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Quest NPC

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  • This mob spawns at +1240, +1065 outside a cabin in the north-central part.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

He only spawns during the Nights of the Dead period, around october.

In order to request his group task Out with the Old (a monster mission), you must first obtain Bristlebane's Ticket of Admission from one of a few other Kithicor Halloween tasks.

You say, 'Hail, Cathil'

Cathil says 'Why hello there! It seems that we are not alone in our curiosity of these woods. Let me introduce myself, I am Cathil and this here is Wenan. Say 'Hello', Wenan.'

a silly puppet says 'Hello Wenan! Snark! Snark! Snark!'

Cathil says 'You'll have to forgive Wenan here, it has been a long journey for the two of us for you see, for we are [wandering story tellers].'

You say, 'Wandering story tellers?'

Cathil says 'Yes indeed. You see we earn our keep traveling from town to town entertaining all who would listen to the tales of fancy our imaginations can dream up! Why in fact, I bet Wenan here might have a [tale] or two for you now, if you ask him nicely enough!'

You say, 'What tale?'

Cathil says 'I can't think of any right now but perhaps Wenan might have one for you. Better ask him.'

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Level: 35
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Known Habitats:
  Kithicor Forest

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Cathil Location
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Cathil and "a silly puppet" can be found outside a cabin in the north-central part of Kithicor Forest (location 1230, 1060).
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