a Drangol rogue  


Minimum Level: 76
Maximum Level: 77
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
NPC Added: 2007-12-21 23:26:49
NPC Last Updated: 2023-01-05 11:40:13
Known Loot:
icon Alkalai Loam
icon Blue Diamond
icon Cobalt Ore
icon Consigned Bite of the Shissar XIII
icon Crate of Supplies
icon Curzon
icon Diamond
icon Drangol Insignia
icon Dweric Powder
icon Elaborate Defiant Silk Wristband
icon Elaborate Defiant Spikemaul
icon Elegant Defiant Bow
icon Elegant Defiant Silk Gloves
icon Elegant Defiant Silk Wristguard
icon Exquisite Animal Pelt
icon Exquisite Silk
icon Faceted Crystal
icon Faydwer Diamond
icon Fine Steel Dagger
icon Fine Steel Great Staff
icon Fine Steel Jutte
icon Fine Steel Katana
icon Fine Steel Kusarigama
icon Fine Steel Long Sword
icon Fine Steel Morning Star
icon Fine Steel Naginata
icon Fine Steel Rapier
icon Fine Steel Scimitar
icon Fine Steel Short Sword
icon Fine Steel Spear
icon Fine Steel Tachi
icon Fine Steel Tanto
icon Fine Steel Tonfa
icon Fine Steel Two Handed Sword
icon Fine Steel Wakizashi
icon Fine Steel Warhammer
icon Fine Steel Yari
icon Flawless Silk
icon Flawless Spinneret Fluid
icon Goblin Parts
icon Goblin Skull
icon Harmonagate
icon Natural Spices
icon Peridot
icon Porous Loam
icon Prestidigitase
icon Purified Grade B Choresine Sample
icon Purified Grade B Gormar Venom
icon Purified Grade B Mamba Venom
icon Purified Grade B Nigriventer Venom
icon Purified Grade B Taipan Venom
icon Quality Caladium
icon Quality Delphinium
icon Quality Laburnum
icon Quality Larkspur
icon Quality Muscimol
icon Quality Oleander
icon Quality Privet
icon Raw Amber Nihilite
icon Raw Crimson Nihilite
icon Raw Faycite Crystal
icon Raw Indigo Nihilite
icon Raw Shimmering Nihilite
icon Scale Ore
icon Silver-Plated Gizmatic Modulator
icon Soluble Loam
icon Song: Chorus of Restoration Rk. II
icon Spell: Armor of Inexorable Faith Rk. II
icon Spell: Bloodworg Focusing Rk. II
icon Spell: Burnout VII Rk. II
icon Spell: Learner's Aura Rk. II
icon Spell: Phase March Rk. II
icon Spell: Shock of Cineral Steel Rk. II
icon Spell: Shock of Many
icon Spell: Skylight Sagacity Rk. II
icon Spell: Sound of Resonance Rk. II
icon Spell: Spine-Chilling Shriek Rk. II
icon Spell: Strangling Air Rk. II
icon Spell: Viridifloral Bulwark Rk. II
icon Staurolite
icon Sunshard Powder
icon Superb Animal Pelt
icon Superb Marrow
icon Superb Silk
icon Taaffeite
icon Tantalum Ore
icon Titanium Ore
icon Uncut Alexandrite
icon Uncut Amethyst
icon Uncut Black Sapphire
icon Uncut Combine Star
icon Uncut Demantoid
icon Uncut Goshenite
icon Uncut Jacinth
icon Uncut Morganite
icon Uncut Rubellite

Known Habitats:
  Loping Plains

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# Dec 23 2008 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
after zone in from akanon, they are to the right down the path there is a fort, i believe these spawn in there
# Oct 26 2008 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
Where are these goblins located at in loping plains
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