Engineer Tristos  

a rare creature

  • This mob spawns at the basement of the spire at -328, 103, -33.

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Level: 84
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
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Known Habitats:
  Gyrospire Beza

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-328, 103, -33
Odd Camp
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As mentioned, this guy spawns in the basement of the spire. This is a horrific camp until you learn the trick (which I did after about 5 deaths).

The room is Y shaped. It has clockwork spiders, gnome mechanics, and brownie ductworkers. The vertical part of the Y is where the brownie ductworkers are. You want to avoid the these. About 75% of the time you tag or aggro one, they go up the ducts, come out somewhere upstairs, and aggro everything on the way back down. If you are careful, you can kill all the spiders and gnomes without aggroing the brownies. I set up in the back corner of one of the Y arms and started killing. Two spiders roam in each section and the gnomes seem to roam everywhere. Generally you only have to CC one or two mobs to break the camp. I believe all the gnome mechanics are placeholders for Tristos.

Tristos himself is like any other named in the zone. However, he may spawn an elemental flame adds. I barely noticed them so either they have almost no hitpoints or they blow up and despawn quickly.

Of the three times I killed Tristos, he dropped the cloak twice and the 1HB wrench once.

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He Summons
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He Summons
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Drops Tristos's Weighted Wrench dam 29 del 23 no trade magic lore 1hb
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Darkdoc wrote:
Drops Tristos's Weighted Wrench dam 29 del 23 no trade magic lore 1hb

Please upload this item to Lucy. You may download Item Collector from, then install it and run it in the background as you play.
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Spawns in basement of tower

Drops Flexible Metal Plating

Attunable, Nec, Wiz, Enc, Mag, Back item

rec level 80, req level 75

str 10, sta 10+2, int 16+2, wis 11, agi 16, dex 13+2, cha 18+4
magic 16, fire 15, cold 14, dis 19, pois 21
hp regen 3, mana regen 2, dot 1, stun 1, spell dmg 3, clair 1

type 7 aug slot

focus: fizzletinder's benevolent extension II

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