Lord Nagafen  

Raid Encounter

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Lord Nagafen, along with Lady Vox, Phinigel Autropos, and the Avatar of Fear, is one of EverQuest's original four raid bosses.

In Nagafen's Lair: Warrior; hits for a max 250; has 32,000 hps; summons. Fire and magic resists (to avoid his AEs) are key in defeating Nagafen. Note that players over Level 52 get banished from the zone if they get onto Nagafen's hate list.

In Nagafen's Lair (Level 100 Revamp): See this quest entry for raid details and loot.

  • HP Estimate: 245 million

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Level: 55
Expansion: Original
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# Jul 29 2003 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
Anybody know whether the doors block the fire or fear AEs? I seem to remember getting hit by fear through the doors but not actually being feared.
Naggy dead
# Jul 26 2003 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
Raided Naggy today with 12 people..all 51 and 52's. we had 2 Paladins and 2 bards as the melee....the rest were healers and casters. Naggy went down really fast. It was my first dragon so i was expecting a tougher fight. He lasted less than 3 minutes total. I died when he was a 4% life...I was the main aggro guy because I was chain stunning. So I missed the killing blow and the Exp from the kill...tried to get LoH on to myself but he had a double attack on me for 251 and 213...then his AE fire of 176...all right on top of each other. It was an amazing adventure. He dropped the CoF, Bladestopper, the Orb, the Prayer and the WR Bag... I wanted the Torn book ofcourse as one of the only 2 Pally's...Otherwise I missed on the other loot rolls, Either way it was super fun for the few minutes it took to kill him. The rolls were actually more exciting..lol. Well on to the next raid..Maybe I will get a shot a Vox tomorrow.
Naggy is easy?
# Jul 26 2003 at 2:46 AM Rating: Decent
We were on a raid tonight with 2 groups of level 50 or so people and we took on the firebreather. Pulled the magus and naggy followed bad pull. Next time we all were ready and it was aclose one bad communication our raid channel was down and no one was doing there job unless their job was dying. Nevertheless we got her down to 13 percent before wipe. I really think we could of done it with better buffs we only had aego and the rest was beast crack, our shaman buffs and level 51 cleric buffs. I think you need a minimum amout of 3 clerics c3ed and ready to roll with good gear and the rest can be rainbow flavors of meelee and hybrids and dont forget wizzy to tl everyone out. See yopu next time on Tholluxe paells Naggy
RE: Naggy is easy?
# Sep 28 2003 at 9:37 PM Rating: Default
71 posts
Naggy is easy... just got to play the cards right.. if a 52 monk can solo him witha shammy in back healing.. hes gimp. Yes hes slowable.. not sure about snare part though. When my SK was 52 he tried the great dragon.. failed the final showdown (gimp raid over all) and I was puller... got buffed to about 3k ish hps (crap resists) and pulled the FGs adn the Magus guy np.. i died, but was worth it.. raiders took out the giants and we rebuffed and crap for the showdown. Was fun overall and a learning experience :). gonna try with bard when he gets high enough level ;D

56 SK

Adrenoline Rush
35 bard
Vazaelle <Maelin Starpyre>
Adrenoline Rush - 83 Bard
Nerzhuljr - 80 Shadowknight
RE: Naggy is easy?
# Sep 28 2003 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
71 posts
Naggy is easy... just got to play the cards right.. if a 52 monk can solo him witha shammy in back healing.. hes gimp. Yes hes slowable.. not sure about snare part though.

56 SK

Adrenoline Rush
35 bard
Vazaelle <Maelin Starpyre>
Adrenoline Rush - 83 Bard
Nerzhuljr - 80 Shadowknight
RE: Naggy is easy?
# Sep 28 2003 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
71 posts
Naggy is easy... just got to play the cards right.. if a 52 monk can solo him witha shammy in back healing.. hes gimp. Yes hes slowable.. not sure about snare part though.

56 SK

Adrenoline Rush
35 bard
Vazaelle <Maelin Starpyre>
Adrenoline Rush - 83 Bard
Nerzhuljr - 80 Shadowknight
RE: Naggy is easy?
# Sep 28 2003 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
71 posts
Naggy is easy... just got to play the cards right.. if a 52 monk can solo him witha shammy in back healing.. hes gimp. Yes hes slowable.. not sure about snare part though
Vazaelle <Maelin Starpyre>
Adrenoline Rush - 83 Bard
Nerzhuljr - 80 Shadowknight
RE: Naggy is easy?
# Aug 13 2003 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent
FYI, Naggy is a guy, Vox is the girl.
took on naggy
# Jul 25 2003 at 10:30 PM Rating: Decent
I was in a raid that took on naggy today. took 4 hours to set up the raid, and 5 minutes to kill the dragon. dropped the drums, the prayers, the scale, the crook, and a ruby crown. i didn't get anything, as is my luck.
Re: Prep Room
# Jul 09 2003 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
I've seen this happen also. Part of this is a timing issue and part of this is where people sit in the prep room. In the prep room, suggest everyone stand against the wall furthest away from Naggy. Naggy came a calling when our raid were fighting the 3 FG's in the room. Apparently, if you pull Magus at the wrong time he will send an auto-aggro to Naggy and Naggy will join in about 1 minute later.

Naggy is capable of wiping a 40-member raid party if all do not have good Magic Resist and Fire Resist. I've been on 4 attempts with anywhere from 20-35 people and we've had total wipes. Not fun but hey - some of us learn the hard way.
re: so we were in the prep room...
# Jun 25 2003 at 10:39 AM Rating: Default
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Edited, Wed Jun 25 11:44:03 2003
Uber Monk?
# Jun 22 2003 at 8:55 PM Rating: Default
Did anyone hear about the 52 monk that solo'd Naggy? Is it true?
RE: Uber Monk?
# Aug 21 2003 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
That video is pirated, it's fake. He did it on EQEmu
RE: Uber Monk?
# Aug 16 2003 at 1:53 AM Rating: Decent
Yep it is true monk is an iksar monk by the name of Tecknoe Destructo in a guild called Promethian Order. very cool film.

Edited, Sat Aug 16 02:56:23 2003
RE: Uber Monk?
# Aug 07 2003 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
Yes believe it or not Naggy has been solo'd !!! Still not convinced ? Well see it for yourself, his shammy friend filmed the fight


RE: Uber Monk?
# Aug 31 2003 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
I highly doubt that that film is actual footage. There is absolutely no way that a lvl 52 Monk could solo a dragon. It is simply not possible. and next time, don't rely on a Japanese site to give you the news

Edited, Mon Sep 1 00:49:12 2003
RE: Uber Monk?
# Sep 05 2003 at 9:24 AM Rating: Default
He did solo him. Naggy isnt that hard. He was using heal potions that are nerfed now. And he is Elemental flagged.
RE: Uber Monk?
# Oct 07 2003 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
140 posts
He was not elementally flagged, in fact he was never levelled over 52 at the time. It's not fake. He was very well twinked. The key to his success was the slow-potions, and heal potions. There was also a shaman throwing in some heals to cut down on down time. While slowed, Naggy had a tough time dealing more damage than he could mend/heal/regen with his resists/hp/ac.
RE: Uber Monk?
# Oct 18 2003 at 6:17 AM Rating: Default
His cloak and range item is from Doomfire. Not sure if its elemental zone. But need all pp's to get there.
So there we were in the prep room.....
# Jun 21 2003 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
So there we were standing in the prep room...MT is pulling (no monkies available) and calls Inc Magi Rokyl and Inc Fire Giant Warrior...fine. Me, being Main assist, runs up and shouts Assisting MT, Please follow in this lead, fine....get Magi down to 15% when all of the sudden one of the chanters /ooc's Inc Naggy, as soon as I read it I saw a red claw and turned to see half the raid running away and the other half falling on the floor...WTF???? Is resounding through the zone at this moment, Naggy wiped out a raid on him in the prep room.....has this happened to anyone else, or is it a fluke in game and we should all be rewarded with CoF's?
RE: So there we were in the prep room.....
# Jun 25 2003 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
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the same thing happened to us last week. all going fine till Naggy shows up in preproom. Loading please wait.......

/petitioned and have yet to hear back
RE: So there we were in the prep room.....
# Sep 29 2003 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
This happened to us as well.

NAGAFEN CAN AND DOES COME OUT OF HIS LAIR NOW. He came out all the way to the Giant Throne Room.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use the strategy of binding casters for bind rush. Now that Naggy can come out of his lair he is happy to CC folks on their bind spots.

Asked a guide in the zone and he said 'Maybe after being killed all those times he got smarter'
Zzzz long, boring but above all easy
# Jun 10 2003 at 1:18 AM Rating: Decent
We did him, well we juat whanted to do him, and we killed him... like Vox 3people

52Warrior, 51Cleric and 51Rogue

justed 8th ring first... got buffs form peeps around the world.. and we whent away to kill this little tiny dragon...
drops slow.. but did die...
Drops : CoF (Grats me, the Rogue) Bladestopper Grats the cleric) Orb of Tashania (Grats the Warrior) Selo's Drum of March (Grats me again)
and finaly Red Dragon Scale (Grats Avitar, the bard that was waiting in prep room for us to finish) :) over all fun, easy and looooooooong

btw, no deaths :( kinda pissed me off... i wouldnt mind have dying, to high resist i guess
RE: Zzzz long, boring but above all easy
# Jun 13 2003 at 7:54 AM Rating: Default
yeah, shame... was looking to rezz someone =) you did have to come back for a heal tho =D, back to vox in few days. u been getting better loot then us, we gotta even that out =) lets keep up the owning, i got twinks to make
We couldnt believe it...
# Jun 09 2003 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
Last night I was on a Naggy raid. There were several of us and it was the first raid I had been on. Stupid me runs right up to the front of the group, casts a couple little DoTs (completely forgeting about harm touch) and procedes to die about 5 seconds later. I had my fire resist at 126 so I thought I would be ok. WRONG! I took full damage from the fire blast and within 5 seconds was dropped from 4206 hps to finding myself naked in another zone! 8-)

By the time I got a rez, naggy was dead. I pop back into the zone and hear the comment " oh no the SoB did not!". Come to find out Arocus aka Sideburn pulled a little ninja looting stunt. Ran up to the corpse, looted, and logged.

Every one was pissd to say the least. Contacted a GM and got the toon logged back in. Got the items off him and passed them out to the raid.

After that, the GM decided to prove a point. Striped him of all equipment ( bank items unknown ) and sat him naked in the nexus. Most wanted him left in naggys lair, but I guess the GM felt that to be a bit much. No way a 39 shad could make it out of there naked.

So if you are on Morell-Thule and Arocus or Sideburn are in the area. Feel free to train him, or any other thing you feel he might desirve!

46 Shadow Knight
Officer - Legions of the Iron Dragon

FD only good at parties to make the room stop spinning!
RE: We couldnt believe it...
# Oct 01 2003 at 9:37 AM Rating: Good
70 posts
Just so you know, for next time, this is why the raid screen has an option to makelooters on it. Get the raid leader to restrict loot to himself and it's all good.
RE: We couldnt believe it...
# Jul 03 2003 at 5:34 PM Rating: Default
Why would you let someone called sideburn on your raid? and a 39 shad at that, how did he survive the AE? did he just hide in prep room till fight was over or what?
lvl cap
# May 30 2003 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
So the lvl cap for naggy and vox is 52 right?
easiest kill of a dragon around
# May 23 2003 at 4:05 PM Rating: Default
I have now successfully dropped this dragon using 1 group of 4. with a monk and druid helping to clear out the FG's

using a warrior as the only tank and damage source, get yourself a potion of kilva's skin of flame. have a single right click instant item.. ie grim aura earring.- no targeting required.-

for self heals at a moments notice you can use stinging wort potions made by shamans.

buff in the nexus prior to starting the raid. order should be

1 Grim Aura,.. your instant click item.
2 Brell's Steadfast Aegis (pal 300hps)2.5hrs
3 Replenishment (REGEN)15 min
4 circle of seasons-protection of seasons (druid CR/FR)3hrs
5 Focus of soul (SHAMAN Talisman)2hrs
6 Talisman of Boar (STAMINA SHAMAN)2hrs
7 Call of the Rathe(ranger damage shield)1.5hrs
8 Virtue (cleric hp)3hrs
9 Guard of Druzzil (ENC MR)1.5hrs
10 Speed of Vallon (ENC Spell haste 1.5hrs)
11 Spirit of Eagle (sow/Levitaion) essential for running down nagafen when he runs down lavatube)
12 Shield of Blades (Damage shield druid)8min
13 Kiva's Skin of Flame (Damage shield Potion)5-8min
14 Nature's Recovery (druid heal over time regen)3min
15 Celestial Elixer (heal over time Cleric)--3 min need to leave space so it sticks.

with these spell buffs on your Warrior/Monk/Rogue/ShadowKnight/Paladin/Ranger/
(pick one it would work with any)
and a good weapon. (tantor's tusk is what i use)
you will kill a dragon in approximately 8mintues give or take a minute for error and randomization.

use 3 clerics to Complete heal in cycles... level 52 with decent hp / resist gear should have 2-3khps unbuffed. with another 2300 from buff effects.

vox can take an extra couple of minutes to kill since she has the complete heal ability. but eventually she will run out of mana just like anything else.

get the 3 clerics kei before you start the fight..
bind your helping druid at the lair.. so you can gate back into zone and recast heals / damage shield/ regen if needed.

no-body dies and if done right clerics will have anywhere from 30-75 % of their mana left over.
using 3 clerics in a rotational CH cycle prevents clerics from being summoned. many experimentation with 2 clerics has lead to many clears dying on me =(

old world content is quite fun and interesting when you put your mind into it.

good luck with your dragon kills.
RE: easiest kill of a dragon around
# May 27 2003 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
We use a similar method, although a little different from yours. Check the post on Vox for more info on how we do both of them. We just do it the same way on both for safety sake. After 30+ naggy/vox kills this is what we have finally narrowed it down to.

pwn this guy with 11 people or less
# May 08 2003 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
320 posts
In this age of PoP and LoY, it is really very easy to develop ways to slay both Vox and Naggy with very few people. Usually, the hardest part is simply finding enough level-52 people serverwide.

Of course, it helps a great deal to have a group of friends who have agreed to plevel one twink to level 52, and leave that toon at level 52 just for Vox/Naggy raids.

To date, our record is 6 people to take down Vox (no deaths), and 9 for Naggy (no deaths). This really wasn't hard, and I'm sure it can be done with less.

/auction Selling CoF and RBG...STP
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nagafen raid lead
# Mar 30 2003 at 3:46 PM Rating: Excellent
Allright.. I've been on 26 succesful nagafen leads the last 16 of which were lead by myself. When I started nagafen I tried to find useful information here and found it rather scattered and vague so here comes my guide to doing a succesful nagafen. Yes this will be a long read, but should be worth it if you're wanting to lead/participate on nagafen.

I'll make this a step by step more or less time-assorted plan of what to do and when.
The nagafen spawn-time is around 7 days time. So to keep it on the safe-side I personally lead one every 8 days. Nagafen will also always be up right after a patch so those are good times to get them.
First of all.. find out if there is any "organisation" on your server arranging the raids. On many servers there's message boards where it's common decency to post your intent to lead a raid coming up. Not only will this show that you intend to take nagafen down then but also will you be recruiting people that way. In your message be sure to remind people to take along gear for fire and magic resist, enough food and drink.. and have to have at least 4 hours after the posted time free due to any possible delays or slow recruiting.

On the day itself be sure to be there early.. 2 hours ahead of the raid-time at the least. Make a channel for your raid then.. I use "naggy" but due to recruitment it might be handy to make it the same as it always is on your server. ALso buy about 2 stacks of peridots.. will want 100 cha for this, and make sure you have about 250 pp on you.

On your server there will no doubt be channels with a lot of people in it. Market channel, lfg channel, taxi channel, chit chat channel. Find them and post a line in them with time, min 70 sv magic and sv fire, nagafen and the raid leaders name. Do make sure though that you are the only one posting these recruit lines in these channels and do NOT spam them. Spamming these lines won't get you any respect nor a good raid.
Then.. find a druid.. a friend.. one of your first recruits. Have the druid do the pick ups of the first recruits.. and in the right zones where levels 45-52 could be send out ONE ooc giving the info. (GD, DL, nexus, bazaar, PoK are the usual zones for this.)
After this ask in your channel to the people to recruit their friends/guildies.
The main thing in recruiting is to be sure to let everyone know it's happening.. yet make sure you're not spamming them with the info either.

Once there's about 30 people in your channel (always a couple of people just staring at the channel.. low levels looking at how cool it is.. high levels at how they're doing) you'll probably have 25 people actually going. At about this point start your class-calls. Have a pen and paper ready and make sure everyone is paying attention to their called class. (always handy to mention this up front so people who go afk a longer time already give their information to you). First start calling the casters. Don't be afraid to type certain words in capitals so the raid will notice them easier.
Call the classes one by one and write them down on your paper sorted by class. You need their level, name and number of previous nagafen raids they've been on. I usually like to remind my raid at this point that I don't care if they've never been on nagafen before.. I recruit on a first come first serve base until the first 30 or so.. I merely need it to have groups balanced out.
After the caster classes you'll have an idea of what you might be lacking. In the ideal situation you'd have 2 enchanters, 4 other int casters preferably like 2 wizards at least. 4 clerics, 2 druids, 2 shamans. But the perfect situation doesn't exist.. just be sure to try your hardest and have 6 healers in total and to have an enchanter and 1 wizard at least to speed things up. At this point ask in the channel for people to try their friends to get the casters your lacking. And appoint a person who you know will be able to ask nicely to send tells to the class in range non-anon. Be SURE to tell your raid that no-one sends out tells.. and that your tell-person asks it once.. and politely. I would hate a raid leader as well if my enchanter was spammed over and over by people asking me to come to the same raid and I have to keep saying no.

After this is settled.. start calling the melee classes. Have all the warriors send you a tell with class, level and number of previous nagafens. Then rangers.. and so on. Write all this info down.

At this point count all the people you have. It should be around 30 in total. Let everyone know that everyone who sent a tell is in on the raid for certain. You have about 6 more spots left now. Let the channel know there's a recruitment stop at this point.. and that you're only taking certain classes. Check for missing classes. This will usually be casters.. healers and an enchanter specifically, but might be warriors who are 52 or so as well.

Once you have 36 people together of the right classes (will specify how the groups should more or less look like below) tell the channel that you're full and tell the raid you're making groups.

My groups are always like this:
Group 1.. The highest level cleric I have, the highest level bard I have, and the 4 best warriors/ paladins I can spare. (do take care not to put all the experienced people in this group you'll need them later to lead groups.) Make the guy you trust most/who did most nagafen's before as leader in this group.. but preferably have them all experienced. Do NOT put any first-timers in this group.

Once group 1 is made and formed send a tell to the group leader asking him to get his group into sol B to start clearing the way to the Lava Ledge a bit (the opening at lava pool beyond lava duct crawlers in sol B) Just have them walk all the way to lava ledge and then back to entrance before the rest comes in.

Group 2-5.. 1 healer, 1 bard, 4 melees is the ideal for this.. but 1 healer, 4 melees will do as well and in extreme cases just 6 melees. Always make the experienced people group leaders.. and put the first-timers spread amongst groups.. so you have 1 or 2 in every group (except group 1).
Group 6.. 1 druid/shaman as healer.. and 5 int casters. Once again most experienced person as leader.

After every group is formed let them wait a while and listen to you. Here you have to explain a few things.
1. Your group leader is your teacher. If you have any questions ask him and he'll know/find out. Don't send me tells I can't reply to all tells here. Just ask questions you have in your group.
2. sol B might be a blue zone to most of us.. but it is not to be underestimated. Wander off and you WILL die. Stay together.. if you don't know where to go follow your raid leader closely. If you find yourself alone unsure where to go freeze and scream like a little girl.
3. If you know where to go be sure to help others along. If you see anyone heading the wrong way tell them to stop. Stand still at choke points to tell people where to go. Lead groups on telling them where to go.
4. Have fun.. but be serious about this. If you don't listen you'll get killed. If you really really don't listen it's a free tl to nexus for you.
5. Announce the MA and SA.. these should preferably be level 52 and should be warriors. They should have a cleric in their group and preferably be in group 1 (MA) and group 2 (SA).
6. Tell your raid who will be pulling (have 2 monks at least for this preferably one experienced in pulling). And make a special channel for pullers (don't announce this).. I usually use "nagpull". Have your MA, SA and two pullers in this channel. That way they'll be able to communicate pulls and such.

After this send a tell to your group 1 leader to stand ready to guide the first to Lava ledge. Then let your groups move 1 by 1. Don't send them all to sol B at once or the zone will be clogged. After all other 5 groups are off in sol B go there yourself. At the zone there'll probably be clogged up people.. just try to get them to move.. maybe pass out some shrink potions (always carry one with me to raid).

Guide the people at the zone to lava ledge.. then have your group leaders send you a tell when they're complete at lava ledge. Have groups 1 and 3 (2 is usually my second strongest group but any melee group other than 2 that is complete can do this) levitate up at this point.. they should be complete. After they're levitated get them to go to the second lava ledge at the giants (send your group 1 group leader a tell to keep them against the wall). Get any stragglers (handy to have a map so you'll know where they are by /loc)... then do one last line in the channel saying if you're NOT at lava ledge send a tell to me NOW or you will be left behind.

Once you got everyone tell them to levitate up and one by one move to second lava ledge.
At the lava ledge position yourself in front of the groups and have them stick against the wall. Make it clear that no-one but your pullers, MA and SA should go by you before assist is called.
At this point also tell them to make the assist buttons (questions to group leaders).. tell them when to assist (questions to group leaders).. and explain the groups how to do a split. I usually put groups 1,3 and 5 on MA and 2,4 and 6 on SA in case of a split. And tell them to surround a mob.. and whatever happens keep it AWAY from the lava. If it gets to close to the lava tell everyone to get in between the lava and the giant.

At this point start your pulling machine. Have them get a single to warm up get everyone used to it.. and up to doubles in the end. If there's any no drop loot from the giants roll on it on the spot by having everyone interested send you a tell.. assign them a number.. then roll and see what number it ends up on. On our server someone figured it'd be nice to add a reroll or something so on my server it'd be 0 reroll 1 znort 2 Jack 3 Someothername.. and so on. Then just roll /random 0 3.. and the number it ends up on wins it. In case of a 0 you reroll.

If the loot is not no drop loot it and leave it to roll on after the dragon.

Once the throne room is clear move all your groups to the throne room into the corner. Don't let them sit on the throne (there is rumours that there's a trap on here and even if there isn't this is a nice way to pick out the non-listening people).. make sure you clearly state this. If anyone sits on the throne get them a free tl out to nexus immediately.

Once everyone is in the corner send out your pullers again. Can give them a rogue at this point to open the bridge for them.

Once everything up to last room is cleared have your entire raid move up to the corner before this room(bind-corner). And send in your monks to pull the giants from the lair. Best way to do so is have one pull it out of lair.. have one monk tag it and pull it into room.. then have a warrior with arrows ready to tag at the right time.

Once all the warriors are cleared and no drop has been rolled upon ask the group leaders and group leaders only to move up to you. Then move into the room before nagafen with them and have them each pick a corner or middle of the wall. So you have your 6 group leaders spread around the room. Once this is done have your groups move to their group leaders. And once everything is settled have them listen again for a while. Make sure they aren't dummy buffing yet at this point.

Tell them at this point which dummy buffs to do.. why to dummy buff.. what to expect.. explain the discipline (use resistant for this one.. though some will say fearless I prefer resistant).. explain to healers to use their superior heals and no celestial or complete heals... explain wizards should be in melee range to nuke.

Then have them all at the same time start dummy buffs. These are see invis, resist disease, resist poison and resist cold. Make sure they use resist buffs cause endure buffs will last a lot shorter. Tell your raid that if they're done with dummying they should NOT move on to real buffs but help out other groups until everyone is dummied. Once everyone is dummied give the sign for real buffs.

Remind clerics that you have peridots for them to symbol the people.
While they are buffing the real buffs explain the waves. The waves will be: Group 1 goes in as wave 1.. group 2-5 go in as wave 2.. and group 6 goes in as wave 6. Also send a tell to your group 1 leader now to explain him what to tell his group to do. It's basically very simple. He should run into the lair with his group.. ignore nagafen and keep running with the entire group.. run all the way to the wall in the back in between the firepots. Once they reach that wall.. turn around and attack nagafen. (understand now why this is your strongest group? :P) After your first wave is in for about 5 seconds call in the second wave. And have the third wave be ready. (I am a warrior here so I go in with the second wave which is quite handy.. I usually put myself in group 3 just do make sure you are grouped from this point on so everyone knows you're not a ninja looter).

Make sure at this point that everyone surrounds nagafen.. remind clerics that they should above all heal themselves (better to have a warrior dead than a cleric dead cause once cleric is dead more will follow). Then at about 50 % of nagafen call in wave 3 ( your wave 3 will probably whine beforehand that it's taking long and that you're forgetting wave 3 but it's to save themselves).

Once all waves are in just fight. Make sure nagafen isn't near the lava though the positioning by group 1 should've taken care of this. And once nagafen is killed get everyone to stay away from the corpse and wait until you can loot it. At this point make VERY sure that you are in a group they are your honesty confirmation.. also have split on so your group can see there wasn't looted by anyone before you looted.

Now loot everything that can be looted. Make sure you don't loot the no drop books though. Start immediately by getting a list for the books. Have your pen and paper ready this will be a long list. And roll on the books. After this roll on every item then have your wizards/druids tl/gg the people out slowly.

As raid leader you are allowed to keep any vendor trash it drops. (usually a gem or two) To compensate for the money you spent.

Always be sure to leave the lair as the last person to be sure no-one is left behind.
I always compensate the wizards and druids for their gg/tl work with 50 pp each. If wizards/druids gate out in one go then too bad.. but if they stay to tl the whole time.. or gg out everyone and such they get compensated for the trouble.

After everyone is out congratulate yourself on a job well done and thank the raid channel for coming and remind them of the next raid-time.

The stats on nagafen.. I'm not exactly sure but it's around this:

30k hp
damage uncertain but it's quite a lot :)
500 damage fire based ae
fear based ae

No other spells or fancy stuff. He's a warrior with a fire and fear ae proc.

There ya go. I'm absolutely positive I forgot some things in here and I always have my group leader of group 1 remind me if I do on raids as well :P cause you're doomed to forget to do things.

Above all.. earn the respect of your raiders and your recruitment time will go down and your people will listen well... have fun but do stay serious about this you are leading 36 people into a possible death here.. be fair and honest about it all.

Hope this is of use to any people who were wanting to lead nagafen raids. If you have any questions at all be sure to send an e-mail and ask :) Or send a tell if you're on my server.

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For the record...
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For the record....a raid force of 13 people...2 high lvl buffers...took down Naggy the other day in Fennin Ro..I was the only one that died...Naggy doesn't like it when you try to Harm Touch him and it fails....she owned me lol...cleric was feared at the time. All in all it was a good time :)

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AC or Resistance more important?
# Feb 20 2003 at 8:15 PM Rating: Good
What is more important when equipping a main tank for a Naggy raid; Armor Class, or Magic and Fire resistance? For example, should he or she wear a high AC bracer, or a high resist bracelet?
RE: AC or Resistance more important?
# Feb 23 2003 at 11:15 AM Rating: Good
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My recommendation would be magic resist for several reasons.

A main tank that's taking melee damage can be healed while tanking. A main tank who has been feared isn't a main tank. My main is a level 52 Paladin who has several times seen the main tank get feared very quickly and never gain aggro on the mob. (Plus, getting feared messes up Lay of Hands strategy.)

Main tanks can make up for not having great AC with lots of heals. The heals won't help much if they lose control of the mob while feared, or die from too much area effect damage. (I'll note though that there also are people who would say that AC is more important.)

Fear discipline
# Feb 16 2003 at 7:22 AM Rating: Default
if the main tanks are above 52 would tossing on the fearless discipline cut down on their runnin like scared children?
RE: Fear discipline
# Feb 20 2003 at 8:13 PM Rating: Good
Fearless is available to Warriors at lvl 40, so I'm not sure what you mean by "over lvl 52". If they are over lvl 52, they will be banished away.

However, Fearless only lasts eleven seconds, and a Naggy charge is going to last a lot longer than that. If they use Resistant instead, they will add ten to their magic and fire resists (as well as the others), and Resistant lasts five minutes. So I would think that Resistant would be a better discipline to use.

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RE: Fear discipline
# Feb 20 2003 at 7:42 PM Rating: Default
Whenever i am on a Naggy raid I am told to put mine on, and i do believe it helps.
who and loot...too funny
# Feb 07 2003 at 8:27 AM Rating: Decent
You know I'm predominately a druid, although I really enjoy playing the other classes, treying to get one of every class to 30 then will advance further (though druid is 52 and warrior looking to be 40's within a week or so)
And before you point out there can only be 8 classes on a server...yes I play on multiple servers (not multiple accounts), as far as loot go's if a class can wear/use it and they have interest in it other then to sell it they should roll on it, if no-one needs it for an upgrade then give to the bazaar mongers to overprice.
As for druid bashing...lol...try playing a druid and see how many groups will accept you in the 34+ range where you can out level them by solo or team quadding.
that also brings up another sore matter for most druids, you hear about all these people saying oh he took my mob or he wouldn't buff and heal me or powerlevel me at my whim...baaaa
Try hunting with a druid and pulling with snair and see just how many mobs another group or a tank pull out from under you, I'm a polite hunter but it ticks me off when someone says I'm trying to take their kill that I snaired and just got threw stacking up with dots.
Try pulling with a ranged weapon sometime, that's why most tanks get bows, if it dosn't run at you it's taken leave it be.

on an off note I'm very happy about PoP comeing out, killed porting for the most part but I get so many less tells for ports while I'm in the middle of battle...And here you prolly thought we were just waiting on our thumbs for ya lol.

we may not be the bast at any 1 thing, but when played right we are fast levelers and good fillers, just remember all those times you said don't get the druid when you're calling for buffs or powerlevelings, and all those times you got druid buffs outta no where in the noob zones...

peace all and be safe...
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RE: who and loot...too funny
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# Jan 26 2003 at 4:02 PM Rating: Default
Any suggestions as to how to attack naggy when she is aggitated and running againts doors? Raid was recently wipped out because of this.

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RE: Aggitated
# Mar 23 2003 at 10:33 PM Rating: Default
What you should do is have the MT pull Nagafen across bridge, and have your clerics stay on the staircase and heal. That way, you can circle Nagafen and he wont be moving much.
Wipeouts are easy
# Dec 28 2002 at 12:39 AM Rating: Good
For a lot of people this will be their first dragon raid. This is why it is so tough to have a good naggy raid. You get tons of rookie mistakes. First of all, there will be deaths, just make sure that one of them is naggy. Second of all you need a lot of different classes so let everyone roll on the loot.

This raid (or any raid) takes a lot of prep time. you are going to have to deal with about half a dozen people who will ask when things will start happening about every five minutes for the entire time (more than an hour) it takes to get ready.

Make sure you put up at least 4 useless buffs on the MA (preferebly 8) before you put the good ones on him (he dispells 4 buffs at a time). MR is the most important stat for the MA, you don't want him getting feared and leaving you trying to transition to secondary tank (who hopefully hasn't already been feared), this will probably lead to raid wipes. FR is good to have cuz it might reduce his breath damage but if you have enough healers that is OK.


Have all the Clerics (the more the merrier) focus on keeping that MA alive (ignore any requests from anyone else for healing except the tank from your group). Do not worry about Mana efficiency by trying to heal when the MA is at 2 bubbs (Naggy only has about 30K HP so he will go down in short order). Heal early and avoid the aggro your MA has about 5K HP so if your CH goes off at 3 bubbs you spent your mana well. Have one cleric make sure that clelstial remedy is always going on the MA. Have the rest of the clerics constantly casting sup heal whenever the MA is under 4 bubbs of health. This may sound like overkill but the one sure way to wipe a raid is if the MA goes down. If the MA can stay up and keep aggro then by definition you will be rolling on naggy loot.

If you don't have 4 Clerics then don't try this strategy cuz at least one of the clerics will get aggro and die (in like 3 seconds) and at least one will get feared.

If anyone other than the MA gets aggro let them die. Don't divert your attention from the MA's health bar.

other melee

Get a good MR and FR but FR is more important. you will not be getting hit by naggy but you will feel his breath weapon so get that FR as high as possible.

You DO NOT want naggy aggro. Your group cleric (if you are fortunate enough to have a cleric in your group) will not be able to keep you alive if you get aggro and noone else is paying any attention to you.

Don't attack naggy until it MA calls for it (see above about how you don't want aggro).


Don't start nuking until MA calls for Nukes and even then wait for the secondary tank to tell you when Naggy has just used his breath weapon. When secondary tells you naggy just breathed then you run into mele range and nuke. Then run out again. keep doing this. If you get hit by the breath weapon anyway then resign yourself to death and try to burn through as much of your mana as possible before naggy kills you.

Remember keep the MA alive. Have your first 4 buffs be useless ones. Wait till you get your cue. Don't take aggro from the MA. He only has 30K HP.
RE: Wipeouts are easy
# Jan 19 2003 at 8:15 AM Rating: Default
Wednesday on Emarr Naggy Wiped out the Raid... i died when naggy was at 3% (i have monster life percents from my UI so i know it was 3%)

Next day we killed naggy with 2 deaths, i won Cloak of Flames

Think i know what the difference in Wed's Naggy and Every other Naggy

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One dead Naggy
# Dec 15 2002 at 3:15 AM Rating: Default
Here's what happened and perhaps you will learn something and be prepared for her better than I was. First of all, Fire Resist is key. I only lasted about 15 seconds will Naggy, but let me get to that in a minute. 500 AE Fire. We all know that. I had buffed resists at less than 100 and it hit for the full 500 both times before I croaked. Why? It was a pickup and I didn't spend my money on resist gear like I should have. Also, I have SCHW and was given super haste by an Ench. Why do I mention this? Cuz I got aggro as a Rogue.

There are times when dishing mad amounts of damage is bad, this was one of them. She whacked me for 255 over and over and I was dead. The good side, is that while Naggy was pummeling me, she was leaving the rest of them alone... for all 3 seconds it took for her to kill me...

Moral? Fire Resist... and max DPS isn't good if you want to lay low. Accept the slowness and stay alive. I pull aggro off of Tanks all the time in normal groups, Naggy is no different.

No great drops, 2 books for epic, an Orb of Tishan, Blight (the Shaman 2HB), and a Jacinth, lol

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RE: One dead Naggy
# Dec 17 2002 at 11:26 PM Rating: Default
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Might I suggest you talk to some other rogues and learn about a little thing called "Evade"?
RE: One dead Naggy
# Feb 28 2003 at 10:53 PM Rating: Default
Great signature - it says it all!
naggy questions
# Dec 06 2002 at 6:00 AM Rating: Default
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3 Questions

1. can he be feared?
2. can he be snare/darkness lined?
3. do high lvl spells stick b4 they get booted?

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RE: naggy questions
# Mar 23 2003 at 10:37 PM Rating: Default
To answer your questions:
Naggy can not be feared or snared. HOWEVER, if someone 53+ casted a spell on him, it does stick unless he resists. Also, heals DO work. I am a paladin, and I lead Naggy Raids eveyr week. I always have time to Lay Hands my buddy when he is in trouble. Then I have a 55+mage CoH me to the fighting area again, and continue healing till Naggy is dead.
RE: naggy questions
# Dec 11 2002 at 5:22 PM Rating: Default
1. No he can't be feard. He doesn't leave his room so nowhere for him to run except for maybe the lava which would be detrimental to the fight.

2. He doesn't run so no need to snare. As for darkness it will land on him if he doesn't resist it. Your necro/sk has to be in melee range for this to land. If it is cast before Naggy is at 50% or below in health count on doing a CR for said necro/sk cause they will be summoned.

3. In my experience any time a 53+ player cast a spell they are banished and the spell doesn't land. This includes heals/runes.

RE: naggy questions
# May 14 2003 at 8:25 AM Rating: Decent
to debate you...

1- I killed naggy a few times he ran at approx 5% life 4 times out of 6, not sure why he didnt run the other 2.

2- Over leves 52 can normaly cast 1 spell before Naggy will banish them, but it only works if 1 - you have enought people to use the server's agro lag to keep you off his hate list and 2 - you stay out of his melie range (you get to make the hate list then).

Hope this helps some

Spawn Time?
# Nov 29 2002 at 6:16 AM Rating: Default
Has anyone confirmed spawn time for Nagafen since the patch that increased certian spawn rates?

For some reason I'm thinking 72 hours.
Naggy raids for the not so dummy people
# Nov 04 2002 at 12:17 AM Rating: Default
Alright, first things is first, you are here for loot, do you wanna share the loot with 34 people or do you wanna share the loot with 10 to 18? Fewer people you have on this raid the faster you get it set up and done with. If you are going to use the dummy tactic I suggest you get 34 pure melee and not even worry about clerics. 2 clerics when you have 34 people might as well be melee.

MT should be a warrior that has a lot of MR 120+ unbuffed. The trick is to make naggy stick on him so ya know where all that extra damage is going and it's not going to happen if he's feared 90% of the raid. 8th coldain ring and gobby earing if you are thinking of twinking your warrior they are definate assets (hotkey the earing slot and your gobby earing slot so you can switch between them without loosing a good earing). Raid should not have very many warriors, they don't deal as much damage as the other class.

Wizards, rogues, and monks should be the majority of the raid. Wizards are nice because they can hide from the ae, but they still got to get in range so they do loose hp, also they should work on getting the aucum mask as well as the gobby earing for insta buffs. Rogues have an easy epic and do bs, chances are you can find some epic rogues, they WILL do the most damage on the raid even if they are getting feared more then the mt. 49+ wizards have ice commet, they aren't really all that useful until that point.

Now clerics are here for a reason, they are here to heal so using my tactic should make them useful on a naggy raid, after all they are not getting nuked for 500 and feared before they get their heals off anymore (see, "strategy", below). Set one in each group and one alone, the one without does ch on the warrior. The warriors cleric in his group only does cel heal on him, remember cel heal is 24 seconds so that cleric hits everyone else (4 second cast, 1 second to recover, 5 people). Make shaman/druids patch heal him so ch is delayed as long as possible.

For buffers its nice to have a 49+ shaman, 51+ druid, 49+ paladin, 52+ cleric, 49+ enchanter, 49+ ranger, 49+ mage. Shaman harnessing of spirit, paladin brells, clerics heroic bond + symbol of naltron (peridot) are all hp buffs that stack, and hp is what makes this easy. Clear your first 4 buffs and put useless ones there first for the dispell, not including your insta buff (gobby earing or coldain ring) because it's better to save that for when something is dispelled. Get cleric to also add shield of words onto mt, enchanter to clarity and haste on the guys with the big weapons, also shaman alacrity for the lower end melee, ranger for force of nature, feet like cat, strength of nature on mt. 49+ mage for summon elemental blanket.

MR should be the main concern on these raids, then hp, then maybe FR if its convient with your gear selection for the tanks. Gobby earing is very very nice to have as well and you'll need it if you wanna get into the high end guilds anyway. These are lure based dd's so don't make sacrifices. For casters that have to cast on naggy they should work on mr because they have to get in range. For casters that don't shouldn't even bother with that stuff, just keep your mana gear on and hide on the other side of the wall keeping him out of site.

Make a group with 2 warriors (incase peel includes a second), cleric, chanter or shaman, monk or sk and tell them to get rid of the fgs while you get the rest. If Rokyls Channeling Crystal drops include it with naggy loot. Bind monk and clerics at nexus for fast recovery.

This is restating what I said below but maybe you are tired and don't wanna check it. Get a monk to fd into his layer past him and towards the back wall, you'll see two pots, choose one. The monk gets up, does fearless so he doesn't run away and tanks naggy. While tanking he tells channel to charge. Everyone heads to the other pot except for the MT, the MT discs fearless then starts to attack. Everyone waits a few seconds for MT to call them in, if weapon procs right away thats a good time, if not wait a few seconds. Everyone is on the other side of the pot to avoid ae damage and fear while the MT develops aggro. This is where the clerics stay, try to move naggy back and fourth, do not bring him to the other or the raid is dead. If you lack insta buffs I suggest you make hotkeys and prepare casters in the group to buff you if need be. If your hp buffs get dispell you are useless to the raid.

Do FFA loot, the loot is concidered a prize for listening to the raid leader. If there is no loot that means the raid didn't succeed, that means YOU didn't listen to the raid leader, that means you get no prize! Make a list of the people, do a roll, first person get to pick then roll again and repeat until no more loot. If a ranger walks away with pally epic, don't feel bad, he'll sell it for something else that he can use and the person who buys it will have earned every pp he payed for it. Every person contributed to the raid, you shouldn't be telling them to stfu, they deserve a chance at prizes.
RE: Naggy raids for the not so dummy people
# Nov 07 2002 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
Just a few things in my defense,
First off, it is impossible to find the people that you want. Yes, you can kill naggy with 18 of the class/levels you decribed but realistically those kinds of people wouldnt even join if you asked nicely. Wizards stand to gain very little since there is no specific loot for them, although wizards do tend to want to join more then all the other casters except druids. Rogues are great but ive never had more then four able to come and most are in the 45-48 range. In all the raids a total of 4 shamen have come and never more then 1 at a time. Naggy raids are practically ancient and few people still want to do unless they need to complete there epic, i.e. palidans bards and warriors (the three most common classes to join)
Next,theres a reason why I said clerics should never CH. When they CH naggy instantly argos on them and will summon them and kill them quickly. I have never seen a cleric land a CH and then live to talk about it.
Third, you mention other peoples resist gear. I have never seen a /shout "Naggy raid 49-52 rogues (with epic) wizards (must have ice comet) and monks please send tell, but dont waste your time if you dont have high resists" It just wouldnt work out. Unless you plan on buying full sets of resist gear for all the participants you really cant control what kind of gear the people are wearing to the raid.
Lastly, you say as long as someone joins the raid they should get a chance at the prize and to do ffa loot. Obviously you havent lead a raid lately. If you ffa loot, and a druid walks away with a CoF, who will get the thousands of tells from across the server about need before greed? The raid leader will.
I would honestly love to see you try to run your "naggy raid so the not so dummy people". Itd probably end up like this: After 3 hours of recruiting for people that you wont ever find, you'll begin to comprimise. Let a few 46-48 people in. Let a few druids and paladins fill in the gaps of shamen and rogues. Before you know it you'll be back in the nexus sending tells to the other people in the zone to drag your raid of 10-18 people out from King Tranix's throne room. If you even make it to naggy with the 18, non-epic, most likely sub-90 svm and svf, people. You would have to face yet another CR. Then, by popular demand, you'd get a new leader.

Also, a naggy raid of 10 people? Please please please let me know when that is going on. Ill bring a lawn chair and some popcorn, and sell tickets at the door 10pp a person and make more money then all the bazaar sales in one weekend.

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RE: Naggy raids for the not so dummy people
# Dec 07 2002 at 7:40 PM Rating: Default
I'm gonna have to agree with Tvardary here. You are definitly being to picky on this and people cant sit in the game for 24 hours waiting on someone to put together the "Perfect" group.

And getting people to join a raid isnt all about giving them looting rights. Raids are the most enjoyeable thing to do in EQ, loot or no loot. If there are no items dropped off naggy for your class, 95% of all people could care less, they would go expecting nothing in return but sheer entertainment. It sounds to me you havnt been on too many raids...
RE: Naggy raids for the not so dummy people
# Nov 07 2002 at 9:17 AM Rating: Default
The best way to get a non melee to a naggy raid is to offer them a chance at naggy loot, there isn't anything there for them so why not let the have a chance at it all. They are a part of the raid are they not? Don't they deserve a chance at the loot? As for the CH, it does draw aggro but not so much when you have the other healing classes patch heal to slow it down. Most people at that level have aquired some sort of resist gear, but the best way is to keep an eye out yourself and take down names, ask them for the name of alt/main.

I'm outlining tactics for people to read to make things easier, do you think these tactics are new? No they are not, they've been used in ToV for a long time. If you really wanna moan about how you're strategy is better why don't you read it, it's not even a strategy, it's just senseless babbling, I see nothing there describing how to take him out aside from the obvoius.

I don't know, if ya really wanna do the NBG thing you are kinda gyping everyone and it's very not cool, but here are some things you prolly wanna know:
Bards are not melee,
ranger rogue and beast lord have 40% haste on their epics and they are easy to get so they are not on the NBG list
that leaves warriors monks sks pallys for the roll. Now maybe some of you are thinkin monks have haste on epic but thats song haste, not equipment haste.
Everyone thats got epic peice drops tell em they have the choice of one or the other. Some people will go for epic, don't ask me why they just do.

There, now you have a higher chance of excluding people to get your greedy little hands on something you don't deserve.

My warrior has 134 svm unbuffed(my equipment is crap because I focused on svm) unbuffed with a gobby earing, he never gets feared, he never gets real buffs dispelled because I watch that carefully. Naggy sticks on me like glue because I'm not running the other direction. Nuking before 50% becomes safe because there is only 1 tanks, me. Newbie charge is cool and all but it will result in cr a lot and people will be afraid to attend these raids.

Edited, Thu Nov 21 23:33:08 2002
Naggy Raids for Dummies
# Nov 03 2002 at 5:21 AM Rating: Good
I'd just like to start by saying I'm retired from leading vox/naggy raids. I sorta go into it near the end, but I felt I could pass some of my information along. All this information is accurate to the best of my "vast" knowlegdge. It can be applied to Vox as well with some minor adjustments. I don't feel like making a seperate post tonite, this one took me 2 hours, but maybe another time.

Please excuse the typos, its 3:20 in the morning.

Well here's what my DAY of running a vox or naggy raid is like. Well do a weekday one since thats when most happen. After I get home from school (2:30) Log on immediately (no life I know =)) /join buysell, /1 Anyone killed naggy yet? Wait two minutes and repeat /1 Anyone killed naggy yet. Then someone else will say, "Is he spawning today?" thats your que,/1 "Naggy raid forming 46-52 pst with level and class" /join nagtheoldhag, Every tell you get right down the name and their level and class on a piece of paper. No joke, the recruiting on buysell will last on average 2-5 hours. 5:30, you look at your list of names and should see bout 25, depending on what your loot rules will be (we'll hear more bout loot rules later). You'll notice that about 20% of your raid force is paladins, 10% Bards, 50% other melee, 10% Druids, and 5% wizards, and 5% other casters (These statistics are results of 15 Naggy raids and not including vox raids, where more casters do come). YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY LUCKY IF YOU HAVE 2 CLERICS AT THIS POINT. Although most likely you will not have any. Also dont expect any shamen to come. So /w all 46 Cle - /w all 52 cle, and send a tell to EVERY cleric you see. /tell joeshmoethehealler "Would you like to join a raid on Naggy, the loot rules are (insert loot rules here)"
6:30 And you finally got 3 Clerics. I have successfully raided Naggy with only 2 clerics and had only one death, ironically, one of the clerics, but I received tells for the next week telling me congrats and that it was the best raid with under 4 clerics ever. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, unless you have extremely twinked people or very experianced raiders and you know what your doing, to not even try if you can't get 4 clerics along. Ok. Now if you've still been recruiting, and writing names down, you should have around 34 people on your list. Tell everyone to gather at the LS rings. 7:15. You can begin to create groups. There are many ways you can do this but heres my reccomended style:
G1 Yourself (Looter), MA (this should be a 52 Warrior), Nuker (highest level wizard there), Healer (highest level Cleric), another tank (Highest level sk or pally, your choice but i usually go with the sk), and SA (Next highest warrior to MA or a 52 monk)* Please note if you are one of the classes listed, place a bard in your group. Since I am one thats who was in the yourself group. This group is designed to be the XP group and should do the most damage to Naggy.
G2 Leader should be someone you know well, and group should have a cleric, 3 melee, 1 caster, and a bard. This is the reliable group, They should know what they are doing, and should you need to escort someone from zone, or go back and rez someone you send this group to do it.
G3 - G6, Each group should have either a cleric, shamen, or 2 druids, Make the leaders people who seem compedent and respond when you ask them things. Other then the healers, just jumble the other people into groups but try to evenly distribute based on levels, if you have a 52 warrior left, put him in with the 45 ranger that begged and begged to get in. This is to ensure that you get the xp and no one stands a chance at ninjaing.
8:00 (No joke) Everyone should be into groups now. And it is time to go over rules. *Loot rules are first*. *They are all anyone cares about. Defaulting one item is expected. Dont loot something like the cloak of flames, however, or no one will join you raid. Acceptable defaults are epic pieces and specific class only items. For the other loot the best way I have found is to simply say "NBG One Roll only". When rolling have everyone who wants in on the item send you a tell, and assign each a number, Forbz 1, Trevorz 2, Deathtotrevorz 3, Othercharactersidontlike 4, and then you /random 0 5. Whatever number it lands on, the corresponding person wins. If it rolls a 0 or a 5 you reroll. So if i rolled 3, in this case, Deathtotrevorz wins the roll. There are other details to that though, for example if two of the same item drop, you use the same list of people and /rand 0 X, twice. But most important thing to emphasize is the NBG, Need Before Greed. Meaning, that a ranger can roll on a Cloak of Flames but a Shamen can't.*
Next rules, (8:30ish)
"If anyone does anything I directly tell them not to do, they lose their roll. Example: Trevorz Do NOT GOTO NAGGYS DOOR, and then Trevorz goes to naggys door, having him get argo and cause chaos resulting in your only lost raid. Also if anyone does lose their roll, I will not tell them till after naggy is dead so they can not desert."
That is the most effective thing any leader can say. It worked every time I used it.
Be sure to add that no one should ever pass you or whoever is guiding you to the prep room or leading the way, or, they too, will lose their roll.
Move into Solb (9:00), Hack, slash, slap, spit, nuke, and nibble your way to the Stone Spider room (9:20). Move to the first giants and kill them. Then have a monk pull the throne room and make sure everyone assists the MA. You should have killed them all and rolled on the desireable items by 10:00. The rolls do not count as naggy rolls but are, also, NBG. Now move to the bridge. Be sure to repeat this next one at least 3 times -
Proceed then by have G1 go first. G2 and so on. While you lower then bridge, raise it, call next group down. lower it, raise it again, etc.
10:20 If you lucky no one attacked the prep room and your still alive. For those of you who didnt read the whole thing first, my guess is you just ran across and then met your maker after someone pulled the prep room. Well, if you did read the whole thing, and you didnt get killed by the prep giants yet, Good for you. Now pull the prep, once everyone is in the corner before it.
10:30 Whoot giants done... Wait no they aren't.... Time for you to apprieciate your monks and their FD abilities. Have a monk pull the giants out of Naggys lair. Now your ready to be buffed.
10:50 Let the buffing begin. First make sure everyone clicked off ALL BUFFS. Then have everyone put on 5 crap buffs, Crap buffs are buffs that are not important for killing naggy. IE. Enduring Breath, Resist Poison, Resist Disease, etc. After 5 craps, put on real buffs. You can have 60 Cleric and 60 shamen come along to help with this one, although their price will generally include any jewels dropped by the dragons. If your on Xegony, I reccomend sending a tell to Mrwind or Donna. Very fair person to deal with.
11:20. All buffed up. While the buffing is going on, you should be making a hotkey for the following information:
Make sure everyone knows who the MA is and to assist him.
Make sure your nukers dont nuke until you say NUKE. (Say at 50% of naggys life)
*Say the loot rules.*
Make sure no one trys to push Naggy into lava and if they do they will regret it for the remainder of their lives on this earth.
Make sure the cleric in your group is healing the MA primarly, you secondly, then the rest of your group.
Make sure all the other healers are targeting Naggy, /assist, and then healing whoever naggy is attacking, primarly, the members of their group secondly.
Make sure clerics do not use Complete heal.
Make sure all melee know to stay on the same side of the MA and to switch sides of naggy when he calls out "Switch"
Make sure everyone knows that the MA will run in and start attacking Naggy in the center of room, you will count to 5, in your head, and then tell everyone to go. Everyone will wait till you say go, except the MA.
*Say the loot rules again.*

11:45, Go to the bathroom, its been a long day.

11:47. get everyone in front of naggys door, against the wall looking at the door. Have the MA go in. Count to five. Then tell everyone to GO
11:48 Your mind should stop time. You should be able to tell 60 seconds into the fight if you will win or lose. If more then 3 people have died. You could be in trouble.
11:49 You should have naggy to at least 50% at which point you should have everyone Nuke that can.
11:50 If he isnt dead yet. It will be a close one but we will assume hes dead by now so start rezzing everyone.
11:55 Everyone should be rezzed so you start doing the rolls for items. It is at this time you will start to see why I retired from Vox and Naggy raids.
Now had you done everything as I said. You should have said loot rules 3 times. Just look for the *'s. But after someone loses a roll, they feel like they have been cheated and cant accept that they gambled and lost. Id expect this to happen in vegas if the gamblers never saw the dealers, the pitbosses, the managers, and the video cameras, and just gambled there money over the computer. Unfortunitly, the people who lose rolls dont ever get to meet me, so they feel like they can say whatever they want. They can say the rolls were fixed. They can say my loot rules are unheard of. They can say I am a pathetic raid leader despite me just leading them to victory.
IT HAPPENS. IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE BAD COMMENTS DONT LEAD THESE RAIDS. Dont get me wrong. I get compliments and apprieciative people more then 10 times as often as the "ungrateful" (my name for the complainers). But the "ungrateful" have a way of getting to you more.
12:29 Thank everyone for joining your raid. Even the "ungratefuls".
12:30 (yes thats a.m.) Ok this shindig should be over. Make sure everyone gets a TL or TP out of the lair and to a prefered destination, and get out of there yourself.
12:40 ;tell.xegony Tvardary Thank you for telling me how to lead a successful raid against naggy, You forgot to add (insert something here, im sure i forgot something) but it still worked.

Thanks for reading it all. This should work, although I am doing it by memory.
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