an undead bishop  


Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Appears all pawns, rooks, and bishops (not sure about knights) are same levels. Bishops have pet skeletons. Levels range from green to white to level 11 player.

Category: EverQuest
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Minimum Level: 10
Maximum Level: 12
Expansion: Original
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# Apr 03 2002 at 4:40 PM Rating: Default
The Bishops are necromancers, and will Darkness, Fear, and Lifespike you over and over. The Knights are Shadow Knights, will Harm Touch you and possibly life tap you, but I've only ever been harmtouched. The Pawns seem to be simple warriors, and the King I haven't run into, but he's probably a wizard.
Hi everybody...
# Mar 20 2002 at 10:22 AM Rating: Default
Being a Gnomen tank it helps to have some strength items. Well I started early on and started pking people, saved up enough money to twink my tank. Well anyways, I soloed the whole board at level 14, be careful of the king, he cast lightening on you over and over again, so I think he's a wizard, but with my nice gear on the spell does like 15 damage, with my crappy gear on the spell does like 80 damage. If you are under level 14 I would recemend that you do the board in atleast a group of three. 1 tank to pull, and deal and take damage, and 2 casters to nuke the bastards, one of the casters can be a healer like a cleric so your tank doesn't die because he's taking a beating to keep the casters from from getting killed. Just some advice from you neighborhood friendly Gnomen tank Tinyfist.

Edited, Wed Mar 20 10:23:18 2002
bishop is evil
# Mar 08 2002 at 6:30 AM Rating: Default
well to us 2 lvl 11 bards he was..i thought it be smart to lull his little pet and lure him off aways a far so good..then all hell breaks lose..this bishop turns out to be a pvp necro god, eventhough drk blue to us he manages to poison, disease and lifespike us good, all while summoning another pet to him i think..the spell he cast was some skulls spinning around his body then a little skellie dude comes and beats the music out of us lol thank the mother of all for selo :p the knight was drk blue to yellow to me at 11 and i reckon they all have a few lvl difference per 2 war chips from one knight tho earlier (he did a 121 hit on me to start)
RE: bishop is evil
# Mar 19 2003 at 5:58 AM Rating: Default
Just for reference, that 121 hit from the Undead Knight was most likely his Harm Touch, as he's a Shadow Knight... go figure :)

# Feb 28 2002 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
the pawns can be taken solo at level 9 safely, the knights are casters and have a DD spell that hits for about 80. the king i haven't seen yet and i will be fighting the bishop soon. a group of 4 can take this camp no problem
Be Afraid!
# Feb 25 2002 at 12:55 AM Rating: Default
I have to say, as long as you only have one on you, these guy are very very easy...BUT they can fear you. Just know that. And being Feared is not a fun way to die...tho it is rather entertaining!
Board's pulsating sounnds
# Nov 25 2001 at 1:58 AM Rating: Default
When you get close to the stone pieces or walk on the board itself, it puts forth a pulsating sound. What is that sound? What is its significance? Is there more to the board than meets the eye?
RE: Board's pulsating sounnds
# Jul 27 2002 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
I know exactly the noise you're talking about!! It was driving me nuts bcause no one else could hear it. It sounds like an energy pulse from a sci-fi production. I thought it had to be something signifcant as well. I'd love to hear any ideas. Thanks!!
RE: Board's pulsating sounnds
# May 16 2002 at 6:37 PM Rating: Default
Maybe it's like the Taos(NM,USA) humm, hehe
Chessboard Tangle
# Oct 24 2001 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
My Mage and Earth pet solo'ed the Bishop. ALMOST killed me, as I was not expecting the pet skeleton. But, he was certainly solo-able at 12th level as a mage.

The pawns are not a problem for the Mage at that level, either.

At least so far!

Have yet to tangle withthe Knight and have never seen the King. Will camp there more often in the future. Good exp.

Tangle On!
# Oct 24 2001 at 2:11 PM Rating: Default
my lvl 3 necro with 3 lvl 60 wizards healing me i cleared the chess board butt having the three lvl60's there cost me 200pp. but I gained 5 lvls in 30 minutes.
RE: lvl3necro
# Nov 24 2001 at 9:08 AM Rating: Default
Wizards are dmg dealers and CANT heal you! You mustr be stupid! YOu did not not have wizzes with you, you either had a cleric or druid that could heal good. no wizzies heals, there are none!
Nice Nice Nice....
# Aug 27 2001 at 2:48 AM Rating: Default
I didn't think it was possible to get risk-free experience. I am camping the entire chessboard with my level 8 Necromancer. Of course he is slightly twinked(340HP, 202int.. Hey, my main is a level 21, anything I got on him I coulda have got on my Necro.) Met pet can normally stand up to one of these guys beatings(Stays above 50% life) with me constantly sending Ward Undead, then its just a small downtime thanks to dark pact and medding, with my pet sitting down of course. When I stand up, I'm barely down any HP, and pet at full HP. Just lather, rinse, repeat. By the time all, or most of them are dead, the first ones killed are popping... talk about great EXP... to bad I had to go to work... (Where I am now... DAMNIT...)
# Aug 22 2001 at 5:59 PM Rating: Default
My lvl 10 druid and a lvl 9 ranger buddy of mine make quick work of undead bishops, I just cast harmony so we don't get any pawns or kings involved and pull the bishop. Then I take out the pet rather quickly with the spell ward summoned while my friend holds off the bishop, then we finish off the bishop together. Lots of fun! Just be on the lookout for that level 30 goblin that likes to pop up every now and then near the chessboard, ouch!
harmony doesn't take
# Jul 25 2001 at 9:04 PM Rating: Default
Can anyone answer this: While camping the board, I laid harmony all over the place yet they immediately grouped on us when one was pulled?!
Undead Bishop
# Jul 23 2001 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
At leval 9 with 1 wiz and 1 tank this guy is easy. But watch out and only fight 1 at a time if you get i Bishop and 1 pawn then you will die with only 2 leval 9 players
# Apr 30 2001 at 4:05 PM Rating: Default
These guys aren't that tough in a group, but while soloing, they murder. Stay away unless over at least 11. The have pets, pawns i think. They also can cast spells and stuff.
# Apr 30 2001 at 4:04 PM Rating: Default
Undead Bishop
# Mar 09 2001 at 3:20 AM Rating: Default
I killed this dude with my lvl12 Wiz grouped with a lvl12 Pally. He spawned just after we'd killed one Undead Pawn so we had no time medding and healing. He wasn't that hard though (conned blue to me), i only had 40% mana left and could only cast 2 DD on him and the Pally had 2/3 of his HP left. The only spell he used on us was lifetap and we killed him pretty easy, Pallys HP down to half and mine untuched.
Forgot to say: He had NO pet when we killed him
RE: Undead Bishop
# Aug 25 2005 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
He had no time to cast the pet spell.
Undead Bishop
# Mar 09 2001 at 3:18 AM Rating: Default
I killed this dude with my lvl12 Wiz grouped with a lvl12 Pally. He spawned just after we'd killed one Undead Pawn so we had no time medding and healing. He wasn't that hard though (conned blue to me), i only had 40% mana left and could only cast 2 DD on him and the Pally had 2/3 of his HP left. The only spell he used on us was lifetap and we killed him pretty easy, Pallys HP down to half and mine untuched.
Undead Bishop
# Aug 06 2000 at 3:44 AM Rating: Decent
These are MUCH harder than Knights/Pawns/Rooks. They're still not that difficult for a group of 10-12's or a solo 15-17 but they cast various Necro DoT's in combat and its pet is about as powerful as a pawn. And yes the pet does stick around after it dies.
# Jun 24 2000 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
Nope, NPCs like to keep their pets around even after they die, I have no idea why, So it's not always best to kill master then pet(depends)
# Jun 21 2000 at 7:38 AM Rating: Decent
if you kill him wouldent his pet 32k itself
# Apr 25 2000 at 7:57 PM Rating: Decent
This guy is an entertaining fight with a level 9 mage and level 9 druid. Pulled with snare, sic'd pet when he got into melee range. This guy isn't all that great for melee damage, my level 9 pet melee'd him the whole battle, even while i was feared and walking away. Came back, pet still rockin', nuked him to cinders with flame bolt. Then pet took on the now dead bishops pet, with a few DD's, it was easily dispatched. Bishop seems to be around level 10 and his pet around 2 levels lower. (ya, he's a necro)
Undead Bishop
# Apr 12 2000 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
I am a Ranger & soloed the Undead bishop & his pet at lvl 16.
Snared, cast flame lick, lightning & killed him then his pet with 3 bubbles left. Loot sucked. But great exp. for lvls 13-16. Becareful of Undead king, make sure you pull away from the board, we killed bishop one time & king spawned right behind us(when i was lvl 15 & hunting with a 17 lvl rogue) & i yelled run, turned around & was killed.
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