Endoc Cron  

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Category: EverQuest

Level: 50
Expansion: Seeds of Destruction
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Known Habitats:
  East Freeport

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Raise Hide first!
# Feb 28 2013 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
You can get this quest at a very low level, and it will work - Endo /cons yellow at level 11 while the task is active - but on the task step "Plant the bomb and hide (use the distraction device)" you have about ten seconds to get hidden, after which the guards arrive, there is a bright light, and you have to start over. If your Hide isn't good enough to reliably work about half the time or more, you should probably wait until it is higher.
Task info
# Mar 03 2010 at 6:09 AM Rating: Good
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This is a quest NPC for the level 45 Halfling Poison Master task "A small favor - Endoc Cron". Con's DB to a 47 rogue, and since it's the 45 poison task, I'm guessing he is 45 during the task. However, cons red after killed (see below).

I failed the task on my rogue, cause I had no clue where "Velith and Bardo" is. Before doing this task, it's wise to delete anything not relevant from your east freeport map or put the loc of this NPC on a different layer as the mapfiend map has a lot of info that is clouding the important stuff for this task.
Either that, or scout and know your way around before accepting the task.

The task itself is given by the poison task master in Rivervale and you will receive a "distraction device" upon accepting the task.

Distraction Device
Lore, No Trade, Quest
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Size: TINY
Effect: Use ability (Cast time: instant)

Use Ability
Spell Effect: Use the Ability

Image: looks like a cask.

Lame description but it's a bomb ;p

Hail, Poison Master Elmn.
Poison Master Elmn looks over you assesing your worth. 'Hello there ____, it is good that you have come to me today, that you have sought me out. I was just saying to myself, Self, I said, who is worthy of this [opportunity] I have? And now, here you are!'

You say, 'What opportunity?'

Poison Master Elmn nods. 'Yes, a most fantastic opportunity. I happen to have in my posession certain items. These items, when combined together, form [toxins] of various purposes. You might put one on a blade and if your hand happened to slip and the blade pierced the side of your enemy, why that enemy might begin to suffer terrible agony. And that would be a terrible shame, wouldn't it?'

You say, 'Toxins is my middle name ;)'

Poison Master Elmn laughs. 'You're interested? Of course you are! But I am a business man. If I were to give you these items you would need to do a [service] for me first. A small token of your appreciation for the gift that I will bestow on you.'

You say, 'I'm at your service!'

Poison Master Elmn smiles grimly, and you suddenly realize what a dangerous individual you're dealing with. 'Here is your task young one. Do not disappoint me. Never forget the tools of your craft - you must be invisible to detection or you will surely die. And you're no good to me dead!'

Task description:
"The poison master has asked you to perform a simple task and promised ample rewards for your service. Travel to East Freeport and resolve a small misunderstanding between the poison master and one Endoc Cron.

It would be in your best interests to be hidden from view while undertaking this task as the Poison Master's informants report the Freeport Militia are on high alert."

  • Enter East Freeport near Armor by Ikhtar via West Freeport near Grolagh's Forge and head north. (Basically, follow the East Freeport signs when zoning from PoK into West Freeport and heading through the gate).
  • Sneak along the path precisely to avoid detection.
  • Sneak along the path precisely to avoid detection.
  • Sneak along the path precisely to avoid detection.
  • Sneak along the path precisely to avoid detection.
  • Sneak along the path precisely to avoid detection.
  • Plant the bomb and hide (use the distraction device)
  • Run to Velith and Bardo while the guards are distracted and 'deal' with Endoc Cron.

During the sneak stages, mystical paths will form. Endoc is guarded by two Militia Enforcers who will run out to the noise of the bomb. This will allow you to kill Endoc.

If you're too late (the timer is less then 5 minutes for them to run back but no idea on the exact time), they are back guarding Endoc. I tried killing him anyway and this is what happens:
A Militia Enforcer hits YOU for 96140 points of damage.

Warrior merc killed Endoc, but did not get the task update. As far as I could tell, the enforcers despawned upon my death and did not agro the merc.

Going back to try and kill him by hiding from combat after agro and letting the merc do the job. Failing that will try and re-get the task or the distraction device.

Ok, strike the killing him again. He's a red con, when I returned.
Also no dialogue to get a new distraction device.
Removed task, and was able to get it again.

20x Consigned bite of the Shissar VII

And ingredients for 20 more:
- Consigned Plain Sealed Poison Vial
- Emulsifier
- Suspension Fluid
- Grade AA Mamba Venom

The recipe has a trivial of 162.

Oops, loc: +216, -162, +5.94

Task version got a 32 kick on me with 884 AC. Punched merc for 11 and didn't get anything else in.
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