Santug Claugg [ Paineel ]  

Quest NPC

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  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

In Ak'Anon: East part of the zone at /loc 1205, -782, -24.

In Crescent Reach: At the entrance of the city, /loc -1338, -2005, -204.

In East Cabilis: Right outside Temple of Terror at /loc 924, -329, 3.

In Erudin: On the south side of the library at /loc -1130, -239, 51.

In Greater Faydark: On the first pad up from the North Orc Lift at /loc 889, 208, 77.

In Grobb: At the entrance of the city at /loc 49, 3, 3.

In Halas: At the entrance of the city near the dock at /loc 60, 0, 3.

In Mountains of Rathe: At the south portion of the zone with all the merchants and Guild Masters at /loc -1206, 244, 2.

In Neriak Foreign Quarter: At the entrance to the city to the left at /loc 56, 2, 4.

In Northern Felwithe: At the entrance at /loc -2, 34, 4.

In North Qeynos: Outside the front gate of the city at /loc 343, 68, 3.

In Oggok: Near the entrance at /loc -217. 343, 13.

In Paineel: Near the zone line to Tox Forest at /loc 784, 214, 4.

In the Plane of Knowledge: /loc 15, 200, -122 (by the eastern merchants in the central part of the zone). He is findable (CTRL+F).

In Rivervale: Not far from the Misty Thicket zone line at /loc 5, -122, 4.

In Shar Vahl: Near Spiritist Garig on the east side at /loc -3, -199, -182.

In South Kaladim: At the entrance, /loc 37, 0, 3.

In West Freeport: Just inside the West entrance at /loc -25, -285, -82.


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Level: 70
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 2008-02-18 22:11:43
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