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Note: For all map points of nameds in House of Thule, Lower Floors (for "thulehouse1.txt" map files), see this quest entry.

Known to spawn from a roaming sleeper cube in the zone's north-central hallways (around the zone to the Grounds). Sleepeater hits for a max ~6,800 and has ~770,000 hitpoints.


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Level: 88
Expansion: House of Thule
Effects Used:Slumber
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Cubes around Grounds zoneline
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If your in the room or hallway outside of the door that leads to Grounds zone, you will see cubs. One roams the hall, mainly the others are static. He will spawn from a Sleepreaping cube or something of that nature. Can spawn from roamer or statics inside the little room in this area. Never seen him spawn from a regular cube.

Drops the ring most of the time, or the acorn, which is no drop ? I don't get that. It's junk anyway, always was.
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Max hit was: 6750 (Ranger with max def and shielding.)
Enrages: Yes.
Rampage: Didn't see it.
Sees Invis: Nope.
Flurry: No
HP Estimate: Roughly 900,000

Edit: Respawn was around 20 minutes. For us, he spawned off of the static cube (North-West corner) in the room with the bone crafters by the Grounds. Seen him in other places, but I like non-roaming named :)

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Conned even both times, i fought it today. Level 88

770,000 Hitpoints

It cast a spell called 'slumber' i believe, didnt really slow the group down at all

Pretty easy named compared to others in the same zone

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Drops a [img=183224] commonly

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