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Monks - Shackle of Rock Mob Aggro FYI
# Jan 29 2019 at 4:15 PM Rating: Excellent
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They've stationed an Ogre Raider in the little hut behind The Great Oowomp. Unless you've got Venril Sathir faction, the Ogre Raider WILL aggro and that causes Oowomp -- and his skellie friend if he's been cast -- to aggro. Otherwise, Oowomp is indifferent to everyone...unless his buddy decides to beat on you and then he drops the gloves.

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Other drops
# Mar 03 2016 at 10:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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These also drop of Oowomp today on Phinny server.

Fine Steel Morning Star
Raw Runic Hide
Honey Mead
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Valhun Sylverwulf - Phinigel Server
# Oct 12 2015 at 12:34 AM Rating: Excellent
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On Ragefire TLP server:

331 kills so far of The Great Oowomp.

12 Batskull Earring
9 Sheer Bone Mask
9 Bone Legplates
8 Chipped Bone Bracelet
8 Chipped Bone Collar
8 Turtleshell Helm
6 Bone Armplates
5 Giant Snakespine Belt

Still no Batfang Headband. Magelo lists it as only dropping 2 out 235 kills. Leveled my druid from 34 to 38 exclusively on one mob though. At this point it's just a weird, personal goal to loot the Headband. Let's see if I can get it before reaching 500 kills!

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Re: Drops
# Oct 13 2015 at 7:19 AM Rating: Excellent
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Finally got it. 425 kills. It's real!
Re: Drops
# Oct 13 2015 at 3:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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Xyroff wrote:
Finally got it. 425 kills. It's real!


Thanks for posting your experience with this as it helps others decide if they want to dedicate themselves to it (or if they got super lucky on that one kill when running by).
More items to add to the loot table.
# Jul 10 2011 at 5:08 PM Rating: Good
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Dropped a Raw Runic Hide today plus an Exquisite Gold Embossed Rune.

Should also say since no one else mentions it that I can see.. His respawn timer is 5mins 50secs.

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Add difficulties
# Jun 11 2010 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Needed to give him the 5 gold for the scale quest and the KOS ogre next to him was a real pain, eventually I did it by fighting both the KOS ogre and Oowomp, killing the KOS ogre and then FDing until hate cleared and doing the quest.

Narrowly survived using this strategy at level 32, his DOTs nearly killed me while I was FDed.
More Drops
# Sep 29 2007 at 5:25 AM Rating: Decent
He also drops:

1) Words of Purification
2) Sullied Spinneret Fluid
3) Velishoul's Tome Pg. 109
4) Iridium Ore
5) Sunshard Dust
6) Thick Silk

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Edited, Sep 29th 2007 9:38am by missjackie
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# Jan 26 2007 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
Uh what island is this?
RE: island?
# Jan 27 2007 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Ogre island

If taking the raft from Oasis to timorous, ogre island is the one you get off on. Aviaks are on the same island, on the other side of the hill.

You can also take the gnome teleporter from Overthere to Timorous and it puts you on the dock there.
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Secret of McMerins's Feast Quest
# Oct 20 2006 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Oowomp also starts a quest, he offers to tell you the "secrets of McMerin's feast" but you have to gather a few items for him.

"In the lands of Kunark are the clay of Ghiosk, crushed dread diamond, and powder of Yun. A rare find would be the bones of the one who touched the Bath of Obulus. Find and return these to me and the shaman secret of McMerin's Feast is yours"

I'm a 30 dark elf shadowknight that conned indifferent to him. I'd wager it's a shaman quest but I'm not sure.
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Secret of McMerins's Feast Quest
# Oct 21 2006 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Mystery solved, The Great Oowomp gives out the Canabalize II quest for the "evil" races:

1. Clay of Ghiosk - Strange Ochre Clay off an army behemoth
2. Crushed Dread Diamond - Ground spawn right in TD(-8850, -6040)
3. Powder of Yun - Shaman powder off a Froglok Yun Shaman
4. Greyish Bonechips - Dropped off the Skeletal Warlord

Get all of these and you get the spell....but the sell is now for sale in the Abysmal Sea for 13p. SO, do the quest or just buy the spell....I guess it's up to the player.
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Secret of McMerins's Feast Quest
# Oct 21 2006 at 12:06 PM Rating: Excellent
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Dakktyrel wrote:
Oowomp also starts a quest, he offers to tell you the "secrets of McMerin's feast" but you have to gather a few items for him.

"In the lands of Kunark are the clay of Ghiosk, crushed dread diamond, and powder of Yun. A rare find would be the bones of the one who touched the Bath of Obulus. Find and return these to me and the shaman secret of McMerin's Feast is yours"

I'm a 30 dark elf shadowknight that conned indifferent to him. I'd wager it's a shaman quest but I'm not sure.

If anyone has info on this (logs, screenshots, dialogues, details), please send them to me at fleven@allakhazam.com.
fabled oowomp
# Mar 16 2005 at 11:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I decided to see if Oowomp had been turned into a fabled mob since he's a well known Kunark mob. Zoned into TD and sure enough he is fabled now. Not another soul in the zone so I killed him easily with my 66 warrior, he conned green and seemed to be about level 40-45. The highest he hit me for was 137 and I was unbuffed at the time. He dropped Fabled Sheer Bone Mask,
AC: 6
Required level of 35

P.S. killed him twice now and both times dropped the mask and nothing else
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I have looted Chipped Bone Bracelet
# Dec 28 2004 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
I have looted Chipped Bone Bracelet with my necro on Sebilis sever.

Also, word of aquisition (azia) and possesion
Maybe he dosent drop em anymore?
# Sep 07 2004 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
I probably killed this guy at least 20 times tonight and I didnt get not one good thing...A few FS weapons and some alcohol was about it....THe vast majority of the time he dropped nothing but some change

Morgono Sausypants
Nameless Server
RE: Maybe he dosent drop em anymore?
# Sep 29 2004 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
Dropped CBB today, second kill.
the killing of the great
# Aug 15 2004 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
I am a 33 necro and can solo this guy each time he pops. Only been here for about 5 kills so nothing has droped yet. As far as adds, there are none if you pull him but if you send pet right in then you will get the one add. I just fd after killing the great so I would not have to kill the add and take faction hit. btw my int is only 198 and my resist suck. Easy to solo at 33.
Guide for 39 druid
# Jul 31 2004 at 1:54 PM Rating: Decent
Grab these spells:

Skin Like Diamond
Enveloping Roots
Spirit Of Ash

You also want to have these spells with you:

Endure Poison
Endure Disease
Endure Magic
Greater Healing
Drones of Doom
Creeping Crud
Stinging Swarm
Spirit of Wolf
Bind Affinity
Ring of Knowledge

Ok, now the easy part, go to the Oasis(Plane of Knowledge, Freeport, East Commons, North Ro, Oasis), and find the Translocator on the docks, next to the shore. /say Travel to Timorous Deep

Track down The Great Oowomp(he isn't very far away) Set up camp within spell casting range of him(at this point, I would bind yourself).

You will want some buffs on you such as: Skin Like Diamond, Spirit of Wolf, Endure Poison, Disease, Magic, and Regeneration.(If you're good, you can do it without them)

Med the following spells and save them as a set(right click spell book and select save spell set):

Drones of Doom
Creeping Crud
Stinging Swarm
Greater Healing

Target The Great Oowomp, cast the spells in the order that they come in, all while running backwards so The Great Oowomp doesn't cast his usual assortment of nasty shaman spells: Malaisement, Scourge, Envenomed Breath, Tagar's Insects, Instill, and Shock of the Tainted (poisons, diseases, dots, roots, and dds).

After you have ensnared and dotted him, run about 2 spell casting ranges away, and wait for him to get in range. He should have about 40-50% health, so cast Firestrike 2-3 times(he may heal himself) and he should be dead, if not just hit him with stinging swarm.

He is now dead, loot him and go back and cast Spirit of Ash on yourself, sit, and wait for him to spawn again. It takes about as long to get to Full Mana, when he's already up again. Repeat, and enjoy the easy experience and Awesome Loot:

FS Warhammer
Bone Legplates
Bone Legplates
Fine Steel Great Staff, Giant Snakespine Belt
Fine Steel Great Staff
Chipped Bone Collar
Turtleshell Helm
Turtleshell Helm
Turtleshell Helm
Fine Steel Morning Star
Giant Snakespine Belt
Fine Steel Morning Star
Giant Snakespine Belt
Bone Legplates
Bone Armplates
-logged for 3-4 hours-
Fine Steel Morning Star

I'm still goin at it, only because he gives me experience, the loot is horrible so far, and I REALLY want a chipped bone bracelet!

Edited, Sat Jul 31 22:21:30 2004
Where'd he go??
# Jun 12 2004 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
I am just curious if anyone know where The Great Oowomp went? Did the move his spawn, take him out of the game or what???

Edited, Sat Jun 12 18:41:19 2004
RE: Where'd he go??
# Jun 19 2004 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
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He can still be found at the ogre camp due South East of the boat dock (or gnome teleported) from Oasis. This was verified as of July, 2004.

He is standing by the small hut closest to the ocean, the one away from the other four. His exact location is 5726, 3123. He is a 6 minute respawn, and will always pop. He dropped one of his good loots about every 3rd or 4th kill. Blue con to lvl 42, and gave 1/2 bubs blue exp. Easy kill for Beastlord.
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for monks
# Jun 08 2004 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
get an illusion ogre potion before you go. then the raiders around him go to apprehensive (from KoS.) walk right up, follow the text, and get your bag -- no muss, no fuss.
Drop Sampling
# Apr 30 2004 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
As a 44 Druid, heres what I got from him today:

1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Nothing
4. Nothing
5. Ale
6. Fish Wine
(7) Bone Armplates, FS Warhammer
(8) Chipped Bone Collar
9. FS Warhammer, Gloves of Ralos Zek
(10) Giant Snakespine Belt, Words of Incorporeal
***Ugrak da Raider*** spawned; dropped: Dark Rust Boots 8), FS 2 Handed Sword
Had to fight both simultaneously, engaging Ugrak aggros Oowamp IF he is up at same time.
11. Kill Stolen
12. Nothing
13. Nothing
14. Nothing
15. Brandy
(16) Turtleshell Helm
17. Nothing
18. Nothing
19. FS Great Staff
20. Words of Incorporeal
21. Brandy
(22) Chipped Bone Bracelet, FS Great Staff
23. Nothing
24. Nothing
25. Brandy, Rune of Karana
26. Nothing
27. Fish Wine
(28) Bone Armplates
29. FS Warhammer
30. FS Warhammer
31. Nothing
(32) Batskull Earring
33. FS Warhammer, Honey Mead
34. FS Warhammer
35. Nothing
36. Red Wine, Words of Purification
37. Rune of Karana
38. Nothing
(39) Turtleshell Helm
40. FS Morning Star
41. Nothing
42. FS Morning Star
(43) Giant Snakespine Belt
44. Nothing
45. Nothing
46. Nothing
47. Nothing
(48) Batwing Earring
(49) Bone Armplates, Mead
(50) Turtleshell Helm, FS Great Staff
51. Nothing
Well, her are results
# Dec 30 2003 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent
Well, here are my results....

I killed The Great Oowomp 23 times and I looted..

4> Giant Snakespine Belts..
3> Chipped Bone Bracelets..
1> Sheer Bone Mask..
1> Chipped Bone Collar..
1> Bone Legplates..
1> Turtle Shell Helm..

So, if you are wondering if the guy still drops his good stuff... the answer is... Oh Yeah! If you calculate how many times I killed him and how much stuff I got from him, it is about 50% of the time. I also killed an SK ogre there with a pet, don't remember the name, and got some boots from him, AC 1 -- Stamina +10... So I did pretty good. Didn't feel like staying long enough to get the uncommon drop, Batfang Headband, but I made out pretty good. Good Luck everyone.

Droodak Dymondfyre >> Wanderer of the 51st Circle
Ayonae Ro
RE: Well, her are results
# Jan 07 2004 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
what was this guy's pop time ?
you know from when you killed him to his next pop?

druid lvl 32
RE: Well, her are results
# Jan 27 2004 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
He spawns every 6 min or so, not that long at all, sorry it took so long to reply.

Droodak Dymondfyre >> Wanderer of the 51st Circle
Ayonae Ro
RE: Well, her are results
# Mar 16 2004 at 8:01 PM Rating: Default
you've answered when,so WHERE does he spawn? A ranger with 187 tracking be able to track him from docks?
I am gonna kill him a few times and will get back to you on
# Dec 28 2003 at 8:22 PM Rating: Decent
I am a lvl 51 Dr00d so I should have no problem killing him. A friend wants the stupid batfang headband and I can never find it in bazaar when I am on..so.... I will camp his **** and see what happens. I will let you all know when I am done if I get anything worth writing home about. PEACE!

Droodak Dymondfyre >> Wanderer of the 51st circle
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evil shaman canni 2 quest
# Sep 24 2003 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
FYI .. this mob is for the evil raced shaman to finish the canni 2 quest. That is why he has no faction hits or why he does not drop any loot probably
# Jun 22 2003 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
ive killed this guy like a hundred times already
got a few coins, thats it..
btw, pic is outdated, he looks like an ogre...
ill send in an updated pic asap.
# Aug 02 2006 at 1:48 AM Rating: Default
The thing you call an ogre model is an abomination. Please turn off all new models, only then will you save your immortal soul...

Liveye (lvl 70 Wizard)
# Oct 21 2003 at 6:23 PM Rating: Good
674 posts
1) Note the loot table.
2) That *IS* an Ogre! (Its old model)

I feel like some old disgruntal man. thats a f-ing ogre. Its just not one of your fancy new fangled smooth model ogres. Its the REAL ogre! The way he was ment to be! Like a square with arms, that flattens you properly! Little legs for waddling.
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# Nov 24 2003 at 7:34 PM Rating: Default
Haha dude you are a pimp haha i know exactly what you mean and righto on for tellin it STRAIGHT!!!
# Jun 05 2003 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
I just camped him with a guild mate a little bit (6 or 7 kills) and he dropped the bracers. I think he stills drops all items just they are rare ...
attention necros
# May 25 2003 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
Attention Necros:

Killing Ogres here in TD lowers your faction with the outpost in the Overthere - I wouldn't suggest it.
At level 34ish, you'll want to head there and hunt the high side or off the Skyfire (zone) ramp for awesome XP and still be able to bank in the outpost. Plus, some necro spells are sold there as well (other classes too.)
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RE: attention necros
# May 30 2003 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
Not exacltly this guy does not have any faction hit, but is true any of the other ogress around lowerss the faction with Overthere.
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he's a sissie
# Apr 25 2003 at 3:46 AM Rating: Decent
soloed him on my main a 34 necro. just pulled him and sent pet in. then i rooted so he wouldnt aggro me and nuked the **** out of him. didnt die once and didnt have kei. killed him 12 times and didnt get much but about 30-40pp in loot and cash.
Easy for 39 pet
# Apr 02 2003 at 10:14 AM Rating: Decent
This guy is easy at 42 using the focused lvl 39 air pet. The only thing cast on me were a couple of debuff spells and instill. I would only nuke once, using Blaze, I threw in a couple of Shock of Spikes to interrupt his healing spell.

I was dubious to the other ogres, so they did not assist him. Also, no faction hits after killing him, so I could sit at his spawn point with no problems.
# Mar 31 2003 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
A recent patch has nerfed The Great O making him a complete and total waste of time. I killed him about 20 times and got nothing, Verant you suck ***.
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