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Uploaded September 1st, 2019 by Drewinette

You say, 'Hail, Rephas'

Rephas says, 'Aagggh... Get away from here... Go, run... Far away... Or I shall call [Karana's] wrath upon you!'

You say, 'Karana's'

Rephas says, 'Heh!.. Ignorant one! Begone, and take your stupidity with you!'

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Level: 28
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2022-08-12 21:45:44
Items Given:
icon Enchanted Book

Known Habitats:
  Qeynos Hills
Factions Increased:
  The Freeport Militia +7
  Opal Darkbriar +7
Factions Decreased:
  Knights of Truth -12
  Arcane Scientists -50

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# Jul 25 2015 at 5:50 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Your faction standing with Arcane Scientists has been adjusted by -50.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth has been adjusted by -12.
Your faction standing with Opal Dark Briar has been adjusted by 7.
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia has been adjusted by 7.
Add'l Drops
# Dec 17 2013 at 11:35 PM Rating: Excellent
1,738 posts
Fishing Bait, Fresh Fish, Fishing Pole, Velium Silvered Rune, Black Powder Pouch, Elementary Binding Powder
# May 15 2009 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
My dark elf, agnostic mage originally conned dubious to Rephas and I was unable to do this quest. Raising my faction with the arcane scientists to apprehensive fixed this problem.
# May 06 2006 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
OMG he gave me the crap he didnt wont from fishing
# Oct 06 2004 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
105 posts
I got true north, lull, and weaken from turning in rat ears. turned in a lot of rat ears =)
Good to kill for faction, if desperate
# Jan 02 2003 at 8:36 AM Rating: Decent
1,075 posts

He is pretty good to kill for faction if desperate to raise Militia or Opal Dark Briar (the one in East freep sewers in dismal rage area)

He himself is ON arcane scientists, so that is tha faction you have to watch the drop on more than knights of truth - the residual faction(or whatever) If your knights of truth faction is already high and you habitually waste every orc pawn you pass, this is not a problem.

My druid got to barely apprensive, from dubious, to freep militia. I came by this are to loiter around the hadden spawn (not that it in anyway guaruntees your right to Hadden, but that is my casual opinion) I was max warmly from the rat ear quest with rephas eons ago, so decided to see how many times I could kill him while still being dubious. That would also mean I was dubious to the int caster's guild in freeport (arcane scientists)

When I got him down to dubious, I was amiable with the freeport militia. I could really go worse than dubious, its not like I hang around the freeport int caster's guild. Other than the people there, you only have to worry about one guy way back in high hold by that bondage whip dark elf lady and someone else, past the jail cells. That guy in high hold is for the Deep Cutlass "kill the bridge builders" quest (sort of a newb minor ghoulbane quest, in no way worth doing since now the ghoulbane is (ironically) an EASIER quest ;) )

I also wanted to kill him some because I started the dismal rage bone chip quest in wolf form. Without wolf form my wood elf druid was threaten (quest with xelha, east freep sewer) It took me a while to actually get to dubious, while in wolf form, to opal darkbriar down there. All of the other npcs, besides opal, are on dismal rage in that area. The exception is Sax, the dark elf cleric. She is on priests of innoruuk which I have no way to raise anyway. I found out earlier though, that if you are kos to opal Zhem and some others WILL aggro on you when opal does.. so its best to raise her faction to hang out there (though it has no real purpose ;) )

After killing rephas a bunch, doing more bone chip and fire beetle eye quests with xelha and being max allied to dismal rage forever, I finally got to dubious while in wood elf form to opal. This really serves no purpose except to sometimes go down there and ensnare/kill the light blue xp con Sax, for some pretty good factions (I forget the exact ones now, I list them in the east freep area of beastiary) If anyone wants to do her quest she respawns in about 20 minutes I think, but I only kill her once. She would be a fun mob to camp that way if she respawned more often.

So that was my novel-writing-way of saying that Rephas may be useful to kill if you are bored while being piggy around the hadden spawn. it also makes it look more like you are not just AFK with the alarm clock set for 5.5 hours. Mainly he's a good boost to militia faction, from a respawning kill that only hurts a faction you might not care about, which is a rare thing.

I checked my knights of truth, freeport north paladins, faction after killing him and it had not budged. If you've already done knights of truth raising its really no concern while killing him. Its also fun revenge for the times he may have tried to assist hadden and such.
RE: Good to kill for faction, if desperate
# Jan 12 2003 at 5:49 PM Rating: Good
619 posts
It's mentioned in one of the posts below that he drops a torn parchment. Did you see one drop from him? and if so, any details on it?
# Jan 02 2003 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
He aggroes if u attack Axe dude or Hadden, he buffs them like a ****, and he mezzes you. BTW, his pet's lvl is WAY wrong, he conned Dark blue to a lv 30. If ur gonna take him, HARMONY HADDEN AND AXE DUDE. Gl guys

Kamfdut Earthcaller - 30th ranger (Fateless)
Can be trouble
# Sep 16 2002 at 9:40 PM Rating: Decent
I was hanging out with a ranger friend of mine camping Hadden for the Fishbone Earring, and when Hadden popped I nuked the silly barbarian for a bit. Rephas then aggroed onto me, even though I was quite far away from him (on the other side of the lake and down a bit, trying to stay out of his aggro range) and proceeded to debuff, mezz and charm me. At that point I started dropping all sorts of nasty necro spells on the poor ranger, and I didn't even know why his lifebar was dropping so fast- I didn't know I was charmed until he told me a bit later. Fortunately, neither of us died- he was high enough level that my DoTs and nuking didn't kill him. So watch out for this fellow, he can be nasty if you're not prepared. Oh, and the ranger got the earring, so things really turned out well.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2002 at 12:45 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Muhaha
# Nov 01 2001 at 6:40 PM Rating: Default
will he kill a necro from qeynos?
# Jul 30 2001 at 7:42 PM Rating: Default
for me and my friend both around level 30 he spawned about every 10 mins next to river. looted a no drop sword and sheild off of him
# Nov 28 2000 at 12:16 PM Rating: Default
I thought that if an npc was 6 lvls or more lower that their magic could not harm you? The necro that wanders this zone was chasing a newbie so I hit him with combust, he then aggro'd on me and none of his magical attacks connected. I was lvl 31 at the time.
No lvl limit on NPC spells
# Mar 30 2001 at 7:35 AM Rating: Default
43 posts
There is no level range restriction on NPC spells.
Ms Parlone in Najena for example is what? 20? Can charm a lvl 60. I've seen her do it. (ouch)
RE: No lvl limit on NPC spells
# Oct 18 2001 at 11:57 PM Rating: Default
Levels aren't absolute to MR, but they do play a part in it. A level 60 warrior has insane natural MR, not to mention the gear he/she would no doubt have on top of it, and the Resistant discipline. That level 60 needs to get some MR gear, unless you're full of it which is my bet.
torn parchment
# Aug 26 2000 at 6:25 PM Rating: Default
anyone know what a torn parchment is for off of rephas? anyway he was easy, i rooted rephas pet came for me, used expel summoned (264dmg) pet died easily, came back and doted him and stayed outta his spell range and he died, i was a 35 druid at the time. first time i attacked him hadden was spawned and tried to help so i want to zone in SFG, and the guards were kos there too. then i killed hadden no earring =(
Kludar Radulk
36 druid
# Aug 09 2000 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
and If you are a lv. 40 enchanter, why did't you charm Rephas to hit his pet,makes a lot of sense if ya ask me
# Aug 09 2000 at 11:40 AM Rating: Default
There is no ph, he is a 6hour spawn, I saw a druid fight hadden while Rephas was standing by the lake( with a pet )
Placeholder for Hadden?
# Jun 26 2000 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
Is this guy the placeholder for Hadden? Me and a monk friend camped him for a while.. killed him several times.. I'm 40 enchanter, so just kept him and pet stunned whole fight.. while monk whacked on him.. didn't lose a drop of health..
RE: Placeholder for Hadden?
# Dec 02 2000 at 8:23 PM Rating: Default
lol, hadden does not have placeholder
35 wiz here
# Jun 25 2000 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
35 wiz here. I take this guy down in 2 blasts of 310 no prob, as long as i get him before he brings his pet out. If he gets his pet out, then i have to take time to root em both and that gives him time to charm. The one time he killed me, out of about 25 times i killed him (Camping the stupid fishbone earring guy Hadden) was because he charmed me. Btw he is blue to me at 35 and seemed to be giving noticeable experience.
toughy for a greeny
# Jun 01 2000 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
As a 40th lvl shaman, I tried to kill this guy cuz I was bored...and did i receive a wake-up call. He's an enchanter, and charms quite easily.
The first time i tried I enstilled him and his pet came after me and kept interupting my spells...he was hitting me with his DD spells and eventually i got down to 2 bubbles life FAST - I had to retreat, then i easily killed his pet.
The second time i went back (without zoning of course) I had summoned my pet. I was SURE i'd kill him. Well, he ended up charming me to attack my pet - when my charm was gone, i had my pet attacking me, Rephas attacking me, and Rephas pet attacking me...BUT luckly i rooted both pets, and got off a DOT that easily killed Rephas, the rest was easy to kill.

Whew, that was close...i was oom and 2 bubbles of life left =)
RE: toughy for a greeny
# Aug 05 2002 at 6:33 AM Rating: Decent
I killed this guy about 30 times while i was camping pizjin or whatever her name is. he was easy at level 39. the one time i died was because he charmed my fire pet so i had 2 pets on me and him casting his little dd spell. sadly now i have been camping orcs for about 2 days to raise my faction with the arcane scientists. lol
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