an alligator  


Minimum Level: 23
Maximum Level: 25
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-05-05 06:14:20

Known Habitats:
  The Feerrott
  Circlet of Mist

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Yet Another Torn Page
# Nov 17 2017 at 8:49 PM Rating: Good
55 posts
Killed an alligator in the NE quadrant of the zone, above the Druid Stones, and looted a Torn Page of Mastery Fire.

...and to think how long I ran around in Najena looking for those pages on my mage alt. /sigh
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Yet Another Torn Page
# Nov 21 2017 at 8:39 AM Rating: Excellent
Sylvanwulf wrote:
Killed an alligator in the NE quadrant of the zone, above the Druid Stones, and looted a Torn Page of Mastery Fire.

...and to think how long I ran around in Najena looking for those pages on my mage alt. /sigh

Thanks, added.
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Progression servers
# Jul 11 2015 at 7:53 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
if anyone is looking for this on Ragefire / Lockjaw. they live in Cazic Thule zone, in the water behind / below zone in
Ring of Evoluoy
# Jul 01 2011 at 2:46 AM Rating: Good
Been trying to camp the Page of Mastery: Earth from them.
Dropped the "Ring of Evoluoy"
A Broom
# Jun 05 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
292 posts
Just dropped "A Broom" for me.
NE seems right
# Sep 06 2004 at 6:28 AM Rating: Decent
I will confirm what the previous poster said. I found the alligators in the NE portion of the Feerott. After following them for a while, it appears they can go as far west as the plane of knowledge book (not quite but it's real close), as far south as the druid circle and then the north and east zone walls are the other boundaries.

It appeared that they would path fairly often around 950, -2020. Sometimes I would see 2-3 in a couple minute span there and other times it would be as much as about 20 minutes before I saw one. It could be that I had my back turned as they move pretty fast and come from a couple different directions through that spot.
Spawn area changed?
# May 14 2004 at 8:07 AM Rating: Excellent
6 posts
i dunno if the actual spawn area has changed or if i just kept running into them in a different area of the map, but i couldn't not find any alligators on the pyramid island. after a whole lot of running around i finally found gators in the north eastern section of the map.
Travel Pattern
# Apr 10 2003 at 8:44 AM Rating: Decent
From what I've seen, the Gators in Feerrott seem to spawn between the bridge and the low level pyramid. They then travel to a point between the 2 pyramids by the steps leading up to CT. After they get to the steps I witnessed a couple of things: 1) They turn around and head back towards the low level pyramid. 2) They turn West and head to the higher level pyramid, and then do a U-turn back to the steps to follow pattern #1. There are a total of 3 gators that spawn in Feerrott with a 5 min respawn after kill. Hope this helps.

Mage of the 27th Order
E'ci Server

Edited, Thu Apr 10 09:39:10 2003
lvl 55+ zone cazic?
# Oct 07 2002 at 4:02 AM Rating: Decent
Was told that cazic was raised from a 30ish zone to 55+ zone, so now other than immense hours in Najena hoping pages drop for epic...where do I get em? A friend told me the gators outside of cazic near the Tae Ew camps will drop the pages is this Valid?
RE: lvl 55+ zone cazic?
# Feb 21 2003 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
Yes. I was at the CT entrance today, in the middle of the Tae Ew camps, and the second "An Alligator" I killed dropped the Torn Pages of Mastery:Wind. The swamp alligators do NOT drop the pages.
Lots of information in these posts - could I get some clarif
# Sep 23 2002 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
For the Mage focus item quests - are the alligators roaming outside or by a pool of water or do we have to swim underwater and get to somewhere? I'm a 34 Mage looking for the shovel (last item I need) and would like as much info as possible before I camp here.
My Experience Thus Far
# Aug 26 2002 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I have been camping "an alligator"s now for 8+ hrs. And, this is my experience:

1) As a 30th level mage, I am not having any trouble taking on up to 2 alligators at a time and even 3 on one occasion. All have conned dark blue to me.

2) I station myself to one side of the clearing in front of the ramp and make sure I do not get too close to the lizardmen (dark blue to red). Aggroing them means getting at least two and most of them in that area are casters, i.e. death or a quick gate out of there. The good part is that the lizardmen rarely roam. They stay put. I have only seen one wanderer, a defender. He was dark blue to me and did not aggro any other lizardmen when I killed him.

3) The alligators spawn every 10 minutes. The kicker is that 0 to 4 spawn at a time. On one occasion 0 spawned twice, so I waited for 30 minutes for a stupid alligator to show its ugly maul. They wander around the area formed by the pyramids and the foot of the ramp.

4) The items have been rare. So far, 2 rings and one stein have dropped. Other than that, I have gotten 2 words (neither one mage), 1 Ice of Velious, several chunks of meat, and several gator meat.

I will post more, if new information presents itself.

Jitei Carlisle
30th Magician, Innoruuk Server
Mages in Najeana
# Apr 20 2002 at 6:41 PM Rating: Default
I spent 2 hrs camping mages in najeana.I only got 1 shovel and 1 words of elementaling earth. They are so easy to kill with one cinderbolt or let pet solo. There is like 12 scattered mages throughtout the temple and at 35 everything is either green to light blue. Mages always green. I never tried gators but i might try in the future for other iteams i need.

35th Mage on Drizzul Ro

Send a tell if u have a Stein Broom or a Torch
# Apr 14 2002 at 10:33 PM Rating: Default
You all should try Najena for the quest items. I am a 25 mage and I looted 'A stein' from the sencond magician I killed. Then I ofund out that the focus items do not in fact work on lvl 24 pets (I had suspected this). Oh well, Ill go back to najena at 29.
Cant Find Them
# Apr 08 2002 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
Where are the gators located in Feerrott. Cant seem to find them.
RE: Cant Find Them
# Apr 14 2002 at 8:01 PM Rating: Default
They spawn near the ramp to Cazic Thule. If you park yourself and your pet between the ramp and two nearest temples you can kill the gators without worrying about aggroing lizzies.
RE: Cant Find Them
# Apr 11 2002 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
its strange how they spawn once i was camping the lizardman camp near the undead monoliths when 4 of these one behind another walked by to the river
It's all good
# Apr 06 2002 at 9:35 PM Rating: Default
It's not supposed drop all 4 focus items on the first gator you kill! These items were not meant for every mage. You gotta work for the dang things, quit crying. Everything in the game is not meant for everyone.
Gators in Feerrott
# Mar 24 2002 at 7:16 AM Rating: Default
Since the inhabitants of Cazic Thule were moved to Feerrott, it now takes forever to get all four focus items. I've been there for a week and am about to ding for the second time. There are only 3 or 4 of them and the spawn rate is slow. Good luck to my fellow mages. I have a feeling I'll have spent 34 to 39 there trying to get them all. At least I can pull single lizzies from the ramp for exp.
RE: Gators in Feerrott
# Mar 26 2002 at 9:37 PM Rating: Default
Do those Tae Ew things aggro you? Or let me restate that-will they agrro a level 30 mage? Thanks for posting here as well, glad to get some verification these darn things still existed-and Najena is lame and useless at 30 in my experience-those mages are all trivial now.

*packs up his bags, brandy, and heads to the Feerrott*

Allister Amuris, wondering where all the non-twinks have gone
Alcoholic Mage of Firona Vie server
Torn Pages of Mastery
# Jan 12 2002 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
These are used for the Magician Epic quest. Usually takes a day or so to gather them all since the spawn time on the gators isnt the fastest.

55 Conjurer
Where of Where is shovel
# Dec 31 2001 at 11:01 AM Rating: Default
ok i am a lvl 30 mag and spent 8 hours camping these nasties yesterday, i got three torn pages and a broom, stein, and torch withing an hour. For the next 7 hours camped them praying for a shovel. When my eyes started hurting i called it quits, is the shovel an extremely rare drop and is the torn page of mastery water an extremely rare drop, 7 frustrating hours down in the hole and nothing!
RE: Where of Where is shovel
# Aug 26 2003 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
I must be lucky... zoned in and head to the tae ews looking for alligators... boom three spawned and nothing then like 5 min later i was helping two players when three more spawned... shovel was on one... overall took me about 25 min to get shovel... was really happy... took me longer to get the gargoyle eye... anyways... since it only took me alittle while to get the shovel and i was so happy i figured i'd stay a while and help the two players out... in all fairness i was using my 58 chanter to get the shovel... so of course that helped ALOT
RE: Where of Where is shovel
# Jan 10 2002 at 11:43 AM Rating: Default
I was in CT last night for about 5 hours. Doing nothing but gators with my group (30-34). During the night we saw 2 of the rings of evulouy (or however you spell it) drop along with 1 shovel, 1 broom and 1 stein. Fortunately I already had the torch.

My question is, what quest are the torn page of mastery earth, fire, air for? One each of those dropped also. We were fighting in the small tunnel right after the underwater swim. A bit tough to get to but we'd clear one pool, med, clear the other pool, med, repeat. Made 1 yellow 2 blue in 30 and 1 yellow 1 blue into 31.

Timmye Cousteau
RE: Where of Where is shovel
# Mar 21 2002 at 2:04 AM Rating: Default
76 posts
Torn pages of mastery in earth, fire, air, and water are for the mage epic quest.
Camp Spot?
# Dec 15 2001 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
MUST one travel down the Gator pool, and over to the ledge to camp them? Is there another spot to nab 'em where you don't have to travel underwater? I hate goin down there....*shiver*
No Shovel
# Nov 12 2001 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
67 posts
My lvl 40 mage friend (who never bothered to get these items) and I (for my Mage Twink) camped the Gators of Cazic Thule for almost nine hours. We got 6 brooms, 4 steins, 3 torches and 0 Shovels. I shouted out to see if anyone wanted the extra Brooms or Steins for free and only managed to get rid of 1 broom, the others rotted. Anyhow, if anyone gets a spare shovel and wants to trade for either a stein, broom or torch please send Balthezaar a tell on Morrel Thule.

best place to get focus stuff
# Sep 27 2001 at 1:57 AM Rating: Decent
Went here to hunt these bad boys cause heard they drop stein, shovel, torch and broom. Yup they do and at a better rate then the lame mages in najena. I'm level 34 and they all conned either green black or blue to me. Had two people with me and within and hour i had all four items. Had to go underwater and up to some little space area but they kept coming. One guy got three yellows and leveled to 33 off these. Not bad cause i was gonna toss them a few pp but they were happy with the exp. Just watch out for others cause they will attack you if they see you taking on others. ***** najena go here for focus stuff.
# May 06 2002 at 1:28 PM Rating: Default
im glad you got tthe focus items, but where the hell do these guys spawn!!!
# Sep 26 2001 at 12:09 AM Rating: Default
These gators are damn annoying adds when ur camping the CY and pulling from the maze, they are so damn mini too, GRAR! die!
Shovel of Ponz
# Sep 09 2001 at 11:42 PM Rating: Decent
These gators do drop the shovel (ID as a shovel of Earth) used as a component in the Shovel of Ponz quest from Vira in the Temple of Solusek Ro.
They also drop the torch, broom and stein components of the other Mage pet focus item quests.

The current listing shows Shovel of Ponz as loot!? I believe that they DO NOT drop the Shovel of Ponz itself.

45th Mage of Xev
can i do it
# Aug 24 2001 at 12:49 AM Rating: Default
hi i have a main char of a lvl 29 cleric and i was soundering if i could do the magition vocus quest which involveskilling the alligators so please inform me
# Aug 10 2001 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
today i decided to do the easy part of the mage epic and gather the torn pages of elemental mastery... i hate najena so i decided to try ct to do it.

out of about 50 aligators killed (or more easily) the only drops i saw were 4 torn pages of WATER and 2 STEINS

now my question is was i just extremely unlucky to get all water elemental related items, or were the loot tables changed so that they now only drop steins and torn water pages? to me the later would make sense as they are alligators and they do dwell in water...

any relevant input is appreciated thanks
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 26 2001 at 4:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) U fool the Alagatoer are IN CAZE THULE u fool pull up the map read the quest dang
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