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In the Plane of Time B: Spawns (or is "freed") upon the death of Quarm.

In The Void (A-G): Zebuxoruk is the lone occupant of The Void and has quite a story to tell. His dialogue can be found here, as can our Seeds of Destruction Progression information.

In The Void (H) (static): Part of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, Zebuxoruk is again the lone occupant of The Void. (For all things related to Call of the Forsaken, check out this overview of the expansion.)

In The Void (H) (instanced): Part of the Call of the Forsaken event "The Journey Home" (see this quest entry for details about the group version and this quest entry for details about the raid version).

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 90
Expansion: Seeds of Destruction
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NPC Last Updated: 2019-08-03 21:34:17
Items Available (229):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Amber Pendant 1485Chronobines
Amethyst-Studded Ring 1445Chronobines
Archaic Chain Boots 815Chronobines
Archaic Chain Coat 925Chronobines
Archaic Chain Coif 835Chronobines
Archaic Chain Gauntlets [void] 785Chronobines
Archaic Chain Leggings 875Chronobines
Archaic Chain Sleeves 855Chronobines
Archaic Chain Wristguard 765Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Cap 835Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Gloves 785Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Pants [no drop] 875Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Robe 925Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Sandals 815Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Sleeves 855Chronobines
Archaic Cloth Wristband 765Chronobines
Archaic Leather Armwraps 855Chronobines
Archaic Leather Boots 815Chronobines
Archaic Leather Cowl 835Chronobines
Archaic Leather Gloves 785Chronobines
Archaic Leather Leggings 875Chronobines
Archaic Leather Tunic [void] 925Chronobines
Archaic Leather Wristguard 765Chronobines
Archaic Plate Boots 815Chronobines
Archaic Plate Bracer 765Chronobines
Archaic Plate Breastplate 925Chronobines
Archaic Plate Gauntlets 785Chronobines
Archaic Plate Greaves 875Chronobines
Archaic Plate Helm 835Chronobines
Archaic Plate Vambraces 855Chronobines
Bard's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Beastlord's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Berserker's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Brightly Pulsating Chronal Shear 1900Chronobines
Brilliantly Pulsating Chronal Shear 3800Chronobines
Chitinous Shoulderpads 1510Chronobines
Cleric's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Conspirator's Pearl Earrings 1425Chronobines
Dimly Pulsating Chronal Shear 625Chronobines
Druid's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Emblem of the Dead 1455Chronobines
Enchanter's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Eyes of the Wolf 1475Chronobines
Faceted Bloodstone Earring 85Chronobines
Faintly Pulsating Chronal Shear 225Chronobines
Gleaming Icon 1455Chronobines
Glittering Bauble 1425Chronobines
Glowing Bored Quartzite 165Chronobines
Glowing Contuse Quartzite 165Chronobines
Glowing Corrupted Quartzite 105Chronobines
Glowing Dyadic Quartz 105Chronobines
Glowing Dyadic Quartzite 105Chronobines
Granite Fellstone 1465Chronobines
Greater Bored Quartzite 145Chronobines
Greater Contuse Quartzite 145Chronobines
Greater Corrupted Quartzite 90Chronobines
Greater Dyadic Quartz 90Chronobines
Greater Dyadic Quartzite 90Chronobines
Greater Jolted Quartzite 145Chronobines
Greater Struck Quartzite 145Chronobines
Greater Untempered Quartzite 145Chronobines
Humming Mutating Tinea 145Chronobines
Hushed Mutating Tinea 115Chronobines
Incandescent Culling Vortex 175Chronobines
Lesser Bored Quartzite 105Chronobines
Lesser Contuse Quartzite 105Chronobines
Lesser Corrupted Quartzite 60Chronobines
Lesser Dyadic Quartz 60Chronobines
Lesser Dyadic Quartzite 60Chronobines
Lesser Jolted Quartzite 105Chronobines
Lesser Struck Quartzite 105Chronobines
Lesser Untempered Quartzite 105Chronobines
Luminescent Culling Vortex 175Chronobines
Magician's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Major Bored Quartzite 125Chronobines
Major Contuse Quartzite 125Chronobines
Major Corrupted Quartz 45Chronobines
Major Corrupted Quartzite 75Chronobines
Major Dyadic Quartz 75Chronobines
Major Dyadic Quartzite 75Chronobines
Major Jolted Quartzite 125Chronobines
Major Struck Quartzite 125Chronobines
Major Untempered Quartzite 125Chronobines
Minor Bored Quartzite 85Chronobines
Minor Contuse Quartzite 85Chronobines
Minor Corrupted Quartz 45Chronobines
Minor Corrupted Quartzite 45Chronobines
Minor Dyadic Quartz 45Chronobines
Minor Dyadic Quartzite 45Chronobines
Minor Jolted Quartzite 85Chronobines
Minor Struck Quartzite 85Chronobines
Minor Untempered Quartzite 85Chronobines
Monk's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Mounted Ursine Fang 1435Chronobines
Murmuring Mutating Tinea 165Chronobines
Necromancer's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Ornate Turquoise Shield 1685Chronobines
Paladin's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Prismatic Fluorescent Mutation Nexus 95Chronobines
Prismatic Incandescent Mutation Nexus 85Chronobines
Prismatic Luminescent Mutation Nexus 85Chronobines
Pulsating Chronal Shear 1300Chronobines
Quiet Mutating Tinea 110Chronobines
Ranger's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Rogue's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Rustling Mutating Tinea 135Chronobines
Shadow Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Shaman's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Shimmering Spaulders [no drop] 1510Chronobines
Signet of the Dead 1435Chronobines
Silenced Mutating Tinea 75Chronobines
Silenced Tinea Deviation Chamber 15Chronobines
Silk-Lined Cloak 1525Chronobines
Silken Band 1435Chronobines
Snakeskin Collar 1485Chronobines
Softly Glowing Gemstone 1465Chronobines
Song: Arcane Arietta 195Chronobines
Song: Aura of Rodcet 165Chronobines
Song: Cantata of Courage 195Chronobines
Song: Gruber's Lively Crescendo 195Chronobines
Song: Pests of the Piper 175Chronobines
Spell: Annihilate the Anomalous 175Chronobines
Spell: Antecedent's Intervention 175Chronobines
Spell: Aura of Abstract Acumen 175Chronobines
Spell: Aurora of Dawnlight 195Chronobines
Spell: Aurora of Dawnlight Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Befuddler's Aura 165Chronobines
Spell: Befuddler's Aura Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Bite of the Ukun 175Chronobines
Spell: Bite of the Vitrik 175Chronobines
Spell: Blessed Aquifer 185Chronobines
Spell: Blood of the Unsullied 195Chronobines
Spell: Blood of the Unsullied Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Bonestitch Effigy 165Chronobines
Spell: Bonestitch Effigy Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Burst of Dawnlight 175Chronobines
Spell: Carapace of the Reptile 185Chronobines
Spell: Charge for Honor 165Chronobines
Spell: Charge for Honor Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Charge for Power 165Chronobines
Spell: Charge for Power Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Chromassail 185Chronobines
Spell: Devastating Blades 185Chronobines
Spell: Dominating Aura 165Chronobines
Spell: Ethereal Iceblight 185Chronobines
Spell: Finsternacht Orb 155Chronobines
Spell: Finsternacht Orb Rk. III 310Chronobines
Spell: Flashblaze 185Chronobines
Spell: Frondspur 155Chronobines
Spell: Frondspur Rk. III 310Chronobines
Spell: Funnel of Frigidity 175Chronobines
Spell: Gelid Snap 175Chronobines
Spell: Grezan's Drowse 165Chronobines
Spell: Grezan's Drowse Rk. III 300Chronobines
Spell: Growl of the Jaguar 185Chronobines
Spell: Holy Ground 175Chronobines
Spell: Jolt of Many 165Chronobines
Spell: Jolting Swings 165Chronobines
Spell: Listlessness 165Chronobines
Spell: Listlessness Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Malarian Skin 195Chronobines
Spell: Malarian Skin Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Mana Reiterate Aura 195Chronobines
Spell: Mana Reiterate Aura Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Mindfreeze 165Chronobines
Spell: Mindfreeze Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Mindshear Horror 155Chronobines
Spell: Nature's Searing Wrath 195Chronobines
Spell: Pack of Aina 195Chronobines
Spell: Pack of Aina Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Preservation of Tunare 195Chronobines
Spell: Promised Recuperation 175Chronobines
Spell: Promised Rejuvenation 175Chronobines
Spell: Pyre of the Forgotten 175Chronobines
Spell: Pyre of the Forgotten Rk. III 350Chronobines
Spell: Rumbling Servant 195Chronobines
Spell: Runic Shimmer Aura 165Chronobines
Spell: Runic Shimmer Aura Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Scorching Shadow 195Chronobines
Spell: Slitheren Venom 195Chronobines
Spell: Slitheren Venom Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Soul Reaper's Pyre 185Chronobines
Spell: Soul Reaper's Pyre Rk. III 185Chronobines
Spell: Steely Stance 185Chronobines
Spell: Summer's Mist 185Chronobines
Spell: Summer's Mist Rk. III 370Chronobines
Spell: Survival of the Felicitous 175Chronobines
Spell: Talisman of the Lynx 155Chronobines
Spell: Twelfth Night 165Chronobines
Spell: Twelfth Night Rk. III 330Chronobines
Spell: Twincast 195Chronobines
Spell: Twincast Aura 185Chronobines
Spell: Twincast Aura Rk. III 370Chronobines
Spell: Twincast Rk. III 390Chronobines
Spell: Vow of Valiance 155Chronobines
Spell: Ward of Restoration 195Chronobines
Spell: Wildmagic Blast 155Chronobines
Spell: Wildmagic Blast Rk. III 310Chronobines
Spell: Winter's Flare 175Chronobines
Spell: Winter's Flare Rk. III 350Chronobines
Spell: Withering Decay 175Chronobines
Spell: Withering Decay Rk. III 350Chronobines
Spell: Yowl at the Moon 195Chronobines
Spell: Yowl at the Moon Rk. III 390Chronobines
Stained Leather Cloak 1525Chronobines
Surpurian Girding 1535Chronobines
Temporal Molting Cell 65Chronobines
Temporal Polymorphic Cell 1000Chronobines
Tome of Calanin's Synergy 155Chronobines
Tome of Calanin's Synergy Rk. III 310Chronobines
Tome of Combat Frenzy 195Chronobines
Tome of Daggerlunge 195Chronobines
Tome of Defer Death 195Chronobines
Tome of Eradicator's Volley 185Chronobines
Tome of Final Breath 195Chronobines
Tome of Foray 195Chronobines
Tome of Jolting Frontkicks 165Chronobines
Tome of Knuckle Crush 195Chronobines
Tome of Overpowering Frenzy Rk. III 310Chronobines
Tome of Procure Sap 185Chronobines
Tome of Shield Topple 175Chronobines
Tome of Sureshot Discipline 195Chronobines
Tome of Whorl of Fists 185Chronobines
Verdant Ritual Sash 1535Chronobines
Warrior's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines
Waxing Crescent Buckler [void] 1685Chronobines
Whispering Mutating Tinea 125Chronobines
Windcaller's Mask 1475Chronobines
Wizard's Polymorphic Cocoon 10Chronobines

Known Habitats:
  The Void (F)

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i trade him and all he has in the store for me is those polymorph cacoon's. i have 2.2k chronobines if someone could tell me if there's something i have to do for him to sell the armor and/or tomes please let me know
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nevermind i guess i'm in the void a
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