Tiny Miller  

NPC, non-quest

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Spawns in the farming fields in the southwest part of the zone (around -3000, -5000).

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 37
Expansion: Original
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Faction for Kill
# Sep 20 2015 at 9:39 AM Rating: Good
1,438 posts
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:03 2015] You slash Tiny Miller for 41 points of damage.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] Your faction standing with Karana Residents has been adjusted by -50.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos has been adjusted by -12.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] Your faction standing with Priests of Life has been adjusted by -7.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder has been adjusted by -15.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] You receive 2 silver and 7 copper as your split.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] Tiny Miller's corpse says 'My comrades will avenge my death.'
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] You crush Tiny Miller for 368 points of damage.
[Sun Sep 20 11:39:04 2015] You have slain Tiny Miller!
What faction???
# Jun 28 2004 at 5:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Henina, Cleet and Cleet Jr are all dubious to me, but Tiny and Furball are threatening. I'm turning in sacks of hay to Henina for faction, but it's not going up with Tiny. Help!
If you were me and I were you, would we still be friends?
# Feb 24 2002 at 3:09 AM Rating: Decent
I'm a 39 Necro and just killed Tiny today. It was easy cause Darkness and fear worked good on him. He dropped a sack of hay, weighs 10 stones and says it's magic/lore. Have no idea what it's for.
miller faction
# Dec 07 2001 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
I like so many spent a quick 3 levels killing the millers and not only do all millers hate you but pretty much all of east karana to. Figured that out when i zoned in and walked to stone and that sir morgan or whatever attacked me. then i did some looking around and noticed all guards scowling at me. I now kill all millers i see and tiny just joined the list. I did spend a lot of time getting priest of life back up but still east karana i'm kos. Tiny got a lot of hps for his naked but and dropped a fat 7cp and a rusty piece of crap. I'm a mage and so far their faction hasn't affected me. hmmm i do worship karana to.
# Jul 19 2001 at 6:04 AM Rating: Default
I've noticed about a half an hour spawn rate for him. He aggros me whenever im there getting jackolatern fungus from the scarecrows. I try not to kill him, but when someone hits me for 100 I tend to get a little pissed. Yes I am a druid with a low ac lol.
Faction Fixs
# Jan 15 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
-Well if you do happen to kill this guy it might help to prepare your faction for the drop first. Gather Bone Chips(do the quest), Kill Bandits, Gather Bandit Sashes(do the quest), Kill Gnolls, Gather Gnoll Teeth(do the quest) Then kill away.
-His faction hits arent that severe, that I noticed, so after you do the quests and such you could just kill him one day for a while then do the above another day. Hes an easy kill for being lvl 37 and the exp is pretty good. As for spawntime I am not sure I killed him then moved on came back through and killed him again another time.
Spawn Rate??
# Jan 15 2001 at 1:04 PM Rating: Default
-Whats his spawn rate? Meaning how long after he is dead before he comes back?
Faction hits
# Jan 08 2001 at 1:33 PM Rating: Default
In case anyone wants to know, these are the faction hits for killing Tiny Miller:

KaranaResidents got worse.
GuardsofQeynos got worse.
PriestsofLife got worse.
KnightsofThunder got worse.
Miller Faction
# Aug 11 2000 at 10:26 PM Rating: Decent
I dunno if Killin' bandits gets you faction with the Millers, cuz I leveled on Perma in my teens, but I do know that the Miller faction *is* separate from other Karana residents. If you can get close to them (get an enchanter in the thirties), there are two Millers in Qhills that give out a fairly easy quest for some low-level armor. Just collect all different pelts of quality (a lot of them), and have a lot of gold on you. Make sure it's gold, not plat. Then, just hail them, and talk to them about the stuff. If I'm not mistaken, an indiff faction will get you what you want.
RE: Miller Faction
# Sep 16 2000 at 9:18 AM Rating: Default
Even an Apprehensive faction will get you the Belts (from Low Quality pelts) and Boots (from Medium Quality pelts). The Cloaks (from High Quality pelts) must take better faction as neither of the Millers will make those for me.
RE: Miller Faction
# Oct 15 2000 at 4:23 PM Rating: Default
Who cares about the silly wolf hide crap. I want to get some Bear hide stuff! and that chandrill or whatever her name is that sits beside Boabob miller makes them.

she keeps saying leave me be i dont know you. or soemthing. I want a bear hide cloak.
RE: Miller Faction
# Jan 03 2001 at 5:21 PM Rating: Default
In order to get her to talk, talk to her brother about her.
Miller faction
# Aug 11 2000 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
Tiny wants me dead every time he see's me, is there a way to fix the faction. I have killed hundreds of bandits and other Karana residents look apon me warmly?
Easy kill
# May 19 2000 at 11:33 PM Rating: Decent
I solo'd this guy and i'm a lvl 36 shaman girl. He has VERY low magic resistance - even though I did cast Malisement as my opening spell, he only resisted 1 root spell the entire time.

He never hit me once.

Easiest yellow i've ever faught. =)
Hard hitter
# Mar 27 2000 at 5:53 PM Rating: Decent
37 is the correct level for this badarse. Hits doubles for 110. Tried soloing him as a 37 Enchanter with pet. Would have gotten my butt whooped but ran away. :P Anyway, He spawns on the Miller farm. I have a screenshot of where he spawns with loc. I'll post another time.
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 27 2000 at 3:31 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) nt
# Mar 27 2000 at 3:06 PM Rating: Decent
Tiny, along with Furball drops the 2h blunt 4dmg 27 delay shovel. Furball, being level 6, is a much easier kill
Me bash em guud.
# Mar 16 2000 at 1:24 PM Rating: Good
Cuz whem me con em he be scowlin at me. So me show em bettur maners. He bash hard but me be da bettur basher. Em be fertilizer fer es greens now
A quest?!?
# Mar 01 2000 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
Is there a quest that has something to do with this mild-mannered
ogre farmer?!?If so,PLease give me a hint or SOMETHING!!!
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