Icy Devourer  

a rare creature

Uploaded December 16th, 2010 by Cylius
Updated December 18th, 2010

Note: For all map points of nameds in the House of Thule's Upper Floors (for "thulehouse2.txt" map files), see this quest entry.

The Icy Devourer can spawn from any of the "an icy ooze" mobs in the water room of the ice wing. It hits for a max ~13,000.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 93
Expansion: House of Thule
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under water
# Nov 09 2019 at 3:17 AM Rating: Good
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in the room, there is a icy area with a hole in it. if u dive down, there are 3 more mobs, devourer can spawn there!
used month to look for hin, as long as an alt fell into the hole, and there was he !
Spawn Time
# Aug 05 2012 at 7:13 AM Rating: Decent
33 posts
Spawn time on the icy ooze is about 20 minutes.

We started out clearing the room and then clearing the tank, but after two rounds of in and out of the water, we decided to just hop in and set up camp in the water.

Once in the water, we were unsure what, exactly, would get pulled down into the tank with us. Upon experimentation, it seems that as long as you stay close to the bottom, you only get a random nightmare guardian and serpent.

We had to kill the tank a total of five times before the Icy Devourer spawned (that includes the two we did clearing the room first). Nothing special about the attack of the mob, but definately not a mob I'd want to take on with adds. We were lucky in the sense that we had spaced out the kills nicely, and therefore had spaced out the pops nicely as well.

He dropped the sword - and as we are only working on the Hunter trophies at this time, we didn't hang around to see if he respawned after we killed him.
# Feb 04 2011 at 6:18 PM Rating: Good
Location/ drops
# Dec 05 2010 at 12:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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Slowable: Yes
See Invis: NO
Location: Spawns underneath the ice in the water there is 3 possible PH's named an icy ooze
plz update
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