Hurrieta Ironforge  

Quest NPC

Uploaded July 27th, 2017 by Drewinette

  • This mob spawns at +80, -2.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): No

You say, 'Hail, Hurrieta Ironforge'

Hurrieta Ironforge says, 'What are you doing back here?! I cannot stand it when the [children] allow their friends to run rampant on our estate. Please leave!'

You say, 'children'

Hurrieta Ironforge says, 'My dear sweet children are working in the storefronts. Well, all of them except for [Tayla].'

You say, 'Tayla'

Hurrieta Ironforge says, 'Tayla! She is no Ironforge!'

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Level: 5
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2020-05-29 03:03:00
Known Loot:
icon Hurrieta's Tunic

Known Habitats:
  North Qeynos
Factions Increased:
  Circle of Unseen Hands +4
Factions Decreased:
  Antonius Bayle -3
  Guards of Qeynos -4
  Merchants of Qeynos -20
  Coalition of Tradefolk -2
  Hurrieta's Tunic

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Faction when killed
# Feb 19 2016 at 2:34 PM Rating: Excellent
265 posts
Merchants of Qeynos -20
Circle of Unseen Hands +4
Antonius Bayle -3
Coalition of Tradefolk -2
Guards of Qeynos -4

Drops Hurrieta's Tunic (the same item Faren gives for fetching his tackle box).

Faction when killed
# Feb 22 2016 at 2:22 PM Rating: Excellent
4,580 posts
Uxtalzon wrote:
Merchants of Qeynos -20
Circle of Unseen Hands +4
Antonius Bayle -3
Coalition of Tradefolk -2
Guards of Qeynos -4

Drops Hurrieta's Tunic (the same item Faren gives for fetching his tackle box).

Updated, very bizarre that the drop named after her was not linked to her before now --especially when the quest with her name in it for the tunic talks about killing her. Of course, her tunic is available from multiple sources (bit fishy that...)
is it good
# Jul 22 2003 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
Is the tunic good
Hurrieta's tunic here as well.
# Jan 04 2002 at 12:48 PM Rating: Default
I would like know about what she says when hailed as well?
here is the low down...
# Dec 14 2001 at 10:44 PM Rating: Default
After much research and checking I have found this out. Apparently the Necros get a quest to find and kill her, their proof it her bloody tunic. You have a few options on how to do this. You can a) kill her, she has a set pattern she does every hour, I recommend killing her while she is outside checking on her roses(I didn't kill her, she is amiable to me) because her hubby or children might jump in if you are inside, but outside you risk the guards catching you. so you can do b) kill Trumpy before he knocks the tacklebox into the water (Feran?) on the far dock--however, I haven't done that one either so I will just say I was told this is true. Or, the easiest way of all c) fetch the tacklebox, return it to the poor lost fisherman (Feran?) and he gives it too you. No, there is no good version of this, and no one ever actually kills her. I really think this is a really weird quest.
Hurrieta's Tunic
# Nov 20 2001 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
102 posts
I watched another player kill the dwarf NPC down at the BB docks, then she ran away without ever looting him. I took the opportunity, and one of the items was Hurrieta's Tunic. Is she looking for this item? Does Hurrieta say anything when you hail her? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Drops Tunic
# Apr 11 2000 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
Drops a White Tunic - No Drop
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