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  • Attackable: Yes

Spawns when you kill Blinde the Cutpurse (Rathe Mountains), Capt Surestout (Ocean of Tears), Peg Leg (Butcherblock Mountains), or an Iksar Manslayer (Field of Bone). This NPC is part of the Shaman Epic 1.0 questline, so the following doesn't exist as a separate quest listing:

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?' (always says shaman, regardless of class)

You say, 'yes, i took this person's life.'

a lesser spirit says 'Why have you taken this person's life, ? Did he threaten your life? Did you dislike him? Or was his death a profit to you in some way?'

if You say, 'i disliked him.' or You say, 'his death was a profit to me.'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. Farewell to you, wasichu.' (despawns)

if You say, 'he threatened me.'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. It brings me sadness to see another die, but his heart was black and a great nothingness. His body will become the grass now. Thank you for what you have done, shaman.' (again, always says "shaman" regardless of class)

"Wish to know more" receive a gem Turn in to a guy in Freeport named Bondl Felligan +100 Truespirit

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Known Habitats:
  Ocean of Tears

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