a rare creature
Swiftclaw January 2019, still as elusive as ever.

Uploaded January 29th, 2019 by mlorente

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Level: 12
Expansion: Original
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Known Habitats:
  North Karana

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Spawning Swiftclaw
# Nov 21 2019 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
30 posts
A silvermist wolf after killing spawns to any of the other mobs on the playing field.
after killing all of them, If you have a ranger there will be a list of highlander lions, lions and lioness in the zone.
Before killing any of the lions, I went and killed the hill giants, then started kill the lioness one at a time
then Swiftclaw spawned. 8O0 . I was shocked.
Spawning Swiftclaw
# Nov 24 2019 at 1:58 PM Rating: Excellent
lymark wrote:
A silvermist wolf after killing spawns to any of the other mobs on the playing field.
after killing all of them, If you have a ranger there will be a list of highlander lions, lions and lioness in the zone.
Before killing any of the lions, I went and killed the hill giants, then started kill the lioness one at a time
then Swiftclaw spawned. 8O0 . I was shocked.

Swiftclaw looks like a female lion so it makes sense she was able to be spawned by killing lioness PH's.
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nk named cycle?
# Jul 14 2015 at 5:13 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
Ashenpaw, Zahal the vile, and Swiftclaw all seem to be part of the same spawn chain. once one died, one of the others would pop. May just be a coincidence tho.
Still spawns
# Jul 10 2010 at 12:35 AM Rating: Decent
292 posts
Just killed this guy. He still spawns... but OH SO RARELY.
killed him today
# Sep 02 2004 at 4:55 AM Rating: Decent
188 posts
I spotted him just north of the wizard spires today - and he drops the leggings. All the time I used to hunt in NK and I never even knew he existed until today.
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# Jan 25 2004 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
Its the HQ Lion Skin that makes the Fleeting Quiver hun not the superb Lion skin.
Use for the SLS
# Jan 18 2004 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
For those of u who haven't figured out what to do with a superb lion skin, its used in tailoring to make a "Fleet Quiver". 60% weight reduction quiver, trivals at 222. Skins sell easily for 1k pp.
Don't waste your time...
# Dec 21 2003 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
I started playing Everquest at release in 1999 and I've seen and killed this thing *ONCE*. For those of you trying to spawn it, don't waste your time. There may be some obscure placeholders on something that get it to pop, but it's not worth your time to figure it out.

I've seen Tiny what's-his-name that drops the Laceless Sandal more often than this, and I've only seen Tiny twice.

And no, I don't have a clue what this skin on Bristletoe's is used for.
# Dec 03 2003 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Anyone know if he has a placeholder?
# Nov 25 2003 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
258 posts
Was hunting Highland Lions today and as I was fighting one near the gypsy merchant camp, Swiftclaw aggyed on me. Green at lvl 24 (go fig) and didnt hit very hard. Runs pretty fast when fleeing though. Dropped: 1 Superb Lion Skin, 1 HQ cat pelt, and 1 Lion Meat. No leggings feh.

Edited, Tue Nov 25 09:47:26 2003
Finally saw him
# Apr 29 2003 at 3:12 AM Rating: Decent
175 posts
Killed him today, April 29, 2003.

Dropped the pants.
Rare Spawn
# May 02 2002 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
I been playing EQ for over 3 years and saw him for the first time a few days ago. He's pretty tough for his stated level as he has around 300hp. Dropped a ruined cat pelt and a Superb Lion Skin
I got a Superb Skin from him
# Dec 22 2001 at 11:26 PM Rating: Default
I'm Minasi, 20th Season Ranger, and I caught him running North along the West side of the Guard Tower Mountain and running straight by the Gypsy Camp in North Karana. I killed him easily enough, earning a Superb Lion Skin. Got lucky I guess, no one seems to be able to find him...but he does exist out there.
siwftclaws level
# Nov 23 2001 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
spent a VERY long time in NK level all my lowbies there and ive only ever seen swiftclaw once.i can tell you that his lvl is 13 because he beat my ranger when he was 12.probably the way to get him to spawn is to kill highland lions but this is just a guess:)
# Jul 30 2001 at 8:07 AM Rating: Default
Been around NK for about a week now and haven't seen this beast. Is there a regular spawn rate, or PH's? Really want those Leggings. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Barbarian Shaman 14th Season
# Mar 09 2001 at 7:14 PM Rating: Decent
isnt it for a 25% weight reducing bag. Guild said it was.
# Nov 15 2000 at 6:19 PM Rating: Default
I would REALLY appriciate it if someone would tell me and the other people that want to know what the superb skins are for!

Dollas Beauxbatons
# Sep 20 2000 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
I just killed this critter today and got the skin or whatever, if anyone has details on what this may be for they would be greatly appreciated.
# Aug 04 2000 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
Got the Lionskin Leggings... How much may I sell them at your opinion ?
They are AC 6, INT+2, AGI+2 (not usable by Wiz, Mag, Enc and Nec alas...).
I think Swiftclaw is around level 16 but it s a very rare spawn for sure, I ve encountered the lion only one time and Zahal the Vile maybe 5 in the same period (2 weeks).
where, how often
# Aug 01 2000 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone know where or how often he spawns ... any info about that would be appreciated
RE: where, how often
# Dec 06 2000 at 3:20 AM Rating: Default
i would like to know this as well, someone please post if you know.
superb skin
# Jul 23 2000 at 2:45 AM Rating: Decent
I believe that the superb skin is for the lionskin gloves quest given in kithicor forest. don't know who give it though. they're lightweight, 5 AC I think.
RE: superb skin
# Jan 26 2001 at 10:15 PM Rating: Default
Use a skinning knife on the skin to bring it down 1 quality level--then you can sell it to a tailor.
RE: superb skin
# Mar 01 2002 at 6:24 PM Rating: Default
Nooooooo, that does not work. you can't skin a superb down to a HQ. (moron)
RE: superb skin
# Oct 17 2000 at 9:25 AM Rating: Default
That is the quest with a high quality lion skin. I haven't found a use for the superb yet.
oo yea
# Jul 11 2000 at 4:23 PM Rating: Default
oo yea i got a Sperb lion skin what does it do?
# Jul 11 2000 at 4:22 PM Rating: Decent
i WHACKED him at lvl 16 and he didnt take a bub so hes not 20 or i fought easy version or somethin=)

# Jun 06 2000 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
No way this guy is 20-24 green to me at lvl 18 killed him easy in melee and im a druid. Dropped lionhide leggings ac 7 plus 2 in, if i remember correctly

Chubby Buddabelly
Druid of the 38th season
Luclin Server
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