency to buy stuff. Most of my server FV you have to pay a 1 mil and up to get something good and when you don't make a lot that's hard to do.
CTOV Vulak`Aerr Loot
# Jul 16 2013 at 4:44 PM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
The 23 items are sold for 500 Crystallized Fears each. The image shows the items for verification:

Ilana Sunmire Items for Vulak`Aerr
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Feb 18 2013 at 5:36 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
Here are the merchant's price list for 11 items from the raid Velishan's Revenge:

Ilana Sunmire Items for Velishan's Revenge

(hat tip to Nilweanx of Triton for informing me)
Additional Items
# Feb 14 2013 at 7:24 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
Terrormotes have been added since the patch:
  • Minor Terrormote 105
  • Lesser Terrormote - 105
  • Median Terrormote - 105
  • Greater Terrormote - 105
  • Glowing Terrormote - 105

Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 20 2012 at 7:53 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
2012-12-19 Completed Valley of King Xorbb Event #3: The Return of King Xorbb opened up the following items on her:

Item(133580): Arwyn's Greatbow of Valor - 357
Item(133561): Brutal Frostbite of the Valley Master - 336
Item(133522): Charred Spaulders - 168
Item(133573): Draining Ire of the Glen Liege - 336
Item(135638): Elfield's Belt of Many Pouches - 168
Item(135623): King's Vengeful Scowl - 168
Item(133531): Shardspike Adorned Cloak - 168
Item(135636): Star of Xorbb - 168
Item(133553): Vale Lord's Crystal - 168
Item(133500): Vale Lord's Sieging Eye - 168
Item(133541): Xorbb's Insight - 168
Item(133512): Xorbb's Resolution of Vengeance - 168
Item(133538): Xorbb's Rod of Retribution - 168
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 19 2012 at 4:04 PM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
2012-12-18 Valley of King Xorbb Event #2: Yymp the Infernal Event opened up the following items:

Item(135631): Actinic Light Cloak - 168
Item(133514): Actinic Flame Mask - 168
Item(133542): Beguiling Red Jasper Ring - 168
Item(133550): Belt of Reaching Flame - 168
Item(133577): Bladed Hand of Xorbb - 336
Item(133523): Burning Drape of Wildfire - 168
Item(135635): Captured Flame - 168
Item(133568): Durew's Mace of Inverse Logic - 294
Item(133501): Earring of the Brush Fire - 168
Item(135624): Heartfire Pendant - 168
Item(133539): Oxide Fire Ruby Ring - 168
Item(133526): Thicket Tinder Pauldrons - 168
Item(133562): Yymp's Research Cleaver - 336
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 18 2012 at 6:26 PM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
2012-12-17 Valley of King Xorbb Event #1: Guardian of the Gate Event opened the following items:

Item(133556): Baneful Eye Buckler - 210
Item(133506): Cursed Crystal of the Valley - 168
Item(133530): Dale Dweller's Cloak - 168
Item(133521): Durable Miner's Shoulderpads - 168
Item(135625): Findlewill's Lucky Necklace - 168
Item(133511): Glaring Visage of the Ruler - 168
Item(135620): Goblin Scout's Loop - 168
Item(133565): Imposing Law of Xorbb - 336
Item(133576): Imrahil's Claidhmore of Raging Fury - 294
Item(135627): Mordaur's Spiked Pauldrons - 168
Item(133537): Rotting Goblin Idol - 168
Item(133551): Simple Knotted Cord - 168

They have the keywords, the return of king xorbb plastered everywhere so had this wrong. This was event #1 not #3.

Edited, Dec 19th 2012 8:54pm by Byren
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 09 2012 at 11:55 PM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
2012-12-09 A Feast for Zalikor raid event opened up these items:

Item(135621): Aspect of the Enraged Drake - 168
Item(133505): Dragon Bone Sliver - 168
Item(133518): Dragonling Claw Pendant - 168
Item(133546): Drake-Hide Waistwrap - 168
Item(135634): Drakin Songbook - 168
Item(133575): Enkindling Pike - 336
Item(133516): Grounds Stomper's Necklace - 168
Item(133564): Hammer of Dragon's Might - 336
Item(133543): Lava Chasm Hopeful Band - 168
Item(133578): Qulas' Fiery Katar of Insanity - 336
Item(133527): Silodel's Shroud of the Corpsemaker - 168
Item(133535): Twisted Drake Totem - 168
Item(135637): Velishan's Favor - 168
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 09 2012 at 11:28 PM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
2012-12-06 A Matter of Life and Death raid event opened the following items:

Item(133555): Befallen Noble's Aegis - 210
Item(135628): Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Fallen - 168
Item(133513): Bone Mask of Lucid Acrimony - 168
Item(133520): Bosque Imbued Scarf - 168
Item(133560): Chapterhouse Standard - 336
Item(135640): Cinched Cord of Suffering - 168
Item(135630): Euphony of the Chapterhouse Chapel - 168
Item(133549): Foreigner's Belt - 168
Item(133540): Librarian's Signet Ring - 168
Item(133529): Mantle of the Cursed Abode - 168
Item(133507): Niteshaid's Earing of Undying Love - 210
Item(133563): Serviceman's Honor - 357
Item(133574): Weight of Duty - 336
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 05 2012 at 5:49 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
We did 2 wins back to back, Evantil and Grelleth's Palace, I was not able to see which opened up what, but these items are available:

Item(133552): Fear Fruit Seed - 210
Item(133582): Feartwisted Mace - 294
Item(135622): Grelleth's Royal Mask - 168
Item(133536): Grelleth's Scepter - 168
Item(133571): Heartshard - 357
Item(133566): Heartstave - 357
Item(133528): Kotul's Cloak of Filth - 168
Item(133502): Kotul's Spellblood Earring - 168
Item(133503): Leaf Bobble - 168
Item(133519): Lelro's Collar of the Beasts - 168
Item(133508): Livewood Mask - 210
Item(133572): Midasa's Dragon Slayer - 357
Item(133569): Poker of Calming - 336
Item(135639): Resin-coated Belt - 168
Item(135626): Resin-coated Gorget - 168
Item(133581): Shardheart - 315
Item(133534): Terakathis, Arbiter of the Dead - 168
Item(133544): Turo's Assassin Ring - 168
Item(135632): Turo's Shadow Cloak - 168
Item(133533): Twin's Beast Totem - 168
Item(133517): Vinewood Gorget - 168
Item(133545): Vinewood Ring - 168
Item(133525): Vinewood Shoulderpads - 168
Item(133579): Wuran's Staff of Decay - 357
Item(133509): Zurel's Battle Mask - 168
Item(135633): Zurel's Weighted Chain - 168
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Nov 30 2012 at 6:17 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
116 items. Since I have not won any tier 2 raids, this list only shows tier 2 raid armor (visible). The list is EQ Item Collector Number : Item Name : Crystallized Fear to buy item:

Item(133692): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Armwraps - 357
Item(133690): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Boots - 315
Item(133691): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Cowl - 336
Item(133689): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Gloves - 315
Item(133693): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Leggings - 378
Item(133694): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Tunic - 420
Item(133705): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Wristband - 252
Item(133688): Apocryphal Dragonbrood Wristguard - 252
Item(133606): Apocryphal Exarch Boots - 315
Item(133604): Apocryphal Exarch Bracer - 252
Item(133610): Apocryphal Exarch Breastplate - 420
Item(133605): Apocryphal Exarch Gauntlets - 315
Item(133609): Apocryphal Exarch Greaves - 378
Item(133607): Apocryphal Exarch Helm - 336
Item(133608): Apocryphal Exarch Vambraces - 357
Item(133677): Apocryphal Flameweaver Cap - 336
Item(133675): Apocryphal Flameweaver Gloves - 315
Item(133679): Apocryphal Flameweaver Pants - 378
Item(133680): Apocryphal Flameweaver Robe - 420
Item(133676): Apocryphal Flameweaver Sandals - 315
Item(133678): Apocryphal Flameweaver Sleeves - 357
Item(133674): Apocryphal Flameweaver Wristguard - 252
Item(133670): Apocryphal Frostfire Cap - 336
Item(133668): Apocryphal Frostfire Gloves - 315
Item(133672): Apocryphal Frostfire Pants - 378
Item(133673): Apocryphal Frostfire Robe - 420
Item(133669): Apocryphal Frostfire Sandals - 315
Item(133671): Apocryphal Frostfire Sleeves - 357
Item(133667): Apocryphal Frostfire Wristguard - 252
Item(133599): Apocryphal Illuminator Boots - 315
Item(133597): Apocryphal Illuminator Bracer - 252
Item(133603): Apocryphal Illuminator Breastplate - 420
Item(133598): Apocryphal Illuminator Gauntlets - 315
Item(133602): Apocryphal Illuminator Greaves - 378
Item(133600): Apocryphal Illuminator Helm - 336
Item(133601): Apocryphal Illuminator Vambraces - 357
Item(133592): Apocryphal Legionnaire Boots - 315
Item(133590): Apocryphal Legionnaire Bracer - 252
Item(133596): Apocryphal Legionnaire Breastplate - 420
Item(133591): Apocryphal Legionnaire Gauntlets - 315
Item(133595): Apocryphal Legionnaire Greaves - 378
Item(133593): Apocryphal Legionnaire Helm - 336
Item(133594): Apocryphal Legionnaire Vambraces - 357
Item(133629): Apocryphal Lifewalker Armwraps - 357
Item(133627): Apocryphal Lifewalker Boots - 315
Item(133628): Apocryphal Lifewalker Cowl - 336
Item(133626): Apocryphal Lifewalker Gloves - 315
Item(133630): Apocryphal Lifewalker Leggings - 378
Item(133631): Apocryphal Lifewalker Tunic - 420
Item(133625): Apocryphal Lifewalker Wristguard - 252
Item(133641): Apocryphal Loremaster Boots - 315
Item(133639): Apocryphal Loremaster Bracer - 252
Item(133645): Apocryphal Loremaster Breastplate - 420
Item(133640): Apocryphal Loremaster Gauntlets - 315
Item(133644): Apocryphal Loremaster Greaves - 378
Item(133642): Apocryphal Loremaster Helm - 336
Item(133643): Apocryphal Loremaster Vambraces - 357
Item(133684): Apocryphal Mindlock Cap - 336
Item(133682): Apocryphal Mindlock Gloves - 315
Item(133686): Apocryphal Mindlock Pants - 378
Item(133687): Apocryphal Mindlock Robe - 420
Item(133683): Apocryphal Mindlock Sandals - 315
Item(133685): Apocryphal Mindlock Sleeves - 357
Item(133681): Apocryphal Mindlock Wristguard - 252
Item(133613): Apocryphal Natureward Boots - 315
Item(133617): Apocryphal Natureward Coat - 420
Item(133614): Apocryphal Natureward Coif - 336
Item(133612): Apocryphal Natureward Gauntlets - 315
Item(133616): Apocryphal Natureward Leggings - 378
Item(133615): Apocryphal Natureward Sleeves - 357
Item(133611): Apocryphal Natureward Wristguard - 252
Item(133648): Apocryphal Shadowscale Boots - 315
Item(133652): Apocryphal Shadowscale Coat - 420
Item(133649): Apocryphal Shadowscale Coif - 336
Item(133647): Apocryphal Shadowscale Gauntlets - 315
Item(133651): Apocryphal Shadowscale Leggings - 378
Item(133650): Apocryphal Shadowscale Sleeves - 357
Item(133646): Apocryphal Shadowscale Wristguard - 252
Item(133636): Apocryphal Soulforge Armwraps - 357
Item(133634): Apocryphal Soulforge Boots - 315
Item(133638): Apocryphal Soulforge Chestwraps - 420
Item(133635): Apocryphal Soulforge Cowl - 336
Item(133633): Apocryphal Soulforge Gloves - 315
Item(133637): Apocryphal Soulforge Leggings - 378
Item(133632): Apocryphal Soulforge Wristguard - 252
Item(133620): Apocryphal Soulrender Boots - 315
Item(133618): Apocryphal Soulrender Bracer - 252
Item(133624): Apocryphal Soulrender Breastplate - 420
Item(133619): Apocryphal Soulrender Gauntlets - 315
Item(133623): Apocryphal Soulrender Greaves - 378
Item(133621): Apocryphal Soulrender Helm - 336
Item(133622): Apocryphal Soulrender Vambraces - 357
Item(133702): Apocryphal Soulrender Wristband - 252
Item(133663): Apocryphal Soulslaver Cap - 336
Item(133661): Apocryphal Soulslaver Gloves - 315
Item(133665): Apocryphal Soulslaver Pants - 378
Item(133666): Apocryphal Soulslaver Robe - 420
Item(133662): Apocryphal Soulslaver Sandals - 315
Item(133664): Apocryphal Soulslaver Sleeves - 357
Item(133704): Apocryphal Soulslaver Wristband - 252
Item(133660): Apocryphal Soulslaver Wristguard - 252
Item(133655): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Boots - 315
Item(133659): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Coat - 420
Item(133656): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Coif - 336
Item(133654): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Gauntlets - 315
Item(133658): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Leggings - 378
Item(133657): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Sleeves - 357
Item(133703): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Wrist Band - 252
Item(133653): Apocryphal Spiritwalker Wristguard - 252
Item(133697): Apocryphal Warmonger Boots - 315
Item(133701): Apocryphal Warmonger Coat - 420
Item(133698): Apocryphal Warmonger Coif - 336
Item(133696): Apocryphal Warmonger Gauntlets - 315
Item(133700): Apocryphal Warmonger Leggings - 378
Item(133699): Apocryphal Warmonger Sleeves - 357
Item(133695): Apocryphal Warmonger Wristguard - 252
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