a shadowed man  

a shadowed man

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The shadowmen come in the classes of Warrior, Monk, Cleric and Necromancer. The Necromancers tend to look like books, while the Priests have the appearance of Snow cones. The Warriors tend to show their weapons, while the monks are invisible (save for their name).

Shadowmen hang out at fixed locations, usually in groups from four to seven. They do not have a huge aggro raduis, but are social so Harmony can be very handy in fighting them.

Shadowmen move very very quickly. If you're trying to run from them, you will need a highlevel bard with a magical drum to be able to escape them, they can outrun all forms of SOW.

Shadowmen drop numerous items for numerous quests. So many items are dropped that it can be a maddening experience trying to get the one you need. It has been theorized that the shadowmen in different zones are more likely to drop the various items.

Most of the items they drop are "no rent" meaning they will dissapear if you log out.

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Minimum Level: 24
Maximum Level: 26
Expansion: Original
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asherons call rip off?
# Jan 25 2001 at 6:16 AM Rating: Default
Before i played EQ i played asherons call, each month they would update the game with new events a stuff and one was shadow men. they whern't invs just all black. now who riped off who?
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Aug 11 2001 at 1:12 PM Rating: Default
Eq ripped shadowed men off of an AD&D monster called "An invisible stalker" or something like that. It has the best pic in the 2nd edition monster manual, a blank space. AC came out after EQ, and EQ always had shadowed men :-P
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Aug 01 2001 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
You do realize that 90% of AD&D was just blatant copying of ANYTHING fantasy around at that time, AD&D also decided to copy some copyrighted material into their game, like the name Hobbit (which was later of course changed to halfling because Chris Tolkien sued them) anyways probably the reason EQ has so much AD&D mobs is because 1) AD&D didn't invent their creatures so they don't have a copyright to them 2) EQ is very heavily based on some of the more conventional Text MUDs, which were usually based very closely on the AD&D system
RE: asherons call rip off?
# May 31 2001 at 10:49 PM Rating: Default
A month old thread by the time I read it.. But I have to follow up. EVERYTHING IS A RIPPOFF of SOME MYTHOLOGY! Take hobbits for example.. Whoops I mean HALFINGS! Orcs? Puh-leeze! Dragons? Huh Duh! D&D did put it all together, but Its not like nothing existed before D&D. The rule of thumb is its not a rip off unless you do everything exactly the same. Similar? Who cares? Sorry if this seems like a flaming rant, but I just wanted to clear some things up.

(Of course I'm not going to give my name! You'll just continue to argue with me!)
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Jan 31 2001 at 11:31 PM Rating: Default
hmmm, not sure but I believe EQ was out before Ash.
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Feb 11 2001 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
lets see now...when did these shodowed men "arrive" in EQ? I played AC for awhile (in fact is still do when im bored with EQ (which isnt too often, esp after SoV) and I believe these shadow men where around right from the begginning of the game. I started playing AC in early May 2000 and these shadow dudes where there then. Now as to when these shadow guys came into being in EQ I can't rightly recall, except to say it was pretty close to the time when AC 1st came out (post AC beta that is). My guess is that EQ "ripped off" AC, but frankly, who cares? It's not so blaten(sp?) a rip off as to be hugely obvious (like how about EQ having portals like in AC or shadow towers? or a city named teth? now those would be major ripoffs. Anyway, that's my 2cp ;-)
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Apr 28 2001 at 8:37 PM Rating: Default
This is an old thread, but I would just like to say that EQ was ENTIRELY lifted from the old set of AD&D rules. Nearly every monster in this game was also in that one first, although admittedly the majority of those are based on various mythologies. When I first saw EQ, I was shocked that it did not have an AD&D label, but I suppose mythology is not subject to copyright.

I know almost nothing about Asheron's Call, but I do know that shadowed men are not a new concept . . . they go back at least 15 years.
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Feb 13 2001 at 7:22 PM Rating: Default
Heh, another rip-off is evil eyes vs. beholders of AD&D.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 22 2001 at 8:06 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I played EQ for about 6 months prior to AC coming out, there were Shadowed men in EQ the whole time. I think they were there in beta too. I played AC too for a while too.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 24 2001 at 12:44 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) They shadow guys in AC seem like more a rip off of an AD&D monster called a Shadow.
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 07 2001 at 4:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Really who cares about this? Everyone will rip off of someone eventually. EQ is a good game. I never played AC but I'm sure it's good. So who cares? It does not affect my life in the least.
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 28 2001 at 2:22 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Most creatures in most fantasy games are pretty much set standards. It would be like asking who ripped off who in including a dragon or goblin in the game. <gasp> oh no, they've included an invisible man. Must be a rip-off of a cheesy 50's movie.
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 31 2001 at 1:10 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Lets see....Invisible guy...and a guy dressed in all black...Both called somewhat of the same name...That's not really much of a rip off.
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 19 2001 at 9:49 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) They have been in EQ the whole time.
Shadowed Men/Temple of Solusek Ro
# Sep 19 2001 at 7:59 AM Rating: Decent
The Shadowed Men and the Temple of Solusek Ro weren't in the Game "in the beginning"... the Temple was the first "Optional Zone" that Verant added, maybe 6 months after EQ was released. The various "class armor" quests were added around the same time too.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 10 2001 at 2:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I just wanted to post here to see how far this chain will go. Come on! like everyone before me didnt post just to see the same thing. Atleast im man enough to admit it :P
RE: asherons call rip off?
# Sep 04 2001 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry to lengthen the thread here but....I started playing EQ not long after its official release and Shadowed Men where not in the original release. They appeared after one on the early patches.
South Karana
# Jan 24 2001 at 3:37 PM Rating: Default
There are also Shadow men in South Karana not to far from the Aviak City near the wall. At lvl 26 the con was blue so I thought I would try it. I am enchanter. Only saw one but only got one spell off and was attacked and killed real quick. However, best I could tell there were three shadow men and three pets. The pets I saw looked like my own. I have not seen any info on them being enchanters so am real confused. I do know if you are planning on trying them have good group:)
RE: South Karana
# Mar 02 2001 at 11:13 AM Rating: Default
you didn't see their pets. You saw shadow man warriors. The only shadow men with pets are the necros
# Jan 24 2001 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
There are also Shadow men in South Karana not to far from the Aviak City near the wall. At lvl 26 the con was blue so I thought I would try it. I am enchanter. Only saw one but only got one spell off and was attacked and killed real quick. However, best I could tell there were three shadow men and three pets. The pets I saw looked like my own. I have not seen any info on them being enchanters so am real confused. I do know if you are planning on trying them have good group:)
RE: Dalafa
# Feb 13 2001 at 7:26 PM Rating: Default
They aren't enchanters. They looked like your pet because they are "invis" and you only see their weapons.
Loc in WC?
# Jan 10 2001 at 8:47 PM Rating: Default
Can't seem to find them. Where are they?
RE: Loc in WC?
# Jan 11 2001 at 11:11 PM Rating: Default
Going from East commons, follow the sand/grass border... go past the entrance to befallen (there will be a tiny hut on the right hand side, befallen will be shortly to your left). Continue on... there will then be an inn on the right. Continue. Go all the way up to the very end, don't turn right, that will only take you to the kith zone.(Do go right and run for your life if you get swamped). Take a healer, maybe even a nuke/mezz type, they're tough to me at 28th lvl. Good luck!
Shadowed Lore?
# Jan 10 2001 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
Well Met;

I am very interested in the history or the Lore of Norrath, and the official Web site isnt very good for it so I came here:

What are Shadowed men, and what relation do they have to the World (they are always in Forests and Swamps)?

Please email me your responce: Leafaenryn@yahoo.com
RE: Shadowed Lore?
# May 25 2001 at 5:16 AM Rating: Decent
97 posts
If you talk so several NPCs like Hasten Bootstrutter or Morin Shadowbane in Kithicor it will turn up that Shadowed Men seem to be "new" to Norrath, they seem to be followers/creatures of the darkness and evil Norrath is slowly consumed by, I guess the Temple of Solusek Ro opposes them to fight the darkening of the world, you see, Solusek Ro is the God of Sun and if the sun would be darkened, Solusek Ro would vanish from Norrath.
Which Shadowed man camp...
# Nov 14 2000 at 12:16 AM Rating: Default
I am a 23rd seasoned enchantress, I would like to hunt these down for my future quests from the Temple. My question is, which zone should a first-time Shadowman hunter try . Lesser Faydark? Lavastorm? De Swamp? Nektulos Forest?
Which camp has the least amount of spawns? I'm only 23, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially with these bad boys!

So, in everyone's humble opinion...which camp should a 1st timer try first?

Kelilye Furykryztal, Mistress of Hateful Enchantments, within The Circle of the Shadows on the Nameless server
RE: Which Shadowed man camp...
# Dec 21 2000 at 2:18 AM Rating: Default
OK, I'm replying with little info on what I know so far. A lvl 49 rogue friend was pulling these singlely in Lavastorm Mountains, if you see a book, a pet will be nearby and prepare to fight a necro, these necros have banshee aura up-a damage shield (almost killed the fast swinging friend o mine and he's level 49!) Have cancel magic up if you see any book carrying shadowed man, the cleric will luv you. If you see a funky looking bluish cone floating around, you've meet a shadowed man cleric, they'll heal themselves if they aren't properly stunned and/or gang tackled, they will nuke your tanks as well. If you weapons or don't see weapons, you've just pulled a shadowed man warrior, not much I can tell you hear, just nuke or slice em up when you encounter them.

He was after the shadowed rapier to complete the jboots quest, I wanted what enchanters want from shadwed men...glowing gloves and a shining stone.

Got the stone and finished getting it enchanted and such, now all I need is a golden rod from Guk and I'll have the Rod of Insidious Glamour. I'm still on the hunt for those gloves...soon, fairly soon!

Mistress of Hateful Enchantments of the 26th season on the Nameless server
Single pulls
# Nov 13 2000 at 11:11 PM Rating: Default
Rumor has it that at 39 a body can pull them singly. Hope this is true, I'll have to arrage for a munchkin hitsquad to help me get my rapier and essences.
RE: Single pulls
# Jul 15 2001 at 11:32 PM Rating: Default
I am 35 Necro. I can break a camp using Invoke Fear if I am careful. It takes awhile, but it can be done.

BTW, anyone know if the Hand of Shadows (for Shadowbound Golves quest) still drops in Nektulos Forest?
RE: Single pulls
# Apr 04 2001 at 2:58 AM Rating: Default
Your faction with them seems to matter as to if you can solo pull them. When I was level 44 I had killed so many that sometimes I failed to solo pull them. I guess they really hated me.
RE: Single pulls
# Dec 04 2000 at 12:05 AM Rating: Default
I am a 38 wizzie and I can pull singles in WC anyways.
RE: Single pulls
# Feb 28 2001 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
I am a 40 necro and they jump me if I so much as touch one of them.
Best place to camp them?
# Nov 09 2000 at 10:10 AM Rating: Default
Whats the best place to camp them?
Is there one camp with less Shadowed men than others? I had an unfortunate accident when I could have sworn that the camp in Nektulous only had one, I pulled him and then met 2 more of his mates.Don't suppose there's any single ones out there?
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 07 2000 at 8:13 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE SHADOW HAND FOR THE SHADOWBOUND GLOVES QUEST DROP?
# Nov 19 2000 at 9:28 AM Rating: Default
yup, WC is where they drop, got one a while ago, it looks cool)

Shadowed Scythe?
# Oct 29 2000 at 8:16 PM Rating: Default
There's a note about items dropping more in certain zones.
Could anyone inform me as to a good zone where I would have a better chance to get a scythe?
RE: Shadowed Scythe?
# Nov 03 2000 at 1:08 AM Rating: Default
Well, I have killed three of the Monks (Invisible Shadowed Man) in West Commons. All three times they had a Shadowed Scythe. However I need a Patch of Shadow for my acumen mask.

Fennin Ro
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 03 2000 at 1:05 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
shining stone...
# Oct 21 2000 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
Just updating... even though a while. I did get one. Found 2! in the camps in Neklous(sp) woods... they seem to be common there, maybe was just lucky though.
RE: shining stone...
# Dec 07 2000 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
I got mine in Innothule Swamp after having killed at least 35 shadowmed man, so be patient )
RE: shining stone...
# Oct 23 2000 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
Got mine from WC, about 20 killed before it dropped, got exp from that one (I was lvl 38).
# Oct 12 2000 at 9:04 PM Rating: Default
Anyone know what essence of shadow is for? It Dropped off a shadow man in Nektulous Forest.
RE: Fenneuss
# Oct 13 2000 at 11:01 PM Rating: Default
Brewers use it to make Shadow Temper for Smithers.
Eye drops..hehe
# Sep 25 2000 at 8:02 PM Rating: Default
Which ones are more common to drop the eyes..which zone..iv been in wc for a total of over 5 hours..no eye has dropped
what I know
# Sep 19 2000 at 2:14 PM Rating: Default
A couple of points...

tried to do MM quest for Sol faction ...he said I dont like you go away...so it doesnt always work. If you are concerned about Sol faction DONT kill the named orc in S Ro...

The weaps can be used by pets :) Free weaps are nice for pets.

I killed a bunch (50) for jboots and Book of Darkness and my faction is still screwed up... :(

They are very tough so be careful...and harmony does work :)


#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 19 2000 at 2:14 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) A couple of points...
Rumor on No-Rent
# Sep 07 2000 at 1:00 AM Rating: Default
As I was camping the Darkbone Skull, a necro told me that although the Patch of Shadow was No-Rent, it did NOT dissappear if you put it in the BANK. She swore this was true and that she indeed had one stowed away...we shall see...I will post again after I confirm this.

Grothgar of The Rathe
RE: Rumor on No-Rent
# Mar 01 2001 at 12:42 PM Rating: Default
Also i am not sure but it works with summoned stuff like food is to go through a zone and when it says LOADING PLEASE WAIT.... shut off your computer. I heard this worked with summoned stuff so it might work here.
Mask of Shadow
# Aug 27 2000 at 3:08 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, I've spent nights killing shadow men in lavastorm and WC, and NOT ONE MASK has dropped. Desperatly need it for my Robe Of Enshroudment Quest, and was wondering if anyone knew the best place to get one...
RE: Mask of Shadow
# Sep 01 2000 at 3:03 AM Rating: Excellent
233 posts
Each of the drops is tied to one of the shadowed men types (cleric, necro, monk, and warrior). I believe the mask comes off the monk, but don't quote me on that ;)
shadowed ball
# Aug 10 2000 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
Go to South Karana for the shadowed ball I killed lots shadowed men there and made a lot guild members very happy :)
RE: shadowed ball
# Sep 01 2000 at 3:04 AM Rating: Excellent
233 posts
As I said in another post I believe the special drops like this are tied to the shadowed men's "classes." I think the cleric-type drops these if I remember correctly.
S men DO outrun SoC
# Aug 08 2000 at 8:22 PM Rating: Default
One day i was helping a friend get the Shadowed Gloves we killed a couple (Couple my *** took like an hour but I'm glad i could help) and i had my SoC memmed, she was getting beat pretty badly so i rooted him and started meleeing on him, told her to run (glad as hell the gloves were on the last one we killed) Then after Root broke and she had zoned i used SoC, Well i ran my lil Druid **** off, and he constanatly keep on jabbing me in the butt, Was NOT fun because i thought I would be able to outrun him with SoC (I made it out with 50 hp, lucky me), Be warned they DO outrun SoC.
shadowed ball
# Aug 08 2000 at 4:38 AM Rating: Decent
where should i go to get a Shadowed ball? South karana? west commons? where is it dropped the most..
# Jul 25 2000 at 9:38 AM Rating: Decent
The Shining Stone is for the Enchanter Rod of Insidious Glamor. The Shadow Gloves are for the Incandescent Gloves.
Single Sighting
# Jul 24 2000 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
As I was running along edge of the Lesser Faydark zone to Mist, I happened across one, and waited for my teammate(level 24 Ranger) to catch up to me, I am/was a 26 Necromancer at the time, I had no bonechips, so him,and I took it down barely, ranger was at 1 bulb, and I was running my **** off to avoid hits. In the end I found out, they don't like dots(does anything?) and fear doesn't work well on them, but there is a single spawn in Lfay, atleast on the Bristlebane server.

P.S. It was before the Brownie camp. and it was a warrior, or a cleric with no mana.....you do the guessing. notlike we could see what it looked like
A shining stone
# Jul 21 2000 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
I looted a shining stone off of one of them in Lesser Fay yesterday... I'm not sure if it is no rent yet, but does anyone know what it is for? It was lore, no drop I believe.
RE: A shining stone
# Aug 19 2000 at 6:31 PM Rating: Decent
Used for the Rod of Insidious Glamour Quest, enchanter 1hb weapon w/ effect:alliance and extra charisma, forgot the walk-through, sure it's listed somewhere else on this or any other web-site.
Track stars, Sow, and Bad Cons
# Jul 20 2000 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
Id like to know how those who can outrun or even keep pace with these track stars are doing it. Im a 28th warrior, 124 agil, had SoW from a 24th shaman, and tried to pull the group in WC to the zone (yeah yeah, a rugged idea, I know, but there were no alternatives at the time). I edged to just within the max range of my bow (150), fired, turned to run, and was hit by all 5. I figure it took me under 2 seconds to fire and turn. Thats over 75 movement a second. Good luck outrunning them.
I totally agree with Adraii Acrmagi--these things are SERIOUSLY misconned. The priests are tougher than nails to kill (and resist bash 7 times out of 10), the necros send at least 2-3 people in their late 20s running with fear per fight, and the dual wielding warriors are real rat bastards to kill.
Also, they do spawn awkwardly, and are almost impossible to stagger... Overall, unless you have to mess with them, I wouldnt. The death to experience ratio just isnt worth it.
RE: Track stars, Sow, and Bad Cons
# Jan 07 2001 at 3:30 PM Rating: Decent
33 posts
You need an enchanter mate ;P

Harmony pulling sure helps too but if you get a decent enc and a group that is prepared to assist properly then they aren't so hard. (colour stuns take care of almost all teh casting and a wiz or cleric or bashes can fill in the rest)
RE: Track stars, Sow, and Bad Cons
# Oct 19 2000 at 1:44 PM Rating: Default
I was with two guildmates in S Karana. I am a level 22 Druid with Expulse Summoned, the two guildmates were a level 31 Barbarian Warrior and a 29 Barbarian Shaman. The Warrior shot at one, and the entire mass of them attacked us. I was able to get Expulse of a couple of times, then turn tail and ran like bunny. Within moments all three of us were dead. These guys are NOT something to play with. LOL!!!
See invis
# Jul 13 2000 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
If any of the shadowed men see invis it is probably the necros after they cast Deadeye, the necro see invis spell.
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