a deepwater goblin  


Minimum Level: 33
Maximum Level: 36
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 2008-02-17 02:57:06
NPC Last Updated: 2024-06-22 21:03:27
Known Loot:
icon Alkaline Loam
icon Arrow
icon Bronze Battle Axe
icon Bronze Dagger
icon Bronze Knuckles
icon Bronze Long Sword
icon Bronze Mace
icon Bronze Main Gauche
icon Bronze Rapier
icon Bronze Shortened Spear
icon Bronze Spear
icon Bronze Two Handed Sword
icon Complex Velium Silvered Rune
icon Crude Animal Pelt
icon Crude Silk
icon Crude Spinneret Fluid
icon Damp Marrow
icon Dry Marrow
icon Elementary Binding Powder
icon Exquisite Embossed Rune
icon Exquisite Velium Embossed Rune
icon Exquisite Velium Gilded Rune
icon Flawed Animal Pelt
icon Fulginate Ore
icon Hunting Bow
icon Iridium Ore
icon Malleable Loam
icon Modest Binding Powder
icon Moist Marrow
icon Natural Silk
icon Natural Spinneret Fluid
icon Opoline Helm
icon Ornate Defiant Chain Boots
icon Ornate Defiant Cloth Sandals
icon Ornate Defiant Gladius
icon Ornate Defiant Leather Bracer
icon Ornate Defiant Plate Gauntlets
icon Ornate Defiant Plate Greaves
icon Ornate Defiant Skullstaff
icon Pliant Loam
icon Raw Fine Runic Hide
icon Raw Runic Hide
icon Raw-Hide Belt
icon Raw-Hide Boots
icon Raw-Hide Cloak
icon Raw-Hide Gloves
icon Raw-Hide Gorget
icon Raw-Hide Leggings
icon Raw-Hide Mask
icon Raw-Hide Shoulderpads
icon Raw-Hide Skullcap
icon Raw-Hide Sleeves
icon Raw-Hide Tunic
icon Raw-Hide Wristbands
icon Rough Animal Pelt
icon Rubicite Ore
icon Rusty Broad Sword
icon Rusty Long Sword
icon Rusty Short Sword
icon Simple Etched Rune
icon Small Cloth Cap
icon Small Cloth Cape
icon Small Cloth Choker
icon Small Cloth Cord
icon Small Cloth Gloves
icon Small Cloth Pants
icon Small Cloth Sandals
icon Small Cloth Shawl
icon Small Cloth Shirt
icon Small Cloth Sleeves
icon Small Cloth Veil
icon Small Cloth Wristband
icon Small Raw-Hide Belt
icon Small Raw-Hide Boots
icon Small Raw-Hide Cloak
icon Small Raw-Hide Gloves
icon Small Raw-Hide Gorget
icon Small Raw-Hide Leggings
icon Small Raw-Hide Mask
icon Small Raw-Hide Shoulderpads
icon Small Raw-Hide Skullcap
icon Small Raw-Hide Sleeves
icon Small Raw-Hide Tunic
icon Small Raw-Hide Wristbands
icon Sullied Animal Pelt
icon Sullied Silk
icon Sullied Spinneret Fluid
icon Sunshard Dust
icon Supple Loam
icon Thalium Ore
icon Thick Silk
icon Thick Spinneret Fluid
icon Velium Silvered Rune

Known Habitats:
  Lake Rathetear
Factions Increased:
  Emerald Warriors +1
  Gem Choppers +1
  Storm Guard +1
Factions Decreased:
  Riptide Goblins -1

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